Sunset Strip Locals

This year during SSMF Week, The Roxy is bring the best of the best local bands to our stage! On August 16-17, 2011 you can see the bands who have rocked us all year long and deserve the limelight of the festival.

To get you excited we put together an exclusive compilation of songs that you can listen to right here!

SSMF Locals Mix by theroxytheatre

For more information on all the bands and sets click below.

The Roxy Loves Amy Winehouse

[Originally posted March 23, 2007]

Thanks to adritheegreat for the video!

Photos by Marc Goldstein…

Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein
Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein
Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein

For more of Marc’s photos check these out.

Check out the review from the LA Weekly…

U.K. soul mama gets crowned on the Sunset Strip Monday, March 19, at the Roxy
By Ernest Hardy
Thursday, March 22, 2007

“Performing to a sold-out Roxy, Amy Winehouse gave a hilarious intro to the confessional song “You Know I’m No Good”: After she had betrayed a lover, he asked if she even loved him. “I told him, ‘I do love you,’ ” she recounted — adding with playful exasperation, “ ‘But, like, I get bored. I told you I’m no good!’ ” The crowd loved it — and sang every song by heart, all night long.

Winehouse’s top-to-bottom brilliant sophomore album, Back to Black (Republic/Universal), is bursting with great, quotable lines, many as wry as they are poignant. One of the best is tucked in the driving, Motown-based “Tears Dry on Their Own,” where she admits: “Even if I stop wanting you/and perspective pushes through/I’ll be some next man’s other woman soon…”

The word other is key here. That’s the woman who wears the scarlet letter — fallen, disgraced. Winehouse casually conveys volumes through a single word or phrasing choice throughout Black, a breakup album whose defining characteristic is working-class feminine wit. And I mean both types of wit — intelligence and humor, which Winehouse uses intuitively to express how obsession dovetails with addiction. References to booze and boozing, drugging and fucking-as-self-destruction crowd the text of this confessional album. The musical filter through which Winehouse pours it all is the girl-group sound of the early ’60s — the Shangri-Las, the Shirelles, the Ronettes and the Chiffons.

Live, Winehouse was noticeably nervous but utterly charming, singing for an audience who knew all the words to all the songs. She was in spectacular voice throughout, backed by a crack band (man, that horn section . . .) and two chicly attired male backup singers who energetically pulled off synchronized choreography. Winehouse’s own herky-jerky, off-the-beat dancing and ragged emulation of girl-group style somehow underscored an aura of sincerity (a matted beehive with an unkempt tail; an ill-fitting dress that kept sliding down her scary-thin frame; weathered leopard-print shoes rummaged from the back of some tranny’s closet). Her awkward performance of femininity befits a woman who can’t quite figure how to stop fucking up her relationships and her life.

Winehouse may be retro, but her work is, mercifully, irony-free. This is no academic study of girl-group traditions; instead, it’s a gut-level recognition of the strength and beauty of those impeccably crafted records — and the 8-by-10-ready public personas attached to them. For Back to Black, Winehouse gave her producers, Mark Ronson and, explicit instructions about the sound and vibe she wanted to accompany her self-penned lyrics. Together, they’ve captured not only the aesthetics of an era (the album is a gorgeous latticework of perfect, anachronistic detail) but also the naked romanticism, and theatrical but sincere vulnerability, of pop gone by. But Winehouse also references kindred artists outside the girl-group heyday: Esther Phillips (whose addiction-filled life and the havoc it wreaked on her career make her the most resonant influence), Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and, of course, Lauryn Hill.

At the Roxy, Winehouse sang everything from Back to Black, including “Addicted” (inexplicably left off the U.S. release, replaced with a god-awful remix of “You Know I’m No Good” featuring a rap by Ghostface Killah). Highlights of the set were “Tears Run Dry” and… it’s hard to say. The crowd’s energy was so intense, and their already-won love so exuberantly given, the night had the feel of a raucous coronation.

What was especially interesting about the performance was the way Winehouse handled her nerves — besides frequent sips taken from a cup at the edge of the stage. She stared down at the stage a lot, then looked up with a sneer or curled lip that evoked gum-popping, eyeball-rolling femmes from Ronettes to B-girls, gangsters’ molls to biker chicks. But there were also fleeting moments when she clearly checked out of her own performance: Her eyes would simply go blank, and she’d retreat behind them. Still, that voice — the sound of mysteriously missing teeth, Spanish Harlem stoops in summer and declarations of undying love — never wavered, and was never less than amazing.”

