ClubRox 2012

It’s that time of year to bring back ClubRox!

If you aren’t aware, ClubRox is a yearly membership to The Roxy that gets you in to just about any show you want for all of 2012! You get special membership perks like drink discounts, free +1’s, VIP to select shows, and more. Just this year, ClubRox-er’s got access to Nikka Costa, Friendly Fires, Foster The People, The Expendables, Young The Giant, Ximena Sarinana, Big Audio Dynamite, Dredg, She Wants Revenge, Dita Von Teese, Vegan Beer Fest, Nico Vega, Buckcherry, Kreayshawn, Mayer Hawthorne, Camp Freddy & so, so many more.

The ClubRox crew is a tight knit community that become members of The Roxy family. Here’s what some of them have to say about it:

ClubRox gave me the freedom to attend shows of artists I was unfamiliar with without worrying about wasting my money. It allowed me to seek out new artists and discover new loves like Nikka Costa, Indians and The Mowglis! The drink discounts don’t hurt either!” – Steve, member since 2009

Best money ever spent on concerts ever!!! The Roxy continually proves itself to be the concert venue in So Cal!” – Frank, member since 2009

I absolutely love ClubRox! Best deal on the Sunset Strip! I go to about 50-75 concerts a year and at least 20 of them are here at the legendary Roxy via the ClubRox card. Seen so many EPIC concerts there and looking forward to many more in the future.” – Tyson, member since 2009

Simply said… Clubrox ROCKS!! Clubrox is more than a club, we are a rock and roll family. Early entry, no waiting in long lines all day sure helps this lady out and it’s so awesome to be in the front row!! 1/2 off on drinks is a bonus even on water & soda. Everyone is the best and I just love my door boys Juan, Barry & Ricky!! They always take good care of us too!!” – Carrie, member since 2009

Get all the information on the most rockin’ membership here:

PBR Art Tour: West Hollywood

The folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon have put together a mobile art tour this year and it’s about to make it’s debut in West Hollywood.

Believe or not, PBR has had an art initiative for quite sometime with their campaign for “Drink & Draw.” It’s their App that allows you to draw up your next masterpiece on your iPhone or Android while enjoying a refreshing PBR. (Yum!)

Now, the Mobile Art Tour takes that to the next level. On November 30, there will be a PBR trailer in our parking lot that has all the fantastic PBR art you could dream of.

Swing by on the 30th catch Windsor Drive, Stretford End, Justin Joyce & The Bryant C Project and enjoy the sites and tastes of the Pabst Blue Ribbon mobile art tour.

Band to Watch: Of Verona

December 1 is officially dedicated to Of Verona with a seal from KROQ Locals Only.

Since forming in 2010, of Verona has been creating some major buzz. MTV named them a Band to Know in 2011 stating: “If you like melodic rock & roll with great female vocals like Florence & the Machine, you’ll definitely dig of Verona.”

After touring constantly, Of Verona is gaining the attention of new fans, music critics, and major voices & publications. They’ve played multiple festivals across the country and even opened for Moby.

Listen to the Fall Like Roses EP:
of Verona – Fall Like Roses EP by of Verona

The band is in rotation on KROQ Locals Only and is on the up swing from here. Don’t miss them December 1 with Josh Tatum, Chop Love Carry Fire, and Attaloss.

Doors are at 7:15pm and tickets are available via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.

Now Serving: Golden Road Brewing

Craft beer is a-flowing at The Roxy and now there’s even more! Just launched, Golden Road Brewing features two delicious new beers: Point The Way IPA & Golden Road Hefeweizen.

The company was founded by Tony Yanow (Tony’s Darts Away, Mowhawk Bend, LA Vegan Beer Fest, ColLAboration), and Meg Gill (Oskar Blues, Speakeasy) to strengthen LA’s beer culture by creating the best beer from the highest quality ingredients. These beers set a new standard for local brewing with fresh brews that keep the palate guessing. Brewmaster, Jon Carpenter, was enthralled by the ideas behind Golden Road Brewing and switched coasts to create the most desirable, local craft beer he could.

