Tokio Hotel Talks Roxy

It hasn’t been long since the boys of Tokio Hotel came to visit…but we miss them! Lucky for us, their first ever US performance (at the Roxy of course) is well documented in their new youtube videos! It’s fun to relive the excitement – we cannot wait to have them back!

Roxy Says Sayonara To Tokio Hotel

Today has been a really really great day! And as the girls and I start wrapping up our work, and get into party mode – we are a little sad! We don’t want this day to end. The energy in the office today was a little like summer vacation…we were a little giddy – everything about our day, and the band, and the crew has been the best EVER. We didn’t quite know what to expect – as we have a little language barrier going on – and we have been pleasantly surprised! The band is adorable – and from what they told us, the have loved being in sunny CA – even if just for a day or two. Now, we are sitting here listening to them sound check and they sound GREAT. Thanks to our neighbors who have been so patient with all the fans today – and our security who came out before the sun sets to make sure everyone was safe. We hope the international fans are having a legendary Roxy experience and they find us again one day on their travels back to the states!
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Tokio Hotel Takes Over Hollywood

So friends, the time is here!! We never thought this day would come…and now here we are! It’s been non stop Tokio for a few weeks now – and we’d like to thank all the dedicated fans who have flown in from all over the world – to see the band in their FIRST US appearance! You’ve made this, what is sure to be, an amazing SOLD OUT show! We knew today would be a great day, because as we left the Roxy yesterday evening – after a hard days work – we ran into the band on the corner! They seemed to be loving the Sunset strip already…and seemed very excited for the show! Just to give you an idea of what what’s going on here at the club, at 9:30 am…here’s a few pics of some of our favorite fans in line so far.

Tokio Hotel, 2/15/08




Tokio Hotel Tally

It took us a while to narrow it down to our favorite four – we got so many amazing entries! In the end, we picked the ones that exemplified the true vibe of the night – and something that would catch the eye of the thousands and thousands of cars that cruise by us daily. So congrats if you were one of the lucky final four…you’re halfway there! Okay fans and friends, now’s your time to vote your mind!
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Arguably one of the coolest songs of the late 90’s, we cannot WAIT to hear Peaches live (amongst other songs) from Presidents of the United States of America. And we hear good things about the new album!

“They have delivered an inventive, uplifting and often brilliant rock & roll album. From the opening, celebratory blast of “Mixed Up SOB”—which embraces the spirit of the band’s 4 million-selling eponymous debut—to the warm, Shins-like lilt of “Loose Balloon,” the group commandeers your attention with fourteen contagious winners.”

Looks like our friends at Live Nation really brought us a great show! Come flashback to the 90’s with us…and maybe discover some new favorites!


 Thanks Asparagirl -
Photo Credit – Asparagirl
In support of the writer’s strike, The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood is opening it’s legendary doors to all members of the Writers Guild of America. Simply presenting a membership card will allow all guild members free admittance to the club through the entirety of the strike for any show with tickets currently available.
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B Side Players


“The B-Side Players make music without borders or boundaries. On Fire In The Youth, their seventh album and first for Concord/Picante, they continue exploring the multifaceted grooves of Latin America and the Caribbean, incorporating the sounds of Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico and Brazil with the funk, rock, jazz and hip-hop rhythms of their homeland. With Latin music currently dominating the charts in most of the world, The B-Side Players are uniquely positioned to bring their uplifting message of unity, brotherhood and dance floor revolution to the people of planet Earth.”

THE ROXY Show Dates:
November 9, 2007 with Los Pinguos

Born in a Dream

Foreign Born

Difficult to pigeonhole yet instantly recognizable, Los Angeles-based Foreign Born vexes indie taxonomists like hardcore porn does Supreme Court justices, leaving critics to play the Potter Stewart “I know it when I see it” card rather than enumerate the requisites. In the Remote Woods is too fidgety for shoegazer, too upbeat for dour post-punk, and too varied for indie pop. Nevertheless, Foreign Born evoke all the familiar touchstones, stitching together Slowdive and the Stone Roses with newer benchmarks the Walkmen and Arcade Fire while carving their own niche alongside those artists.

Foreign Born hit The Roxy on Septemter 5, 2007, with Gran Ronde and A Shoreline Dream.
Tickets are available now!

A Shoreline Dream – “Love Is A Ghost In America”

The Mother Hips

mother hips

“The Mother Hips are divinely inspired by the four great (North) American B’s: The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, The Band and The Beach Boys” – Rolling Stone

Formed in 1991 at Chico State in Northern California, The Mother Hips have run the gamut of experiences as a band – from dorm band to buzz band to cult favorite. They took an extended break which nearly became a permanent one after the 2001 album’s release, but decided to reconvene a few years ago, first playing shows, and now as a full-fledged band, writing, recording and releasing new music.

