Napolitano is a Concrete Blonde

Best known for her work as lead singer and bassist in the ’80s and early-’90s alternative rock trio Concrete Blonde, Johnette Napolitano is also a poet, social activist, soundtrack composer, and sculptor. Born in Hollywood on September 22, 1957, Napolitano lurked on the fringes of the Los Angeles punk and new wave scene, working at the legendary Gold Star Studios until she formed the duo Dream 6 with guitarist Jim Mankey. The pair recorded a self-titled 1982 EP produced by Jim’s brother Earle Mankey (like Jim, a former member of the first lineup of Sparks, and at the time one of the hottest producers on the L.A. new wave scene), which attracted the attention of IRS Records boss Miles Copeland. With a new drummer in Chicago transplant Harry Rushakoff and a new name supposedly bestowed by R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe that was supposed to connote the band’s mix of hard and soft elements, Concrete Blonde released their self-titled debut in 1987. This was quickly followed by Free, Bloodletting (featuring the group’s biggest hit, “Joey”), Walking in London, and Mexican Moon, before Concrete Blonde split in 1995. Napolitano then moved on to two short-lived projects, Vowel Movement (a collaboration with Holly Beth Vincent of Holly & the Italians) and Pretty & Twisted (with the late Marc Moreland, formerly of Wall of Voodoo), as well as occasional Concrete Blonde reunion albums. Following this, Napolitano began a second career as soundtrack composer for small and medium-budget indie films such as Wicker Park and Underworld. She also released a pair of largely improvised and mostly electronic albums, Sketchbook and Sketchbook 2, in 2002 and 2006. Johnette Napolitano’s first proper solo album, Scarred, followed in the spring of 2007. – Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

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The Octopus Gets Going(.com) and Snocap have teamed up to present a night that’s truly one of a kind, starring: The Octopus Project, 8MM, Pedestrian, and Pink and Noseworthy. Blending pop and experimental elements, it is a combination of digital and electronic sounds and noises (including drum machine, keyboard, synthesizers and other strange devices) and analog equipment (including guitars and live drums). To check out this unique night of music, check out and RSVP.


Rock Opera

East Village Opera Company

You’ve heard opera, and you’ve heard rock—but you’ve never heard opera rocked like the East Village Opera Company. The East Village Opera Company —a powerhouse five-piece band, a string quartet, and two outstanding vocalists—brings the towering emotion and timeless musicality of opera into the 21st century on its Decca/Universal Classics debut with its inventive, hard-hitting arrangements of the music’s “greatest hits”—including “La donna è mobile” from Rigoletto, “Habanera” from Carmen, and “Nessun dorma” from Turandot — performed at full length and in the original languages.

The concept of the East Village Opera Company is totally fresh, but not unprecedented in pop. In 1985, for example, former punk-rock impresario Malcolm McLaren released Fans, an album of “hip-hopera” that brought funky beats and electronic programming to the works of Puccini and Bizet. But EVOC is a whole new thing: an integrated, eleven-strong working band dedicated to rocking the opera and electrifying the classics, as the ensemble has been doing to spectacular effect ever since its New York stage debut in the spring of 2004.

The East Village Opera Company is coming to The Roxy on Wednesday, September 19th. Tickets go on sale today at 11:00am at Ticketmaster or through the Roxy box office.

Ca$$ette is Back!



What do you get when you mix a bold, modelesque, mohawked chick with a boys name and an electro-funk-soul, uber-hip robotica boy with a name fit for a girl? What happens when you blend 1-part Electronica, 2-parts Soul, and a sprinkle of Funk and Hip-Hop? What do you think evolves when you take a little bit of yesterday, a little more of today, and a whole bunch of tomorrow and throw it in a boiling pot of magic musical fusion?
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Burning Down the Rox


Born in Black Rock City at the world-renown Burning Man Festival and incubated in Los Angeles’ tribal-techno underground, The Mutaytor combines 100 thundering drums, live improvisational electronica, live horn section, breathtaking fire performers, sensual hoop dancers, warrior princesses, chinese lions, mutants, dazzling aerial stunts, various forms of modern and bellydance and giant video projections. It’s a multi-media experience blending high energy music with amazing performance art.
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J*DaVeY: New Food for the Malnourished Musical Soul


