Party Backstage with Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate’s FREE Live DVD filming is going down this Sunday & we want to hook you up with a chance to hang with the back backstage, get an exclusive meet & greet, AND get to hear the entire new album with the band!

All you have to do to enter is Tweet a video, photo, or essay (yes, essay… it’s a big contest!) of why you should get to meet the band. There are 4 passes up for grabs that get you +1 each.

BUT WAIT, there’s more! The BEST submission will win the ultimate VIP package that includes VIP access for the show, party backstage, pizza party at The Rainbow, and access to the exclusive performance before the show at Soundcheck Hollywood!

Use #ETFLiveatTheRoxy in your Tweets to make them count.

Winners will be announce at 5:00pm, Saturday January 5.


Exclusive: New Queen Caveat Video

Queen Caveat, the hard-hitting, explosive Los Angeles-based rock band led by powerfully expressive singer Lauren Little, is closing out a momentous 2012 with the release of their new song and music video, “Mr. California” and we have the exclusive!

The video was shot in our four walls and watching this band explode this year has been nothing short of an incredible pleasure. For the band, 2012 included break through network television exposure on ABC TV’s 20-20 episode, “Sunset Boulevard”, their sophomore EP release, “Slap on the Wrist,” extensive national touring and the honor to be named in Music Connection Magazines Hot 100 Unsigned Artists list for 2012.

Watch “Mr. California” below!

Download “Mr. California” on iTunes or Amazon.

Give Back At Friendsgiving

We know Thanksgiving is about a week off and that’s why this weekend, we’re throwing the first Friendsgiving at The Roxy! Best thing about Friendsgiving is that if you bring a canned good, you get $2 off any drink up to 2 per person! Read more about some of our favorites Young Beautiful In A Hurry, Father Tiger, and Never Like The Movies that are headlining the night below.

Young Beautiful In A Hurry are an LA four-piece focused on creating an organic rock/pop sound with an added ounce of glam. Their influences range from Bowie to Queen and back to Elvis.

Father Tiger is a synthpop duo that is often compared to bands like Cut Copy, M83, and Holy Ghost!, while having their own twist on it. They combine live drums with programmed beats while adding layer upon layer to create their sound. FT brings in their Motown influences with the vocals and have managed to maintain a unique upbeat catalog.

Never Like The Movies is a female fronted rock/pop/metal band out of Los Angeles. They are inspired by everyone from Adele to Lamb of God. Their debut release Through The Hourglass takes you on the band’s journey of self-discovery and shows they are on the road for the long haul.

Oceans Of Eternity by Never Like The Movies

The show is free for 21+ and $3 food & beverage coupon must be purchased at the door for those under. Don’t forget the canned goods for this one & we’ll see you on Saturday!

Q&A with Donovan Leitch

By: @brentXmendoza

Tonight, actor, musician, thespian Donovan Leitch returns to The Roxy stage for a seven night run of the gender bending rock and roll musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. This being the third time that Leitch has reprised his role as the fiercely flamboyant Hedwig, the actor has gained much insight into the tragic yet tenacious character that fans of this modern cult classic have so feverishly come to love and embrace.

Fans of Hedwig, who have maybe seen the movie but not the play, what can they expect from the live stage version?

Hedwig was a major off Broadway hit and ran for five years, and then it was another five years before the film was released. Seeing Hedwig live is a completely new experience for anyone familiar with the film. It’s raunchy and raw and reckless rock n roll!

How did you prepare for your role? What’s the most challenging aspect of your performance?

This is my third time putting on the wig, so the dialogue and music is like riding a bike. And Hedwig is kind of like the village bicycle… everyone’s had a ride.

What aspects of Hedwig’s character do you find most relatable?

Hedwig is in all of us. Our deepest fears, our ability to rise above and make it through tough times… Always trying to connect with our other half, most people look outside of themselves, but ultimately finding it within. Hedwig is tragedy, humor, sacrifice, and completion.

Do you believe in true love? That we are all searching for our other half, as described in the play?

I believe that love is immortal and we are always trying to find our other half.

What lessons about the music industry and conducting business as a band can be gleaned for the Hedwig story?

As far as the music business goes, get ready to be screwed because there are a lot of shady characters in the music business and Hedwig has certainly been screwed over!


Tickets are available for this week’s show on Ticketweb.

