Q&A with Vintage Trouble

By: @brentXmendoza

This New Year’s Eve youthful revelers and seasoned troublemakers alike will be counting down the final moments of 2012 with the throwback sounds of L.A.’s own Vintage Trouble as the soundtrack to their midnight kiss. Currently on a North American tour with The Who, the band’s genre defying, soulful pizzaz has put the Laurel Canyon based quartet on an unheard of trajectory to stardom, that has landed them in front of stadium size crowds only two short years after first coming together.

Before tipping back your plastic Champagne flutes this NYE, get the full tilt tale from VT guitarist Nalle Colt and drummer Richard Danielson, as they share their whirlwind journey that’s taken them from zero to touring around the world with the likes of Bon Jovi and Brian May (Queen), and even playing Paul Stanley’s 60th birthday party!

Having such a unique sound, have you found it at all challenging getting paired with like sounding bands for shows? Any particularly bad experiences, as far as mismatched billing is concerned?

Colt: Not really… we have been supporting lots of different acts this year from The Cranberries, Lenny Kravitz, The Bangles, KISS and now of course The Who. All of them have a very different crowd and sound, and thus far our sound has worked with them all!

Danielson: We played a festival last year in England called Sonisphere. It’s basically a metal festival and the “Big Four” (I guess they are called…) were the headliners. So it was pretty much a metal festival with a few other tidbits thrown in; but we ended up picking up so many new fans from this experience. So I think this says something about the U.K. listener—they tend to enjoy many genres of music, with multi-faceted tastes and ears.

The band almost immediately after forming took off for Europe in hopes of building an initial buzz. In your opinion, why is it that certain bands/genres fair better across the pond and have to “catch on” in Europe before they get noticed in The States?

Danielson: Perhaps Europe is sexy in the eyes of us Americans, much in the way that the U.S. is sexy in the eyes of a lot of Europeans. But it is a smaller place, so it’s easier to infiltrate perhaps. I am of the opinion that the American attention span has waned a bit as well… Radio and pop culture as a whole has really been dumbed down in the last decade. One gets a sense of this by traveling the world and seeing how other countries and cultures are fairing. There are some great things going on in Europe, both musically and artistically.

Touring with The Who, Bon Jovi, Brian May… What’s been your most surreal experience thus far? Who were you most excited to meet?

Colt: Our first show with Bon Jovi was pretty surreal. To walk on that first stadium show with about 65,000 people in front of you is an amazing feeling! I was most excited to meet Pete Townshend of course!

Who will you be kissing at midnight this New Year’s Eve?

Colt: Probably whoever in my band will have me, since I will be on stage with them during the midnight countdown at the World Famous Roxy Theatre!

Women or booze, which generally leads to more “trouble?”

Danielson: Booze can lead to woman… but women are always going to lead you to booze at some point!

Please share with us your most memorable New Year’s Eve story.

Danielson: Well I have yet to cement The Roxy in my mind at this point, so I’d have to say Naples, Italy… Best fireworks show I’ve ever seen, and coolest outdoor NYE party ever!

Tickets for NYE with Vintage Trouble, Sy Smith, and DJ Jeremy Sole are available now including VIP and drink options!

NYE: Battle Love Royale

Battle Love Royale with Semi Precious Weapons vs. Warner Drive on New Year’s Eve!

2011 was by far the year of Semi Precious Weapons & Warner Drive at The Roxy and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend New Year’s Eve than a showdown with the ultimate Sunset Strip crew.

Semi Precious Weapons weighing in at 4 members, these guys aren’t afraid to get in your face and blind you with glitter and filth. Their dirty glam style has won over the hearts of a worldwide audience, including the ultimate sensation Lady Gaga. Semi Precious Weapons will knock your musical expectations out the water and do it in multi-pattern cargo pants and custom Stuart Weitzman’s.

Warner Drive weighs in at 5 members, 4 guys and 1 girl that will tear apart your punk rock dreams. These rockers will kick their dirty, 10 year old Chuck Taylor’s higher than you’ve ever seen and wipe the floor with their sweaty bandanas. Following the reigns of bands like CKY, Warner Drive are the next rock & roll super stars.

Also participating in the event’s festivities:

Beta Wolf


Benvenue – Be Your Own by theroxytheatre

Open Air Stereo

Open Air Stereo – It’s Too Late by theroxytheatre

Tickets are on sale now with VIP options! VIP includes a custom NYE mystery party pack and you must be 21+ to purchase the VIP tickets.