Point The Way IPA (5.2%) is easier to swallow than many IPAs with a tinge of fruit and a fantastic dry finish. Golden Road Hefeweizen (4.6%) was created with Germany in mind. This Bavarian beer has hints of banana with a crisp flavor full of clove, orange & lemon.

Both beers are now being served from the beer bar, a waitress, and at On The Rox! Get your hands on one of these next time you swing by, if you’re 21+, of course.

Tales of The Sunset Strip

Help us as we build an archive of The Sunset Strip.

Recently, we teamed up with to gather your Sunset Strip stories of concerts to match the ticket stubs you’ve saved over the years. We loved hearing from all of you & now we are so happy to bring you!

All of your stories are archived there and there’s room for so many more. Check them out by clicking on the photo below & submit yours if you have one!

Artist of the Week: Will Sergeant

Roxy Melrose & FairfaxStreet Artist of the Week: Will Sergeant

Will Sergeant made a name for himself as guitarist for the iconic 80’s group, Echo and the Bunnymen, and now he is delving into the world of street art. Fitting right in with the Bunnymen’s post-punk sound, Sergeant’s art is influenced by color field painters, Dadaism, and pop art amongst others. It is exciting to see how the gap between music and visual art has been bridged, and rock stars are becoming street artists. Sergeant is currently preparing for his first solo show at the Penny Lane Gallery in Liverpool, and we look forward to seeing more of his work on the streets.

Melrose & Fairfax is an LA based street art blog that has the most current happens on the lively Los Angeles street art scene. They are the #2 s.a. blog in the world.

Get these new artists in the Roxy weekly newsletter. Sign up on the homepage.

An Evening with Reggae Legends

On November 16, The Roxy will host a very special evening with reggae legends Third World. The band is more than just a band, they are an institution. After 30 years of making music, the band put out their 23rd album Patriots this year & are on a whirlwind celebrating their success.

With shows, this year alone, at Jamaican Jazz & Blues Festival & the Love City Live Festival in St. John, the Carribbean, Africa, Europe, & Hawaii, there is no slowing down this nearly 40 year old band.

Check out Third World with Stevie Wonder at Carnegie Hall:

96 Degrees in the Shade:

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb & The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

South Africa’s Finest: Parlotones

The Parlotones are the definition of a buzz band. Everyone (probably you’re mother, too) has heard of these guys and they’re on the verge of making a real name for themselves in the states. In South Africa, they are bigger than Coldplay. The band had the best selling record there this decade & are the band everyone is dying to get their hands on. The Parlotones have a sound reminiscent of The Killers with a darker side. This is pop rock at its finest.

Listen to their song “Brighter Side of Hell” here:
Brighter Side of Hell by TheSpellboundGroup

Opening the night are Scattered Trees:

Your Very Own:
Slow Me Down by Your Very Own

The Tender Box:

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb and The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

Camp Freddy & Friends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Camp Freddy fans because December is right around the corner & that means it’s time for the Camp Freddy & Friends residency! December 2, 9, 16, & 23 are this year’s dates & we can’t wait to spend them with you, Billy Morrison (Billy Idol/The Cult), Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction/The Panic Channel), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver), Donovan Leitch (son of legendary folk singer Donovan), Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction/Alanis Morrisette), and all their famous friends.

If you’ve seen the show before you know it’s the best party of you’ll go to all year and can expect the best of the best guests at each show. Previous “Friends” include Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Steven Tyler, Moby, Chad Smith, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mark McGrath, Slash, Juliette Lewis & so many others.

Get a dose of CF here:

Camp Freddy Compilation from Dave Navarro on Vimeo.

Tickets are available via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office now!

Limited Golden tickets are available that get you access to all four shows, one soundcheck, and meet & greet with the band! For more information call The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

Day of the Dead Strip Crawl

Save the Date: October 22, 2011. Black Star’s Day of the Dead Strip Crawl is raising spirits on The Sunset Strip and we want you to be there!

