No Need To Decide

Worried you can’t make the MOE show AND watch the Lakers game tonight? Have no fear! Come hang out pre-show at The Rainbow (conveniently right next door, no need to re-park) – watch the game for a bit, then head over to the show! Problem solved! Tickets are getting slim for both moe. shows – so give us a ring sooner than later! Go Lakers!!

Moe May 27 and 28, 2009

Gimme Moe

What can only be described as a top notch jam band – we are ready for TWO nights with MOE! Some of our favorite shows over the years for sure – and we are more than happy to have them time and time (and time and time…) again. In true MOE fashion, we’re sure both shows well sell out – so make sure you hit us up sooner than later. Give us a call for tickets – at 310 278 9457!

Moe May 27 and 28, 2009

The Green Sparrow Takes Flight

Much like all the projects he’s been part of before (hint hint) – Mike Gordon’s brand new solo CD, The Green Sparrow, is nothing short of amazing! It’s out now…and we’re happy that we’re a stop on his big US tour. He’s a little over halfway thru…and it’s full steam ahead! Come check it out tonight…tickets can be found here or give us a call at 310 278 9457!

Mike Gordon 8/26

A Friendly Reminder Not to Miss James Hall and Friends

James Hall – already amazing. He’s such a killer performer and i’ll watch him anytime, anyplace. But now, DAVID GARZA has been added to the show. A Largo regular, and the man behind so many artists we know and love. This show is shaping up to pretty epic…and we hear their are still a few secrets in store. Ooh, i love surprises! Tickets here and 310 278 9457.

James Hall 7/17

David with Discoball World

The Rebelution Revelution

REBELUTION are no strangers to the Roxy (they played with SOJA, in February) – and everytime they play, their fan base seems to grow and grow (I guess that’s kind of the plan…). But we knew these guys would be stars! We’ve seen them go from support to headliner and we’re happy to be a part of it. Come check it out and show them some Roxy love as they headline our stage for the first time. Along with partners in crime, IRATION and LatchKey Kid – its going to be a very reggae night! Tickets can be found here!
Rebelution at The Roxy

Hot New Shows

Happy Thursday! This is my favorite day of the week because I get to let you know of some great shows that are going onsale today! It’s been a while since FILTER has played and from what we hear, you guys want them bad! The phone’s have been ringing off the hook…and I’ve been getting bombarded with messages – and now I can let you know that the show is onsale TODAY! We can’t be happier that they picked The Roxy for their LA appearance. Click here for Filter on ticketmaster. Then, we have JAMES HALL going onsale today as well. Rumor has it, he will have a very very special guest that we can’t wait to announce. It’s been a while since James has been on our stage…and its going to be a very happy reunion! Click here for ticketmaster or call 310 278 9457 for either show!

James Hall


FHT is Hot Hot Hot

Foxboro Hot Tubs Live at The Roxy

Last night’s show with Foxboro Hot Tubs was nothing short of amazing! Billie Joe has one of the most classic voices in punk rock history and it was such a treat to have him on our stage. We’de like to thank all the dedicated fans who braved the Sunset Strip for hours and hours yesterday.
Foxboro Hot Tubs Fans at The Roxy
We hope you all had a great, safe time and that you enjoyed your stay at The Roxy! Wow, the band played so many songs – and we loved them all! What was your favorite part?

Foxborro Hot Tubs Live at The Roxy

Foxboro Hot Tubs 5/27

From the laist:
“I’ve never seen so many people dancing on stage throughout a band’s set,” described LAist News Editor Andy Sternberg, who went to the Foxboro Hot Tubs’ show at the Roxy last night. “Billy Joe was loving it.”

From jcluvinidiot on the forum:
o goodness, ill start from the beginning….

The greatest adventure of my life began mon. the 26 of may, 2008, when my father and i battled memorial day traffic on a six and a half hour drive for the sunset strip.
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Biggie Biggie give it to me one more time!

Biggie Smalls by smembranicle

Check out this out from the daily blog PLAY at the LA Weekly…

Ah, if only. But shooting has commenced in LA for Notorious, the Biggie Smalls biopic slated to be released in 2009. Earlier today, the crew was working on the Sunset Strip near the Roxy, where a key scene occurs. It was kind of surreal cruising down Sunset in West Hollywood and seeing, during a break, actor Jamal Woolard (a.k.a. Gravy) casually strolling down the street in his full Biggie Smalls get-up.

