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Holy hell, are we back to real life? After the week we had at SXSW, we’re ready to get back in the swing but not without telling you about all the amazing things we did first. Here’s our day by day breakdown of the SXSW insanity!

We decided to hit a panel at the CNN Grill called “Weapons of Mass Disruption.” We did not know it going in, but it turned out to include an interview with Sohaib Athar, better known as @ReallyVirtual, the Pakistani IT Consultant/Accidental Journalist, who unwittingly broke the news of the bin Laden raid via Twitter. We also learned some moving insights from CNN correspondent Ivan Watson about the importance of international journalism and the bravery of some citizen journalists in hostile territories.

We also made our way into the Mashable House, where we mixed it up on the dart boards and air hockey tables with old friends and new friends from the tech world, including the team from a stylish, new social shopping startup

In the evening, we arrived at Amex Sync Presenting Jay-Z at ACL Live’s Moody Theatre. Prior to the show start, @NicAdler had to find a quiet room at the theatre to call in for this interview with author Kelli Richards about The Roxy, SSMF, and social media. When the interview wrapped, Jay-Z showed why he is today’s reigning king of rap with an incredible hit-packed two-hour show. More from MTV & USA Today.

Tuesday, the whole gang came in to Austin. After a late start on the day, we needed some grub to ensure a fantastic night and what better than the most scenic place, The Iron Cactus on 6th & Trinity. The upstairs patio sits on one of the most popular corners in the city and gives you a birds eye view of the entire street. Chips & Salsa + Margaritas = perfect.

Since it was the last night of interactive, we headed down to Media Temple’s SXSWi Closing Party and caught Miike Snow and special surprise guest M. Ward at Stubbs! Spending the first night as a whole at Stubb’s has become Roxy tradition and this year was no exception to the awesome fun we always have there. Dance parties in the dirt and free beer, for the win! (Read More)

Wednesday was a day of some serious running around the festival. The day started with @NicAdler, @KyraReed, @N8theSk8, and @Gretchen‘s panel: Social Media Band Camp. The room was packed for this information filled workshop. Each panelist ran through a different focus on tools, tips, and tricks bands (and brands) can use to reach their online potential.

Read all about the panel and key points on the Adler Integrated blog!

After the panel,one of our new favorites, Alabama Shakes were playing in the convention center and we are so, so glad we caught their set. This band is the new blues/soul quartet you’ve been looking for. Singer, Brittany Howard, has a voice that could stop rush hour traffic on the 101. This band will have you moving and begging for more when they’re done. Check out the audio of their NPR showcase at Stubb’s later that night: NPR Music

Then came a quick set by Canada’s Chic Gamine, the most adorable soul-folk girl group we’ve ever seen. These girls have a wide variety of instruments and a keen sense of fashion.

We swung by the Pandora Discovery Den for an awesome group photo session. 😀

Then saw the truly fantastic, LA’s Nick Waterhouse. We had a very soul-filled SXSW and he was no exception to that. With Buddy Holly glasses and all, we were dancing the night away during his show.

Next was the most unbelievable show with Lionel Richie. Yes, Lionel Richie. It was incredible! He played all the hits, Commodores songs, and even brought out Kenny Rogers for a duet of “Lady” and we happened to get a pretty cool video of it.

We wrapped up the night with the amazing Electrostub & Dim Mak party at BandPageHQ. They had Porter Robinson, Mustard Pimp, Clockwork, and more and it was so sweaty you could feel the humidity from inside the building, 3 feet away from the door. Now, that’s a party.

The day for AUSTINROX was finally here. After so much prep work, the event we work so hard on was about to go down. It was our biggest showcase at SXSW to date and it was incredible. The line was around the block the entire night and there was even a line to move through each room when it came time for Imagine Dragons & The Black Angels. The energy in the place was perfect for the 3 room takeover at BandPage HQ. Each stage had it’s own incredible lineup that were shows on their own. Main Room: Filligar, Nico Vega, Imagine Dragons, The Black Angels, Das Racist, and Doomtree. Patio: Cherri Bomb, Benvenue, Gentlemen Hall, Metalachi, and Silent Frisco (silent Disco). Club 606: ZZ Ward, The Mowglis, The Stone Foxes, Shinobi Ninja, Prof, and The Stone Foxes. (Whew!)
A huge special thanks goes out to all of the bands, our amazing sponsors Ticketweb, Fox Head, and Chilli Beans for making the night possible, and all the folks running BandPage HQ for their kindness and help making the night go off perfectly!