THE ROXY show dates:
September 7, 2007

Bob Mould


Guitarist/singer/songwriter Bob Mould was initially a member of Hüsker Dü, one of the most influential American bands of the ’80s. Hüsker Dü was a post-hardcore punk band that helped define the sound and ideals of alternative rock. After Hüsker Dü broke up, Mould signed a solo contract with Virgin Records in 1988. The following year, he released his first solo album, Workbook, which represented a major shift in sonic direction. Workbook was an introspective collection, featuring keyboards, acoustic guitars, and even strings.
THE ROXY show dates:
October 17, 2007

Jon McLaughlin


Jon has been quietly building a strong grass-roots following over the last two years, criss-crossing North America on tour legs with O.A.R., Live, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, and (most recently this past summer) Sister Hazel, Cowboy Mouth, Susan Tedeschi, and fellow Island artist Marc Broussard. In addition to venues of every size and description, Jon has appeared before tens of thousands at such major outdoor festivals as Feeling Better Than Everfine (Cleveland), Ann Arbor [Michigan] Summerfest, Waterfest (Oshkosh, WI), Milwaukee Summerfest, Music In The Zoo (Apple Valley, MN), Northwest State College Fest (Archbold, OH), and (two weeks ago) the prestigious Lollapalooza get-together at Grant Park in Chicago.

THE ROXY Show Dates:
Septmeber 4, 2007 with Sara Bareilles

The Shys


The Shys (previously The Gun Shys) are a five piece rock band from Los Angeles, California. Under their previous name they released The Gun Shys EP. Their current line-up consists of Kyle Krone, Alex Kweskin, Chris Wulff, Riley Stephenson and Tony Cupito. Their debut CD, titled Astoria, was released on iTunes on June 6 2006, and in stores July 11 2006.

“Creating the best music we can and making it available to our fans has always been our number one priority in this group and now we are free to do just that. This means more new music more often for us to share with you. We have taken all matters into our own hands thus obtaining 100% creative control. We have built our own recording studio and are currently in the process of recording a brand new EP. The plan is to wrap up the recording by the end of the month and have the record available to everyone sometime in late August or early September, followed by tours of North America and the UK. Along with the record we have the freedom to release new videos, merch and other knick knacks straight from the band to you. It feels incredible to be free. Thank you all so much for your continued support and love. Because of you we can continue to make records and play our music as far as it takes us.
Always grateful,
Kyle, Alex, Chris, Riley, & Tony
-The Shys”

-on being released from their contract in July of 2007 with Sire Records.

THE ROXY Show Dates:
August 2nd, 2007; with Pop Levi, Grand Ole Party, and The Procession

Beth Hart

Beth Hart’s voice stirs more than the emotions. It is a uniquely powerful vocal presence that paints pictures, parses prose and sculpts statues in every song. While it is difficult to define the essence of great art, you sure know it when you hear it.

Beth’s remarkable artistry attracted superstar producers David Foster, Hugh Padgham and Mike Clink to collaborate with her on her very first album, 1996’s Immortal (Atlantic). Perhaps her gift for turning each song into a deeply personal communication between singer and listener was most evident on “L.A. Song,” her worldwide radio smash (a Top 5 AC hit in the U.S.) from her second album, 1999’s Sceamin’ For My Supper (Atlantic). Beth’s charismatic performances of the song on Leno, Letterman and Kilborn touched off strong audience reaction nationwide creating phenomenal spikes in sales and radio requests across the country. The fire in that very special voice seemed to engulf America. Apparently, you know it when you see it, as well.



gODHEAD is an industrial rock band that originated in the Washington D.C.-area in the 1990s. They are known as the first and only band signed on to Marilyn Manson’s short-lived vanity label, Posthuman, in 2001. Their music is characterised as a mixture of dramatic goth rock and appealing dance beats with an atmospheric, industrial soundscape. It is further enhanced by the clean, terrifyingly deep vocal talents of lead vocalist/guitarist Jason C Miller and his gothic lyrical content.

THE ROXY Show Dates:

June 16th 2007
w/ American Head Charge, Anlka, Oblige, Droid



“Hybrid, nihilistic and tortured, they suck at your soul and get better with every listen.” – Rolling Stone

The first signing of Cement Shoes Records is “Godhead”. Formed in the mid- ‘90s, Godhead has been steadily building their fan base and emerging as a true international rock act. Their debut release of 2000 Years of Human Error on Posthuman Records in January 2001 and the 2003 summer release of the follow-up Evolver on Reality Entertainment, have sold well over 100,000 copies to date. After years of touring extensively with Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Static-X, Mudvayne, Rammstein, Pigface and Saliva to name a few — as well as performing at Ozzfest and the Reading and Leeds festivals overseas — Godhead has scraped, clawed and carved out their own place in the rock music world.

