VIP, Baby!

Here’s your chance for to get real VIP at The Roxy during the Sunset Strip Music Festival!

The Roxy VIP Booth Package includes:

A both reserved for you and your party from 1pm-10pm.
Up to 10 VIP wristbands
6 GA tickets to the festival
3 Bottles of Alcohol of your choice!
Access to the SSMF Virgin America Lounge at On The Rox

Here’s the best part – you can leave, enjoy the festival, come back and we’ll have your table & bottles ready for you the moment you return!

For pricing and to make reservations email

Join Us and Go Social

GOSOCIAL! We couldn’t be a bigger supporter of all things social networking. We’ve seen first hand how a little online presence can really help turn things around and get you to where you want to be. We’ve spent the past year really trying (often times by trial and error) to find our place in the virtual land – and with so many options, from twitter to facebook it takes a lot to figure out a plan that really works for you. GOSOCIAL! Music is the only Social Media marketing course in L.A. that caters specifically to bands, musicians, and entertainment industry professionals. Whether you need a little direction, looking to revamp whatcha already have going, or are totally inexperienced – we welcome you!! Come sit in on what will be an AMAZING workshop! Ticket options include coming for a day or check out the package deals. Click here for tickets! When it comes time to really hone in on your craft -rest assured that social media guru Kyra Reed will have you up and running! True story.

GoSocial! Music

Happy Birthday Facebook

Come join us on FACEBOOK! Chat with us, let us know your favorite show…when we’ll see you next…and what you love (or maybe what you not-so-love)! Become a fan of the club and join our group!



The Roxy ladies were out in full force last week, schmoozin with the best of ’em as a good chunk of the industry was in town for the CIC conference. We were able to connect faces to email addresses and get to know some of the people who make our business go round on a daily basis. Such a pleasure sharing a coctail with some of the heavyweights – and knowing that we’re all doing the best we can to make it. Our party last week with Ima Robot, Ringside, and Crash Kings was the talk of the town – and we couldn’t have been happier to have our room on display. Hope you all made it back safe and sound, and that LA treated you well. See you next year!

Zappa Zappa Zappa

Its official. Starting tomorrow….Zappa mania begins. Arguably one of the most influential musicians of our time – its such a treat to have Dweezil Zappa and company (Zappa Plays Zappa)playing the legendary tunes of Frank Zappa. In what is normally an arena show, it’s so exciting to have 4 nights of such an intimate show. We hear there are a few tickets left- so check out ticketmaster and see what you can conjure up.
Here’s a sneak peek – Zappa Plays Zappa DVD
Peaches En Regalia (Live)

Keen For Keane

The line has begun! Traveling from far and wide…this group is securing life in the front row! If you are a Keane fan that couldn’t make it to the show…or weren’t lucky enough to score tickets -please join us on Twitter – where we’ll let you know any up to the minute happenings inside these glorious 4 walls.

Keane Line 12/5/08

The Sweet Ring Of Success

The Ringer’s have always been one of our favorite bands over the years – as much for their sweet tunes, as the guys themselves. Hysterical and talented is all you could really ever ask for in a group of guys….and finally the world is taking notice!! Take a look at the new spread in the current issue of SPIN magazine! Nice job guys…we’re all rooting for you!

The Ringers in SPIN

Perhaps the talented Joe Hursley looks familiar? How funny are these milk ads??

Shootin The Breeze With Donavon Frankenreiter

Nothing quite like a mellow afternoon, maybe a little Sunset blvd cruisin, and Donavon Frankenreiter as your soundtrack. Something about his voice makes you take things in stride and reminds you not to be bothered by the little things in life. It’s that not the good life, what is?
Come see it live as we welcome Donavon to The Roxy in 2009 (February 20th). Tickets are onsale now! Give us a call here (310 278 9457) or click here.
Check out the sweet collaboration with Jack Johnson- “Heading Home”
(youtube credit: echotoeternity)


Sometimes it’s really hard for us to keep a secret. But for this particular event – we were under lock and key to NOT tell you that the lovely Jonas Brothers- (arguably the most popular band in the world) played a top secret private show here at The Roxy on Friday. It was a spectacular red carpet event for the launch of American Eagle’s new line, 77 kids. The GOOD news, the kind folks at 77kids have made the concert available for everyone to watch online – for ONE TIME ONLY today!! So head over to the site, and register to view the show.

Jonas Brother 77kids

Viva Clamato

Always a pleasure working with myspace, we’re excited to have RKM Y KEN-Y live at The Roxy for a Myspace Latino Secret show. Per the usual, make sure you bring a printout of Myspace Secret shows in your top friends (or save a tree and just show us the image on your iphone/blackberry/etc) and make sure everyone in your party is present to pick up a wristband. Doors are at 7:30pm!