The incredible Erik Voake was there to capture the night! Check out some of his photos below and view them all on our Flickr page.

After some much needed rest, we caught the Heartless Bastards at the Austin Convention Center for our afternoon entertainment. Then was our real highlight of the evening – the world premiere of the Sunset Strip documentary. It debuted at the Paramount Theater to a packed house full of the rock stars in the movie, film buffs, the crew behind it, and we even spied Gerard Butler! The film was fantastic and we loved how much history it captured on our small street. Be on the lookout for it soon and, in the meantime, keep up with the movie here.

Check out @NicAdler & @MRCiscoAdler on the red carpet!

Most of the crew left this morning, but a few of us stayed to catch some shows. Highlights of this evening: Being at the controversial A$AP Rocky show at the Vice party. The mood in the room was so tense, you could cut it with a knife. Drinks were thrown, crowd was crazy, it was 3am on the last night of SXSW after all. The tension seemed to die down during the end of the set, but not before one last person the very back threw a beer and A$AP dove off the stage, ran across the huge warehouse through the crowd, and got in the infamous fight. We snagged a photo right before it all went down and the party was shut down. (Read more)

For photos of all the bands and our on the ground footage, check out our AUSTINROX Tumblr! Until next year, Thank you SXSW!

The Roxy Presents AUSTINROX 2012 at SXSW

We’re packing our bags & heading to SXSW, partners! For the 5th year in a row, the AUSTINROX party is going down and we are more excited than ever this year. It’s been a huge year for The Roxy and we want to celebrate by spending our official SXSW party with you! On March 15, 2012, 7pm-2am, we take over all three stages at BandPage HQ (604-606 E. 7th St., Austin, TX) for our most epic party yet! In association with Ticketweb, Fox Head, ChilliBeans, Heard, RootMusic, Silent Frisco, and SUPERGOODMUSIC this will be a party at SXSW Music you will not want to miss.





606 STAGE (Official SXSW)




PATIO STAGE (Unofficial)



JEREMY SOLE (KCRW, LA) – MOTION POTION (Silent Frisco, SF) – DJ MANNY (Red Bull Music, ATX) – MANCUB (The Space Cowboys, SF) 

Listen to our lineup on Spotify!

Get on the RSVP list here —>

New Year’s Eve: SPW & WD

By: @brentXmendoza

2011 at The Roxy Theatre culminates in a battle royale this New Year’s Eve, when two of The Sunset Strip’s most prized possessions meet “mano y mano.” The two bands that have individually clocked the most stage time this year at The Roxy, finally share the spotlight, for a no holds barred, knock-down, drag-out rock show of epic proportions! Before waking up to your first 2012 “walk of shame,” catch up with Semi Precious Weapons and Warner Drive as they recap the year and look ahead to the future.

Favorite artist/album of 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Billy Talent III

Dan Crean (SPW): Jay-Z & Kanye, West Watch the Throne

Candice Levinson (WD): Foo Fighters.

Justin Tranter (SPW): Miranda Lambert, Four The Record

Elvis James (WD): Semi Precious Weapons!

Cole Whittle (SPW): Jay-Z & Kanye

Jonny U (WD): The Best of Yanni

Song you hope to never hear again in 2012?

Jonny Law (WD): “It’s a Small World” (Answering these from my iPhone in line at Disneyland with my nephews…)

Candice Levinson (WD): “Double rainbow” song! At first it was great… but now everyone always says, “double ______ (fill in the blank), so intense!” (myself included!) However, I can’t get enough of “hide your wife, hide your kids!”

Justin Tranter (SPW): I’m a huge fan of overplayed pop music, so I’m the worst person to ask!

Elvis James (WD): That “Friday” song!

Cole Whittle (SPW): One song I hope to never hear in 2012 is the Sportscenter theme!

Jonny U (WD): “Friday”

#1 crush of 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Pick a porn star!

Dan Crean (SPW): Emma Watson after she cut off all her hair

Candice Levinson (WD): Ben Kowalewicz (Billy Talent), Erin Rogers (musician), David Boreanaz (actor), all the guys from Semi Precious Weapons, Johnny Depp, Joseph Holiday’s (Lady Sinatra) beard… Wait, I’m supposed to pick just one?! Arrgh! Ok… Ben Kowalewicz then!

