Tower of Protest to Return to The Sunset Strip

In 1966, the United States was a turbulent state and The Sunset Strip was right at the middle of the Los Angeles counterculture movement. There were protests of the Vietnam War, fights for civil rights, and youth culture was influencing the world in a whole new way. A Los Angeles group of artists collaborated with famed sculptor Mark D Suvero to build “The Artists’ Tower of Protest” as a sign of their opposition to the Vietnam War and a plea for peace and love.

Flash to 2012 and the United States is in a very similar state. Opinions are divided on war, politics, and we’re fighting yet another civil rights battle. As part of the Pacific Standard Time project currently happening in Los Angles, a new Tower of Protest is to be built on The Sunset Strip. This is a monumental time in Los Angeles history and an even better time to focus on the art happening here and now.

The new Peace Tower is set to be created at the James Lot across the street from The Roxy and there is an open call for artist participation. LAxART invites artists to create their own 2′ x 2′ panel to express their individual opposition to the way things are today. Each panel must be no thicker than 3/4″, waterproof and grommet holes must be present in each corner to install. Email if you play to participate and you must have your panel to LAxART by January 13.

For more information visit LAxART.

“Tower of Protest” is brought to you by LAxART, The Getty, and The City of West Hollywood.

PBR Art Tour: West Hollywood

The folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon have put together a mobile art tour this year and it’s about to make it’s debut in West Hollywood.

Believe or not, PBR has had an art initiative for quite sometime with their campaign for “Drink & Draw.” It’s their App that allows you to draw up your next masterpiece on your iPhone or Android while enjoying a refreshing PBR. (Yum!)

Now, the Mobile Art Tour takes that to the next level. On November 30, there will be a PBR trailer in our parking lot that has all the fantastic PBR art you could dream of.

Swing by on the 30th catch Windsor Drive, Stretford End, Justin Joyce & The Bryant C Project and enjoy the sites and tastes of the Pabst Blue Ribbon mobile art tour.

Artist of the Week: Will Sergeant

Roxy Melrose & FairfaxStreet Artist of the Week: Will Sergeant

Will Sergeant made a name for himself as guitarist for the iconic 80’s group, Echo and the Bunnymen, and now he is delving into the world of street art. Fitting right in with the Bunnymen’s post-punk sound, Sergeant’s art is influenced by color field painters, Dadaism, and pop art amongst others. It is exciting to see how the gap between music and visual art has been bridged, and rock stars are becoming street artists. Sergeant is currently preparing for his first solo show at the Penny Lane Gallery in Liverpool, and we look forward to seeing more of his work on the streets.

Melrose & Fairfax is an LA based street art blog that has the most current happens on the lively Los Angeles street art scene. They are the #2 s.a. blog in the world.

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The Red Paintings

The Red Paintings are back at The Roxy August 13. Their experimental rock sound has been capturing audiences all over Los Angeles since 2006. You can listen to them here.

TRP fans and new audiences alike are in for a treat with this show! The Paintings are looking for artists & human canvases to participate in live art that coincides with their art rock. Email if you’re interested.

Tickets for the night are available on Ticketweb and through The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.

The Roxy at LACMA

The Roxy is jumping into the art world with music! On July 7, LACMA & The Roxy present MUSE Concert Series featuring Saint Motel & The Silent Comedy.

The bands will be playing in front of Chris Burden’s Urban Light that you have, no doubt, seen while driving down Wilshire Blvd.

The Silent Comedy live experience will be alongside live painter Mike Maxwell.

Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces
SAINT MOTEL – Puzzle Pieces by saintmotel

The Silent Comedy – Gasoline
Gasoline by The Silent Comedy

There is a $25 ticket that will, not only, get you access to this awesome show but the brand new Tim Burton exhibit as well! For more ticket information click here

Cloud Cult Mixes Music and Live Art

Cloud Cult has been making music since 1995. Singer and founder, Craig Minowa, has evolved the band into something far greater than the solo project he began so long ago. The, now, 8 piece band is made of strings, percussion, horns, and live art. Craig and his wife, Connie, create original pieces of art on stage during each bands performance. Not only will the beautiful music bring you in but the live experience this band provides is not to be missed.

Check out the video:

Cloud Cult – Running with the Wolves from Eric Power on Vimeo.

The opening band is such a treat. Mimicking Birds play and sing with such a beautiful crispness that it is by far worth it to show up early. You can stream their entire new album on their website here
September 22. Doors at 8:00. Tickets are $14 advance and $16 at the door. Click on the flyer to purchase tickets.