This Strip Crawl will include Day of the Dead themed shenanigans as we crawl from The World Famous Comedy Store to The Roxy Theatre & hit all of our favorite spots in between. There will be games, contests, tarot card readers, pumpkins, Day of the Dead face painting, a Mariachi band or two, and so much more. Food & drink specials go without saying on top of all the awesome swag we’ll be handing out all night.

Stops include The Viper Room, Red Rock, Isla, The Comedy Store, The Roxy & more. Black Star Beer will be on special throughout the night. Their vintage Airstream equipped with a digital photo booth will be parked along the strip, so hop in and document the evening’s festivities!

Stay tuned for more details as they come!


Black Star’s Day of the Dead Strip Crawl starts at The World Famous Comedy Store at 7:00pm on October 22. This event is free & 21+.

5 Questions with Gentlemen Hall

By: @brentXmendoza

In three short years, Boston based Gentlemen Hall has become one of the most decorated and critically acclaimed indie bands to explode out of New England’s pop-rock hot bed.

Currently touring in support of their sophomore effort “When We All Disappear,” the band has taken to the road to bring their exponentially viral, synth-tastic jams to the masses.

While en route to The Roxy, the Gentlemen Hall were kind enough to kill some of their tour bus boredom by participating in a quick round of “5 Questions.” The following are their collective responses…

Wow, so you guys have won a boat load of awards! Which one was the most meaningful for the band? Which one caught you most “off-guard?” And where do you store this treasure trove of trophies?

Awards for art have always felt sort of silly to us, because it’s all subjective… but they have led to tons of exposure, so we do appreciate all the opportunities. The Billboard Award is our fav because all of our mommies and daddies saw us on the “Billboard Music Awards” on ABC.

Tell us about the Gentlemen Hall smoothie. What flavor is it? Did you get to collectively pick the ingredients/decide on the flavor? How many have you consumed; and have you ever “spiked” it?

Ben & Jerry’s has been extremely supportive of the Boston community. We got involved with them several years ago in conjunction with a festival concert series they host called the “Fair Trade Festival.” Last year Boston was officially sanctioned a “Fair Trade City,” so we’ve seen steps towards better and fairer wages. It’s been an honor to be a part of that!

The smoothie is sort of a slurpable commemoration of that relationship… we have not put alcohol in it, as of yet, but if we did, it would have to be tequila since it’s a lemonade ice smoothie!

So the band is named after an infamous Prohibition-era speakeasy in Boston. Who in the band would have most likely taken to “rum-running” during the 1920’s dry spell?

Aside from @Cobimike, the whole band is pretty heavy on the moonshine! Who would make the best bathtub gin..? We’d have to say @Sethflute. He’s quite the craftsman.

Other than Sam Adams, what’s the best thing about Boston? Ever party with Matt and Ben? And “pahk the cah in hahvahd yahd,” funny or not?

It’s the only place we know that will thunder during a snowstorm. Gnar! The accents ain’t bad either. Nice work!

Finally, Seth what’s up with that flute?

I make you scoot, scoot, scoot when I toot, toot, toot!


This Wednesday, Oct 12 Billboard Presents Gentlemen Hall with Shinobi Ninja, Hank & Cupcakes, and DJ Tony Martinez. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Admission is FREE with RSVP.

The Roxy at CMJ

We’re packing our bags & heading to NYC next week!

October 20 at Idle Hands Bar in Manhattan with Topspin & Film Buff, we’re hosting a Digital Media Meetup & we want you to come! From 6-9pm, come hang out with digital nerds and tech pros as we geek out over the latest trends and the amazing bands playing the festival.

For all the info on the party & to see us on panels throughout next week click here.

Local on the 8s: Music Behind the Weather

By: Brent X Mendoza

For those who, unfortunately, live outside the sphere of Southern California’s consistently moderate climate conditions, apparently there is a need to know what to wear when getting dressed for one’s day? In these early pre-caffeinated hours of confusion, masses of Americans turn to The Weather Channel and “Local on the 8s” when deciding between a heavy wool sweater and a thin cotton hoodie.