Tweet & Taste with Kyle Hollingsworth

Kyle Hollingsworth, keyboardist of The String Cheese Incident, will bring his Hop On Tour interactive fan experience here on Wed., October 17th! Hollingsworth will team up with Stone Brewing Company for an exclusive meet & greet and tasting contest before the show that night with Kyle Hollingsworth Band and John Brown’s Body.

Also, Hollingsworth has come together with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company to create an exclusive beer that will be on tap for this show and only other select shows on this tour: Hop Bam Pale Ale, a light pale ale with hints of orange, white peppercorn and white hops from the homegrown fields of Sierra Nevada.

Tweet the following to enter for the meet & greet + tasting: “I want to #HopOnTour with @KyleonKeys at @TheRoxy on 10/17!”

Winners will be notified October 16. Please note that the prize does not include a ticket to the show. To purchase tickets click here.

Show Review: William Elliott Whitmore

By: Trina Green

He raised his glass, dispatched a wish upon the room, took a sip and then it was on.

“May the jaws of death have cotton teeth.”

There are many aspects of his presence and persona to appreciate: His amazing body art (tattoos to die for) and ability to hold his whiskey are, themselves, pretty epic. Then there is his command and conveyance of the human condition as he knows it via that voice. That incredible, raggedly textured and expressive voice that surely belongs to an aged, bluesman born and raised far below the Mason-Dixon line, right? No, that glorious noise is coming out of the mouth of a 34-year son of the Iowa soil.

The Roxy was a warm and welcoming place for William Elliot Whitmore who is probably the most famous resident to come out of Lee County, Iowa where he still calls home. If, for some reason, you are not familiar with the man or what he brings to the music table, what you are missing is one of the earthiest and soulful conductors of punk-tinged roots, blues and folk breathing today. On record and live the man is a minimalist because it’s just him, his banjo, his guitar and- now having gone high tech- he has upgraded his rhythm section by replacing the steady stomp of his left foot with a kick drum. That’s how he rolls.

The fact that so many Los Angelinos packed into the venue on a Friday night to see a man with a banjo is amazing (not going to lie about that), but that simply exemplified the very words that came out of Whitmore’s own mouth: “Folks are just folks everywhere.” And those “folks” were a healthy cross section of the LA scene from middle-aged blues fans and hipster and punk youth to Sunset Strippers and frat boy pretty; all who appreciate his rugged and bare bones esthetic.

For a good- no, a great- hour and forty minutes Whitmore wielded what can only be described as his gifted weapon of the art of storytelling to one hell of an enthusiastic audience, most of who were obviously repeat Whitmore offenders and sang along song for song. He is part-troubadour singing about love, pain and the simple things in life and part-preacher bearing the gospel of sin and redemption with a voice that Tom Waits could only dream of. Dipping into the deep well of his discography, he thoroughly represented his “classics” along with songs on his latest release, Field Songs, like “Everything Gets Gone” and “Field Song” where he swears that “The best of times ain’t happened yet.” Notorious (in a good way) for being a guy who just doesn’t do set lists was and always is one of the beauties of his shows. He encouraged the already boisterous crowd to “gently” make their requests (they shouted and screamed them) making it feel as if he were playing in a neighborhood dive bar or your living room for likeminded, whiskey drinking wayward souls there for a good time. More often than not those gently requested songs led to conversations that charmingly took the show and man off script but for the fact that he doesn’t have one. For every achingly bruised and soulful expression (“Digging My Grave,” “Midnight,” “Porchlight,” “Who Stole the Soul”) he countered and balanced with uplift and hope (“Let’s Do Something Impossible,” “Take It On the Chin,” “Hell or High Water”). And, of course, songs like “Lift My Jug” (an ode to a hobo), “Johnny Law” and “Lee County Flood” were the foot-stomping, hand clapping kind that raised the glasses, energy, volume and joy level in the room each time.

Showing his natural reverence for the music that came before him Whitmore delivered stark yet powerful versions of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” and Bad Religion’s “Don’t Pray On Me”; the latter being a pure punk ode to resistance. It’s obvious that he is and always has been tuned in to the life and times that we live in as the lyrics of his songs seem timeless, resonating from year to year, election cycle to election cycle: see “Old Devils” and his pointed, “its true right now like it was back then” for further. Amen, William.

