Get Interactive at Honor Society

Honor Society fans, have we got treats for you!

First of all, how excited are you for the 6/12 show!? We know, you’re probably screaming your head off already but try to contain to take in the info we’re about to give you!

We’re going to let you be the DJ & we’re giving you the chance to win a signed tee at the show!

You can be the DJ by using PlayMySong on your iPhone. Download the app and sign in through with Facebook. When you get here, you can select “The Roxy” from locations, browse our playlist, and play the songs you want to hear between bands! You can post the song you’re playing to your Facebook/Twitter and tell all your friends. Come prepared, we want to hear what you got!

To win the signed shirt, all you have to do is share your show photos with us through LiveShare by Cooliris! Download the App “LiveShare” on your iPhone, Android, or Windows 7 phone. Find the “Honor Society Fan Photos” stream & add your photos to it! The photo with the most likes at the end of the night will win an Honor Society shirt singed by the band! Get all the info on our Facebook page

Get your phones ready to get involved at this 3rd stop of Honor Society‘s Wherever You Are Tour 2011!

Mad Beats with Signal Path & Blockhead

Signal Path and Blockhead combine forces to bring you an amazing co-headlining tour this fall that ends at The Roxy on September 25. The two decided to tour together after a random show worked out so organically that a tour had to be scheduled. They are both leads in the electronic music scene and have revolutionized it in a way that not many can.

Signal Path takes different genres of music and bends them beautifully to create cool and interesting sounds unheard in many electronic acts. Their latest album “Imaginary Lines” is available for as a free download when you visit their site or stream it live here:

Imaginary Lines by Signal Path

Signal Path, Verbal Yes from RECTV.NET on Vimeo.

Blockhead, aka Tony Simon, has produced for some of the best in the hip hop world including Atmosphere and Aesop Rock. His solo albums are absolutely enthralling, most recently The Music Scene which was released earlier this year on Ninja Tune. The soulful beats come through so vibrantly that you will not want to miss seeing this experience live.

Our wonderful locals playing this night:


Shwayze Live at The Roxy Theatre January 22 2010

Special shout out to our new show reviewer – Mr Brent Mendoza! He’s a man on the strip, with an ear for whats hot! Only fitting that his first review is SHWAYZE!!

Shwayze at The Roxy Theatre
Friday, January 22, 2010

By: Brent X Mendoza

It was one of those rare nights in Socal, one of the few nights during the year cold enough to see your own breath. Outside The Roxy Theatre were a surprising number of not so bundled up teens lining The Sunset Strip, waiting to get in to the sold out show. The kids had been huddled in the cold, some for a couple hours, demonstrating the kind of commitment unique to that age group; a time when music so echoes your teenage sentiments that when tickets to the show ran out, more than one tearful teen was observed pleading with the doormen to gain entrance.

After much anticipation, the curtain rose and the mostly female audience erupted into frenzy as Shwayze and Cisco Adler exploded onto the stage. Amidst a backdrop of red neon lights and an imposingly large banner brandishing the colorful Shwayze logo, the group launched into “California Girl” with Cisco switching off between rapping on the mic and strumming his guitar. The duo dressed in their characteristic tight bright pants had an instant command and comfort on stage, interacting with the audience as they flawlessly harmonized and flowed.

The crowd, which was packed to the rafters, raised the temperature inside The Roxy a good twenty degrees, creating a stark contrast to the freezing temperatures outside. Drawing equally from both Shwayze releases, the audience grew more and more rambunctious with each passing song. Complete with homemade posters and young girls dancing on the shoulders of their boyfriends, the scene was reminiscent of the kind of fan fever usually displayed during a pop concert.

The show was a give and take between performers and observers as the stage joined the floor for one big party. Songs like “Rich Girl” and “Maneatrr” where Shwayze and Cisco worked in a number of props to L.A. and Hollywood showed off some well rehearsed collaboration and whipped the audience into a near manic state. Calling The Roxy “home sweet home”, Shwayze’s music and lyrics showcase the fun in the sun, carefree Socal living represented best by the stretch of L.A. between Malibu and Hollywood.

Other highlights of the evening included the thumping club beats on “Get You Home” and the brass section of one during “Livin’ It Up”, both songs serving as prime examples of the musical departure on the new record, Let It Beat.

The lengthy set reached an apex when G Love (G Love & Special Sauce) joined the band onstage for “Buzzin’”, the final track of the evening. G Love took the vocal lead on the closer as Shwayze and Cisco acted as backups, changing the chorus to “buzzin’ all over G” in honor of the guest vocalist. The curtain dropped promptly after the last notes of the song and without a goodbye or a thank you the band left the stage, because on a night like this where performances go off this smoothly, sometimes there’s nothing left to say.