Laying down the ambient downtempo music beds for the guide to your daily climatic grind is frequently the job of North Carolina based electronica mastermind, Matt “Trance” Fury, who has been quietly crafting chilled out mixes for over a decade.

Before tuning in for your next local weather update, read up on the man behind those soothing seasonal songs!

So “Trance” Fury? Seems like a pretty bold moniker for your downtempo style of music?

Actually, I took the name on almost 15 years ago when the “Trance” genre was not really defined the way it is now. I personally interpreted “Trance” as something you could zone out to.

Do you write pieces specifically tailored for The Weather Channel or do you license pre-existing tracks?

Well, yes and no… I took a long break between albums from 2000-2006. So when I finally released “7 Steps to Resolution” in 2006, my goal was to re-introduce my name back into the electronic scene; and I feel like I succeeded quite well.

So then when I released my 2009 album “Mother Earth and Father Time,” I set a goal to get one of my songs on The Weather Channel because I am such a huge fan. So that was my specific inspiration for writing the track “Carolina Shore,” and have been writing tracks used by TWC ever since.

“Local On The 8s” is specific to each cable subscriber’s area. Do they also change the musical selection based on the local weather conditions? Do they ever play “New York City Winter” for an L.A. forecast in August?

I believe that the “Local on the 8s” music is nationwide, as far as I know… I’ve never seen them change songs based on weather conditions, but they do tend to gear tracks to the seasons. That is a good thought!

So to answer your second question: They have not played “New York City Winter” in August as of yet; but you probably heard it last March!

Tell us about “The Other Sides of Trance.”

This album is a two volume remix EP of older tracks. The recording technology has changed so much since I wrote a lot of my older tracks, that I decided to re-record, remix, and re-master a handful of them with the help of guitarist Eddie Easterly and programmer Nick Kisler. It’s called “The Other Sides of Trance” because it’s all about new spins on old tracks- kind of a play on words.

This past July was one of the hottest on record. What does a heat wave sound like?

You’re not kidding! Was it hot in L.A. also? It’s been brutal here in North Carolina, and I haven’t had a chance to escape to the beach much. In fact, I haven’t even sat in the studio much because of the heat… but I would probably interpret a heat wave as a long drone.

Then So Cal’s moderate and consistently warm temperatures must be pretty non-inspiring?

Well I wouldn’t say that! I lived in Orlando for five years, and was constantly inspired. In fact, the track “Hurricane Florida” came out of being there; but I guess you don’t have to worry too much about that in California!

I’m sure I could find something to get inspired by out in L.A. Warm, comfortable nights are some of my favorite inspirational climates!

Thoughts on naming your next track “Roxy Summer,” or “Stars Over Sunset Strip,” or “Nic Adler’s Magic Fedora” anything along these lines? Any other title ideas?

[Laughter] Nic should have a Twitter account just for his hat! I love that thing! I guess I need to take a trip out that way soon to start getting some ideas; and maybe play The Roxy.

I haven’t been out there in 15 years, but I promise when I do, the first round of brews is on me!


You can catch Matt “Trance” Fury’s new track “February (Mid Winter Nights Mix)” running through October on The Weather Channel’s recurring regional forecast report “Local on the 8s.”

Who Says People Don’t Read Anymore?

West Hollywood has a brand spankin’ new state of the art library & the official opening is this weekend. This library features computer & technology areas, a career development center, art & design collection, a teen area, an LGBT area, and more to reflect the diverse community it is in.

October 1 is the kick-off with the 10th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair. The fair runs from 10am-6pm and features best-selling author Jackie Collins alongside the Ryan Cross Jazz Quartet & LA Opera. Residents can sign up for their new library cards and even head to the C-SPAN tent for giveaways. Parking is free for the event & you can get more information here.

Open for The Parlotones

The international sensations The Parlotones are hitting Los Angeles on November 4 and they want you to be the opening act.

Visit & submit your band once a day to be chosen. Have you friends submit, tell them you’re band is the one that needs this amazing opportunity!

The Parlotones have just three full length albums and in that, have sold more albums in South Africa than Coldplay has in the US. (Crazy, right?) As they make their US run, this is sure to be a “catch them when you could” kind of show.