With a diverse array of influences, eclectic twosome J*DaVeY — female vocalist Jack Davey (b. Brianna Cartwright) and producer Brook D’Leau — deliberately evade the narrow categories of what urban music should sound like, not to mention that they defy normal conventions of pop music. Drawing equally from neo-soul, new wave, funk, and hip-hop, their melting pot of electronic soul and dance have made music-goers try to classify them somewhere between neo-soulstress Erykah Badu and new wave punks Talking Heads.
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Filter Magazine Presents Revenge of the Sunset Strip featuring KENNA

The eldest son of an immigrant family relocated to Virginia Beach, Kenna began to express an interest in music upon receiving a copy of U2’s The Joshua Tree. More records by influential artists such as The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, The Cure and The Cars followed, and remain as inspiration and influence of Kenna’s music today. His debut album, New Sacred Cow, co-produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, is difficult to place in a single genre, containing elements of electronica, synth pop, post rock, and house music. Two singles, “Sunday After You” and “Freetime” followed the release of the album; the music video of the latter, along with “Hell Bent”, appeared sporadically on MTV2.
His new release, Make Sure They See My Face, drops August 21st, 2007.

THE ROXY Show Dates:
Filter Magazine Presents Revenge of the Sunset Strip – July 19th 2007


Filter Magazine Presents Revenge of the Sunset STrip featuring J*DaVeY

With a diverse array of influences, eclectic twosome J*DaVeY — female vocalist Jack Davey (b. Brianna Cartwright) and producer Brook D’Leau — deliberately evade the narrow categories of what urban music should sound like, not to mention that they defy normal conventions of pop music. Drawing equally from neo-soul, new wave, funk, and hip-hop, their melting pot of electronic soul and dance have made music-goers try to classify them somewhere between neo-soulstress Erykah Badu and new wave punks Talking Heads.

THE ROXY Show Dates:
Filter Magazine Presents Revenge of the Sunset Strip – July 26th 2007
Ca$$ette LA with The Gray Kid / Gold Chains – August 23rd 2007

heko’s Hot Stuff

Because 10 is too few and 15 is too many…

Can I just start this off asking why is thirteen a bad number? People are really freaked when it is Friday the 13th. Hotels don’t have a 13th floor… It is really intriguing. So I did some research. Did any of you know that it spawned from the Last Supper and how many people (apostles) were in attendance? Those silly superstitious folks applied it to Friday for whatever reason. I didn’t and don’t care but I am taking it back from the superstitions that tout it as bad. I know a lot of excellent people born on the 13 and occasionally their birthdays land on a Friday… no devil spawns there.

With that said I coin my first entry on The Roxy’s page as my Hot Thirteen Things to do before April 8th. I am running this backwards so don’t hate me

(something to know: most events with me are all about food or involve food)

13. I know the fad is a little over but Pinkberry is pretty amazing. So park your car at my house and join me in a short jaunt over to Pinkberry to get a Medium Plain with Pineapple and Raspberry. We can sit on our stoop and enjoy the sweet and sour yogurt that will help cool you down and help with your digestive tract. ☺

12. April 7 – Beth Ditto
The Gossip (nuf said, right?). Beth is an amazingly over the top woman and the band is so much fun. All I can say is the cupcake remnants on the carpet by the kitchen make me smile every time I step over the brown smudge that the cleaning crew couldn’t get out.

11. April 4 – Persephone’s Bees (feels like a slight throw back to the Castro District in 1979 – very hip- very hippy- super su-weet). Because this is an introduction to me you are probably not aware that half of my life I was a Nor Cal girl so I feel some major love for peeps from Oakland. Have yourself a good time making some honey with the Bees and then follow it up with a late night dinner at Fred 62 (I highly recommend the breakfast burrito if you are a carnivore).