Are You Ready to Dance?!

MTV is heading here the weekend before Halloween to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Dance Party Ever!

You may recall last year we had a heavy hand in breaking the Guinness World Record for the most people ever to do to the Time Warp and we couldn’t resist getting our hands in another one this year.

The O Music Awards (MTV’s online Music Awards) are the people putting it all together in celebration of the Awards Show on October 29. While all the dance party participants have already been selected, you’ll be able to watch the whole event streamed on The O Music Awards site & here, too! Proceeds will go to help LGBT youth issues.

Get ready to hear a lot more about it this month from us & them online & in the meantime – vote for your faves in the O Music Awards!

Q&A with The Knux

By: Brent X Mendoza

Refugees from Hurricane Katrina, brothers Krispy and Joey Lindsey, better known as The Knux, have been calling L.A. their home for the past five years. Now set to release their sophomore effort entitled “Eraser,” the critically acclaimed duo is poised to introduce the world to one of the few truly original sounds to emerge from a long progression of new millennia blasé.

This Sunday, September 25 catch this arena bound band at their record release party as they debut tracks from their new album two days before its release. Until then, catch up with the brothers Krispy and Joey, as they fill us in on all their latest “knucklehead” antics.


Tell us about the new album “Eraser.” How does one avoid the so-called “sophomore slump?”

Krispy: Keep doin’ what the fuck we wanna do! We’re not influenced by the outside world – so we’re not worried about things like that. We’re very different guys coming together, and we have a great balance. We’re able to keep creating progressive pop music without outside constraints.

Joey: Our label Cherry Tree allow us to be very free as Martin (label founder Martin Kierszenbaum) is a fan of us as a whole, and that feels positive.

Looks like there are a number of collaborations on the new record. Besides those artists, who would be your dream collaboration, and what sort of musical direction would the song take?

Krispy: We met Trent Reznor at a Jane’s Addiction listening party and he’s probably one of our biggest influences as a programmer and producer. So Trent would be a highpoint for sure. Now in our late 20’s, we find ourselves going back to what we were influenced by as teenagers; and his music from the 90’s still holds strong to this day.

What was the recording process like working with producer Robert Orton (three-time Grammy Award winning mix engineer)? What did you learn?

Krispy: For someone so accomplished, Rob is a very easy person to work with. Ideas flow smoothly through and from him… He has a process that I really appreciate.

Also working with my bro who’s so scatterbrained, it’s nice to have someone with a mathematical process. I learned so much more about compression and effects- mainly how to use reverbs and delays together in ways I would have never thought about before.

Better song: A) “Beautiful Liar” (Beyoncé/Shakira), B) “Maniac” (Michael Sembello), or C) “The Eraser (Thom Yorke)? And did any of these inspire songs of the same title on the new record?

Joey: None of these records inspired the album, but damn, “The Eraser” is an incredible fucking song! We were just listening to Thom Yorke on my Youtube playlist when we were in Ireland. Benny, our DJ, got depressed.

Everyone has a great story about a night out on Bourbon Street. Anything you’re legally
allowed to share?

Krispy: Too many stories, too many drinks [laughter]…

Joey: Fuckin’ Bourbon Street..! Locals only go to Bourbon to catch tourists slippin’.

Krispy: We’d rather share a story live from THE ROXY this Sunday!


The Knux take the stage here at The Roxy Theatre this Sunday, September 25. Doors open late at 10:30 p.m. Tickets are only $13.50.

Follow Roxy blogger Brent X Mendoza on twitter @brentXmendoza.

Check your Clock(wise) – It’s Time For Andy

Aussie import Andy Clockwise headlines The Roxy this Thursday for the September KROQ Locals Only Showcase!

Andy’s latest album “The Socialite” is receiving rave reviews & we’ve made it easy for you to hear the soul inspired rock & roll tracks. Check it out below:

ANDY CLOCKWISE – The Socialite by andyclockwise

Opening the night:
Useless Keys (Dangerbird Records)

Queen Caveat
What Built Me by Queen Caveat

Lovers Drugs
Drift Off by Lovers Drugs

Tickets are available now via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.