Click below to submit your band or the one you want to see on this show!

Tickets are available now via Ticketweb!

Andrew Bird Composes NORMAN

NORMAN the Movie is coming out in theaters October 21, 2011 and if you’ve seen the trailer, you know it’s going to be nothing short of fantastic. Norman, a high school student pretending to be dying of cancer, has to face his realities in this guaranteed to be a tear-jearker film.

As the movie deals with issues of teen suicide, the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms is a heavy endorser of this movie. TWLOHA began in 2006 to raise awareness about teen suicide through music. Norman the Movie combines these two causes & contains a full original score by Chicago’s Andrew Bird. The first two tracks have just been released and you can listen to them here on Andrew Bird’s Facebook page.

Here’s the trailer for NORMAN to see the music in action:

Q&A with The Knux

By: Brent X Mendoza

Refugees from Hurricane Katrina, brothers Krispy and Joey Lindsey, better known as The Knux, have been calling L.A. their home for the past five years. Now set to release their sophomore effort entitled “Eraser,” the critically acclaimed duo is poised to introduce the world to one of the few truly original sounds to emerge from a long progression of new millennia blasé.

This Sunday, September 25 catch this arena bound band at their record release party as they debut tracks from their new album two days before its release. Until then, catch up with the brothers Krispy and Joey, as they fill us in on all their latest “knucklehead” antics.


Tell us about the new album “Eraser.” How does one avoid the so-called “sophomore slump?”

Krispy: Keep doin’ what the fuck we wanna do! We’re not influenced by the outside world – so we’re not worried about things like that. We’re very different guys coming together, and we have a great balance. We’re able to keep creating progressive pop music without outside constraints.

Joey: Our label Cherry Tree allow us to be very free as Martin (label founder Martin Kierszenbaum) is a fan of us as a whole, and that feels positive.

Looks like there are a number of collaborations on the new record. Besides those artists, who would be your dream collaboration, and what sort of musical direction would the song take?

Krispy: We met Trent Reznor at a Jane’s Addiction listening party and he’s probably one of our biggest influences as a programmer and producer. So Trent would be a highpoint for sure. Now in our late 20’s, we find ourselves going back to what we were influenced by as teenagers; and his music from the 90’s still holds strong to this day.

What was the recording process like working with producer Robert Orton (three-time Grammy Award winning mix engineer)? What did you learn?

Krispy: For someone so accomplished, Rob is a very easy person to work with. Ideas flow smoothly through and from him… He has a process that I really appreciate.

Also working with my bro who’s so scatterbrained, it’s nice to have someone with a mathematical process. I learned so much more about compression and effects- mainly how to use reverbs and delays together in ways I would have never thought about before.

Better song: A) “Beautiful Liar” (Beyoncé/Shakira), B) “Maniac” (Michael Sembello), or C) “The Eraser (Thom Yorke)? And did any of these inspire songs of the same title on the new record?

Joey: None of these records inspired the album, but damn, “The Eraser” is an incredible fucking song! We were just listening to Thom Yorke on my Youtube playlist when we were in Ireland. Benny, our DJ, got depressed.

Everyone has a great story about a night out on Bourbon Street. Anything you’re legally
allowed to share?

Krispy: Too many stories, too many drinks [laughter]…

Joey: Fuckin’ Bourbon Street..! Locals only go to Bourbon to catch tourists slippin’.

Krispy: We’d rather share a story live from THE ROXY this Sunday!


The Knux take the stage here at The Roxy Theatre this Sunday, September 25. Doors open late at 10:30 p.m. Tickets are only $13.50.

Follow Roxy blogger Brent X Mendoza on twitter @brentXmendoza.

Fearless Friends Tour with blessthefall

Fearless records is hitting the road this fall with 5 bands in tow on the Fearless Friends Tour featuring blessthefall, The World Alive, Motionless in White, Tonight Alive, and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Each of the bands hosted their own video announce. Check out blessthefall’s exclusive with

November 10 is the only Los Angeles date and tickets go on sale this Friday via Ticketweb and The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.

