Second Annual AustinRox At SXSW

SXSW 2008-40
The Henry Clay People at last years AustinRox

The SXSW buzz is going strong and we are ecstatic to be able to announce that the Second Annual AustinRox party is going live Friday night, March 20th! With some of our favorite Roxy bands on the bill like Nico Vega and Semi Precious Weapons! We are so excited to invade Austin! Find @theroxy on twitter and DM us to RSVP! See ya there!
More info on the lineup coming soon….

Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Sometimes I’m against “Best Of” lists. Mostly because I never agree with them…so to remedy that – Team Roxy have created our own version of what we thought the highlights of ’08 were. Scanning thru the ’08 Roxy calendar – it was hard to narrow it down (which is a good thing)!
For the record – this started as a TOP 5…but some people *cough* Meg and Heath couldn’t make up their mind. Let us know what your favorite Roxy shows were! Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the year a success – from MYSPACE, to DIM MAK, and everyone in between. Viva 2009!


Crystal Castles
Zappa Plays Zappa

Megan J:

Little Dragon
Foxboro Hottubs
Duke Spirit
Dolly Parton
Hot Hot Heat


Jonas Brothers
Foxboro Hottubs
Hot Hot Heat
Dolly Parton
Camp Freddy


Dolly Parton
Raphael Saadiq w/ Janelle Monae
Russell Brand
Marc Broussard w/ Matt Hires
Tokio Hotel

Detour Bound

So last year, we took Detour by storm – had a super fancy booth, and had the coolest set up ever. This year, we decided to take it down a notch and focus a little more on seeing some great bands (have you seen the lineup??), supporting our homies at the LA Weekly, and having a cocktail or two with our pals. Rest assured tho, we WILL, in true Roxy fashion, be on the prowl passing out our cool Roxy headbands and stickers. So if you see us, make sure you say hello and you will be rewarded. Rumor has it, the weather will be a little tricky tomorrow(??). So, be prepared! See you there.
Foxy Roxy on a Friday


LA Weekly 10/3

VMA Recap

It seems like its been non-stop VMA’s for a few weeks now – and as the hangover sets in – it’s time for a little recap. We all had crossed fingers and eager hearts that our favorite Russell Brand would be a raging success – and while their seems to be a bunch of mixed reviews, we still love him and think he was fabulous! Our dear Jonas Brothers were great…and the nutty TOKIO HOTEL took home best new artist! We also played host to a super fabulous official VMA party on Saturday night, where T-Pain brought the house down! Drinks were flowing and fun times were had. Hope all who watched and participated, had a great time too!
Russell and LL Cool J
youtube credit: anscapemtv

Some Serious VMA Love For The Roxy

It’s already super cool that our homie Russell Brand is tagged as the host of this years Video Music Awards (check out his live comedy show here this Sunday!) – his residency couldn’t have been more fun, and he was such a cool guy to have around! Now, our OTHER killer residency o’ the summer (which concludes tonight!) TRV$DJ-AM is this year’s house band of the VMA’s. Add those, with a couple nominations for our Shwayze boys – and you’ve got quite the night.
Check out this snippet from the LA TIMES

The duo — a kind of beat-driven version of the revolving-door rock collective Camp Freddy that already has hosted such high-profile guest stars as Paul Wall and Warren G — will perform its third of three sold-out shows at West Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre tonight before going on to serve as house band for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7.

Celebrate With A Corona & Lime

Shwayze Live At The Roxy
Ohhhh so many amazing things happening in the land of Shwayze, and we really wanted to give them a big congrats for currently being #4 on ITUNES TOP SONGS. All is good in the world when you are sandwiched between the hottest Jonas Brothers tracks! In addition, they have been nominated for TWO VMA’s (hosted by our dear friend Russell Brand) for Best Pop Video & Best Hip Hop Video- so please head over and vote vote vote for them. Congrats Boys!

Speaking Of The VMAs

Roxy played host on Wednesday to the “Road to The VMA’s” where 3 bands vied for a coveted pre-party slot at the festivities! All star judges The Game, Kat Von D, and Alkaline Trio joined in on the fun and told it how it was! Thanks to U-N-I, Hazelden, and The Ruse for rocking out! Check out the awesome pics courtesy of our good man, Erik Voake.