To read the rest of the review check the LA Weekly


Amy Winehouse is such a hot mess!

She is the stuff of legend, and on Monday night a who’s who of hipsters and Hollywood players were treated to a tour de force performance by the Rehab chanteuse.

You never know if Wino is gonna show up to a gig or if she’ll even make it through a show, but she more than held her own at The Roxy.

Unfortunately, fans expecting to see her at Spaceland in Silverlake tonight might be a tad disappointed. We hear she might be cancelling!

Why? Because the venue is too small and they won’t allow her 10+ person band to come with her.

Hopefully that will all get sorted out, but if it doesn’t…..well, that’s Amy Winehouse for ya!

To sing the blues you must live the blues. And she lives it.”

Check out Scott T Sterlings review…

I Was There: Amy Winehouse at The Roxy, 3/19/07

“I guess you could call it pure, dumb luck. It just so happened that I heard about the Amy Winehouse show at the Roxy a couple of hours before my man Jeff Weiss informed me that she was also scheduled to play at Spaceland. Given my druthers, I would’ve purchased a ticket to see her in the much smaller Spaceland. But in my haste to secure a chance to see this notorious UK train wreck up close and personal like, I’d already laid my good money down for the Roxy show. In hindsight, I inadvertently made the right choice, since Ms. Winehouse famously bailed on the Spaceland gig.

I got to the Roxy a good 20 minutes before she took the stage, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen such an intense scrum up in that joint. It was packed to the back with an interesting array of Los Angelenos, skewing older than I’d expected.

Worming my way towards the front of the room, I found a choice spot maybe five feet from the stage, off to the right. A very drunk girl stumbles into me, pausing to take off her high heels. Oh boy, here we go. An older couple behind me is drunkenly making out, repeatedly ramming into my back. Really? The things I do for music.

When the lights finally dim and the curtains open, a surprisingly together looking Winehouse saunters up to the microphone to the strains of the Chiffons “He’s So Fine,” looking oddly sexy (skinny legs and all) in a blue prom dress that put her cleavage up front and center and showcased her bevy of tattoos. There were no signs of track marks or “meth skin” to be seen anywhere. She didn’t even appear to be drunk. What gives?

Backed ably by retro R&B outfit the Dap-Kings, our girl sailed through most of Back to Black admirably; her husky croon sounding even stronger than it does on the record. Her voice shined on mid-tempo numbers like the reggae-tinged “Just Friends,” but really soared on the barn-burners like “You Know I’m No Good.” What’s especially impressive is the way she attacks high notes, filling them with pure emotion, the total opposite of showboats like Christina Aguilera who completely overdo it with ridiculous trills and runs that never seem to stop.

Sliding in a verse of Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” into “He Can Only Hold Her,” it was hard to miss the irony. Is Winehouse destined for a similar crash-and-burn like the one that beset Ms. Hill? Given her raw talent and limitless potential, I certainly hope not.

She’s comfortable and self-assured onstage. After announcing the evening’s last song to a boisterous chorus of “No!” she joked with the crowd:

“Well, obviously it’s not the last song. We still have to do the encores. I’m just playing the game up here, all right?”

For more of Scott’s review click here.

The Social Strip Invades SMWLA

Sunday kicks off Social Media Week LA and various panels will be held all over the city including two on The Sunset Strip!
Wednesday, September 22, Live Nation is hosting a panel at House of Blues Sunset Strip called “The Next Stage of Engage: Bringing Online Communities to Life.” Panelists include Nic Adler (The Roxy Theatre), Mike Doernberg (ReverbNation), Tim O’Brien (Disney Mobile), Ross Hoffman (Twitter Entertainment), and Jason Kirk (UStream). The panel will be an hour long and is free to attend! Register here.