Q&A: Kreayshawn

By: Brent X Mendoza

“Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada…” The song’s been in your head for months; and now the YouTube, viral sensation that has been blowing up your computer speakers will be blowing up the PA here at The Roxy Theatre.

That’s right, this Saturday, August 27 we are all very excited to welcome, Kreayshawn and her crew, who will be giving us a little taste of the tracks she’s been painstakingly honing for her first full length release.

But before heading to the show, educate yourself on this L.A. by way of Oakland, future hip-hop mogul, as she discusses her roots, her new record, and even answers a few questions from her fans. Check it…


First off what’s the origin/s of your name? A play on “creation” perhaps?

Yes, right on the ball! I am one creative kitty.

Do you have a release date for your first full length? What can we expect?

I’m working on putting it out this fall and def before the end of the year. It’s going to be a CD touching on a mixture of subjects that I hope everyone will be excited about.

How are you finding the L.A. music scene? How does it differ from Oakland?

In Oakland everything is more connected than out here; In L.A. everything is very mainstream.

With all this controversy that has been following you… don’t you think it’s actually been beneficial, in a “any press is good press” sort of way?

Yeah, it’s always nice to have your name in the tabloids, but I would rather be reading successful stories than negative made up stories.

With the massive success of “Gucci Gucci” are you nervous about having to follow that up? Any feedback from any of the designer labels mentioned in the song?

Yeah we got hit up by Gucci, but as long as we don’t use the logo it’s all good.

I’m not nervous with the follow up because I’ve came out with songs that people like just as much!

Finally, you have some rather unique tattoos including a mixture of Disney characters, food items, and numbers on your knuckles. Care to explain the meanings behind these?

My sailor moon tattoo symbolizes my childhood, the numbers on my knuckles is a play on a telephone, and my Goofy tattoo is for my friend Goofy who died.


Kreayshawn hits The Roxy Theatre with special guests Roach Gigz, and CBG this Saturday, Aug 28. Doors open at 8 p.m.

That’s A Wrap: SSMF 2011

By: Trina Green

If your feet are anywhere near as tired as ours are, chances are you were at the 2011 Sunset Strip Music Festival, Motley Crue edition!

If you can fully wrap your head around the fact that Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Vince Neil, and Tommy Lee have been the face (and hair) of metal and hard rock music for 30 years…whoa, give us a minute, here. Sunset Blvd practically gave birth to the band and it was a hell of a sight to see them as honorees of this year’s SSMF, to see them ‘come home’. Sweet home. Full circle.

Drummer extraordinaire, Tommy Lee, may have been “tripping out” as he stood on the West stage looking out at the massive sea of humanity in the middle of The Strip, but we were just as blown away by the ridiculous rock show that they treated us to, right down (or up, if you’re into defying gravity) to the amazeballz drum rollercoaster and Vince Neil sounded stellar. Was that a red headed Deadmau5 in the passenger seat? Why yes it was! Ninety minutes of loud like “Wild Side, “Dr. Feelgood” and “Saints of Los Angeles”, pyrotechnics, fake blood spew, upside down drummers, glorious guitar solos, and more blonds than Ms. Clairol could handle, all made for a night that reminded us all of that made, and still makes, The Strip so special. Thank you, Crue!

But before and after Motley Crue rocked the boulevard, from The Whisky to The Roxy to The Key Club and the Media Lounge at The Viper Room, there was a TON of other music to absorb which obviously required you to speed walk/run; hence the tired feet. The West stage had the rock vibe going with a lovely Gavin Rossdale, his ponytail, and a reunited Bush, She Wants Revenge, and Black Veil Brides while the East Stage had the party/groove action of Matt & Kim (and many blue balloons), Tribal Seeds, Cobra Starship, and oh yes, that was Chuck D and company aka Public Enemy causing a social-minded ruckus and a rock riot with Scott Ian (Anthrax) slinging his axe on “Bring The Noise”…which they did.

