Spinning With Skeet Skeet

Spin The Bottle July 20, 2009

Skeet Skeet is ready to take over the one’s and two’s as tonights Spin The Bottle special guest DJ. The summer parties have been so rad, last week DJ AM killed it – Marshall Barnes has become a staple…and now Skeet SKeet steps up.
In case you wanted to relive last Mondays madness!
Youtube Credit: spinMondays

Spin The Bottle Returns Tonight

Spin The Bottle Every Monday Starting June 22, 2009
It’s a great way to work off the weekend blues and join us tonight for the 3rd installment of SPIN THE BOTTLE, our fabulous weekly summer party. Last week was a packed house for STEVE AOKI, so make sure you pop in tonight and say hello! Tickets are available at the door tonight (9:00pm) and as always, we’re all ages. So come one. Come all.

Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle Every Monday Starting June 22, 2009

If you’re looking for a summer party spot…look no further!! Every Monday starting June 22 -we’re teaming up with Deckstar and The Cobrasnake to bring you the hottest all ages summer dance party in town! Giveaways, shwag, and some of the hottest special guests (including Marshall Barnes,Steve Aoki,Pase Rock,DJ AM,Skeet Skeet, and more)! No need to worry about getting your tickets in advance!

Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Sometimes I’m against “Best Of” lists. Mostly because I never agree with them…so to remedy that – Team Roxy have created our own version of what we thought the highlights of ’08 were. Scanning thru the ’08 Roxy calendar – it was hard to narrow it down (which is a good thing)!
For the record – this started as a TOP 5…but some people *cough* Meg and Heath couldn’t make up their mind. Let us know what your favorite Roxy shows were! Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the year a success – from MYSPACE, to DIM MAK, and everyone in between. Viva 2009!


Crystal Castles
Zappa Plays Zappa

Megan J:

Little Dragon
Foxboro Hottubs
Duke Spirit
Dolly Parton
Hot Hot Heat


Jonas Brothers
Foxboro Hottubs
Hot Hot Heat
Dolly Parton
Camp Freddy


Dolly Parton
Raphael Saadiq w/ Janelle Monae
Russell Brand
Marc Broussard w/ Matt Hires
Tokio Hotel

VMA Recap

It seems like its been non-stop VMA’s for a few weeks now – and as the hangover sets in – it’s time for a little recap. We all had crossed fingers and eager hearts that our favorite Russell Brand would be a raging success – and while their seems to be a bunch of mixed reviews, we still love him and think he was fabulous! Our dear Jonas Brothers were great…and the nutty TOKIO HOTEL took home best new artist! We also played host to a super fabulous official VMA party on Saturday night, where T-Pain brought the house down! Drinks were flowing and fun times were had. Hope all who watched and participated, had a great time too!
Russell and LL Cool J
youtube credit: anscapemtv

Some Serious VMA Love For The Roxy

It’s already super cool that our homie Russell Brand is tagged as the host of this years Video Music Awards (check out his live comedy show here this Sunday!) – his residency couldn’t have been more fun, and he was such a cool guy to have around! Now, our OTHER killer residency o’ the summer (which concludes tonight!) TRV$DJ-AM is this year’s house band of the VMA’s. Add those, with a couple nominations for our Shwayze boys – and you’ve got quite the night.
Check out this snippet from the LA TIMES

The duo — a kind of beat-driven version of the revolving-door rock collective Camp Freddy that already has hosted such high-profile guest stars as Paul Wall and Warren G — will perform its third of three sold-out shows at West Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre tonight before going on to serve as house band for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7.

TRAV$ and AM Take Two

The first show last month of the summer residency was one of the hottest things we’ve seen…now, be prepared as they’ve had a whole month to conjure up new ideas and special guests. Tickets are getting sparse so don’t miss out! Click here for tickets or give us a call at 310 278 9457.


Spinning The Night Away

We didn’t really get a chance to show the love for this show last week – but WOW! The dynamic duo of Travis Barker and DJ AM is nothing short of incredible. Last week was the first of their 3 show summer residency, and we’re already counting down the days til the next show. (Click here for tickets or call 310 278 9457). Check out these hot hot hot pics from the lovely EV.
Photo credit: Erik Voake






Travis Barker and DJ AM Get Ready To Conquer

If their ever was a hybrid all-star team…superstar DJ, DJ AM and epic drummer Travis Barker who have joined to collectively become TRVSDJ-AM – are IT. Everyone is taking notice of the brewing residency, including the LA Times. Come check it out – tickets here or 310 278 9457.

“The star turntablist and the former Blink-182 drummer have been doing their scratch ‘n’ bash for few years now, popping up at clubs around the country and attracting guest turns from the likes of Too $hort, Paul Wall, Fabolous and Lil’ Jon. L.A. being their home base, they’re expecting the roster of drop-ins to expand considerably.

DJ AM is tight-lipped on their identities, but says he’s expecting some “beyond-legends that I’m amazed I’m going to get to share the stage with…. We both have a lot of friends who are musicians who are gonna be around, so we’re just gonna kind of wing it and see how it goes. Whoever comes, just put ‘em on blast, basically, and throw ‘em onstage.”

June Boom

Our wonderful month of Mayhem with Camp Freddy has really set a high standard for future residency’s to come. And we’re pretty sure the Hybrid machine that is Travis Barker live on drums and DJ AM spinning the night away…is pretty much perfection. We’re happy to have them on the last Wednesday of JUNE, JULY, AND AUGUST. That’s June 25, July 30, and August 27 for all of you without your handy ical. So come join us – tickets can be found on ticketmaster by clicking here and as always 310 278 9457 to call us directly for tickets.

How cool does this look?

A Crystal Castles Experience

Fresh on the heals of another amazing Dim Mak party (with DJ AM/ Steve Aoki/A-Trak) we are excited to be able to look forward to another rad party! So mark on your calendar (or use the ever trusty iCal) for March 9th – when we have hot new artists Crystal Castles and Health. Dim Mak really knows how to bring out the cool kids and cutting edge DJ talent (Crystal Castles debut album hit March 18). Tickets are available thru our box office and thru ticketmaster. See you there!

Crystal Castles 3/9