The Road To The VMA's 7/23

The Road To The VMA's 7/23

The Road To The VMA's 7/23

The Road To The VMA's 7/23

MTV Is About To Be Branded

Russell Brand Live at The Roxy
Team Roxy was so excited to find out that our very own Russell Brand was named as host of MTV Video Music Awards 2008! He’s obviously one of the biggest rising stars and funniest guys around – and we’re excited for him to be slowly but surely conquering the states. His residency here was some hilarious stuff, and we can’t wait to see him on the oh-so-famous VMA’s (with some of our other favs, the Jo Bro’s)! We showed Russell nothing but love, and we are so excited that the Roxy shows are tagged as the ones that caught the attention of the MTV Powers. Congrats Russell! Here are few articles announcing his new gig!
(Photo Credit Above: Erik Voake)
Russell Backstage at The Roxy- Vid Credit: Buzzworthy @

The LA Times
E! News
The Associated Press
Yahoo! News

Foxboro Hot Tubs Live At The Roxy

Follow Me to our site where the link to New Album is available

Foxboro Hot Tubs at The Roxy, OMG! What an exciting show!! This band has caused quite a buzz on the web and we cannot wait to see them live! Because of the demand on this show, you can only purchase tickets in person at The Roxy box office the day of the show. Tickets will be $20 cash and there is a two ticket maximum per person and both people must be together in line to receive the tickets. Have no fear tho, because we are allowing you to lineup starting 8am on the day of the show. So once you are in line and get to the door, you will buy your tickets and immediately proceed into The Roxy. Get ready to strut your stuff on the Sunset Strip and make an event out of it! Meet some fans in line…share stories…and make some new friends. Have no doubt, you will find some internet fame as I will undoubtedly be blogging the line in true Roxy fashion. We know their fans are traveling from near and far for this show – and we can’t wait to see you all! Also, a friendly reminder – no recording devices of any kind, no cameras and/or cell phones will be allowed into the show!
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10 Shots From The Top

Now that we have started our own Flickr group, The Roxy Theatre, anyone can add their photos taken at The Roxy or On The Rox to share with the world. So far we have received over 1500 photos from over 100 members. At the beginning of each month we will post our favorites in our “Shots From The Top” post. Keep shooting and post often, thanks to all who contributed.

Money Mark at Chavo’s Birthday Jam Session with Rza, West Coast Wu Tang, John Frusciante of RHCP and John Dolmayan of SOAD
Chavo's Birthday Jam with Rza and Friends at The Roxy
Photo by Erik Voake
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Come Back Coachella

Now that we’re finally sobered up, we miss Coachella even more!! We hope anyone who braved the heat and dessert had an amazing time like we did! Whether you chilled by the pool for the weekend and popped in for Prince – or rocked the whole festival, let us know your highlights!! Mine: Brett Dennen, M.I.A, MGMT, Raconteurs, and Death Cab. Your turn.

Coachella Coachella Coachella

It’s that time of year again……COACHEllA TIME! We’re a little spoiled here in So-Cal, because it is always a guarantee that the hottest festivals will pass thru town, but NOTHING is more anticipated than Coachella. As usual, the lineup is huge – who are you looking forward to seeing? Who are the bands that you think are ones NOT to be missed? Is rock taking over this year? The DJ scene? Or is Prince going take the cake? Let us know what you’re into. Continue reading

Roxy Says Sayonara To Tokio Hotel

Today has been a really really great day! And as the girls and I start wrapping up our work, and get into party mode – we are a little sad! We don’t want this day to end. The energy in the office today was a little like summer vacation…we were a little giddy – everything about our day, and the band, and the crew has been the best EVER. We didn’t quite know what to expect – as we have a little language barrier going on – and we have been pleasantly surprised! The band is adorable – and from what they told us, the have loved being in sunny CA – even if just for a day or two. Now, we are sitting here listening to them sound check and they sound GREAT. Thanks to our neighbors who have been so patient with all the fans today – and our security who came out before the sun sets to make sure everyone was safe. We hope the international fans are having a legendary Roxy experience and they find us again one day on their travels back to the states!
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Winehouse Wins

Just wanted to take a second and say a BIG congratulations to Ms Amy Winehouse for all her wins at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards last night! Her album really was one of the best of the year…and as soon as she played the Roxy stage we KNEW she was going to be a star!
Check out Amy below at the Roxy !