Bless his heart, William Elliott Whitmore is that perfect proof that an artist doesn’t need a lot of hardware, software, stage tricks, back up singers or wardrobe changes to own an audience and rock them at the soul level.

“Oh, how it pleases me to be in such company and I’m so glad our paths have crossed”….”Hell Or High Water”

The feeling is mutual, sir.


-Party foul 15 minutes into the set as a fan directly in front of Whitmore spilled their drink. The lost beverage was appropriately mourned by all.

-At least three shots glasses made their way to him from the audience.

-Before performing the loudly requested (screamed for) “Black Iowa Dirt”, Whitmore gave us a block of instruction on how to “use the Earth as a canon.”

-His forceful strumming during “Midnight” resulted in a broken guitar string. Samantha Crain (his opening act/tour mate) graciously let him borrow her guitar for the rest of the set.

-He has Public Enemy to thank for his song “Who Stole the Soul” and now so do we.

Just Announced: Blaqk Audio

BLAQK AUDIO headlines The Roxy on Friday, September 14! The electronic duo consisting of Davey Havok and Jade Puget (AFI) will release their highly anticipated sophomore album, BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN, on September 11 in North America. BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN is the follow up to 2007’s, CexCells, and offers twelve songs inspired by their shared love for classic electronic groups and modern era dance music. Check out the album art + tracklisting below:

01. Cold War
02. Fade To White
03. Faith Healer
04. Deconstructing Gods
05. Everybody’s Friends
06. Let’s Be Honest
07. With Your Arms Around You
08. Bliss
09. Bon Voyeurs
10. The Witness
11. Say Red
12. Ill-Lit Ships

BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN will be released via BLAQK AUDIO’s new imprint, Big Death. Head to to download a free MP3 of “Bliss,” off BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN. BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN pre-orders are available via iTunes.

Tickets for the September 14 show are on sale Saturday, July 21 via Ticketweb!

Exclusive Interview with Lisa Marie Presley

By: @brentXmendoza

Tuesday, June 26 Graceland heiress Lisa Marie Presley makes a rare live appearance here at The Roxy Theatre on The Sunset Strip. Touring on her third record Storm & Grace, the “Princess of Rock and Roll” has been receiving glowing accolades for her stripped down, moody, southern goth effort, as she returns to her family roots, and steps away from her previously more production heavy body of work.

Currently in the wind down phase of her month long, coast to coast tour, LMP took some time out to phone in to her Hollywood performance destination—The Roxy Theatre, to give us a little background on the new record, discuss her simplified and calmer life in the UK, and reminisce about her “metal days” on The Sunset Strip.

Where are we calling from?

I am on a tour bus en route from Chicago to Indianapolis, Indiana.

So the new record Storm & Grace, it’s your third album… tell us about that.

I’m really proud of this record. It’s a much more organic, broken down record compared to the previous records I’ve done before. It’s a much more intimate, concert type of situation compared to my previous efforts. Things are simplified, I’m not over-doing things. It’s just a different vibe now…

You’ve been getting rave reviews for this new record. Some are even calling it the best of your career. Do you pay much attention to that sort of thing? Does it affect you?

I try not to pay too much attention, ‘cause you know you get excited about one good one (review), and then two bad ones will come along [laughter]. It has been overwhelmingly, really nice though… and surprisingly positive. So I am really happy about that; I love that for sure.

Have there been any events in your life that really sort of influenced the mood and/or theme of the record?

I think deconstructing, and reconstructing my life at a certain point, and moving away; moving out of the country and writing the record, and just really a total overhaul starting from ground zero; the record kind of hints at all that. So it came from a real raw, organic place relating to the changes I was making in my life at the time.

What’s your favorite track on the new record?

I’m partial to “Soften The Blows” it’s one of my favorite songs… I like “Over Me,” I like “Storm of Nails” a lot… ya know different ones have different meanings for me, but I have a definite attachment to each of them.

This upcoming show at The Roxy, does that hold any special significance for you either playing the venue or playing on The Sunset Strip?

I was part of the whole heavy metal scene back in the late 80’s, so The Strip sort of represents that for me; it was a really fun area to go to. It’s always more nerve-wracking to play a show in L.A., simply because most of the audience are family and friends; so it’s a little bit harder for me to do shows like that, it’s more pressure. I prefer when I don’t know everyone, and they’re not part of my family. It’s a lot less stressful for me.

