Saba: Care For Me Tour – Tickets – The Roxy Theatre – West Hollywood, CA – May 2nd, 2018

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Saba: Care For Me Tour

General Admission

Saba: Care For Me Tour

Joseph Chilliams, Jean Deaux

Wednesday May 2

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$16.00 - $65.00

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This event is all ages

"Sound to me is music. I'm one of those music nerds who thinks that there is somethingbeautiful in all music, and I feel like there is music in all sound. Sound is really vibration, and tomegood vibration is the most important thing in the universe" -- SabaAt a Saba show, when vibrations boom and sharp--witted verses start to permeate the crowd, you better have your hands upand mind in full focus. Taj Chandler, better known as Saba, the 20--year-- old rapper and producer from Chicago's West Side, joins the city's new wave of bubbling talent with an aggressive delivery and unmistakable production. Born to a family of musical talent, Saba grew upto the sounds of soul, R&B, and jazz thanks to his father Chandler, a neo--soul singer in his own right. At the ageof seven he began to play piano and soon after began experimenting with his sound onbeat making software. However, it wasn't until the young Chandler first heard the iconic Bone Thugs--n--Harmony that he found his true musical niche and emcee calling, "Hands down my biggest influence was Bone Thugs--n-- Harmony. They're the ones who actually made me like rap and want todo it," he says. Atage16, Saba joined the open mikes atYouthMedia Center andYoung Chicago Authors, which he credits with giving him the confidence and charisma to perform onstage. With all these tools in his arsenal, Saba has developed a career sound with appeal that spans from the staunchest old--school hip hop heads to a new generation of rap fans. Saba dropped his first full--length project, GETCOMFORTable, in December 2012, featuring production from Thelonius Martin, DJ Such N Such, and the rising spitter himself. Soothing, serene, and soaring, the mixtape reflects a coming ofage and showcases a catalogue of young Chicago talents who join Saba's plight in trying to assimilate into the complex and often intimidating world of today. In 2013, Saba joined fellow Windy City talent Chance the Rapper with a standout guest verse on his highly acclaimed track "Everybody's Something ft. BJ the Chicago Kid", from Acid Rap. That same year Chandler would begin to work on his sophomore debut, ComfortZone, produced inconjunction with J.U.S.T.l.C.E League's Cam Osteen (Acid Rap and Vic Mensa's Innanetape),the Chicago trio NAiMA (Dylan Frank, Cory Grindberg, and Ken Ross), and featuring a slew of notable talents including MC Tree, Eryn Allen Kane, Legit, Jamila of M&O.ComfortZone was released in June of 2014, and was received with critical enthusiasm and public praise. The 14--track collection is both autobiographical and reflective, a bittersweet window into the young emcee's upbringing in a culturally rich yet troubled city. With innovative production and hard--hitting lyrics, Saba tries to make sense of his surroundings while maintaining a positive outlook and mindset. Standout tracks include, "Burnout" featuring songstress Eryn Allen Kane ("It's the aural equivalent to a freshly baked apple pie" -- Noisey, and DJ Booth's Hook of the Year),as well as"Butter" ("Saba isup next." -- Billboard) and "401K", ("Certain songs are bigger than music." --Potholes InMy Blog). ComfortZone not only captured Saba's undeniable growth asan emcee, but also as a producer, and young adult
Joseph Chilliams
Joseph Chilliams
Heralded as "Chicago's Most Charming Rapper,”
Joseph Chilliams captures the harsh realities of
the city as well as wider spread stigmas with a
quirky approach, creating something that can
appear humorous on the surface yet dark and
personal when observed in depth. This is evident
on his debut full-length release, 2017’s Henry
Church , an album that finds Chilliams placing
originality on a pedestal and breaking down
barriers of masculinity, with a title he claims to be
the English translation for Enrique Inglesias.
As inspired by MF DOOM and Eminem as he is
Paramore's Hayley Williams and Radiohead's
Thom Yorke, Chilliams is quick to connect with
an audience through the incorporation of popular
film, music, and television references. These
influences shine especially bright in Chilliams’
music videos - he reimagined the famous dance scene from Napolean Dynamite in the
video for Henry Church single “Fergie,” while reenacting various stunts from MTV’s
Jackass for “B2KK”. "The visuals match the vulnerable tongue-in-cheek silliness
Chilliams exhibits with a pen,” praised SPIN Magazine. “His pop culture
reference-heavy writing has a knack for juxtaposing love and trauma in a way that
accentuates both moods, while making you laugh against all good sense."
Joseph Chilliams is a founding member of Chicago rap group Pivot Gang, alongside his
younger brother Saba, and rappers MFnMelo, Frsh Waters, and John Walt, who passed
away in the first quarter of 2017. Prior to the release of Henry Church , Chilliams had
breakthrough featured verses on Noname's "Forever" and Saba's "Westside Bound 3 ”.
Having toured North America and Europe in 2017, including a sold-out headlining show
at Schubas in Chicago, Joseph Chilliams is set to hit the road again in 2018 on the Care
For Me Tour.
Jean Deaux
Jean Deaux
Rapper and singer Jean Deaux is one of Chicago’s brightest stars and one of R&B and rap’s most
promising acts . The talented 22-year-old singer brings her other-worldly and atmospheric vibes to the
music game, with a colorful palette of sweet vocals and lyrical wordplay. Jean Deaux built her
Soundcloud audience early on, accumulating over 23K followers and captivating fans with her versatility.
Influenced by Amy Winehouse, Missy Elliott, and Erykah Badu, Deaux’s music is best described as
transporting and characterized by her real life experiences. Whether she’s boasting confident bars &
proclaiming her self-worth as a woman or sharing vulnerable stories about love and loss, Deaux’s rich
voice and layered delivery combine for an ethereal and vibe-driven sound. Jean Deaux is currently finishing
up her debut EP, slated to hit all streaming platforms by Summer 2018.