The Red Paintings

The Red Paintings are back at The Roxy August 13. Their experimental rock sound has been capturing audiences all over Los Angeles since 2006. You can listen to them here.

TRP fans and new audiences alike are in for a treat with this show! The Paintings are looking for artists & human canvases to participate in live art that coincides with their art rock. Email if you’re interested.

Tickets for the night are available on Ticketweb and through The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.

Join Us and Go Social

GOSOCIAL! We couldn’t be a bigger supporter of all things social networking. We’ve seen first hand how a little online presence can really help turn things around and get you to where you want to be. We’ve spent the past year really trying (often times by trial and error) to find our place in the virtual land – and with so many options, from twitter to facebook it takes a lot to figure out a plan that really works for you. GOSOCIAL! Music is the only Social Media marketing course in L.A. that caters specifically to bands, musicians, and entertainment industry professionals. Whether you need a little direction, looking to revamp whatcha already have going, or are totally inexperienced – we welcome you!! Come sit in on what will be an AMAZING workshop! Ticket options include coming for a day or check out the package deals. Click here for tickets! When it comes time to really hone in on your craft -rest assured that social media guru Kyra Reed will have you up and running! True story.

GoSocial! Music

Farewell To Freddy

The month of Camp Freddy Mayhem has become this Rock N Roll machine that has been the talk of the town! It’s taken over like no one could have ever imagined. It started off great as we were so excited to be able to hold one of our Roxy contests to find the lucky openers – which allowed local bands to actually warm up the stage for Freddy. What a great opportunity. And now, we’ve had FIVE sold out shows – countless special guests – and killer set lists. Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve seen Tommy Lee, Terry Nunn, Chester of Linkin Park, Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Chino of the Deftones, Jerry Cantrell, Lemmy Kilmister, B-Real and Sen Dog, Tiffany, Metal Skool, Cory from Slipknot/Stone Sour, Tom Morrello as well as our house favorite Mark McGrath – to name a few! On top of the Sex Pistols Paul Cook, Glen Matlock and Steve Jones and GnR legends Duff and Slash! Insanity. We hate to rub it in, because the Freddy Finale tonight is of course sold out – but for the lucky, this show will take the cake! Every Thursday the chaos starts early – so make sure you stay tuned as Nic and I twitter the day away. We’ll keep you updated as always, on all the nitty gritty secrets. Thanks to all the guests and the guys – as well as the fans who have made the Roxy their nightlife staple for the month. We hope to see you all soon.

We Want The Wombats

As a huge fan of the entire Wombats catalog and with a brand new EP (out last month) we can’t wait for The Wombats to hit town. On the heals of a sold out UK tour – they will be revved up and really know how to rock The Strip. Along with Pop Noir and Maryandi – who’s in? Tickets here and 310 278 9457.

Dolly Parton Live At The Roxy

As if Friday’s aren’t already a reason to celebrate, today is going to be that much more exciting – as we welcome the Legend that is DOLLY PARTON. We hate to brag, as we know it’s only a few of the luckiest folks that get to attend -but it’s been years and years since she’s been here, and now in celebration of her new record – we are happy she came back to us!


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Candlebox Rox

We had a great time on Tuesday…as Candlebox, local favs Goldenstate, and Black Summer Crush rocked the stage. And as always, we love seeing post-show photos. Check out some GREAT ones taken by one of our pals- hey, is that our office door? Photo credit: Erik Voake.

Candlebox - 3/25

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Tokio Hotel Talks Roxy

It hasn’t been long since the boys of Tokio Hotel came to visit…but we miss them! Lucky for us, their first ever US performance (at the Roxy of course) is well documented in their new youtube videos! It’s fun to relive the excitement – we cannot wait to have them back!

We Wish We Were Still In Tokio

How much fun did we have on Friday!?!?
It was so great meeting all you amazing international and local fans – we had a blast!
The whole Tokio Hotel process was amazing…and with the end result being an amazing, sold out, loud, fanatic show- who can ask for anything more?? We were honored to host the FIRST show ever, in the US for Tokio Hotel – and we hope they will visit us again soon. Since we’ve had such fun interacting with all of you – if you were lucky enough to attend the show- tell us what your favorite song was! What was your favorite moment?

Tokio Hotel at The Roxy

Tokio Hotel