I heard a rumor that the poster created for this Roxy show may actually end up on display at Graceland?

I dunno… I hope so! I mean that would be cool to get that. It will probably go in the archives. Yeah, I mean we kind of try to save everything.

On the road do you have any pre or post show rituals that help put you in the proper state of mind for either performing or decompressing afterwards?

I mostly just like everything as calm as possible ‘cause I’m so affected by different energies going on… So I like to be alone, and all by myself for about 30-40 minutes before a show to collect myself. And I have various throat spays and humidifiers I breathe, and little voice exercises I do, but that’s kind of it, nothing elaborate.

And obviously throughout your life, and now with the new record, you’ve done tons of press, and media, and interviews. Are there any particular questions that really irk you, or certain pet peeves pertaining to the journalists interviewing you?

I just kind of go into auto-response a little bit. What I don’t like is when an interviewer will get me warmed up, and then about half way through the interview will launch into some inappropriate line of questioning. They tend to just kind of want to try and chat, and act like they love the record, and wait till they get you coddled in… and then, as if I don’t know it’s coming, they try to ask you something ridiculous that has nothing to do with the music. That sort of thing… it doesn’t upset me… ‘cause I mean you can’t really get upset about that sort of thing because it’s so silly, but I don’t love that [laughter].

How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to be written in the history books, so to speak?

That I’m a mother… that I actually wrote some pretty good songs. People can maybe learn from my mistakes, and some of the things I’ve done… Just that I definitely had a life worth living. But being a mother is the most important part. Being a good mom.

Tickets are on sale now for the June 26th show via Ticketweb.

Win Amanda Palmer Tickets!

On July 18, Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra are here for a sold out show and we want you, the uber fans who didn’t get tickets in time, to be there.

For the next 5 weeks, we’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to the show every Tuesday and all you have to do is get the trivia question right! Each week the questions will get harder so if you don’t know a lot about Amanda F-ing Palmer, you better get your answers in soon.

Follow @TheRoxy on Twitter and keep an eye out for the #AMANDAROX trivia question each Tuesday!

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra‘s brand new album “Theatre is Evil” is due out this September. Check out the just released album art below:

Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012

August 16-18 is right around the corner and this year’s lineup looks fantastic!!

The 2012 honorees are THE DOORS – the honor 45 years in the making. The Doors grew up in LA on The Sunset Strip. Their roots are here, the songs are about the Strip, and the experiences they had here were shared with the world through their music. The Doors are an essential Sunset Strip band and much deserving of this honor.

This year’s headliners performing on Sunset Blvd. on August 18 are:










Tickets are on sale NOW! To view all the options including 3-day passes, VIP, and GA tickets, click here.

Five to One: The Musical

Five to One takes a new look at the LA dating scene in true cabaret fashion. The musical was inspired by the simple statistic that there are 5 single women for every 1 single man in Los Angeles and takes you through 5 different types of women and their relationship tales. The music direction was by Rickey Minor of The Tonight Show, and the cast includes Rachel Montez Collins, Angie Canuel, Lisa Byrnes, Staci Flood, and Melanie Lewis Yribar.

The show runs roughly 60 minutes on April 28 – May 1. Tickets are still available but going fast, get them here!

Five to One

Just Announced: The Gaslight Anthem

New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem are here May 18 for a very special show!! The Springsteen-inspired quartet is currently working on their 4th album and major label debut, Handwritten due out in June on Mercury Records. Gaslight Anthem formed in 2006 and were instantly recognized as a force to be reckoned with. They’ve toured with Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, Foo Fighters, and so many others.

Check out the band with very special guest, Bruce Springsteen, playing the title track off their 2010 release American Slang:

This show is so special, I, Tonya (who writes most of these blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.), am incredibly excited about this show. I’ve been watching this band grow for years now and have always loved them. They are fantastic live and for them to play at The Roxy is such a treat! I’ve been listening to them non-stop this past month, and on & off for the past 6 years, and when the email came through that this show was going to happen, I flipped my lid. There are a handful of shows here that really take the cake for me and this one is definitely going to be added to that list!

Presale tickets are available now on Concertmaps and they’ll be available through us via Ticketweb on Friday at 10:30am!