The FM 98.7 Media Lounge once again set up camp at The Viper Room where artist interviews, acoustic sets, and fun fan meet & greets took place with Bush, Semi Precious Weapons, Nikki Sixx, Buckcherry, Purple Melon, Black Veil Brides, Escape the Fate, Matt & Kim, and more. Yay FM 98.7!

One of the best things to happen to the festival could be found on The Roxy stage and his name is Jordan Cook. Cook is no stranger to West Hollywood having had a killer residency at The Viper Room last year, and he brought the full force of his rock ferocity to his first SSMF and left a whole lotta folks in open-mouthed awe. Dancing was not optional with Imagine Dragons, Chappo’s spacey indie funk was a good time, but if your ears desired the “hard stuff”, The Whiskey had everything that you needed with bands like All Hail The Yeti, Key To Chaos, DC4, and Motochrist. Among the three venue stages there was a lot of local love going on as LA’s Warner Drive, Indians, Voxhaul Broadcast, Acidic, Queen Caveat, Kozmonaut, and many more made their hometown proud. A special gold star goes to our Sabrosa Purr who made The Roxy walls sweat with the strut of their slick badassery. And who better to send the SSMF off and out into the ether with Sunset Strip-style than a fabulous Semi Precious Weapons/EMPIRE party at The Roxy complete with the gorgeous girls of Voyeur, Breedlove, Lady Starlight, and hosted by two lovely and talented friends of The Strip: Shane Campbell and Lenora Claire.

There was much to take in; the music to hear on the outdoor stages, the venue stages, the Musicians Institute Live stage, the sights to see along The Strip (if you saw a tree man strolling The Strip, it wasn’t those $5 sake bombs talking) like the Gibson Guitar display, the Jack Daniels Experience, the half naked girl in The Roxy…yeah, even that. Another amazing Sunset Strip Music Fest in the books and on the record of West Hollywood history. We hope that you had even half as much fun as we did because, if you did, then your feet are REALLY tired.

Many thanks to absolutely everyone who had a hand in making the 4th annual Sunset Strip Music Festival a balls to the wall success: artists, sponsors, staff, venues, volunteers, and especially our WeHo neighbors.

Check out the official SSMF Hipstamatic feed featuring photos of the entire festival here.

SSMF: Roxy Picks

We hit up our music guru staff to ask them for their top picks at this weekend’s Sunset Strip Music Festival. If anyone knows, it’s these guys who see at least 4 bands come through almost every single day. Take a look below at some of the faces of the Roxy’s Top SSMF Picks!


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
3:00 Key Club: Indians
3:45 Key Club: Love and a .38
4:30 Key Club: Deluka
5:30 The Roxy: Warner Drive
6:00 West Outdoor Stage: Bush
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
8:15 West Outdoor Stage: Mötley Crüe
10:05 The Whisky: Bolt Action Thrill
10:30 Viper Room: Mickey Avalon
12:00 On The Rox: Metalachi


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
3:10 West Outdoor Stage: She Wants Revenge
3:50 The Roxy: Jordan Cook
4:40 The Roxy: Imagine Dragons
5:10 East Outdoor Stage: Matt & Kim
6:20 The Roxy: The LImousines
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
7:10 The Roxy: Sabrosa Purr
8:50 The Roxy: Chappo
10:00 SilverSpoon: The Silent Disco
10:30 The Roxy: Rye Rye
12:00AM On The Rox: Metalachi


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
2:10 The Roxy: Queen Caveat
3:10 West Outdoor Stage: She Wants Revenge
3:00 The Roxy: letlive
3:45 Key Club: Love & A .38
3:50 West Outdoor Stage: Dirtyheads
5:10 East Outdoor Stage: Matt & Kim
5:30 The Roxy: Warner Drive
6:00 The Whisky: All Hail The Yeti
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
7:10 The Roxy: Sabrosa Purr
8:15 West Outdoor Stage: Motley Crue
8:50 The Roxy: Chappo
10:00 Key Club: Them Jeans
10:30 The Roxy: Semi Precious Weapons’ EMPIRE/Rye Rye

Plan your Sunset Strip Music Festival with this handy schedule right here!

