Ride Em Cowboy

One of the craziest front man ever, we can’t wait to have Fred and the rest of the Cowboys back on the Roxy stage. Having the drummer as the star of the show, is something a little different…and Cowboy Mouth knows how to pull it off. Click here for tickets or reach us at 310 278 9457. Make sure to head down early and catch the sweet sounds of Wil Seabrook.

Cowboy Mouth 11/1

Supersuckers Live At The Roxy

In what will surely be a show to remember…come join us as SUPERSUCKERS get ready to rock the Roxy. With songs like, “Im a F*cking Genious” – what’s not to love? Joined by the likes of BILLY BOY ON POISON, EDDIE SPAGHETTI and JORDAN SHAPIRO, it’s going to be a fun night! Call us for tickets or click here!

Supersuckers 10/17

Sex In The Office

Everyone is already tired of hearing me rave about John Corbett – but I just had to show them a little blog love! It’s always fun to check in with a cool group of guys enjoying a little time on the road. Everyone was in such good spirits last night, and it was really great to watch them rock out. John is definitely a new office favorite and we can’t wait until he visits us again!
Special shout out to Tara, Dave, Hawk & John!
John and Band hanging in the office

John Corbett 5/20

John Corbett 5/20

Bringing Sex To The City With John Corbett

We all fell hard for John Corbett as hunky Aiden on Sex and The City – and he was such a fox on cult favorite Northern Exposure – and now, he’s here at The Roxy with his band! It’s a hot alt/country mix that we know will be awesome. It’s his only LA show and we are so excited to show him what the Roxy is all about. Along with local favs Tony Lucca and Leroy Powell – check it out!

John Corbett 5/20

The Roxy Welcomes CIC

Uploaded on March 25, 2007
Los Angeles::City Skyline by mike_s_etc
As music industry folks travel in from all over the country – we are excited to be able to welcome you all to come see the legendary Roxy at its finest. As CIC starts, we invite you all to come check out a a few of our best shows that will be hitting the Strip,just as you hit town. To show our camaraderie we welcome all you CIC folks to flash your badges and check out our shows for free! On February 7th we have a special showcase from Ironworks Music which includes favorite Rocco Deluca known for his radio hit “Colorful” as well as for his ground breaking tour documentary with Kiefer Sutherland. February 6th, we are so excited to have hot indie act Biirdie – who’s debut album is making waves across the LA area and beyond. Described as “A sort of California alt-country-rock that you can’t not love. Reminiscent of early Bright Eyes. Alt rock perfection.” Also on this show, HOT Reeve Carney– who’s acclaimed live album is an indie rock staple and Sundance breakout musician Lukas Haas. So come rock out and enjoy your stay!

The Roxy Checks In To Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel  2/15
First off we’de like to thank all the fans for all their calls and emails…and for their shrieking and celebrating when we sold them tickets over the phone. We are making dreams come true! But in all seriousness, we are so happy that we are able to host the first show EVER in the US for Tokio Hotel – a band that sells out arenas and stadiums in the UK. This band is HUGE. (4 Number one Singles, 2 Number 1 Albums, 3 million albums sold type HUGE). We can’t wait for them to see our beloved Sunset Strip! Rumor has it, that the band specifically wanted to play our Roxy – and for that we are very very flattered! We hope Hollywood treats them well! We hear that fans are coming from all across the country and all over the world to see this super rare club appearance – what a trip! Sounds like a blast! Please contact the Roxy Box office for tickets (10:30-5:30 M-Friday) @ 310-278-9457. And we’re thinking this show is going to sell out ASAP…so don’t wait! Continue reading

Debby Holiday


Debby Holiday experienced every aspect of the music industry early on. Her father Jimmy Holiday was a passionate and soulful artist, topping the charts with several of his own singles before going on to co-write such hits as “Understanding” by Ray Charles and Jackie DeShannons “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”. Another standard “All I Ever Need Is You”, turned out to not only be a top 10 single for Sonny and Cher but also went on to be a huge country hit for Kenny Rogers and Dottie West. Naturally, this eclectic mix of music strongly influenced Debbys own unique and compelling sound.
THE ROXY Show Dates:
September 15, 2007 with Ty Taylor

Beth Hart

Beth Hart’s voice stirs more than the emotions. It is a uniquely powerful vocal presence that paints pictures, parses prose and sculpts statues in every song. While it is difficult to define the essence of great art, you sure know it when you hear it.