Fearless Friends Tour with blessthefall

Fearless records is hitting the road this fall with 5 bands in tow on the Fearless Friends Tour featuring blessthefall, The World Alive, Motionless in White, Tonight Alive, and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Each of the bands hosted their own video announce. Check out blessthefall’s exclusive with CraveOnline.com

November 10 is the only Los Angeles date and tickets go on sale this Friday via Ticketweb and The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.

SSMF Profiles: Holland Greco

By: Brent X Mendoza

Photo: Dalen Muster

Pop bliss princess and ukulele enthusiast Holland Greco has voiced songs for numerous hit TV shows and films including original arrangements for “The Looney Tunes Show” and “Scooby Doo.”

When she’s not penning tracks for song placement, she can be found performing with any number of musical projects, the newest of which, The Stripminers, a collaboration with Brett Anderson of The Donnas.

Catch Ms. Greco in her solo incarnation next Friday, August 19 as she performs under the stars on The Sunset Strip as part of the festivities for SSMF week.


First off, Holland Greco… great name! Family name, stage name, is there a story behind it?

Thank you! It’s my middle name and last name.

What other Sunset Strip Music Festival bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing?

Well, I really like The Veronicas. Those girls can sing, write, and play some seriously great pop songs. I also like Melissa Villasenor. I’m an America’s Got Talent watcher and she was good on that. Of course I’m looking forward to Mötley Crüe, the SSMF atmosphere, festival food, and hanging out at The Roxy!

Why the ukulele as your primary stage instrument of choice? How long have you been playing the uke? Who taught you?

The uke happened by accident. The truth is that in 2006 I was asked to play it in another band. One of the band leaders drew pictures of the two chords I was supposed to play. I learned those, and that was the beginning. After that, I taught myself to play by using chord charts.

I also play some keys, guitar, and other random bits.

Noticed your musical contributions to “Looney Tunes” and “Scooby Doo,” that must have been a bit surreal? Any other classic/icon cartoons you would love to write music for? Also, working with children’s entertainment, were you subject to a morality clause in your contract?

I really love working in animation and children’s entertainment!

I would love to voice a cartoon character or sing more for cartoons/kids shows. Any of ‘em!

The Looney Tunes Show hired me as a vocalist. I didn’t write “Yellow Bird,” but I’m thrilled to have been the voice on that. “Merrie Melodies” are classic! I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve done recently. (Listen here.)

Same with “Getaway Yeah” for Scooby Doo. That was a vocal job only, and it happened a few years ago. (More than 85 thousand views!)

I was not subject to a morality clause. Lol. Morality is so subjective… I wonder what something like that would say? If someone asked me to sign a morality clause, I imagine it would have to be a huge job for me to be ok with it, just because freedom and privacy is so valuable; but I could handle it!

You have several musicals listed on your résumé (Lovelace: A Rock Opera and Ed Wood Monsters of Hollywood: Vampira), who would you say you relate to more Linda Lovelace or Vampira?

Haha….. Vampira definitely! I like her exaggerated monster-movie-loving character. She was ahead of her time, very glam, and The Misfits wrote a song about her, which my trio covers!!!

Tell us about “Tunnel Vision?” Care to explain the origins of the title? Also what other TV/flim/soundtrack/acting projects do you currently have in works?

Tunnel Vision is my first solo record, and is available at all the digital outlets. There are some really cool recordings on there. I encourage everyone to check it out, listen to it, and buy it too!

It’s funny that you would ask about the title. I am blessed to have some great mentors in my life, and Gail Zappa is one of them. She has a gift for words and titles. She suggested that I start a blog called “Holland’s Tunnel Vision,” which I thought was a great title. In addition to that, the lyrics on “Tunnel Vision” are very much about desire so strong that you can’t see anything else. Just convincing, striving, obsessing… going after what you want… it also took that kind of force to write and record the album. So all those things worked together to make “Tunnel Vision” the perfect description of the work.

New and upcoming..? I have a stash of demo recordings that are getting sorted through and shined up. We’re putting them in categories because I record soul-style songs, dance songs, folk songs, and novelty stuff. In a couple of years from now, I’ll probably have a number of other five song albums out in totally different styles. Variety pleases me!

Speaking of variety, I play a number of instruments in The Stripminers. They are a new and very special band that you will be hearing more about.


Holland Greco will be performing as part of SSMF week along with The Roxy’s own Megan Jacobs, The Mowglis, Of Verona, and Goodnight Noises this Friday, August 19 at the Jack Daniels Experience Outdoor Acoustic Stage. Performances kick off at 6 p.m. 21+ only. 8950 Sunset Strip.


