Nice To Be Nico

We’ve been waiting a while to be able to celebrate Nico Vega’s album release and we couldn’t be happier to host it (along with KROQ Locals Only and Myspace) on our stage! Nico Vega has been a force to be reckoned with for quite sometime, and anytime we are able to catch her, we are even more amazed! Along with The Yelling and The Union Line – not to be missed! Oh, did I mention the tickets are $7?? Click here or call us at 310 278 9457.

Nico Vega 2/5

Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Sometimes I’m against “Best Of” lists. Mostly because I never agree with them…so to remedy that – Team Roxy have created our own version of what we thought the highlights of ’08 were. Scanning thru the ’08 Roxy calendar – it was hard to narrow it down (which is a good thing)!
For the record – this started as a TOP 5…but some people *cough* Meg and Heath couldn’t make up their mind. Let us know what your favorite Roxy shows were! Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the year a success – from MYSPACE, to DIM MAK, and everyone in between. Viva 2009!


Crystal Castles
Zappa Plays Zappa

Megan J:

Little Dragon
Foxboro Hottubs
Duke Spirit
Dolly Parton
Hot Hot Heat


Jonas Brothers
Foxboro Hottubs
Hot Hot Heat
Dolly Parton
Camp Freddy


Dolly Parton
Raphael Saadiq w/ Janelle Monae
Russell Brand
Marc Broussard w/ Matt Hires
Tokio Hotel

The Filter Experience

The new album from “FILTER” has been out for a mere month – so, we’re so pumped to get to hear these new tunes live early in the run. They’re about half into what we hear is a pretty rockin’ tour – so come join us. Tickets are still available, but we’re pretty sure its going to sell out soon. Rumor has it…most of the tour has been sold out – so don’t miss them on the Roxy stage. Come early and catch Opiate for the Masses and The Urgency!
Check out the new video – Soldiers of Misfortune

Spinning The Night Away

We didn’t really get a chance to show the love for this show last week – but WOW! The dynamic duo of Travis Barker and DJ AM is nothing short of incredible. Last week was the first of their 3 show summer residency, and we’re already counting down the days til the next show. (Click here for tickets or call 310 278 9457). Check out these hot hot hot pics from the lovely EV.
Photo credit: Erik Voake






SXSW Thru The Eyes of a Kat

Always a good time, our good pal KAT CORBETT from KROQ, just posted a couple really great videos of her SXSW extravangza – complete with interviews of a few of our very own Roxy gals and the bands that rocked our stage. Check it out by clicking here!
Kat Corbit
Kat talking to Cisco Adler, Shwayze, Skeet Skeet and Jordan Schur at The Roxy’s AustinRox party at The Belmont in Austin for SXSW.

The SXSW Journey

For all you folks that bucked up and braved Texas for this year’s SXSW extravaganza…and for those that would rather stay and live vicariously thru others – I give you, Ms. Megan Jacobs – and her blog!
SXSW 2008


One bookers journey through band-land-ia

SxSW – Austin, Texas – 2008
Still laughing – still exhausted- still deaf – still drying out – still laughing.
Had the best time ever in Austin, Texas. Pushed myself further than I thought I could go. From band to band and just hand me another cocktail my friend. The highlights of the story go something like this….
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By Popular Demand

We are happy to announce that a SECOND Mickey Avalon show has been added for Saturday April 19, 2008! Along with his partners in crime – Andre Legacy, Dirt Nasty, and Beardo – obviously, turning that weekend into the biggest party in town! Get your tickets fast! Second show onsale now!

Mickey Avalon - 4/18

Dan Le Sac is Bac

Arguably one of the most buzzed about artist in SXSW this year, and gearing up to play the beloved Coachella festival…we know Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip is going to be huge. Our friends at KROQ already gave it their stamp of approval…which basically means – they’re the next big thing…come check it out! Tickets available thru the box office and thru ticketmaster!

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - 3/17

A.I. is A.O.K.

Truly one of the raddest bands in town, A.I. is finally getting some of the love and attention they deserve! We are happy to have them back along with Glacier Hiking, Gods and Monsters, and Moving Picture Show. A favorite of KROQ’s Locals Only we know this will be A.I.’s year…so come check them out and see what all the buzz is about. Call the Roxy box office at 310 278 9457 for tickets to the show tonight!

A.I. Hey Now (with a special cameo by The Roxy!)

Puddle of Mudd on Sunset Blvd

Puddle of Mudd plays the Roxy on December 6th, 2007. Get your tickets before they sell out!


Solarcade – December 6, 2007

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Golden State In The Golden State

Hailing from our very own LA – we’ve always been big fans of Golden State! They’ve spent some quality time on the stage with our pals Rooney and Phantom Planet – and now it’s time for them to own the night!

Golden State - 11/24

Golden State Live At The Roxy

Black Light Ready To Burn

Post – Limp Bizkit – Wes Borland has finally found an outlet for his passion for both music and the visual arts. Always known for his ability to push the limit- Black Light Burns is no exception. And, it’s always a good time when one of our favorite Roxy bands – like, Cage 9 – get to play on a HUGE show, like BLACK LIGHT BURNS. It’s great to watch a band’s music and fan base grow right before your very eyes (and ears). So, if you’re coming to the show tomorrow – make sure you check out all the great support bands! Discover some new tunes…and see Wes Borland’s amazing new project that we are excited to have…rock n roll!

Black Light Burns - 11/17