Immediately following the panel The Roxy, House of Blues Sunset Strip, and Live Nation are teaming up to bring you a FREE* show with Hyper Crush, Wicker, The Cataracs with Dev, and Donnis! Did we mention this show is FREE and you can get in just by clicking “I’m Attending” on the Facebook event. Get your friends to RSVP, too, and post a status update saying: “I’m going to the House of Blues Sunset on 9/22 to see Hypercrush, Wicker, Cataracs/Dev, and Donnis for FREE and you can too:” It’s that simple.


Friday, September 24, The Comedy Store is hosing a panel for SMWLA called “The Social Strip” featuring Nic Adler (The Roxy), Kyra Reed (Markyr Media), Alf LaMont (The Comedy Store), and Nathan Levinson (Digital Graffiti). The panel will discuss how social media saved The Strip and will kick off a mini-Tweetcrawl!

Here’s the details:
5:00 – The Social Strip panel at The Comedy Store. Register to attend the panel here.
6:00 – RH at The Andaz Hotel
6:30 – The Standard Hotel

There will be tons of freebies, giveaways, and drink discounts so come hang out with The Social Strip all week!

Join the Twelethon

You may have heard Social Media Week LA is rapidly approaching and to give back to the community, the Twelethon has been started to support Inner-City Arts, an organization that promotes arts and creativity in the heart of Skid Row. Inner-City Arts is regarded as one of the nation’s most effective arts education providers. They help educate elementary, middle, and high school students in one of the poorest neighborhoods where it is needed the most.

You can join the Twelethon a few different ways.

1. Donate. Anything you can give helps and goes directly to Inner-City Arts. 100% of the cost. No joke. Do it here

2. Make a 3 minute video promoting creativity. Anything you come up with, the floor is yours! Do a dance, invent a dance, write a song, paint something, you get the picture. The things you submit will inspire more creativity. If you submit a video, leave us the link in a comment on this blog and we’ll get you two tickets to a Roxy show!

Help make a difference and jump on board with the Twelethon and help Inner-City Arts!

Don’t Hassle Me, I’m A Kroq Local

KROQ Locals Only nights are a really fantastic way for seeing up & coming bands before they’re playing sold out shows to thousands of people. On Saturday, September 18, The Roxy is having another Locals Only night with The B Foundation, The Pricks, West Swell, Knock-Out, and Premium Cultjah.

The B Foundation is a surf-rock band right out of Southern California that is heading out on a US tour later this month. The dates can be found on their site

The Pricks are veterans to The Roxy having played here multiple times in the past. We love this band, check out the video from last year.

The Pricks – Fight to Survive from Patrick Sean Kennedy on Vimeo.

West Swell is a reggae rock band from the South Bay of LA. The band just released the Roots? EP this summer that you can purchase and download here.

Knock-Out is a punk/ska band from Riverside, CA. This band has been around since 2004 and is a member of the Kung Fu Records family.

Premium Cultjah is a rad 10 piece reggae band from Long Beach, CA starting to make their way on the scene.

Tickets for the show are $13.50 and can be purchased by clicking on the flyer below:

Mad Beats with Signal Path & Blockhead

Signal Path and Blockhead combine forces to bring you an amazing co-headlining tour this fall that ends at The Roxy on September 25. The two decided to tour together after a random show worked out so organically that a tour had to be scheduled. They are both leads in the electronic music scene and have revolutionized it in a way that not many can.

Signal Path takes different genres of music and bends them beautifully to create cool and interesting sounds unheard in many electronic acts. Their latest album “Imaginary Lines” is available for as a free download when you visit their site or stream it live here:

Imaginary Lines by Signal Path

Signal Path, Verbal Yes from RECTV.NET on Vimeo.

Blockhead, aka Tony Simon, has produced for some of the best in the hip hop world including Atmosphere and Aesop Rock. His solo albums are absolutely enthralling, most recently The Music Scene which was released earlier this year on Ninja Tune. The soulful beats come through so vibrantly that you will not want to miss seeing this experience live.

Our wonderful locals playing this night:


Feelin’ Israel Vibrations

Legendary reggae group Israel Vibration comes to the Roxy September 8th. The group comes from Kingston, Jamaica where they met in a rehabilitation center as children when battling polio in the late 70’s. They released their first album “The Same Song” in 1978 and continued to write and record 2 other albums before breaking up in 1981.

After a long break, Israel Vibration reunited in 1988 and have released 14 albums since. In 1997, Apple Gabriel left the group to pursue a solo career. Cecil “Skelly” Spence and Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin have kept the group alive since then touring with Roots Radics.