SSMF Profiles: Buckcherry

By: Brent X Mendoza

Before heading back out on the road to headline the Rock Allegiance Tour along with Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, and POD, Buckcherry will be making a stop at home and visiting our very own Roxy Theatre to pay their respects to The Sunset Strip as one of the featured bands at this year’s music festival.

Phoning us from the road before a benefit show in New York City, front man Josh Todd brought us up-to-date with the band’s latest whereabouts and shared with us his recollections of coming up as a young band on The Sunset Strip, his first show at The Roxy, and his number one sex tip for Buckcherry fans.


So this upcoming show at The Roxy, what can we expect? Debuting any new material?

No, I mean debuting new material with the internet now is not really a good idea [laughter]… We’re not even really at that stage right now where we have new material worked out that’s presentable to the public; we’re still in the embryonic phase of the songwriting process; and we have five records, so we have a lot of songs that we already can’t make it all the way through.

But we have a nice set worked out; we’ve been on the road for over a year, and I think things are going to go off at The Roxy.

Growing up in So Cal, how does it feel to be part of such a historic event like The Sunset Music Festival? What does it mean to you?

It’s cool ya know… I mean it’s our heritage; that’s where we came up on The Sunset Strip.

When I graduated high school, all the first club shows I ever saw were up there; and that’s when The Strip was still at the tail end of the whole hair band thing; so it was just insane up there, and unless you were there to witness it… it was quite a scene!

I was glad to be a part of it for a little while and to actually come up out of it and still be doing what we do is awesome. So we’re excited! We haven’t had a show in Hollywood in a long time, so it’s going to be good.

Do you remember your first show at The Roxy?

I do! I remember I was in a band called Slamhound, and I don’t know if it was the first time, but we played a sold out show up there opening up for Pretty Boy Floyd and that was really nuts!

I think around that time, or shortly after that… we’d only been a band, or only playing out for like 6 months, and we got on the cover of Rock City News; and we just thought that we had arrived at that point!

It’s funny ya know, looking back at how green we were, and naïve… but we were on a mission ya know? We were hungry; we were animals, and we just wanted to crush that place.

A couple bands you’ve worked with before Mötley Crüe and Escape The Fate are also going to be a part of the festival. Any plans to jump on stage and jam at all?

I dunno… They’re playing the following day that we are, and we have a lot of stuff going on; a lot of press going on, and we’ve been touring… so ya know, my time at home is really precious and I’m going to be with my family as much as I can when I’m not on stage or doing press.

So I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it out, but I love both those guys and we had a fun time writing songs; and I think we’re going to hopefully hook up in the future and write some more.

Maybe the next Buckcherry record?

Maybe the next Escape The Fate record [laughter]

You were speaking before about the hair metal scene back in the day; how do you think the scene in Hollywood, on The Sunset Strip has changed since your younger days? Do you relate to what’s currently going on? What new local bands are you into?

I mean it’s a different place now… it’s just not a controlled market like it used to be, so there aren’t these big movements of music because you can just log on and basically access any genre, any kind of music you want. So it’s much different then when I was coming up.

I do like a lot of new bands… One band I’m really into right now is Rival Sons. I think they’re really great and I’ve been listening to them a lot.

So how are you guys utilizing the internet and the changing marketplace?

Well we’ve just really been trying to get more intimate with our fans through Twitter, and Facebook, and all that kind of stuff… and incorporate everybody into what we are doing; which is kind of the way we rolled out our record “15.”

Ya know, Myspace was really big at that time, and the fans kind of dictated the pace of that record, and what songs were going to popular. And I think that’s what’s cool about the internet; it’s not as expensive to market a record, which is good, but you’re also not selling any records… So it kind of balances itself out.

Finally, your bass player Jimmy was one of the contributors to this book: Sex Tips from Rock Stars. Do you have any tips for any Buckcherry fans that maybe find their way backstage?

I only have one tip – always wear a bag! That’s it. That’s my tip!


Buckcherry plays this Thursday, Aug 19 along with Taddy Porter and Dead Sara. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are SOLD OUT.