THE ROXY show dates:

JUNE 16th 2007



Ankla, meaning anchor in Spanish, was officially formed in 2001 and consists of Ikaro Stafford on vocals, Ramón Ortíz on guitar, José Clark on drums, Edgar González on bass and Oscar Santiago on percussion. Ankla represents a new musical vision deeply anchored in Ortiz’s lifelong passion for extreme forms of metal music.

While borrowing traditional elements from thrash, death and hardcore metal, the band still explores and incorporates some of the Latin claves and syncopations that Ramon has been known for without ever stepping out of the metallic sound of the power groove that is intended to push boundaries and is the evolution of modern metal.

THE ROXY show dates:

JUNE 16th 2007

American Head Charge

American Head Charge

American Head Charge, the Minneapolis-based industrial metal band, which had its genesis nine years ago when Martin Cock (then known as Cameron Heacock) and Chad Hanks (now known as Mr. H.C. Banks III) first crossed paths in a Minnesota rehab facility, has up to now been known primarily for the radically dysfunctional behavior of the band members.

THE ROXY show dates:

JUNE 16th 2007

Jonatha Brooke

jonatha brooke

Jonatha Brooke is an American folk rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. She began her career in the 1980s as one half of the folk duo The Story and began her solo career in 1994. Her music merges elements of folk, rock and pop, often with poignant lyrics and complex harmonies.

THE ROXY show dates:

JUNE 13th 2007

Maia Sharp


What do you do after scoring 2 top 10 Triple A singles on your latest release, headlining the country in support of that album, then taking off to tour with Bonnie Raitt on a 21 city run, all the while landing a cut on Trisha Yearwoods CD, three songs on Bonnie Raitts latest, three tracks on Edwin McCains current album (lending your vocals to all three releases) and getting a song on Mindy Smiths forthcoming record? Well if youre Maia Sharp you start your own label, put out an acoustic album, tour behind it and then head back into the studio to make your 2007 label release.

Sharps last studio album, 2005s Fine Upstanding Citizen (KOCH) garnered her critical raves and nationwide airplay on the singles Something Wild and Red Dress achieving top 10 chart status at R&R on both songs. Now with 4 national label releases (3 critically acclaimed solo albums and a 4th collaborative effort with Art Garfunkel) to her credit she found herself in a position where most artists may have felt entitled to a small break. Her next national label release being slotted for early 07 would have presented the ideal time to stop and smell the roses rather than race past them in a flurry of tour bus exhaust. However, with a growing demand for the songstress to perform, including 2 months opening for and singing with Bonnie Raitt in addition to her own headline shows, Sharp found herself with a lot of fans wanting more music faster than a labels pace would allow.

From that demand the idea for Eve & The Red Delicious was born. The tour offers kept coming in and more and more people were emailing me through the website, through myspace, coming up to me at shows etc. asking why I couldnt do a record a year. Sharp explains, Ive been fortunate to always have a label doing the behind-the-scenes work while still giving me creative control but the drawback is that Im at the mercy of their schedules. With 4 albums worth of label knowledge under my belt and time between F.U.C. and the next label record, I thought, why not take advantage and do an in-between cd thats more reflective of the live show. Im writing enough to release new material more often and Im lucky enough to have loyal fans that buy every record. It quickly became a no brainer.

Its that relentless drive that led Sharp to record an acoustic album with 5 new songs and 2 new versions of fan favorites from previous albums (Hardly Glamour Ark 21 Records, 1998 and 2005s Fine Upstanding Citizen on KOCH). Eve & The Red Delicious (taken from a line from the impossibly hooky Whole Flat World) was done as a duo with bass player Darren Embry. If I was going to pull this off it needed to be as true to the live performances as possible and with Darrens top shelf vocals and musicianship I feel we were able to accomplish that and have fun doing it. Sharp & Embry met while she and Jonatha Brooke were touring together. Im a huge Jonatha fan and I fully appreciate how musically challenging playing with her could be, so when I saw Darren up there slaying those bass and vocal parts I knew I had to work with him.

The album features Sharp on guitars, Rhodes, piano, saxophone (her first instrument) and percussion performing songs she wrote alone or co-wrote with, among others, acclaimed Americana songbird Kim Richey, Timbuk 3s Pat MacDonald and Bonnie Raitt collaborator David Batteau.

The Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist has seen about two dozen of her songs recorded by artists that run the genre gamut, from chart-topping pop acts to Rock and Roll Hall of Famers including Bonnie Raitt, Trisha Yearwood, Art Garfunkel, Edwin McCain, The Dixie Chicks, Paul Carrack, Cher and Mindy Smith to name a few.

