Open for The Parlotones

The international sensations The Parlotones are hitting Los Angeles on November 4 and they want you to be the opening act.

Visit & submit your band once a day to be chosen. Have you friends submit, tell them you’re band is the one that needs this amazing opportunity!

The Parlotones have just three full length albums and in that, have sold more albums in South Africa than Coldplay has in the US. (Crazy, right?) As they make their US run, this is sure to be a “catch them when you could” kind of show.

Click below to submit your band or the one you want to see on this show!

Tickets are available now via Ticketweb!


If you follow The Roxy online, you know how much we love questions. For this round, we’re putting them in your hands! Scheduled for next week, we have an exclusive interview with the utterly cool Kreayshawn for her sold out August 27 show and we want you to submit the questions!

Tweet your questions @TheRoxy with #AskKREAY, post them on our Facebook page, or email them to

We want to know what you want to know about the hottest thing to come out of Oakland this year. Send them in & maybe she’ll be answering you!

Get Interactive at Honor Society

Honor Society fans, have we got treats for you!

First of all, how excited are you for the 6/12 show!? We know, you’re probably screaming your head off already but try to contain to take in the info we’re about to give you!

We’re going to let you be the DJ & we’re giving you the chance to win a signed tee at the show!

You can be the DJ by using PlayMySong on your iPhone. Download the app and sign in through with Facebook. When you get here, you can select “The Roxy” from locations, browse our playlist, and play the songs you want to hear between bands! You can post the song you’re playing to your Facebook/Twitter and tell all your friends. Come prepared, we want to hear what you got!

To win the signed shirt, all you have to do is share your show photos with us through LiveShare by Cooliris! Download the App “LiveShare” on your iPhone, Android, or Windows 7 phone. Find the “Honor Society Fan Photos” stream & add your photos to it! The photo with the most likes at the end of the night will win an Honor Society shirt singed by the band! Get all the info on our Facebook page

Get your phones ready to get involved at this 3rd stop of Honor Society‘s Wherever You Are Tour 2011!

Who Will Meet Mickey?

We received your submissions for the Mickey Avalon meet & greet contest and now we need your help to decide! We’ve narrowed it down to 3 videos and you have to vote on which fan gets to meet Mickey at the May 14 show with Shinobi Ninja and Christina Cross.

1. CA Sunshine Dolls (Lauren) found their new alter-ego “Vicky” and she’s dying to meet Mickey & then some… (oh my!)

2. Christian busted out a custom rap to meet Mr. Avalon

3. Danielle thinks she should win because she is “A Very Important Person”

Vote for your favorite number in the comments on this blog and we’ll announce the winner on Friday, May 6!

Grease Is The Word

Taylor Hicks is a busy man these days- not only did he win American Idol, but now he’s on Broadway in the new production of Grease. We’re happy he’s going to take a little break from one stage – and hop onto ours. Tickets are onsale TODAY! So vote buy now! Call us for tickets – 310 278 9457 (we’re giving you a headstart) or head over to ticketmaster tomorrow at 11am.
Jailhouse Rock /American Idol
Youtube Credit: AliceinTaylorland

Start Em Young

Nat and Alex Wolff were probably the cutest little guys I’ve seen in a long time! They were super talented and have some amazing die-hard fans! The Roxy was the last stop on the “Fully Clothed Tour” and now they return to their hit Nickelodeon show – “Naked Brothers Band.” We can’t wait to have them here again…and with the youngest fan base, I think I’ve EVER seen walk thru our doors – we hope their first concert experience was a great one! Were you at the show? Take pictures? Send ’em to us!
I Don’t Want To Go To School – youtube credit: JBrofan

From Zero To VH1 In Twelve Months

Special shout out to for their great write up on all things Roxy blog. As always, we’re flattered by the attention – and are really happy to be recognized as a forward moving club and social networking team. It’s because we’ve received the amount of feedback we have via the blog (both positive and negative) that we are able to really address the wants and needs of the club goers, fans, patrons, and the rest! We look forward to all good things in the future. Thanks again- please check out the full article here.

For the vast majority of people, “social media” means joining Facebook or LinkedIn and wondering why they joined. I asked Nic what he thought was the secret to his success. He said, “I got on board with this plan. Annie and I are each online 3-4 hours a day talking to customers and the community. This isn’t something we paid money for and farmed out.” He added, “We were really stuck in a rut for so long. Reaching out to our customers like this makes us more honest about who we are, where we stand, and what we need to do to change.”

A year ago, the Roxy had an increasingly bad reputation online and a website with a three year old calendar. On July 17th, VH1 fans will give them the vote for having the best rock venue website. By taking the time to learn and embrace the tools of social media and Web 2.0, Nic and his club went from zero to VH1 in 12 months flat.