If you follow The Roxy online, you know how much we love questions. For this round, we’re putting them in your hands! Scheduled for next week, we have an exclusive interview with the utterly cool Kreayshawn for her sold out August 27 show and we want you to submit the questions!

Tweet your questions @TheRoxy with #AskKREAY, post them on our Facebook page, or email them to theroxy@mac.com.

We want to know what you want to know about the hottest thing to come out of Oakland this year. Send them in & maybe she’ll be answering you!

SSMF Profiles: The Limousines

By: Brent X Mendoza

Bay Area based electronic duo The Limousines have been building serious buzz in the four short years since their formation. Comprised of multi-instrumentalist/producer Giovanni Giusti and songwriter/vocalist Eric Victorino, the pair began collaborating on tracks through email correspondence, constructing several of their first songs without ever having met face-to-face.

Now signed to Silverlake’s Dangerbird Records, whose discerning roster includes Silversun Pickups, Fitz and The Tantrums, and Hot Hot Heat, the band is poised to expand their electro empire beginning with a highly anticipated showcase at this year’s Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Staying true to form, frontman Eric Victorino spoke to The Roxy via email to challenge the popular conception that “drum machines have no soul.”

What’s the most exciting/shocking/strangest/craziest thing you’ve done in a limousine?

I’ve never been in a limousine. What’s it like? Is it like, totally super crazy?

For those that don’t know, could you describe your songwriting process (or at least what the process has been like thus far)? How has this unorthodox style of collaboration influenced the music?

We don’t have guitar players, or drummers, or bass players to argue with so our process is unusually respectful and collaborative.

You’ve played alongside some pretty big acts? Who were you most excited to share billing with? Any surreal and/or star-struck moments?

Seeing your name on the same poster as a band you’ve grown up listening to is pretty cool; lots of people being at the show is fun too; but you rarely meet the bands you open for, much less have any meaningful conversations or surreal moments in which to be star-struck. I try not to meet people I admire anyway because they’re just regular people and they never live up to the expectations I set for them in my mind.

Man vs. technology seems to be a running lyrical theme throughout your work. Is this an outgrowth of being an electro band? Do drum machines have souls?

I’ve never played an instrument on stage, so nothing is different for me in The Limousines than it’s been in my past bands… Just less shit on stage to trip over and less guys to bump into. Humans vs. tech is an unavoidable theme in music, and books, and movies, and art these days. Lucky for us, they haven’t made a computer program that’ll write good songs; so we’ve still got work to do.

Whether we make noises with things made out of wood, or metal, or plastic, or microchips doesn’t matter to us. There are always going to be people who feel like a band is cheating somehow if they use anything but traditional instruments. Conversely, there are always going to be bands like us who tell those people to go fuck themselves.

What are you currently working on? What do we have to look forward to in the second half of 2011?

I think right now we’re pretty much working on figuring out what the hell we’re doing wrapped up in this silly business. We love to make music, so we’ll keep doing that. As for hopes and dreams for the rest of the year, whatever…


The Limousines – Get Sharp by TheLimousines

The Limousines play The Roxy’s stage during the Sunset Strip Music Festival street fest on August 20. For more information on the festival visit SSMF.com

5 Questions with Trapt

By: Brent X Mendoza

Saturday, July 16 catch platinum selling powerhouse Trapt as they headline The Roxy Theatre.

Touring with their latest record No Apologies, the band is showing their dedication and appreciation to their fans: allowing them to vote and pick their favorite song for release as a single, as well as collaging photos of their “biggest fans” for the cover art.

Before their big show this weekend, frontman Chris Taylor Brown took some time out from playing with fireworks to speak with The Roxy about why they’re doing it all for the fans. Here’s what he had to say…

Want to tell us a little about the cover art for your latest record No Apologies? Where did the idea come from? How did that all came about?

We have always wanted our fans to be a part of everything we do. We were thinking of album covers, and thought it would be a great idea to have our fans send in pictures and have the cover made up of pics of all our biggest fans. We wanted it to be a memento that they could always have reminding them that they are the reason that we exist.

In the song “Sound Off” who/what exactly are you sounding off about?