Myspace Latino Secret Shows

Nightclub and Bar Cover Boy

Our very own Nic graces the cover of this months “Nightclub and Bar” magazine – with a great article and interview on the role social networking plays in our everyday club life, what we’re doing to change perceptions, and keeping our eyes out for the next big thing. Click the clip below for the full article!

Bar and Nightclub Magazine

Detour Bound

So last year, we took Detour by storm – had a super fancy booth, and had the coolest set up ever. This year, we decided to take it down a notch and focus a little more on seeing some great bands (have you seen the lineup??), supporting our homies at the LA Weekly, and having a cocktail or two with our pals. Rest assured tho, we WILL, in true Roxy fashion, be on the prowl passing out our cool Roxy headbands and stickers. So if you see us, make sure you say hello and you will be rewarded. Rumor has it, the weather will be a little tricky tomorrow(??). So, be prepared! See you there.
Foxy Roxy on a Friday


LA Weekly 10/3

Happy Birthday To Us

It’s a pretty fabulous week here at The Roxy as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the club! Through the years, we’ve opened our doors to the ordinary and the extraordinary. From legendary tours from Springsteen to the Jonas Brothers – comedy runs from Cheech and Chong to Russell Brand – and stage productions from Rocky Horror Picture Show to Hedwig and the Angry Inch – we’ve seen it all! Theirs to many bands and artists, crew members, team mates, and wise ones to thank – but know that we are so thankful for all the wonderful people who have graced our stage both in front and behind the curtain over the years. We all have so many epic stories and tales and are working hard everyday to create more memories. Feel free to talk about your favorite show, most amazing experience, or re-count those nights that you can’t – quite – remember – we are proud to admit, we have plenty of those too! Here’s to another 35!

The Roxy Theatre - Sunset Blvd looking east

Always Love For LaIst

Thanks LAist for coming to check out the show last night – always happy to have you in the house! Their site is one of our favs, so make it part of your daily routine.
WHAT A SHOW! Check out the full article – here!

If you happened to find yourself pushing your way through throngs of vintage Nike-clad hipsters and fedora-and-vested ladies on the Strip Wednesday night then you were probably caught up in the hype surrounding the joint performance between world class DJ-AM and former Blink 182 drummer impresario Travis Barker. With three concerts this summer at the Roxy under the alias TRV$-AM, the unprecedented alliance between rock and dance has forced LA to its knees with a threatening new performance style. While the glamour of the show may have been highlighted by its sold out status, special guest appearances by Paul Wall and Warren G, and signed drumsticks thrown around the pit, this performance was nothing short of a challenge. Travis Barker has set out to prove that he is the preeminent drummer of the current music generation, and after Wednesday’s show it would be pretty difficult to argue otherwise.

What A Weekend with SSMF

Hot Hot Heat - Hollywood, CA

Photo Credit:gish8675309

Simply going off the fact that I am ridiculously tired, my feet are a little sore, my ears are ringing, and I’m slightly hungover – all signs point to SUCCESS for the First Annual Sunset Strip Music Fest.
This has been the weekend of all weekends for all involved – and all the hard work seemed to pay off. The Strip was busier than ever – the clubs were packed – fans were lined up – and everyone seemed ready for a little Rock N Roll. We were able to attend so many epic round tables and presentations reliving history of the Strip over the course of the last few days, and seeing it all come together this weekend was a clear testament that we’re doing something right. Our main man Erik Voake was snapping pics the whole weekend – so stay tuned. Cheers to all the new friends we’ve made…thanks to all the bands who went out on a limb so support us an the Festival…special props to the brains behind the operation (and an extra extra pat for our Nic)…can’t wait to get started for next year!

Our Hearts are With Heath

Like everyone else, we were shocked and saddened by yesterdays news. We have lots of people coming thru the Roxy doors night after night…but Heath was one of our all time favorites. The most polite, helpful, sincere man in town – he will be missed. His sweet accent and caring smile made even the hottest rock show- that much better. Heath, we will always think of you and our Red Hot Chili Pepper memories!

Heath Ledger
Photo Credit: AP

Roxy Roadtrip Detour’d Downtown

Thanks to the LA Weekly, to Goldenvoice, to all the bands, artists and djs that rocked the streets of Downtown LA. And special thanks to all of our good friends (new and old) that stoped by our booth. You made Detour a blast. The Roxy Crew had a great time hanging at our tent that was disguised as a pink disco lounge. We handed out free tickets, stickers and, most popular, our homemade Pink Glowsticks to the thousands of smiling, happy, music loving people. It reminds me that sometimes you need to get out of the office and hit the road, even if it’s just to Downtown. Can’t wait for next year. Please feel to post your own pictures from Detour below.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
Heather, Bobby, Annie, Young Josh, Megan, Scottie and Trev, You all deserve a double clap. Thanks Guys!