Opening the show is Reggae Motion andMeluplus. Tickets are $20 at the door and can be purchased here. Check it out:

R. Nelson Parrish Graces the Marquee

Santa Barbara, CA based artist, R. Nelson Parrish, was thrilled to find out he was given the opportunity to design a 10 foot fiberglass Gibson guitar for The Sunset Strip. Parrish set out on a photo excursion and was inspired by the photos he took of the Sunset Strip from a moving car. The guitar he designed embodies the lights and life of Sunset and ultimately the most American of pastimes “cruising the Sunset Strip.” He used wood, automotive paints, fiberglass, and pigmented resin to create the piece.
We are honored to have his Gibson guitar on our building.

More of his art can be seen here.


Sunset Strip Music Festival has amazing bands and is already a weekend busting at the seems with rock ‘n’ roll. In this case, the only thing we could possibly do is plan SSMF kick-off shows. Thursday August 26th at The Roxy Theatre is Filter. This band has been huge in the rock scene since the mid-90s and we are thrilled to have them on our stage in just a few weeks. Tickets are officially on-sale as of this morning. Get them while you can here, this show will sell out!

GuitarTown, USA

The Sunset Strip is playing host to the larger-than-life art exhibit Gibson’s GuitarTown.
On August 12, The Strip will have a grand re-opening party and the unveiling of the exhibit. Not only are we incredibly excited to have the 26 10ft. guitars up and down the 1.6 mile stretch of Sunset, but this also officially means that the construction on Sunset is over! (A hip-hip-hooray is most definitely in order but we’ll leave that up to you.)

The event kicks off at 5:00pm in front of The World Famous Comedy Store & Andaz West Hollywood. There will be a crawl up Sunset to view all the guitars and to bask in the brand new beautiful Sunset Strip. A press conference will be held at 6:00pm at The Rainbow Bar & Grill. The event runs until 11:00 and most spots on the Strip will be having some kind of awesome event going on. Details can be found on the event page.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the guitars:

Join us on the 12th and take a stroll down The Sunset Strip.

Indie Rox

August 19, 2010 The Roxy is having one hell of an indie show.

Sabrosa Purr headlines the night. This band’s last two releases have been critically acclaimed and their brand new full-length album To The Crickets and The Ghost (produced by Stone Temple Pilots producer Tracy Chisholm) is picking up a lot of steam. The band was also featured in June’s issue of Vice Magazine.
From their 2009 EP: “Hope I’m Not An Idiot”

Italian Japanese is an LA based band who has been compared to bands like Silversun Pickups with the fun riffs of Cold War Kids but with the ability to stand on their own. The music is truly beautiful and something that we would not want to miss live. Their newest release The Lush, Romantic Weirdness describes the album quite accurately.
Listen to “Jeremiah”

Italian Japanese, “Jeremiah” from Boa Simon on Vimeo.

Jets Overhead formed in 2003 and has been making waves ever since. Straight out of British Columbia, Canada, the LA indie scene fits this band like a glove. They are signed to Warner Music Canada and their latest release No Nations can be streamed in its entirety here
Jets Overhead

Last but not least, The Sea of Cortez is the opening band this night. The band began in San Diego in 2006 and relocated to LA in 2008 where they build their own studio and began writing and recording their newest album Make It Sound. The album is slated to come out this year. Check out their singles here
The Sea of Cortez

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased the night of or at The Roxy box office for advance tix.
Italian Japanese. August 19, 2010

Tranzkontinental Brings The Glam

Tranzkontinental is one of the fiercest bands in LA and on August 13, they are bringing it to The Roxy again. As they put it, it is a “rock-n-roll-drag-queen-glam-punk-disco-musical experience” which sounds utterly and completely promising. The night is sure to be filled with sing-a-longs, dancing, makeup and lots of va-va-voom.
Check it!

The show is 18+. Get your tickets here!

Glam Rock for the Ages!

Paste Magazine Spotlights The Social Strip

This month’s issue of Paste Magazine features an amazing article by Liz Stinson entitled “How Social Media Saved The Sunset Strip”. It gets to the heart of The Social Strip and features quotes from Roxy owner Nic Adler and The Viper Room’s Nathan Levinson, amongst others. Click on the photo to read!

