A Quickie With Jeffree Star

By: Brent X Mendoza

This Wednesday, Nov 10 social trendsetter and glam-fab icon Jeffree Star brings “The Fresh Meat Tour” to The Roxy Theatre stage. Showcasing tracks from his debut full length, the gorgeous “Beauty Killer” is poised to raise eyebrows and raise hell. Get to know the man behind the mascara…

You came to notoriety as a sort of MySpace celebrity; how have you expanded on your internet empire? What’s the future of social networking? How do you stay relevant?

As MySpace has slowly crashed and burned since 2009, I’ve noticed that most of the “MySpace celebrities” have disappeared off the face of Earth… I don’t think I was ever in that category because I have a lot more going for me then just being an “online” presence. When MySpace was at its peak, I started playing live shows around the United States, I started my clothing line in Hot Topic stores across America and I had an EP on iTunes that made me a lot of money. Now we’re in 2010, where my Facebook page has already had half a million “Likes” and my twitter is growing just as fast. My fans haven’t gone anywhere, and I’m gaining new ones every day, so I’m blessed that I’m interesting enough and making music that people enjoy. I think being creative and being myself has always made me stay relevant.

Last year you did some dates on The Warped Tour. Were you embraced by the punk rock crowd and other bands on the tour?

In 2009 I played Warped Tour to HUGE crowds… I didn’t play this year because it was time to take a break from that world and focus on my next big move in my music career. But honestly, I think people were shocked at how well I did on that tour… what does “punk” even mean anymore? I punched guys in the face and tasered someone to the floor for throwing water at me… am I punk?? I think everyone assumes the “fag” isn’t gonna stick up for himself but when I did, the respect meter went up to a 10. Some bands will never like me because they think I’m this big pink dramatic monster and that’s fine. I’m not for everyone. It was good to be the only person that f***s guys on that tour and take a stand, show I had staying power.

Who is your dream duet partner?

I’m from Orange County, CA and the girl that put us on the map is Gwen Stefani. I’d LOVE to work with her and have her sing on one of my songs… maybe she will? I’ll get my answer soon!

Anyone in the constant spotlight gets some amount of backlash or negative attention. Any awesomely good hate mail or confrontations lately?

Usually I can name 20 fist fights and everyone I hate but I’ve been so busy working on my new album and flying everywhere for events and media stuff that I haven’t had time to catch my breath and call anyone out lately… maybe my positive energy has affected me in a good way because everything has been “looking up” since I got rid of all the sycophants in my life.

You grew up as a club kid in Hollywood. Where did you hang out when you first started going to shows? Where does the “Queen of the Club Scene” hang out now?

I hate that term “club kid” because I had nothing to do with that scene. I was just a 17 year old with a fake ID sipping on water at Spider Club while Paris Hilton danced on tables, HAHA! I always went to The Roxy, Key Club and Whisky to see shows, and I still do. Live music is my favorite thing in the world… nowadays I go to Here Lounge, The Abbey and Mr. Blacks to hang with all the freaks so I can feel right at home.

Who’s currently on your shitlist?
Anyone who doesn’t believe in me. Kill yourself.

Speaking of “Fresh Meat”, what are you listening to right now? Who do you like in the local L.A. music scene?

My fav new artist is Christian TV… everyone will know his name in 2011. On repeat right now, I have the new Taylor Swift album, William Smith, old TLC and MY own new songs.

Biggest fashion faux pas/pet peeve?

Girls and trannys with BAD makeup… I need to teach some of these L.A. bitches how to blend their eye shadow… uggh!

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