Justin Tranter (SPW): Beyonce and Jay-Z’s unborn baby.

Elvis James (WD): Mila Kunis

Cole Whittle (SPW): My biggest crush of 2011 is easily Stephanie, The Roxy’s avant-garde door mistress/performance artist/street bartender/security vixen/museum curator/party kitty!

Jonny U (WD): Candice!

In 2012 I’d most like to open for?

Dan Crean (SPW): OutKast. They have a new record coming and I’m certain it’s gonna be rad as fuck!

Justin Tranter (SPW): Kanye West

Elvis James (WD): Foo Fighters

Cole Whittle (SPW): In 2012, I hope to open for Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra from Dec 22nd till Dec 26th.

Most scandalous/surprising/shocking moment (pre or post show) at The Roxy in 2011?

Dan Crean (SPW): I’m not one for secret telling… but The Roxy was where it was at! The only place I spent more time at other than The Roxy this year was Duke’s West Hollywood. 2011 at The Roxy was fucking brilliant! The end.

Candice Levinson (WD): When Jonny Law ripped my shirt off on stage during SSMF!

Justin Tranter (SPW): Pretty much anything that happened before, during, or after one of our Empire parties was pretty scandalous, surprising, and shocking! When you mix the Voyeur Burlesque and SPW, it’s never going to end safely!

Elvis James (WD): At our CD release show, there were three girls topless in the front row doing Jager shots and jumping up and down! Rad! Well that, and when Bad Diver Bill did a stage dive in his wet suit! That was kick ass!!!

Cole Whittle (SPW): I was pretty shocked and surprised when I had sex in the DJ booth.

Jonny U (WD): Can’t talk about that! No incriminating!!

Which member of the other band would you most like to lip lock at midnight?

Dan Crean (SPW): Lip Lock? What is this junior high?

Candice Levinson (WD): Justin!

Justin Tranter (SPW): Put me down for a gang lock!

Elvis James (WD): Hmmm…

Cole Whittle (SPW): I would opt for ritual suicide to ring in the New Year!

Jonny U (WD): Duh, the drummer!

Which member of your own band added the most “notches to their bed post” in 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Easily our guitar player Candice.

Dan Crean (SPW): I think SPW is waiting until marriage..?

Candice Levinson (WD): Jonny U

Elvis James (WD): Jonny U

Jonny U (WD): Candice

Which member of your own band consumed the most booze in 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Me :/

Dan Crean (SPW): No idea… but I know who had the most to smoke!

Candice Levinson (WD): Also, Jonny U.

Elvis James (WD): Jonny U

Cole Whittle (SPW): Winner of the most booze consumed in 2011 is most likely a photo finish between Justin and I.

Jonny U (WD): Candice

Best moment of 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Pick a moment on tour this year when we were with Jet, Saving Abel, CKY, Fuel, SSMF in LA, or any show where our fans had fun. Those moments are all priceless to me!

Dan Crean (SPW): Best moment of 2011 was playing in Mexico City. Large!

Candice Levinson (WD): It will be when we are playing NYE at The Roxy!

Justin Tranter (SPW): It would be very hard to pick just one moment, but it would have to be one of the times we were in our pool house studio writing our new album. Some of the best moments of my life happened while writing this year.

Cole Whittle (SPW): The best moment of 2011 was the million moments that it took to make our new record. Honorable mention was getting arrested for BMX cruising on the Hollywood stars, and being at Duke’s West Hollywood all day, everyday was a good moment to.

Worst and/or most embarrassing moment of 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Jonny U, drummer of Warner Drive, in our guitar player Candice’s thong underwear on stage in front of 2,000 people in Tempe, AZ. Yes, this really happened! Here’s the link to prove it:

Dan Crean (SPW): There was a toothbrush incident that really brought me down a couple notches.

Justin Tranter (SPW): Well we have a band goat, and he causes a lot of trouble, and ruins our lives on a daily basis… but besides that, 2012 has been pure magic!

Elvis James (WD): Falling off the uneven bars in Barcelona at the Olympic try outs.

Cole Whittle (SPW): Asking me to name my most embarrassing moment of 2011 is like asking a dog is he can windsurf.

Jonny U (WD): Totally “sh-arted” myself on the road when we were playing in Warrensburg, MO!