“Texts, Tweets and Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Black Label Society Doing Some Good

Always one to support a great cause, we are happy to open our doors to Black Label Society as they raise money for “St. Jude Rock N Roll Hope.” All proceeds going to support this amazing charity! Tickets go onsale at 10am on July 10 for the show on August 10! We know they will go fast! Support the cause!

Sunset Strip Music Fest 2010 Lineup Released




The third annual Sunset Strip Music Festival (SSMF), set for Aug. 26-28, 2010, has announced 2010 honoree SLASH will perform with FERGIE and MYLES KENNEDY — two of the vocalists on Slash’s No. 1 album — during the Aug. 28 outdoor street festival. Organizers also announced COMMON, SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS, NEON TREES, BIG B, and STEEL PANTHER have been added to the street festival lineup.

They all join previously announced headliner The Smashing Pumpkins as the boulevard is closed to traffic between Doheny Drive and San Vicente Boulevard and transformed into a premier concert destination with outdoor stages, beer gardens, a VIP lounge, food trucks, interactive experiences and live performances within the venues during the day.

Multi-Grammy award winning musician and noted actor Common, who has spent his career pushing boundaries and taking listeners out of their comfort zones with his socially conscious words, will close the East outdoor stage. The street fest will also feature Semi Precious Weapons (whose appearance marks a break in their tour with Lady Gaga and a return to their Sunset Strip roots); Neon Trees (who “are excited to share the stage with such an amazing eclectic group of artists as well as have the time to become fans for the day”); Big B with special guests (known for his high caliber collaborations with guest performers, Big B will preview songs from his upcoming fifth studio album); and a larger than life performance by The Sunset Strip’s resident heavy metal band Steel Panther.

Additionally, a mix of more than 50 local and national artists — including John West, Vanaprasta, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Adler’s Appetite, The Binges, Ankla and Dirty Sweet — will perform within the venues during the Aug. 28 street fest date. Aug. 28 venue lineups include (more to be announced):

Cat Club
Oh No Not Stereo
The Dolly Rocker Movement
Hillbilly Herald
Lonely Drunks Club
White Arrows
Rattlesnake Shake
Casper & The Bad Spirits
Dirty Sweet
Diamond Lane
Prohibition Rose
JD Bender
Cast Of Kings
Love And A .38
Lady Sinatra
The Binges
The Royal Highness
For Friday
The Outline

Key Club
Blowing Up The Moon
(more TBA)

The Roxy Theatre
Tomorrows Bad Seeds
Zen Robbi
Nikki & Rich
John West
Andy Grammar
New Kingdom
Juke Kartel

Whisky A Go-Go
Adler’s Appetite
Billy Boy On Poison
The Shrill
Tornado Rider
Forrest Day
Sean Rex
Subliminal Trip
Reason To Rebel
Lost Patrol

Music venues have also started to announce their Friday, Aug. 27 lineups, which include WARNER DRIVE with Run Devil Run (Viper Room); P.O.D. with Static Pulse, Thick As Thieves, Slant, Asphalt Messiah and Sound Of Ugly (Whisky); and KIX (House of Blues).

The three-day fest kicks-off with a tribute to legendary guitarist Slash at the House of Blues on Aug. 26. Friday, Aug. 27 includes a Virgin America sponsored VIP cocktail party at the Andaz hotel prior to the venues hosting a full night of music. Again this year, the Viper Room will serve as the official media hub during the day of the street festival, with live remotes from 98.7fm and artist interviews.

Tickets are currently on sale via Ticketmaster ( A portion of all ticket sales benefits Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN), a charity personally selected by honoree Slash. LAYN’s mission is to end homelessness, one kid at a time, by providing shelter, food and counseling for the abused, neglected and abandoned.

SSMF 2010’s proud supporting sponsors include Virgin America, V Australia, Jack Daniel’s, Ticketmaster, Vitaminwater, Gibson Guitar, 98.7fm, Andaz West Hollywood, Whole Foods West Hollywood, City of West Hollywood, West Hollywood Marketing & Visitors Bureau and Signature Creative. Street fest production provided by Swing House Hollywood.