Buzzin All Over Town

What a party! All the Shwayze fans came out in throngs last night to support some of our favorite boys that are taking over the scene! Thanks to all who came out, see you on the 15th! Click here to purchase tickets for that show – or call 310 278 9457.
YouTube Credit to MusicIsMyBoyfriend

Photo Credit: Erik Voake – thanks Erik!
Shwayze 6/30
Shwayze 6/30
Shwayze 6/30

Shwayze 6/30

Foxboro Hot Tubs Live At The Roxy

Follow Me to our site where the link to New Album is available

Foxboro Hot Tubs at The Roxy, OMG! What an exciting show!! This band has caused quite a buzz on the web and we cannot wait to see them live! Because of the demand on this show, you can only purchase tickets in person at The Roxy box office the day of the show. Tickets will be $20 cash and there is a two ticket maximum per person and both people must be together in line to receive the tickets. Have no fear tho, because we are allowing you to lineup starting 8am on the day of the show. So once you are in line and get to the door, you will buy your tickets and immediately proceed into The Roxy. Get ready to strut your stuff on the Sunset Strip and make an event out of it! Meet some fans in line…share stories…and make some new friends. Have no doubt, you will find some internet fame as I will undoubtedly be blogging the line in true Roxy fashion. We know their fans are traveling from near and far for this show – and we can’t wait to see you all! Also, a friendly reminder – no recording devices of any kind, no cameras and/or cell phones will be allowed into the show!
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Bryan Adams Live At The Roxy

We know this performance is going to be such a treat…as it always is when amazing artists swing by for intimate performances (Dolly Parton anyone?). And Bryan will be no exception! We know theirs been a ton of rumors about this show, but we don’t want anyone to miss out on this performance so make sure to get your tickets when they go onsale this THURDSAY 5/1. Limited tickets will be available so click here or call 310 278 9457! And really…who DOESN’T love Summer of ’69?? Check out some out classics…and some hot new tunes.

Dolly Parton Live At The Roxy

As if Friday’s aren’t already a reason to celebrate, today is going to be that much more exciting – as we welcome the Legend that is DOLLY PARTON. We hate to brag, as we know it’s only a few of the luckiest folks that get to attend -but it’s been years and years since she’s been here, and now in celebration of her new record – we are happy she came back to us!


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Tokio Hotel Talks Roxy

It hasn’t been long since the boys of Tokio Hotel came to visit…but we miss them! Lucky for us, their first ever US performance (at the Roxy of course) is well documented in their new youtube videos! It’s fun to relive the excitement – we cannot wait to have them back!

A Very AJ Update

If you’ve seen some of our past blogs….you’ll know we’re pretty huge fans of crazy fandom – and as we rolled into work this fine Monday morning, we were very excited to see some very enthusiastic fans camped outside. I especially loved the air mattress. For all you fans that aren’t able to check out the show tonight…what are some of your favorite Backstreet Boys memories? Are you excited for AJ’s solo stuff?
And lucky for us, as I ran outside to take some pictures…ran into AJ himself showing the fans some love- check it out!

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Roxy Says Sayonara To Tokio Hotel

Today has been a really really great day! And as the girls and I start wrapping up our work, and get into party mode – we are a little sad! We don’t want this day to end. The energy in the office today was a little like summer vacation…we were a little giddy – everything about our day, and the band, and the crew has been the best EVER. We didn’t quite know what to expect – as we have a little language barrier going on – and we have been pleasantly surprised! The band is adorable – and from what they told us, the have loved being in sunny CA – even if just for a day or two. Now, we are sitting here listening to them sound check and they sound GREAT. Thanks to our neighbors who have been so patient with all the fans today – and our security who came out before the sun sets to make sure everyone was safe. We hope the international fans are having a legendary Roxy experience and they find us again one day on their travels back to the states!
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Tokio Hotel Craftiness Rox

So having been a fanatic fan at one point in my life as well, i FULLY appreciate the intensity that is currently camped out outside the office window. Perhaps my favorite part…THE POSTERS!! Take a look at the beautiful art currently making the Sunset Strip home.

Tokio Hotel Fan 2/15

Tokio Hotel Fans 2/15

Tokio Hotel Takes Over Hollywood

So friends, the time is here!! We never thought this day would come…and now here we are! It’s been non stop Tokio for a few weeks now – and we’d like to thank all the dedicated fans who have flown in from all over the world – to see the band in their FIRST US appearance! You’ve made this, what is sure to be, an amazing SOLD OUT show! We knew today would be a great day, because as we left the Roxy yesterday evening – after a hard days work – we ran into the band on the corner! They seemed to be loving the Sunset strip already…and seemed very excited for the show! Just to give you an idea of what what’s going on here at the club, at 9:30 am…here’s a few pics of some of our favorite fans in line so far.

Tokio Hotel, 2/15/08