The World Sinfonia Tour Comes To Town

Not to brag, but we’re no stranger to world class musicians…but that’s not to say that we don’t still get chills when something really amazing happens on our stage. Our 6th sense tells us that tomorrow will be one of those chill-inducing shows. Al Dimeola is a a living legend, and we cannot wait to witness the magic. Click here for tickets or give us a call at 310 278 9457.

Al Dimeola World Sinfonia Tour 2/4


The Roxy ladies were out in full force last week, schmoozin with the best of ’em as a good chunk of the industry was in town for the CIC conference. We were able to connect faces to email addresses and get to know some of the people who make our business go round on a daily basis. Such a pleasure sharing a coctail with some of the heavyweights – and knowing that we’re all doing the best we can to make it. Our party last week with Ima Robot, Ringside, and Crash Kings was the talk of the town – and we couldn’t have been happier to have our room on display. Hope you all made it back safe and sound, and that LA treated you well. See you next year!

The Sweet Ring Of Success

The Ringer’s have always been one of our favorite bands over the years – as much for their sweet tunes, as the guys themselves. Hysterical and talented is all you could really ever ask for in a group of guys….and finally the world is taking notice!! Take a look at the new spread in the current issue of SPIN magazine! Nice job guys…we’re all rooting for you!

The Ringers in SPIN

Perhaps the talented Joe Hursley looks familiar? How funny are these milk ads??

Nothing Wrong With A Couple White Lies

When bands come all the way from the UK to grace us with their tunes – theirs no room to argue. We welcome them to our stage with open arms – especially when paired with local favs THE YELLING and uber cool JAPANESE MOTORS (who killed it at this year’s Detour fest)! Come out and show support for some GREAT GREAT tunes with WHITE LIES closing out the show- click here for tix or give us a ring at 310 278 9457.

White Lies 10/30

Demi Demi Demi and A Little Jonas

Our in house photog, Erik Voake, has done it again. Check out the first of many amazing shots of Demi Lovato’s first Roxy performance. Oh yeah as a little bonus we also threw in a Jonas bros pic from the show as well.

<p align="center"Demi Lovato Live at The Roxy

<p align="center"Demi Lovato Live at The Roxy>

<p align="center"Demi Lovato Live at The Roxy

<p align="center"Jonas Brothers at Demi Lovato Live at The Roxy

Parking Wars

Cheap Parking
On the heals of the SSMF music fest where we know people will be driving in from all over the land…and just for everyone’s future reference…we’re debunking all those crazy parking rumors to make your night extra enjoyable and affordable. We’re all working folks, and no one respects your hard earned dollar more than yours truly. Check out the latest tidbit from LAist.

“If you ever see $20, it sticks in your head forever. It’s pretty unacceptable,” said Roxy Theatre owner, Nic Adler. “No one is going to get back into the car and park again, it becomes a one destination trip to West Hollywood, then you go home or somewhere else in the city.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way, as Adler points out. The classic Western edge of the Sunset Strip, where the Roxy, Viper Room, Whiskey A Go Go, Key Club and Rainbow Room all reside, parking rates are much lower than the side of the strip where the House of Blues’ area on a weekend night. That is, if you go to the right place.
An LAist survey of six parking lots found that prices vary with a $15 difference, even with lots owned by the same owners and ones that neighbor each other. The best weekend price is $5 at 9000 Sunset Blvd, directly across the street the Roxy Theatre. The highest prices are $20 behind the Citibank Building at 9059 Sunset Blvd. and valet parking at the Key Club.

Two parking lots at 9026 and 9040 Sunset Blvd. that are owned by the same company and only physically split by a building differed in price by $3 with prices at $7 and $10, respectively.

At the Roxy Theatre, parking is $7. “We’re not the cheapest, but it is valet,” Adler noted while encouraging people to take advantage of the cheap $5 parking across the street.

Tonight Tonight Tonight

Four of the hottest singer songwriters in town – are ready to take over the Roxy TONIGHT. Make sure you get here early to catch our very own Ms. Megan Jacobs – as well as new favorite Lisa Donnelly, and classics John West and Matthew Santos. Their’s going to be so much talent on the stage tonight…we cannot wait! Tickets available thru the Roxy box office (310 278 9457) and thru clicking here

Matthew Santos - 3/19

It’s Raining It’s Pouring

Hey Guys….while our super awesome web guy has brought most of our beautiful site back to life, please continue to check the official ROXY MYSPACE for an up to date calendar of all our upcoming shows. Our calendar should be up soon….but until then….we don’t want you to miss out on anything! So, while its raining…and you’re kind of bored…check it out – and head over to ticketmaster to purchase tickets for anything that tickles your fancy. Stay dry!
<p align="center"<Roxy Int/Ent - 9

Golden State In The Golden State

Hailing from our very own LA – we’ve always been big fans of Golden State! They’ve spent some quality time on the stage with our pals Rooney and Phantom Planet – and now it’s time for them to own the night!

Golden State - 11/24

Golden State Live At The Roxy


 Thanks Asparagirl -
Photo Credit – Asparagirl
In support of the writer’s strike, The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood is opening it’s legendary doors to all members of the Writers Guild of America. Simply presenting a membership card will allow all guild members free admittance to the club through the entirety of the strike for any show with tickets currently available.
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Black Light Ready To Burn

Post – Limp Bizkit – Wes Borland has finally found an outlet for his passion for both music and the visual arts. Always known for his ability to push the limit- Black Light Burns is no exception. And, it’s always a good time when one of our favorite Roxy bands – like, Cage 9 – get to play on a HUGE show, like BLACK LIGHT BURNS. It’s great to watch a band’s music and fan base grow right before your very eyes (and ears). So, if you’re coming to the show tomorrow – make sure you check out all the great support bands! Discover some new tunes…and see Wes Borland’s amazing new project that we are excited to have…rock n roll!

Black Light Burns - 11/17