For more information about SSMF, including additional lineup announcements, visit

Jane’s Addiction Rox The Roxy

Friday, July 2, 2010
By: Brent X Mendoza

In The Strip’s long history of secret shows and intimate showcases, Jane’s Addiction at The Roxy definitely falls in the top ten of “wow factor”. The chance to see these quintessential Los Angeles legends, a band that practically defined the genre of alternative rock, in a 500 capacity club is an event that comes but once in a lifetime.

Setting the tone for the evening, the show kicked off with a short Jim Rose style, bondage/burlesque skit. Acting as hostess and looking like escapees from an Agent Provocateur catalogue, two scantily clad beauties took the stage to Manson’s “I Put a Spell on You”. After a brief side show, cheek piercing stunt, the vixens flung back the stage curtain and Jane’s exploded onto the stage.

Revealing a backdrop reminiscent of the Ritual album cover, the band featuring new bassist Duff McKagen (GN’R) looked and sounded better than ever. With their camera phones held high, the crowd of lucky guest listers was writhing with excitement in a way that jaded LA crowds never allow themselves.

Early on, the band launched into fan favorites like “Had a Dad”. With Farrell perched atop a small platform at the head of the stage, the two burlesque dancers swung suspended from harnesses, kicking their legs as they flew out over the crowd. Echoing the chorus,“gimme some more”, the audience was ecstatic when Farrell grabbed up cameras and cell phones from the amateur videographers in the front row and gave them some special stage POV footage.

The hits just kept on coming as the band drew from their classic records and pulled out jammers like “Ted Just Admit It” and monsters like “Mountain Song” and “Been Caught Stealing”. “I feel like Kobe Bryant hitting a three-pointer at the end of the game”, exclaimed Farrell as he shimmied his way back and forth across the stage.

The packed house hit their height of elation when the band exploded into “Stop”. Belting out the last verse of the song, the crowd humorously stumbled, being put on the spot and having to blurt out the correct lyrics to the classic they’ve been absent mindedly singing along with for years.

Closing out their epic set, the band all moved to the front of the stage and took a seat for an encore, acoustic jam version of “Jane Says”. “We played this place for our first record… had every record label exec in the city in the palm of my hand… tonight felt like the good old days” pronounced Farrell before exiting the stage with Jane’s famous Español moniker “Juana’s Adiccion”.
Photo Credit: Erik Voake –

Coming Together To Help The Gulf Coast

In the spirit of Independence Day, nationwide concerts will be hosted by music venues on July 1st, 2010 to benefit those directly impacted by the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.

The organizers have created an ambitious goal: Gather music venues around the country to donate ticket sales on July 1st and create an online giving platform that encourages donations to the relief efforts. The fundraising goal is set to $500,000, which will be directed to our nonprofit partner the Gulf Restoration Network, which provides assistance to the people, wildlife and wetlands affected as well as advocacy work throughout the Gulf Coast.

The organizers of the event include: Nic Adler, owner of The Roxy on the Sunset Strip; Megan Jacobs of The Roxy, Casey Phillips, talent buyer for venues including Tipitina’s in New Orleans and Viper Room & The Mint in Los Angeles, and Sloane Berrent, founder of Answer With Action and creator of The Causemopolitan.

Revenues from ticket sales will be donated to help the fishermen and their families along the Gulf Coast cope with this disaster in addition to wildlife and wetlands restoration for the Gulf Coast. Over 25 venues have been confirmed and more are being added every day. Artists performing include national as well as local acts across the US.

“We know through music and the generosity of people that we can help make a difference in the Gulf Coast.” Adler says. “We hope this inspires others to make a donation, attend an event and get involved.”

The wetlands and wildlife are in desperate need of our attention now and can’t wait for BP to take care of those in need. Many of our fellow Americans in the foreseeable future will have no livelihood, are preparing to leave their homes and are now lining up for food handouts. With hurricane season on the horizon, there is reason for great concern and it’s crucial the affected communities be prepared for the worst.

Details on how to make a donation or find an event to attend in your area can be found on this site. Both the online giving platform and an online auction is going to coincide with the benefit concerts.
Credit: PitchEngine

For more info click here!

Welcome To GuitarTown!