Q&A with Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds

By: @brentXmendoza

Tomorrow, massive UK electronicore outfit Enter Shikari hits the stage here at The Roxy Theatre. Seamlessly fusing hardcore metal, punk, electronica, trance, and all other forms of synthetic noisemaking—these four lads from across the pond, have been ruling the charts back home with their recently released third record A Flash Flood of Colour.

Before the band storms The Sunset Strip, get the advance plan of attack from front man Rou Reynolds as he discusses cryptic song titles, aggressive mediocrity, and the nuances of UK vs. US English.

With the new album, the band currently seems to be enjoying massive mainstream success in the UK. What do you think is the secret to breaking through in the States? How do the two music cultures differ?

I don’t think there’s a cultural disparity between the UK and the States in regards to music. So all we can do is repeat what we did in the UK, and hope it works for us again. That means just growing organically, taking every show we get, and playing each show like it’s our last.

That’s what we’ve been doing the past few years playing support tours, and Warped Tour, but to be honest we’ve never had any huge aspirations with this band. We care about people that support us, but don’t have any cliché plans for ‘world domination” or anything.

When we look at the magazine front covers here, the bands that seem to have huge mainstream success appear to be rather mediocre. There’s certainly a will to become middle of the road, and sound like your favourite bands and that’s it! That doesn’t interest us.

The band seems to enjoy lengthy, cryptic song titles (e.g., “Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide”). What’s the general process for naming your tunes?

There’s no real process to be honest. Just whatever feels right, whatever concludes or reifies the vibe of the track.

A Flash Flood of Colour is the band’s third full length release. How do you feel your musical style has changed/progressed over the course of your career thus far?

I guess it’s just been constantly evolving… I’m very interested in a wide variety of music, and will always try to subsume any new music that I enjoy into our sound. It keeps it fresh and interesting for us, and keeps us pushing ourselves. I think as we’ve grown, we’ve become more confident in trying to achieve that, and not holding back with experimentation.

Everyone knows that the proper way to spell “colour” is the U.S. way, minus the “u.” What other cultural nuances do you find intriguing here in the States?
Ha! Yeh, yeh, yeh… ‘course it is!

Well everything from the food, to the cars and highways is just a hell of a lot bigger. And everything’s louder, and in your face. But other than that, there really isn’t that much difference. Although you guys don’t have any castles… That sucks. Build some castles dangit!

If any member of the band were to unfortunately be taken down in some sort of electronicore feud, would you consider replacing them with a hologram and continue touring? Which member of the band would look best in hologram form? Would they still get an honorary bunk on the tour bus?

Ha! Definitely. We’re not far away from having interactive holograms available to us as well, so we’d certainly embrace that. Chris (bassist Chris Batten) is the most photogenic I reckon so I’d nominate him as most likely to translate to holographic form best.
And I suppose the equipment used to generate him would need to be stored somewhere, so that could take up his bunk space.


Tickets for Wednesday’s show are available via Ticketweb.

Tweet It Live! #SunsetBlvd

Sunset Boulevard is taking over tomorrow night’s episode of 20/20 and we’ll be live tweeting the whole show! Granted, not all the show is about The Sunset Strip, we’ll be standing by to provide inside details, answer your questions about the stories, and aggregating all the #SunsetBlvd tweets coming from the 2 hour special.

Check here for the full feed tomorrow night or follow us (@theroxy, duh) and tweet/comment along as we watch dreams come make or break on Sunset Boulevard!

For more info on the show click here!


Sunset Boulevard – The American Dream Machine

Sunset Boulevard – a curving slice of American romance running from the rough edges of East LA through the music of Hollywood, past the riches of Beverly Hills and ending at the Pacific Ocean. It is a famous stretch of 22 miles that has attracted American dreamers of all walks of life, hoping to make it big. “Sunset Boulevard,” airing as a special edition of “20/20,” reveals some of the riveting stories and pivotal moments in the make-it or break-it world of this American dream machine, including:

• the farm kid turned hot shot gossip columnist partying with the hippest stars, who reveals on camera those with whom he allegedly did drugs
• the starry eyed new band named “Queen Caveat” on the brink of success or burn out
• the young war veteran turned aspiring actor haunted by his past, determined to make this his moment
• the teenagers at Hollywood High – once a school for nurturing Hollywood talent and royalty like Judy Garland, now a last chance for some of LA’s toughest kids
• the Hollywood beauty turned runaway, dying to be loved, her body dumped off Sunset, and, in a gripping police investigation, her killer caught on tape.