Welcome To GuitarTown!

Credit: The SSBA

Public arts project will showcase The Strip and Unify Businesses
West Hollywood, Calif (June 17, 2010) The Sunset Strip and Gibson Guitar announced the launch of GuitarTown, a public arts project that will feature more than 25 ten-foot tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul model guitars strategically placed on the legendary Sunset Strip in West Hollywood beginning in August, 2010. The oversized Gibson guitar sculptures will be created by local and nationally acclaimed visual artists and placed along the 1.6-mile Sunset Strip in front of the boulevard’s landmarks and businesses, including the Whisky A Go-Go, The Roxy Theatre and Sunset Marquis.

Each guitar sculpture will celebrate a musician, personality or artist unique to The Sunset Strip’s history and Gibson Guitar.

The project will unite The Sunset Strip’s art, music and business communities and will later raise funds for numerous charitable organizations. GuitarTown Sunset Strip is set to open to the public in mid-August, prior to the third annual Sunset Strip Music Festival (August 26-28).

The GuitarTown Sunset Strip project will also showcase the recently “renovated” Sunset Strip, which is undergoing a beautification project that includes a more pedestrian-friendly experience on the boulevard.

“We are very excited about Gibson GuitarTown coming to The Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. GuitarTown is a perfect way for us to celebrate the creative heritage of The Sunset Strip. It allows us to celebrate art and our rock and roll roots,” noted West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman. “We look forward to welcoming Gibson GuitarTown to West Hollywood.”

“Like Gibson Guitar, The Sunset Strip is legendary. It’s also responsible for launching the careers of some of the world’s greatest musicians,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “We are so pleased to be part of The Sunset Strip project and look forward to hosting GuitarTown in what will surely strike a chord with everyone who visits The Sunset Strip.”

The guitars will complete a “tour” of The Strip and then be sold at a Gala Auction, with all proceeds benefiting nonprofit organizations and charities. Similar projects hosted by Gibson Guitar and Epiphone raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and took place in Nashville, Austin, London, Orlando and Miami. The Sunset Strip GuitarTown project will be administered through the Gibson Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Gibson Guitar Corp., which is dedicated to improving the quality of life through its support of the arts, education, health & welfare and environmental causes.

“GuitarTown is a perfect fit for The Strip. It celebrates the iconic rock heritage while also looking to the future—which includes the Sunset Strip Music Festival coming up in August,” said West Hollywood Councilmember Lindsey Horvath. “We are amped for GuitarTown because it’s also a terrific way to show off the immense improvements we’ve made to The Sunset Strip.”

A call for artists was distributed and an announcement of selected artists will be made in July. For GuitarTown artist application information, visit

About Gibson Guitar
Gibson is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instrument, including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, and banjos. The Gibson Les Paul guitar is the best selling guitar of all time and bears the name of the late, great Les Paul. Gibson’s HD.6X-PRO Digital Guitar, the Gibson Robot Guitar, Gibson’s Dark Fire and the new Gibson Dusk Tiger represent the biggest advances in electric guitar design in over 70 years. The Gibson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Gibson Guitar Corp., and dedicates its time and services to making the place a better world for children through its support of music, education, health and human services. Founded in 1894 in Kalamazo, Michigan, and headquartered in Nashville since 1984, Gibson Guitar Corp.’s family of brands now includes Epiphone, Dobro, Kramer, Steinberger, Tobias, Echoplex, Electar, Flatiron, Slingerland, Valley Arts, Maestro, Oberheim, Baldwin, Sunshine Piano, Take Anywhere Technology, J&C Fischer, Chickering, Hamilton, and Wurlitzer. Visit Gibson’s website at

About The Sunset Strip
The Sunset Strip is a 1.3 mile stretch along Sunset Boulevard that runs through the heart of West Hollywood. From its beginning as an unregulated “strip” of land along Sunset Boulevard outside Los Angeles’ city limits, The Sunset Strip has served as a notorious entertainment destination for celebrities, tourists and California residents. It is an iconic locale where fashion, music, architecture and a unique history combine. The Sunset Strip has birthed countless music and entertainment careers, and it continues to blaze its own path as a leading destination with a vibrant and entertaining landscape made up of more than 150 restaurants, shops, nightclubs and hotels. The Sunset Strip became part of the City of West Hollywood when it was incorporated in 1984. For more information about The Sunset Strip, please visit