2009 was a hard year for everyone, and I thought that some of the things our government was doing to help the situation was only hurting. It seemed that people didn’t want to talk about it or even think about what was going on. Later that year, when I was writing the music for “Sound Off,” I thought about those people who would rather not participate in the direction our country was going, and the hook just came out. I know people get angry about certain things, but to open up and say something about it to the world is a different story.

Who would you rather be “trapped” in an elevator with: Chris Tucker (actor/comedian), Taylor Hicks (American Idol), or the other Chris Brown (R&B singer)?

Oh Chris Brown of course! Hahaha…

Your anthem “Headstrong” has been used for TV shows, videogames, and all kinds of sporting events? What’s the strangest or most amusing place you’ve heard your music pop up?

Well the strangest story had to be the one about a couple soldiers kicking a door down, busting into an Iraqi house and hearing “Headstrong” blazing in the background on a satellite TV. I obviously was not there, but heard the story from a few fans. It’s crazy how music transcends boundary lines and cultures like that.

How did the band celebrate this past July 4th?

With a lot of drinking and fireworkin’!!!


Trapt takes the stage this Saturday, July 16 along with Abused Romance, Boy Hits Car, and Otherwise. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Get a free download from Trapt here.

Collaboration Beer Garden

Summer is alive & well on The Sunset Strip and Saturday, July 9, we kick off the first Collaboration Craft Beer Garden in the lot across the street from The Roxy!

ColLAboration will present the event every Saturday in July. These guys are featured award winning members of LA’s craft beer industry. These gardens will create an amazing community event that has yet to be tapped on The Sunset Strip.

The event is 21+ and there is a $10 admission/ColLAboration membership fee. Beers range from $5-$6 and tickets can be purchased here. There will be street parking & lots open. The lot is at the corner of Hammond & Sunset between the 9000 building & the Hustler store.

Click here to RSVP.

Record Swap on The Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip is hosting a record swap! If you’ve been around for a while, you probably remember when they were here back in the day. If not – the legendary Tower Records lot will now become a hub for music again.

There will be over 40 collectors alongside Record Collector News, KLOS, and The Sunset Strip with over 100,000 records to purchase!

Tickets are $15 for early entry from 12pm-2, or $10 with a canned food item. Entrance is free after 2 p.m. and the event wil run til 7pm.

July 9, 2011
LIVE! on Sunset
8801 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA

For more information, call 818-308-4695.

Gettin’ Funky with Nikka

Nikka Costa is back at The Roxy June 23 and she is ready to make you shake your groove thang!

Her latest album Pro-Whoa! just came out June 21 so she’ll be breaking out all the hits and brand spankin’ new songs at this show. This highly anticipated new EP features the traditional Nikka funk we all know and love but adds a new pop sound that will have you singing “Nylons in a rip” for days.

Pro Whoa! can be streamed on Nikka’s Facebook page here

Come prepared, if you’ve seen her here before, you know things get sweaty and that’s how we like it!

Opening for Nikka is rock-pop LA band Capra and the soul inspired Allen Stone.

From now until the show, buy 5 or more tickets from The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457 and get a limited edition Nikka poster FREE!

For more information on the show click here.

Sunset Strip Music Fest 2011

The Sunset Strip Music Festival is officially rolling out August 18-20, 2011 and here we have the official lineup just for you!


House of Blues

Tribute to Mötley Crüe

Key Club

Uriah Heep

Neon Max
Oh So Wild

Viper Room

The Veronicas

The Tender Box
Run Run Run

Whisky A Go-Go

The Faceless


The Roxy


Key Club


Whisky A Go-Go

Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors

Zen Rising
Kathryn Gallagher

Viper Room

Eli James

Taylor Locke & The Roughs
Lady Sinatra



Mötley Crüe


Matt & Kim

Public Enemy

Cobra Starship

The Dirty Heads

Escape The Fate

She Wants Revenge

Tribal Seeds

Black Veil Brides


The Roxy Theatre

Kill The Complex
Queen Caveat
Sabrosa Purr
Jordan Cook
Imagine Dragons
The Limousines
The Expanders
Warner Drive
Semi Precious Weapons‘ Empire with Special Guests

Key Club

Voxhaul Broadcast
Pigeon John
Youngblood Hawke
Vampires Everywhere!
Felix Cartal
Harvard Bass

Whisky A Go-Go

Motorcycle Boy
All Hail The Yeti
Dylan Nash
Haunted By Heroes
School of Rock
Blowing Up The Moon
The Lost Patrol
Romantic Torture
Whiskey Six
Bolt Action Thrill
Key To Chaos
Divinity Roxx & special celebrity guests
Whisky A Go-Go Girls
Betty Moon
Black Vinyl

More bands still to be added so keep checking back for updates to the lineup!