Hosted by Jay Schadler, the special includes interviews with Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Mickey Rourke, Alice Cooper and Hugh Hefner, all featured in the recent documentary “Sunset Strip The Movie.” Lou Adler, owner of the famed Roxy Theatre nightclub, and his son Nic, who currently runs it, are both interviewed and allowed ABC unprecedented access on and off stage to the Sunset Strip’s most legendary and influential music venue.

“Sunset Boulevard” airs on SATURDAY, APRIL 21 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. The two-hour broadcast also features original music.

Meet the dreamers of “Sunset Boulevard”.

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4/20 at The Roxy

Yup, the greener folks favorite holiday is right around the corner and we couldn’t resist throwing an awesome party. The B Foundation, Meet Me At The Pub, Bad Apples, The Fudogs, Oceanside Sound System and KROQ Locals Only will be making the evening more than memorable with us this Friday.

The B Foundation are no strangers to The Roxy’s stage and this show is guaranteed to be one for the books. These surf rockers have played with Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Fishbone, and Voodoo Glow Skulls, to name a few. KROQ is currently spinning their track “Too Damn Tough” that you can listen to below:

Too Damn Tough by The b Foundation

Meet Me At The Pub:

The Fudogs

Oceanside Sound System

Tickets for the party are available via Ticketweb. Don’t miss this, it’s gonna be a good one!

Q&A with Queen Caveat

By: @brentXmendoza

Thursday, Apr. 12 Roxy faves and Sunset Strip mainstay Queen Caveat take the stage for a headlining show, that may soon prove to be a major turning point in the band’s young career.

Already on the tip of every tastemaker’s tongue, QC is poised to claim their rock n’ roll throne with the release of their second EP Slap on the Wrist, and a prominently featured “role” on the upcoming ABC 20/20 special “Sunset Boulevard: What’s Your Dream.” Climb on board this ride to the top, as these shooting stars regale stories of their rise to power.

Every band’s favorite question — where does the name “Queen Caveat” come from?

Ben: We adopted the name “Queen Caveat” months after we started the band actually… When Will (bassist Will Weissman) and I first met Lauren, we were at a party in Silverlake, and we heard and saw this girl barreling down the stairs in a frantic energy! Will turned to me and said, “That girl is the definition of Caveat!” Months later, when deciding on a band name, and thought “Queen Caveat” was the best fit—beware The Queen!

How was SXSW this year? How did it differ from last year? Any crazy stories?

Lauren: This year we were much more professional. We learned last year, that looking behind “the curtain,” and over-exploring the lovely party scene can be detrimental to our health, and performance. As the singer, it was very important that I hide after each show with a cup of hot tea, and Angry Birds to preserve my voice… but don’t worry, I made up for it on the last night!

Tell us about this upcoming ABC special “Sunset Boulevard.” How did that all come about?

Ben: We met our ABC friends last May 2011 at The Roxy Theatre. They told us that they were interviewing a number of Nic Adler’s favorite L.A. bands… and a month after our initial interview, they reached out to us, explained the piece, and that they wanted to follow our daily lives as an up-and-coming band in the L.A. music scene. The special, “Sunset Boulevard: What’s Your Dream” aims to capture the essence of Sunset, the dreamers if you will.

Besides featuring us, the show will also follow an up-and-coming actor, student, etc… It’s been a really exciting year, and we’re thrilled to see our goofy faces on national television! It airs April 21st at 9 p.m. on ABC

Lauren, who are your past, present, and future female rock idols?

Past – My first self-discovered idol was Fiona Apple. I was seven years old when I discovered her music video on MTV… I was jaw dropped, and something inside of me clicked, and sent chills down my adolescent spine. Later in the year, when school started, I was faced with suspension for checking out her tape at the library during a class field trip… this only made me worship Fiona more!

Present – At this point in my life, my current idol is a local artist, a modern day saint… Aja Volkman-Reynolds of Nico Vega claims that title for me. Her voice alone could be the reason for my rapid and constant inspiration, but it is only one of the reasons… she believes in her craft, and has faced hardships that she plowed through with grace and strength. Her lyrics are words that shape her, and they are conjured up in complete truths. If you want to know her, just listen because she’s a teacher.