————— xxx —————

Warner Drive & Semi Precious Weapons take over The Roxy on New Year’s Eve with Beta Wolf, Benvenue, Life Down Here, & Open Air Stereo.

GA, VIP, & Open Bar tickets still available via Ticketweb & The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

NYE: Battle Love Royale

Battle Love Royale with Semi Precious Weapons vs. Warner Drive on New Year’s Eve!

2011 was by far the year of Semi Precious Weapons & Warner Drive at The Roxy and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend New Year’s Eve than a showdown with the ultimate Sunset Strip crew.

Semi Precious Weapons weighing in at 4 members, these guys aren’t afraid to get in your face and blind you with glitter and filth. Their dirty glam style has won over the hearts of a worldwide audience, including the ultimate sensation Lady Gaga. Semi Precious Weapons will knock your musical expectations out the water and do it in multi-pattern cargo pants and custom Stuart Weitzman’s.

Warner Drive weighs in at 5 members, 4 guys and 1 girl that will tear apart your punk rock dreams. These rockers will kick their dirty, 10 year old Chuck Taylor’s higher than you’ve ever seen and wipe the floor with their sweaty bandanas. Following the reigns of bands like CKY, Warner Drive are the next rock & roll super stars.

Also participating in the event’s festivities:

Beta Wolf


Benvenue – Be Your Own by theroxytheatre

Open Air Stereo

Open Air Stereo – It’s Too Late by theroxytheatre

Tickets are on sale now with VIP options! VIP includes a custom NYE mystery party pack and you must be 21+ to purchase the VIP tickets.


Sunset Strip Locals

This year during SSMF Week, The Roxy is bring the best of the best local bands to our stage! On August 16-17, 2011 you can see the bands who have rocked us all year long and deserve the limelight of the festival.

To get you excited we put together an exclusive compilation of songs that you can listen to right here!

SSMF Locals Mix by theroxytheatre

For more information on all the bands and sets click below.


By: Brent X Mendoza

Tonight Nor Cal hard rock giants Benvenue join L.A.’s own Warner Drive for a night of rock out with your junk out, fist pumping, booze guzzling good times. Before your evening of self-induced, head banging whiplash, get to know the Berkeley based quartet as guitarist Sid Slater plays a little round of “5 Questions.”

So you guys are from the Berkeley , San Fran area. How would you compare the So Cal music scene to the Nor Cal music scene? Do you feel your hard rock style is more conducive to certain geographic regions?

Both scenes are extremely vibrant; you can find great live music any night of the week both in the Bay Area and LA. This is great as a fan, cause there’s no shortage of new talent to be found. It’s great as a band too, it just means there’s a lot more competition for people’s attention.

For what we do, our style/genre/whatever you want to call it, we seem to be getting a better response in So Cal. It does just seem to be better suited for hard rock. Not sure why exactly, but we just roll with it. Don’t count Nor Cal out, though. We played at The Rockit Room in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and got some of the best fan feedback yet.

Any interesting and/or strange superstitious rituals when touring or playing shows?

I wouldn’t say anything superstitious, but we like to get a jam in the day of a show. We’ll find a rehearsal studio wherever we’re at and get the blood flowing a little bit. And of course when we’re in LA, Moon loves his Texas Teas, so we have to make a stop at The Saddle Ranch.

Benvenue, as in Ben Venue, the mountain in Scotland ? Please explain.

No, just Benvenue. It’s actually the name of a street in Berkeley . We liked it and it just kinda stuck. We booked our first show before we had a name for ourselves, and the promoter needed a name like now. Benvenue was what Fran and I used to call ourselves when we first started messing around writing songs together, so that’s what we gave him. We never thought about changing it after that.

Kenny G or John Tesh, who would you rather tour with, and why?

Oh man, gotta say John Tesh. I don’t think we’d ever run out of stuff to talk about with that guy. He could give us advice on health and relationships. It would be like our own personal Dr. Phil on the road.

What’s the first course of action the second the curtain closes afteryour big performance at The Roxy Theatre?

We’re going to Disneyland ! . . . and then the Saddle Ranch . . . Texas Teas.


Benvenue join Warner Drive, Bolt Action Thrill, and a stable of other hard rockers tonight at The Roxy Theatre. Doors open at 7:15 p.m. Tickets are $15.

For more info on Benvenue check them out at