Visit SSMF.com for more information on the 4th Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival

Get Interactive at Honor Society

Honor Society fans, have we got treats for you!

First of all, how excited are you for the 6/12 show!? We know, you’re probably screaming your head off already but try to contain to take in the info we’re about to give you!

We’re going to let you be the DJ & we’re giving you the chance to win a signed tee at the show!

You can be the DJ by using PlayMySong on your iPhone. Download the app and sign in through with Facebook. When you get here, you can select “The Roxy” from locations, browse our playlist, and play the songs you want to hear between bands! You can post the song you’re playing to your Facebook/Twitter and tell all your friends. Come prepared, we want to hear what you got!

To win the signed shirt, all you have to do is share your show photos with us through LiveShare by Cooliris! Download the App “LiveShare” on your iPhone, Android, or Windows 7 phone. Find the “Honor Society Fan Photos” stream & add your photos to it! The photo with the most likes at the end of the night will win an Honor Society shirt singed by the band! Get all the info on our Facebook page

Get your phones ready to get involved at this 3rd stop of Honor Society‘s Wherever You Are Tour 2011!

Cinco de Metal

Photo courtesy of Colin Young-Wolff Photography

Get ready for Cinco de Mayo with the totally amazing Metalachi! These guys are right out of North Hollywood and do classic metal songs in true Mariachi fashion. You’ll hear “Breaking the Law”, “Crazy Train”, and be screaming along to “Run To The Hills” before you know it. Not to be forgotten are the awesomely bad Mariachi meets metal/punk gear they rock at every show.

Check out this Roxy exclusive video of Metalachi covering Led Zeppelin

The night will be brought to you by 901 Tequila, LA Weekly, and The Flying Pig Food Truck! You can even catch the band on the KTLA morning news on April 29 and on the radio with Carson Daly on AMP FM on May 5 between 7-10am.

Tickets are on sale now for on Ticketweb or on The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457!

4/20 Bananabeat Giveaway

Here’s the deal, California’s favorite holiday 4/20 is right around the corner and we’re celebrating with Shwayze and Cisco Adler & The Pigeons! The Bananajam will also feature special guests Mod Sun, Chris Young the Rapper, and Nikko Gray.

We want you to have the best time ever so us & Bananabeat Records are giving you a chance to get totally hooked up for the show!

If you’re the grand prize winner, here’s what you’ll WIN:

-VIP table for you + 7 of your friends
-Swag from Bananabeat, Shwazye, The Pigeons, Chris Young & The Roxy
-You get to choose 3 songs that Shwazye or The Pigeons have to play!

AND as an added bonus, for every 10 retweets you get (per tweet up to Friday, April 15), we’ll give you 1 free ticket to the show!

If you don’t win the full prize, the 2nd & 3rd runner-ups will still get Bananabeat swag and tickets for your retweets.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Fill out this form here!
2. We’ll send you your own trackable link and hashtag for the contest.
3. SPREAD THE WORD. The person with the most clicks and retweets wins!
4. Enjoy the show!

Tickets for this awesome show are available through The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457 or online via Ticketweb here.


ROCK, RIOT, AND RIP IT UP! Barb Wire Dolls are coming to the Sunset Strip and taking up a March residency at the Roxy’s V.I.P lounge, On the Rox. Barb Wire Dolls consist of the appropriately named Queen Isis on vocals, Tas Doll on guitar, voodoo Doll on bass and Greg Doll on drums. The girl-fronted street rock band described as a “girl-fronted Green Day” rocked the strip as the first Greek rock band to play in America back in December at their sold out show at the Roxy, and have since decided to go through with a residency playing every Thursday at On The Rox this March. They’ve gotten nonstop play on the airwaves on the World Famous KROQ thanks to infamous KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, who heard of the band a few weeks prior to their U.S arrival and started spinning their demo on his show “Rodney on the Roq”. Since then, their song “California” has received wide attention and has become a hit among the airwaves, they’ve signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell (the first for any Greek artist), released an EP, and initiated their new touring van they’ve named “Varbie” to hit LA and take on the town by storm.