Shwazye January 22, 2010
(@santigold, @laurahess and @sarahrabby)

Youtube Credit: Demiangel90210

Mike Posner Moves To The Head of The Class

Any quick google search lets you know that Mike Posner is a student first, and a musician second. We fully respect a man that wears many hats, especially someone as talented as Mike Posner. We can’t wait to see the kind of show Mike brings to the table – but we see big things for him since he’s learning the ropes in excellent company – Kid Cudi, Gym Class Heroes, Wale, and Big Sean to name a few. Check him out Live At The Roxy with Big Sean and Rapscallions! Tickets onsale now!

Mike Posner October 16, 2009

Shakin In Your Little Boots

Dim Mak Presents LittleBoots September 18, 2009

If you’re not a little bit mesmerized by Little Boots, we’re sure you’re not human. She’s a little like a one man (beautiful) army…and we think that’s pretty rad. Tickets have been flying off these virtual shelves, and we just wanted to remind you to grab the remainders sooner than later. Need convincing?

Spinning With Skeet Skeet

Spin The Bottle July 20, 2009

Skeet Skeet is ready to take over the one’s and two’s as tonights Spin The Bottle special guest DJ. The summer parties have been so rad, last week DJ AM killed it – Marshall Barnes has become a staple…and now Skeet SKeet steps up.
In case you wanted to relive last Mondays madness!
Youtube Credit: spinMondays

Spin The Bottle Returns Tonight

Spin The Bottle Every Monday Starting June 22, 2009
It’s a great way to work off the weekend blues and join us tonight for the 3rd installment of SPIN THE BOTTLE, our fabulous weekly summer party. Last week was a packed house for STEVE AOKI, so make sure you pop in tonight and say hello! Tickets are available at the door tonight (9:00pm) and as always, we’re all ages. So come one. Come all.

Spin The Bottle With Steve Aoki

Spin The Bottle Every Monday Starting June 22, 2009
If you missed the summer dance party kick off with The Cobrasnake last week, do not fret. The party continues this Monday, where the special guests carry on full speed ahead with STEVE AOKI. One of the hottest, trend setting DJ’s on the planet – we can’t wait to see the storm that Steve spins up. Give us a call for advance tickets – 310 278 9457.
(This mix seemed appropriate)
Youtube Credit: glenjamn2

Post Weather

After our fabulous show with Jack White’s new band Dead Weather clears out, we are ready to turn over and have a packed out dance party with our amazing friends at Scion. Chances are, at any given moment the strip will be rockin tonight – so hopefully we will see you in the house for atleast one of the events tonight. Still time to RSVP for the late show at!

The Dead Weather “Hang You From The Heavens”

Youtube Credit: zeppelin72189

La Roux La Rox

We know it happens to be Easter Sunday – but with a holiday synonymous with brunch and mid afternoon hunts – we think that by the time the evening rolls around, you might be ready to end the family time and start your week off right. Enter: The Roxy. Along with our pals at Dim Mak we are prepared to welcome LA ROUX to the ROXY…details to come on the super secret after party. Some of the hottest dance tunes in the planet? Dancing shoes are getting polished!

La Roux April 12, 2009

Hardly Torture

Tortured Soul 4/4

Recently tagged as “The future of house music…you have to hear them live” by BBC1 – we’re really looking forward to Tortured Soul live at The Roxy. House music is always a great fit here – and its a great excuse to turn the room into a dance floor. Even cooler that this is a LIVE performance. In their only California date (who can wait for the Electric Daisy Carnival in JUNE!!) we’re ready to welcome them to SoCal! Click here for tickets or give us a call @ 310 278 9457.

Talib Kweli and Friends Get Ready To Take Over

Tonight will be one for the books…the ever talented Talib Kweli (1/3 of Idle Warship – along with Res and Graph Noble) is doing double duty as he plays early and late. Make sure you check out both shows as they are both killer lineups. The second show goes into the wee hours of the morn – so get ready for some red bull. Click here for IDLE WARSHIP tickets, and here for LATE NIGHT!

Idle Warship 1/16/08

Post Sounds Tribe 1/16 & 1/17

Chromeo Afterparty and Live DJ Set

Straight after the sold out Key Club show, we can’t wait to welcome the CHROMEO afterparty and DJ set. Thanks to our friends at Dim Mak for always bringing the party!
Tickets onsale now thru the Roxy box office, and ticketmaster now!

Chromeo Afterparty + DJ Set 1/22

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

We’re pretty stoked Millionaires are coming to rock next week – and we hear you are too. So to help you do it up in style – we’ve created a little contest! It’s been a while, and we miss seeing all your pretty faces. This contest is quite simple – it’s no secret that the Millionaires have killer style (check out their myspace for some hints) – think hats, bling, neon, gold teeth, etc. All you have to do, is take a picture of yourself alone or with some pals – rocking the Millionaires style. In return, we’ll reward you with a pair of tickets, a round of drinks, and some VIP treatment. Got it? Submission deadline is 10/21/08!