Kilr Gets Crazzzy

Kilr (pronounced like Tyler with a K) is a new band out of Los Angeles. Their dance pop sound with a grungy feel has given them a loyal fan base in LA and San Diego. As they put it, their sound is a hybrid of The Offspring, Bruno Mars, and Motley Crue yet miles away from the stale rap-rock sound.

Check out their brand new video for “Crazzzy” below & see them with Unwritten Law on December 30.

Camp Freddy & Friends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Camp Freddy fans because December is right around the corner & that means it’s time for the Camp Freddy & Friends residency! December 2, 9, 16, & 23 are this year’s dates & we can’t wait to spend them with you, Billy Morrison (Billy Idol/The Cult), Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction/The Panic Channel), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver), Donovan Leitch (son of legendary folk singer Donovan), Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction/Alanis Morrisette), and all their famous friends.

If you’ve seen the show before you know it’s the best party of you’ll go to all year and can expect the best of the best guests at each show. Previous “Friends” include Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Steven Tyler, Moby, Chad Smith, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mark McGrath, Slash, Juliette Lewis & so many others.

Get a dose of CF here:

Camp Freddy Compilation from Dave Navarro on Vimeo.

Tickets are available via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office now!

Limited Golden tickets are available that get you access to all four shows, one soundcheck, and meet & greet with the band! For more information call The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.



By: Brent X Mendoza

Shortly returning to The Roxy Theatre for what’s looking to be a second sold out show, London darlings The Duke Spirit are poised for the U.S. release of their highly anticipated third album, Bruiser. Currently winding down a tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, guitarist Toby Butler and front woman Liela Moss were kind enough to speak with The Roxy from the road about all things Duke Spirit. Here’s what their Blackberrys had to say…

What exactly is The Duke Spirit?

Toby: It’s a band, I think. It’s also a collective of fine perfumery and medicine archivists.

The core of the band met at art school. How did your study of fine art and photography influence the band’s music/art?

Toby: It’s important to be interested in many things. David Lean, Gustav Klimt, Steve Gullick, all have “the duke spirit.”

Legendary producer Flood (U2, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins) recorded the band’s debut record. What did you learn from his process? How did he help shape the band’s early sound?

Toby: We learned that having a scary name is important in rock and roll.

The new album Bruiser was recorded in both L.A. and London. How did the ambience/backdrop of the two cities influence the mood of the record?

Toby: London is our home, so it’s where the ideas brew and the leaves fall; where we add just enough milk. L.A. is where the caffeine kicks in!

Liela, what contemporary female front women do you consider your peers?

Liela: I admire Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Alison Mosshart (The Kills, The Dead Weather), and Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) for sure. But of course, I still continue to look to older, wiser, and wonderful women such as Patti Smith, Lucinda Williams and Bjork for inspiration.

The band is often categorized/classified as “indie.” Does the term “indie”, as far as a genre, hold any actual meaning? What singular adjective would you use to describe the band?

Toby: The term “indie” means absolutely nothing to me. I don’t really know how it describes the music. As a descriptive term it’s pretty wet… unless it actually refers to Indiana Jones, then I’m actually way more into it.

The band has changed labels several times throughout its career. What lessons have been learned?

Toby: We’ve learned to keep jumping ship. Never let them pin you down! Actually, it’s about finding the right people to dance with; the people that know and like the same moves. I think we’re getting there now.

This is the band’s second time playing The Roxy Theatre. What is it about the club that keeps the band returning?

Toby: It’s like a sweet stray dog that we love to welcome into our home from time to time.
Liela: Well, we had one fabulous show there where the energy was intense and the excitement palpable, so when the Roxy guys asked us back, there was really no reason to turn it down.

KCRW presents The Duke Spirit with special guests Crash Kings and Free Lions on Thursday, Dec 30. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $23.50.

Locals Locals Locals

We’re hosting a night full of LA locals including The Bolts, Xyzyx, Run Devil Run, Rue Lynx, and Sexbeef on December 4. This night is sure to rock your socks off!

The Bolts are making their mark on Southern California faster than lightning (wah-wah). With their first demo recorded hitting KROQ, they definitely proved they weren’t going away any time soon. The band proves that DIY rock is still alive and well. They are unsigned and still getting gigs at some of the hottest spots in the area including residencies at Disneyland.
Check it:

Xyzyx is coming to the Roxy to party! Not only is this an awesome show but Xyzyx’s guitarist Pauly X is celebrating a birthday. The band is a bit like Weezer meets the Foo Fighters with the stage presence of Spinal Tap. Hello, let’s turn it to 11! These guys are a 5-piece who have played On the Rox numerous times. Check them out as they take the main stage.

Run Devil Run are no strangers to The Sunset Strip and they’re making their final LA appearance at The Roxy. Now, if you pay attention at all to this band, you know they love to do viral videos. They made a hilarious one to promote their last show of the year. Watch the video and try to not feel bad about missing this show.

Listen to the rest of the night below:
Rue Lynx


Check the event page here
Doors at 7:15. For tickets call the Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.