Influenced by The Early Punk and new wave scenes including the Sex Pistols, Ramones, Blondie, The Clash, and The Slits, the band describes their style as straight from the street, simple, balls-to-the-wall rock and roll. The band promises to deliver something fresh, new, and vital, and with the help of their growing legion of fans known as the “Street Generation” they’re ready to rock, riot, and rip up the punk rock scene one show and one town at a time, starting with the bright lights of Los Angeles. Barb Wire Dolls feel that music they’ve created is meant to stir up and inspire, and they’re ready to give their new U.S. fans all they got and take their punk rock gospel across the country proclaiming: “The revolution has begun, so what the hell are you gonna do?” You can start by checking out their 6 song EP “Punk the Fussies!” available now on iTunes! You can also download four songs for free now on Barbwiredolls.com, and also stream and download the same songs via Soundcloud.
The Barb Wire Dolls will be playing at On The Rox every Thursday in March! 9:30 pm, with a special guest performer after! $5 cover.

For more information and tour dates, go to www.barbwiredolls.com, and check out the Roxy calendar for more info at www.theroxyonsunset.com.

SSMF 2011

The Sunset Strip Music Festival is back in action for the fourth year in a row! Get ready to spend August 18, 19, & 20 on The Sunset Strip. This year will bring some of the hottest acts and your favorite artists that have always ruled The Strip.

Thursday, August 18, the festival kicks off with an event honoring a Sunset Strip icon. Previous icons include Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, and Lou Adler, Mario Maglieri & Elmer Valentine.

Friday, August 19, the party kicks off at all the clubs including here, The Key Club, The Viper Room, House of Blues Sunset, The Cat Club, and The Whisky A-Go-Go.

Saturday, August 20, is the street festival! The day where everyone comes together in one place to rock out all day long to all different kinds of music. There will be VIP lounges, a beer garden, multiple stages, and some of the most fun you’ll have all summer.

Save the date and get ready for the party of the year on The Sunset Strip!

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By: Brent X Mendoza

Shortly returning to The Roxy Theatre for what’s looking to be a second sold out show, London darlings The Duke Spirit are poised for the U.S. release of their highly anticipated third album, Bruiser. Currently winding down a tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, guitarist Toby Butler and front woman Liela Moss were kind enough to speak with The Roxy from the road about all things Duke Spirit. Here’s what their Blackberrys had to say…

What exactly is The Duke Spirit?

Toby: It’s a band, I think. It’s also a collective of fine perfumery and medicine archivists.

The core of the band met at art school. How did your study of fine art and photography influence the band’s music/art?

Toby: It’s important to be interested in many things. David Lean, Gustav Klimt, Steve Gullick, all have “the duke spirit.”

Legendary producer Flood (U2, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins) recorded the band’s debut record. What did you learn from his process? How did he help shape the band’s early sound?

Toby: We learned that having a scary name is important in rock and roll.

The new album Bruiser was recorded in both L.A. and London. How did the ambience/backdrop of the two cities influence the mood of the record?

Toby: London is our home, so it’s where the ideas brew and the leaves fall; where we add just enough milk. L.A. is where the caffeine kicks in!

Liela, what contemporary female front women do you consider your peers?

Liela: I admire Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Alison Mosshart (The Kills, The Dead Weather), and Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) for sure. But of course, I still continue to look to older, wiser, and wonderful women such as Patti Smith, Lucinda Williams and Bjork for inspiration.

The band is often categorized/classified as “indie.” Does the term “indie”, as far as a genre, hold any actual meaning? What singular adjective would you use to describe the band?

Toby: The term “indie” means absolutely nothing to me. I don’t really know how it describes the music. As a descriptive term it’s pretty wet… unless it actually refers to Indiana Jones, then I’m actually way more into it.

The band has changed labels several times throughout its career. What lessons have been learned?

Toby: We’ve learned to keep jumping ship. Never let them pin you down! Actually, it’s about finding the right people to dance with; the people that know and like the same moves. I think we’re getting there now.

This is the band’s second time playing The Roxy Theatre. What is it about the club that keeps the band returning?

Toby: It’s like a sweet stray dog that we love to welcome into our home from time to time.
Liela: Well, we had one fabulous show there where the energy was intense and the excitement palpable, so when the Roxy guys asked us back, there was really no reason to turn it down.

KCRW presents The Duke Spirit with special guests Crash Kings and Free Lions on Thursday, Dec 30. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $23.50.

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