Maia has written with Carole King, Jules Shear, Timothy B. Schmitt, David Wilcox, Amanda Marshall, Edwin McCain, Lisa Loeb, Mindy Smith, Howard Jones, The Go Gos, Billy Mann, Paul Carrack and many more.

In 1997, she signed with Miles Copelands Ark 21 label, on which her debut CD, Hardly Glamour, was released. It scored a Triple A radio hit with the rugged and haunting “I Need This to Be Love.” Later that year, she was nominated for Triple-A radio’s Artist of the Year and Cher recorded a version of one of the cds highlights, “Don’t Come Around Tonight on Its a Mans World.

Sharp then joined up with Art Garfunkel and Buddy Mondlock for their EMI/Blue Note trio project Everything Waits to Be Noticed co-writing several tracks, trading off lead vocals and harmonies with the legend and lending her saxophone chops to the project. Summarizing his time with Maia, Garfunkel simply says, In the tradition of great female artists, Karla Bonoff, Bonnie Raitt, Christine McVie, Shawn Colvin, Sarah McLachlan… enter Maia Sharp.”

At the same time, Concord Records released her self titled second solo album Maia Sharp to critical acclaim. The singles Willing to Burn and Crimes of the Witness both landed in the top 10 in the Triple A radio format. This was a very busy time for Sharp promoting both the Garfunkel project and her own simultaneously. After almost a year of off and on touring Sharp was back in the studio to record what ultimately became 05s Fine Upstanding Citzen on KOCH.

Look for East coast headline tour dates to promote Eve & The Red Delicious as well as upcoming Canadian dates with Bonnie Raitt in October.

It looks like, for now, the only roses Sharp will be able to stop and smell will be the ones backstage in her dressing room.

THE ROXY show dates:

JUNE 13th 2007

The Watkins Family

The Watkins Family

The Watkins Family is a Southern/Acoustic Gospel group from Eastanollee, Georgia, a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The group is made up of a tightly knitted family: Don, the father of the family, plays guitar, and Judy, the mother, plays bass. The oldest of Don and Judy’s children, Todd, plays dobro, bass, and guitar, while Shanon plays the bass and fiddle, and Lorie plays the banjo, mandolin, guitar, and dojo. Each member shares the instrumental and vocal load, which accounts for a tight harmony that is found in a family and versatility in their ability to play a wide variety of instruments. The Watkins Family started singing as a family in 1982, and throughout the years they have extensively toured the United States and Canada. They have enjoyed warm responses during their travels by Americans and Canadians alike. In 1988, they had the honor of playing in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill in the Capitol Complex. They have also received nominations as the best Contemporary and Traditional Bluegrass Gospel group by the SPBGMA and were also nominated as best Bluegrass Act at the Coca-Cola Music Awards. The Watkins Family’s last project, “Winter To Spring,” received great reviews in both gospel and bluegrass music, and their last single from the project, “Power of the Holy Ghost,” spent several months in the top 5 of the “Power Source” magazine’s bluegrass chart. The Watkins Family has just put the finishing touches on their latest recording project, titled “Darkness Wept,” that will be released in June of 2006. This project combined the talents of the Watkins Family along with vocal producer Karen Peck Gooch, music producer Mark Fain, and Grammy Award winning engineer Bil Vorndick. Their first single from the project, “He’s Still God”, came from the pen of Dee Gaskin and Jerry Salley. “Love Stood Alone”, their latest single has been released to southern gospel radio stations and can be found on the November Airplay Radio Promotions compilation c.d. Their love for Jesus Christ and music is displayed by the enthusiasm they show in each song that is sung and each word that is said. The future looks bright and busy for this family who sings Gospel music not only because they enjoy it but because they believe it.

THE ROXY show dates:
JUNE 8th 2007



Although technically consisting of five members, Ours is essentially the brainchild of self-described music obsessive Jimmy Gnecco. Born and raised in New Jersey, Gnecco toyed with music and various band configurations after graduating high school, but it wasn’t until 1996, when he returned to America from a brief sabbatical, that he decided to pour his complete energy into music. It didn’t take Gnecco long to attract industry attention; a major-label bidding war quickly ensued, with Gnecco turning down a few deals on the way to ultimately striking a partnership with DreamWorks. Gnecco says of his work: “I don’t know if I’ll ever be the cheery songwriter type,” Gnecco says with understatement. “With these songs, I want people to feel happiness, sadness, bitterness, anger – to provoke emotions from people. I’m not preaching. I’m not trying to be clever. My songs are just subconscious thoughts coming out. The thing about music is, it’s emotional, it’s visceral, it’s not right or wrong. It hits each individual in a different way. That’s how I want people turned on.”

THE ROXY Show Dates:

February 21st 2007
w/ Run Run Run
June 5th 2007
w/ April Bauer