10. April 2 – Ratatat. My friend Garsh hipped me to them. Hip Hop/Rock/Electronica?! How can things get so good… Wish that they had a guest performance with Mac Mall (that would be THE most amazing show ever)

9. I have no event to pair with this so get a group of friends together and head over to Trader Vics for some Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and some Pineapple-y umbrella drinks! I promise a good time. Only bummer is the required valet parking… but I still think it is worth it for an LA landmark (Especially since there is talk about potentially leveling it to build some luxurious suites and such).

8. My friend Bo would like to get me to go salsa dancing with her on Tuesday nights but I would rather go to Messob for some delectable Ethiopian eats. And I can usually persuade her to join if it is not on a Tuesday night! For four people you can share the vegetable platter for two. So cheap and SO yum. You may leave there feeling a little high… we did the first time we ate there.

7. A day of shopping is usually fun… even if no money ends up being spent. I recommend hitting up Marc by Marc Jacobs on Melrose followed by H&M at the Bev Center. Insiders tip: wear a skirt and a tank and you can avoid the hideous dressing room line at H&M – just head to the less frequented kids section and have your own fitting room (this is definitely not for someone who is modest because you will flash people on accident and people will give you looks like you are raping a goat).

6. Early morning jaunt to Starbuck’s on Melrose across from Urban Outfitters (they make my drink correct every single time – Iced Grande Decaf 7 pump Caramel Macchiato), they don’t say I am a sweetie for no reason. With the weather being so brilliant these days you can follow a good cup of coffee off with anything as long as you are outside.

5. If you like art and want to make a day of it I would hit up The Getty followed by a trip to Bergamot Station. Both are pleasantly placed with nice little walkabouts.

4. My favorite artist from my stint at Otis who I had the pleasure of meeting when Courtney Love played The Roxy a few years ago: Mark Ryden show at Michael Kohn Gallery

3. April 5 – Man Man. I listened to it this morning and I felt like I was in a cabaret with paintings of tightrope walking, umbrella carrying maidens (think Mark Ryden, mentioned above mixed with a little Haunted Mansion at Disneyland). Dark and evil with an uplifting cheerful chanting similar to most Klezmer music

2. Titos Tacos: bean, cheese and salsa burrito. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Don’t stress out about the line just get in, place the order and move to the side while your lady gets you all set.

1. At long last it’s here! MOSQUITO HEAD’S only ANNUAL PLAY (in my backyard no less – On The Rox)!! I am entirely biased about this because I have known these guys more than half of my life and because I consider a couple of them to be amongst my nearest and dearest. But the band only plays once a year and you never know who will jump on stage to play with them… not to mention that Tad’s package looks great (according to Ashley) in those black leather pants. You want to see this show. I promise.


megan(talent buyer), kyra(new media) and i all made it out to sxsw this year. the girls went early in the week and laid the ground work seeing almost every possible band there was to see, and took notes. you guys were awesome! i came in on the friday at noon. this would be the first time the roxy has made a team effort in austin for the annual “cochella meets the french quarter” mixed with a little(or a lot depending who you were with)drinking talking and walking, called south by southwest. it was an eye and ear opening experience. i already thought there were so many bands out there being at the roxy day in and day out, but there must have been 1000’s of bands in austin. all kinds, from metal to rap to electronica but i felt it was mostly indie rock. there was music coming out of every building, bar, restaurant, nook, cranny, crevice, alleys and sidewalks. i definitely was on the verge on sensory overload the whole time i was there. the bands that i like the most were #1 the black angels, love them. they killed there show at antones. also liked tokyo police club and architecture in helsinki. i saw peaches for the first time live in a club that was soo packed i didn’t even attempt to get on to the floor, she rocked it. my highlight was taking my 13 and 14 year old brothers to see mickey avalon at some way out club at 1am. cobrasnake met us at the backdoor and got us right in and after hanging with my brothers mickey and kev e hit the stage and a rocked a six song set ending with jane fonda( produced by cisco my other little brother)which had the whole crowd singing “shake it little mama…” all in all we had a great time doing 6th street, met a lot of great new people and found some old ones again too. to all the artists, bands, venues, sponsors and labels, and the city of austin. it was really fun and can’t wait till next year, thanks texas for something other than george bush. please let us know your sxsw story and please let us know any and all bands you saw there and would love to see at the roxy!