Beth’s remarkable artistry attracted superstar producers David Foster, Hugh Padgham and Mike Clink to collaborate with her on her very first album, 1996’s Immortal (Atlantic). Perhaps her gift for turning each song into a deeply personal communication between singer and listener was most evident on “L.A. Song,” her worldwide radio smash (a Top 5 AC hit in the U.S.) from her second album, 1999’s Sceamin’ For My Supper (Atlantic). Beth’s charismatic performances of the song on Leno, Letterman and Kilborn touched off strong audience reaction nationwide creating phenomenal spikes in sales and radio requests across the country. The fire in that very special voice seemed to engulf America. Apparently, you know it when you see it, as well.

Hank III & Assjack

Hank III Ft. Worth

From a lineage of Honky Tonk Royalty one might expect some music reminiscent of grandpa. Hank III has very little interest in your typical “Country” album. All live performances infuse influences from his grandfather’s Nashville twang and Black Flag’s punk rage.

THE ROXY Show Dates:

July 22nd, 2007

Singer/Songwriters Rock The Roxy

jonatha brooke

Tonight at The Roxy! Jonatha Brooke with Maia Sharp!

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jonatha Brooke has been issuing albums that merge folk and pop since the early ’90s, first as a member of a duo called the Story and now as a solo artist.

Being the child of country songwriter Randy Sharp (he’s written hits for Clay Walker, Patty Loveless, and others) and growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the ’70s had to have given Maia Sharp a leg up on her way to a musical career. That was the era of Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, and Rickie Lee Jones and music was in the Southern California air. By age 12, Sharp was noodling around on the piano, saxophone, oboe, and guitar. Fast forward to her early twenties, and she could be found on-stage at one of L.A.’s many acoustic venues performing her own jazz/folk songs to an engaged throng of fans. When not on-stage, Sharp could surely be found collaborating with artists such as Carole King, Jules Shear, Lisa Loeb, and Jonatha Brooke.

Check out Jonatha’s video for “Better After All” below, and don’t miss her performing it live tonight!

Maia Sharp


What do you do after scoring 2 top 10 Triple A singles on your latest release, headlining the country in support of that album, then taking off to tour with Bonnie Raitt on a 21 city run, all the while landing a cut on Trisha Yearwoods CD, three songs on Bonnie Raitts latest, three tracks on Edwin McCains current album (lending your vocals to all three releases) and getting a song on Mindy Smiths forthcoming record? Well if youre Maia Sharp you start your own label, put out an acoustic album, tour behind it and then head back into the studio to make your 2007 label release.

Sharps last studio album, 2005s Fine Upstanding Citizen (KOCH) garnered her critical raves and nationwide airplay on the singles Something Wild and Red Dress achieving top 10 chart status at R&R on both songs. Now with 4 national label releases (3 critically acclaimed solo albums and a 4th collaborative effort with Art Garfunkel) to her credit she found herself in a position where most artists may have felt entitled to a small break. Her next national label release being slotted for early 07 would have presented the ideal time to stop and smell the roses rather than race past them in a flurry of tour bus exhaust. However, with a growing demand for the songstress to perform, including 2 months opening for and singing with Bonnie Raitt in addition to her own headline shows, Sharp found herself with a lot of fans wanting more music faster than a labels pace would allow.

From that demand the idea for Eve & The Red Delicious was born. The tour offers kept coming in and more and more people were emailing me through the website, through myspace, coming up to me at shows etc. asking why I couldnt do a record a year. Sharp explains, Ive been fortunate to always have a label doing the behind-the-scenes work while still giving me creative control but the drawback is that Im at the mercy of their schedules. With 4 albums worth of label knowledge under my belt and time between F.U.C. and the next label record, I thought, why not take advantage and do an in-between cd thats more reflective of the live show. Im writing enough to release new material more often and Im lucky enough to have loyal fans that buy every record. It quickly became a no brainer.

Its that relentless drive that led Sharp to record an acoustic album with 5 new songs and 2 new versions of fan favorites from previous albums (Hardly Glamour Ark 21 Records, 1998 and 2005s Fine Upstanding Citizen on KOCH). Eve & The Red Delicious (taken from a line from the impossibly hooky Whole Flat World) was done as a duo with bass player Darren Embry. If I was going to pull this off it needed to be as true to the live performances as possible and with Darrens top shelf vocals and musicianship I feel we were able to accomplish that and have fun doing it. Sharp & Embry met while she and Jonatha Brooke were touring together. Im a huge Jonatha fan and I fully appreciate how musically challenging playing with her could be, so when I saw Darren up there slaying those bass and vocal parts I knew I had to work with him.

The album features Sharp on guitars, Rhodes, piano, saxophone (her first instrument) and percussion performing songs she wrote alone or co-wrote with, among others, acclaimed Americana songbird Kim Richey, Timbuk 3s Pat MacDonald and Bonnie Raitt collaborator David Batteau.

The Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist has seen about two dozen of her songs recorded by artists that run the genre gamut, from chart-topping pop acts to Rock and Roll Hall of Famers including Bonnie Raitt, Trisha Yearwood, Art Garfunkel, Edwin McCain, The Dixie Chicks, Paul Carrack, Cher and Mindy Smith to name a few.

Maia has written with Carole King, Jules Shear, Timothy B. Schmitt, David Wilcox, Amanda Marshall, Edwin McCain, Lisa Loeb, Mindy Smith, Howard Jones, The Go Gos, Billy Mann, Paul Carrack and many more.

In 1997, she signed with Miles Copelands Ark 21 label, on which her debut CD, Hardly Glamour, was released. It scored a Triple A radio hit with the rugged and haunting “I Need This to Be Love.” Later that year, she was nominated for Triple-A radio’s Artist of the Year and Cher recorded a version of one of the cds highlights, “Don’t Come Around Tonight on Its a Mans World.

Sharp then joined up with Art Garfunkel and Buddy Mondlock for their EMI/Blue Note trio project Everything Waits to Be Noticed co-writing several tracks, trading off lead vocals and harmonies with the legend and lending her saxophone chops to the project. Summarizing his time with Maia, Garfunkel simply says, In the tradition of great female artists, Karla Bonoff, Bonnie Raitt, Christine McVie, Shawn Colvin, Sarah McLachlan…..now enter Maia Sharp.”

At the same time, Concord Records released her self titled second solo album Maia Sharp to critical acclaim. The singles Willing to Burn and Crimes of the Witness both landed in the top 10 in the Triple A radio format. This was a very busy time for Sharp promoting both the Garfunkel project and her own simultaneously. After almost a year of off and on touring Sharp was back in the studio to record what ultimately became 05s Fine Upstanding Citzen on KOCH.

Look for East coast headline tour dates to promote Eve & The Red Delicious as well as upcoming Canadian dates with Bonnie Raitt in October.

It looks like, for now, the only roses Sharp will be able to stop and smell will be the ones backstage in her dressing room.

THE ROXY show dates:

JUNE 13th 2007


Fans and performers alike will readily tell the tales of their more memorable Roxy experiences. Such is the influence of one of the country’s most legendary and influential music venues. From the Roxy’s 1973 opener featuring Neil Young, to Bruce Springsteen’s now-classic 1975 performances, the history of The Roxy Theatre is paved with icons, whether it was Guns N’ Roses’ pre-stardom shows, Miles Davis, Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam, or others. Three decades on, the club has also been a popular performance Mecca for other entertainment, including stage productions, comedy shows, and performance art. Among the club’s unique features are comfortable booth seating, full-service and draft bar, and a menu that features a modest array of dishes to keep appetites satisfied. The Roxy’s open dance floor and superb sound facilities offer fans one of the most intimate entertainment experiences around. There’s also “On The Rox,” an on-site, after-hours facility that has been the setting for some of Hollywood’s hottest parties. Located above The Roxy and overlooking Sunset Blvd., “On The Rox” features its own full-service bar and DJ booth with proprietary sound system. Always in touch with its past, The Roxy lets fans glimpse at the legacy when they enter the club, thanks to an extensive collection of artist performance photos that adorn the club’s walls.

This is from the article about us in Wikipedia:

The Roxy Theatre (often just The Roxy) is the lengendary nightclub located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California.
It was opened on September 23, 1973 by Elmer Valentine and Lou Adler along with original partners David Geffen, Elliot Roberts and Peter Asher. They took over building previously occupied by a strip club owned by Chuck Landis called the Largo. (Adler was actually responsible for bringing the stage play Rocky Horror Show to the United States, and it opened its first American run at The Roxy Theatre in 1974, before it was made into the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show the next year.)
Hundreds of famous and yet-to-be-famous acts such as Nirvana (band), Tori Amos, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Al Stewart, Jane’s Addiction and David Bowie have played this highly prestigious venue.
The small On The Rox bar above the club has hosted a wide variety of debauchery in its history; it was a regular hangout for John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper and Keith Moon during Lennon’s “lost weekend” in 1975, and in the 1980s hosted parties arranged by “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss.
According to LA.com, On The Rox “may be forever known as the club where John Belushi partied before fatally ODing. That may sound like a sordid reason for the club’s fame, but it only underscores the hard-partying reputation that befits a room equipped with two stripper poles. Recently, it has hosted private DJ nights as well as after-parties following the shows downstairs; on a Tuesday night not long ago, all three members of buzz band Kings of Leon were spotted heading upstairs to rock out with the Mooney Suzuki after their Roxy show.”

Please add your own history…..