Credit: The SSBA

Public arts project will showcase The Strip and Unify Businesses
West Hollywood, Calif (June 17, 2010) The Sunset Strip and Gibson Guitar announced the launch of GuitarTown, a public arts project that will feature more than 25 ten-foot tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul model guitars strategically placed on the legendary Sunset Strip in West Hollywood beginning in August, 2010. The oversized Gibson guitar sculptures will be created by local and nationally acclaimed visual artists and placed along the 1.6-mile Sunset Strip in front of the boulevard’s landmarks and businesses, including the Whisky A Go-Go, The Roxy Theatre and Sunset Marquis.

Each guitar sculpture will celebrate a musician, personality or artist unique to The Sunset Strip’s history and Gibson Guitar.

The project will unite The Sunset Strip’s art, music and business communities and will later raise funds for numerous charitable organizations. GuitarTown Sunset Strip is set to open to the public in mid-August, prior to the third annual Sunset Strip Music Festival (August 26-28).

The GuitarTown Sunset Strip project will also showcase the recently “renovated” Sunset Strip, which is undergoing a beautification project that includes a more pedestrian-friendly experience on the boulevard.

“We are very excited about Gibson GuitarTown coming to The Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. GuitarTown is a perfect way for us to celebrate the creative heritage of The Sunset Strip. It allows us to celebrate art and our rock and roll roots,” noted West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman. “We look forward to welcoming Gibson GuitarTown to West Hollywood.”

“Like Gibson Guitar, The Sunset Strip is legendary. It’s also responsible for launching the careers of some of the world’s greatest musicians,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “We are so pleased to be part of The Sunset Strip project and look forward to hosting GuitarTown in what will surely strike a chord with everyone who visits The Sunset Strip.”

The guitars will complete a “tour” of The Strip and then be sold at a Gala Auction, with all proceeds benefiting nonprofit organizations and charities. Similar projects hosted by Gibson Guitar and Epiphone raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and took place in Nashville, Austin, London, Orlando and Miami. The Sunset Strip GuitarTown project will be administered through the Gibson Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Gibson Guitar Corp., which is dedicated to improving the quality of life through its support of the arts, education, health & welfare and environmental causes.

“GuitarTown is a perfect fit for The Strip. It celebrates the iconic rock heritage while also looking to the future—which includes the Sunset Strip Music Festival coming up in August,” said West Hollywood Councilmember Lindsey Horvath. “We are amped for GuitarTown because it’s also a terrific way to show off the immense improvements we’ve made to The Sunset Strip.”

A call for artists was distributed and an announcement of selected artists will be made in July. For GuitarTown artist application information, visit

About Gibson Guitar
Gibson is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instrument, including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, and banjos. The Gibson Les Paul guitar is the best selling guitar of all time and bears the name of the late, great Les Paul. Gibson’s HD.6X-PRO Digital Guitar, the Gibson Robot Guitar, Gibson’s Dark Fire and the new Gibson Dusk Tiger represent the biggest advances in electric guitar design in over 70 years. The Gibson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Gibson Guitar Corp., and dedicates its time and services to making the place a better world for children through its support of music, education, health and human services. Founded in 1894 in Kalamazo, Michigan, and headquartered in Nashville since 1984, Gibson Guitar Corp.’s family of brands now includes Epiphone, Dobro, Kramer, Steinberger, Tobias, Echoplex, Electar, Flatiron, Slingerland, Valley Arts, Maestro, Oberheim, Baldwin, Sunshine Piano, Take Anywhere Technology, J&C Fischer, Chickering, Hamilton, and Wurlitzer. Visit Gibson’s website at

About The Sunset Strip
The Sunset Strip is a 1.3 mile stretch along Sunset Boulevard that runs through the heart of West Hollywood. From its beginning as an unregulated “strip” of land along Sunset Boulevard outside Los Angeles’ city limits, The Sunset Strip has served as a notorious entertainment destination for celebrities, tourists and California residents. It is an iconic locale where fashion, music, architecture and a unique history combine. The Sunset Strip has birthed countless music and entertainment careers, and it continues to blaze its own path as a leading destination with a vibrant and entertaining landscape made up of more than 150 restaurants, shops, nightclubs and hotels. The Sunset Strip became part of the City of West Hollywood when it was incorporated in 1984. For more information about The Sunset Strip, please visit