To read more of RANDALL ROBERT’s post on Biggie Smalls click here.

The Roxy Welcomes Bryan Adams

We can’t wait to hear the classics – and am excited to hear the new jams as well. This is a very intimate performance, so you lucky people that scored tickets – get ready to rock! If you were left in the dust, make sure you check out our TWITTER page, as we’ll give you up to the minute updates of the crowd…special soundcheck secrets…and lots of other good stuff!

10 Shots From The Top

Now that we have started our own Flickr group, The Roxy Theatre, anyone can add their photos taken at The Roxy or On The Rox to share with the world. So far we have received over 1500 photos from over 100 members. At the beginning of each month we will post our favorites in our “Shots From The Top” post. Keep shooting and post often, thanks to all who contributed.

Money Mark at Chavo’s Birthday Jam Session with Rza, West Coast Wu Tang, John Frusciante of RHCP and John Dolmayan of SOAD
Chavo's Birthday Jam with Rza and Friends at The Roxy
Photo by Erik Voake
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Still The Presidents After All These Years

Just a quick shout out to our pal Dave, and his guest blogging about the Presidents of the United States of America show last Friday! Thanks Dave – and check out his amazing photos too- is that Weird Al??

When bands drop off the map, its far and few between that can put out an album and tour like they did 10 years ago. However, when PUSA took the stage at the Roxy, the crowd proved that they wanted them back on stage more than ever. Singing along with every song the crowd grew together and the energy radiated from the floor all the way through the stained glass window at the top of the club. Then when things couldn’t get any better, the trio brought some guests on stage. First was Wayne from MC5 to help them cover his infamous song… KICK OUT THE JAMS, but the true highlight of the evening was when Weird Al jumped up on stage, accordion in hand, and blasted out Boston’s, MORE THAN A FEELING with the guys to close the night. I’m a fan all over again….

Weird Al

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Napolitano is a Concrete Blonde

Best known for her work as lead singer and bassist in the ’80s and early-’90s alternative rock trio Concrete Blonde, Johnette Napolitano is also a poet, social activist, soundtrack composer, and sculptor. Born in Hollywood on September 22, 1957, Napolitano lurked on the fringes of the Los Angeles punk and new wave scene, working at the legendary Gold Star Studios until she formed the duo Dream 6 with guitarist Jim Mankey. The pair recorded a self-titled 1982 EP produced by Jim’s brother Earle Mankey (like Jim, a former member of the first lineup of Sparks, and at the time one of the hottest producers on the L.A. new wave scene), which attracted the attention of IRS Records boss Miles Copeland. With a new drummer in Chicago transplant Harry Rushakoff and a new name supposedly bestowed by R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe that was supposed to connote the band’s mix of hard and soft elements, Concrete Blonde released their self-titled debut in 1987. This was quickly followed by Free, Bloodletting (featuring the group’s biggest hit, “Joey”), Walking in London, and Mexican Moon, before Concrete Blonde split in 1995. Napolitano then moved on to two short-lived projects, Vowel Movement (a collaboration with Holly Beth Vincent of Holly & the Italians) and Pretty & Twisted (with the late Marc Moreland, formerly of Wall of Voodoo), as well as occasional Concrete Blonde reunion albums. Following this, Napolitano began a second career as soundtrack composer for small and medium-budget indie films such as Wicker Park and Underworld. She also released a pair of largely improvised and mostly electronic albums, Sketchbook and Sketchbook 2, in 2002 and 2006. Johnette Napolitano’s first proper solo album, Scarred, followed in the spring of 2007. – Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

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We Have A Hyper Crush

SLOW MOTION – Hyper Crush

Friday night the Roxy walls will be shakin! We have not ONE but TWO amazing shows going on. At The Roxy we have the awesome latin-jam band B-SIDE PLAYERS and upstairs at ON THE ROX we have some really hot up and comers: HYPER CRUSH, LMFAO, THE TING TINGS & RZO. So do yourself a favor – and indulge your musical senses tonight. Check it out!

B-Side Players - 11/9