Future – Someday, many, many years from now, when I have children, I will force them to be musicians. I suspect my unborn daughter will be my idol in the future… I am my mom and dad’s idol, so it just makes sense.

The new EP Slap On The Wrist—is there a musical and/or lyrical theme that runs through this record?

Ben: As a live band, we went into the studio with the goal of capturing our stage show, and live performance. Many artists will agree, that capturing the sound of a band live on a recording, is one of the toughest things to do. We locked down two days at Sunset Studios here L.A., and our producer set us up to track live—which in my opinion is the only way records should ever be made.

This EP, even though it’s our second official release, is the first record with Jesse (drummer Jesse Magnuson) on it, so we are looking at it as our first. We have been performing around L.A. with the current lineup for the past few years, but without the recordings to represent us. Don’t get me wrong, we love our first EP Emptor, but Slap on the Wrist represents the four of us individually as musicians/artists, and more importantly the four of us collectively, as Queen Caveat.

Queen Caveat plays The Roxy this Thursday with Cherri Bomb, Vokab Kompany, Sound of Ugly, and Kady Z. Tickets are available via Ticketweb.

Get a free download below!

What’s Your Dream?

Sunset Boulevard, one of the most famous streets in all the world, is known as a place where dreams come true. The 22 mile stretch is home to legendary landmarks, tourist destinations, local favorites, and places where history was, and continues to be, made. If the pavement could talk, we would hear the sounds of nearly every great musician, actor, entertainer, and fan having a once in a lifetime moment.

On April 21, Sunset Blvd comes to life on your TV on a very special 2 hour episode of ABC’s 20/20. It captures the culture of the entire street from where it becomes Sunset after Cesar Chavez Ave. in Downtown and all the way to the ocean.

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To bring the story even more to life, us, ABC, and the rest of the Boulevard are asking “What’s Your Dream?” We want to know and we want everyone else to know Sunset Blvd is where dreams are made.
Tweet yours using the hashtag #SunsetBlvd to bring rock & roll fantasies to the internet.

Read more on!

Just Announced: Jessie J

And it’s next Monday, April 9, so you better hurry!

Jessie J is one of the hottest acts on the planet right now and we are so excited to have her on our stage. While she’s know as being a judge on The Voice (UK), she’s also known for her pop songs that also cater to fans of R&B and soul and is often compared to the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Katy Perry. 

Listen to her single Who You Are:

Tickets are on sale now and going fast. Get them while you can on Ticketweb

3rd Annual LA Vegan Beer Fest

It’s back, ladies & gentlemen! May 12, 2012 marks the date Los Angeles vegans, beer lovers, and music fans all unite at The Roxy for the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest. With vegan blogger, Quarry Girl and Tony’s Darts Away, we can’t wait to bring you bands, great food, and unlimited pours of over 50 craft beers!

Check out a little bit of last year’s festival:

2nd Annual LA Vegan Beer Fest 2011 from Off Tatum Productions on Vimeo.

Keep checking back here for an updated list of bands, beers, and food.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb. RSVP here.

Free Download: Winchester Rebels

Winchester Rebels play The Roxy April 14 and want to get you good and ready for their show with a free song! The hard rock 5 piece band comes from Santa Barbara, CA with the hopes of capturing the 90s hard rock essence in WR. The band formed in 2009 and has been making waves around Southern California since then.

Winchester Rebels play with Crying 4 Kafka, Shindig Avenue, Joshua Ketchmark, Barbarian Overlords, and The Vegas Breakdown. Tickets are available now via Ticketweb.

Winchester Rebels Facebook

Q&A with The Shakers

By: @brentXmendoza

One of the shining jewels in the tiara of L.A.’s great music scene—The Shakers will take the stage and take no prisoners, as they co-headline a bill this Saturday with Warner Drive.

For those unfamiliar with this Hollywood by way of Philly quartet, think Motown vocal sensibilities, meets high energy classic rock; a pairing that has been drawing huge crowds, and plenty of word of mouth praise on The Sunset Strip, and beyond.

Before heading to this weekend’s big “title fight,” get to know The Shakers’ swelteringly charismatic frontwoman, Jodie Schell as she discusses her affinity for Madonna, her sometimes Stepford wife alter ego, and shares a tale of tambourine trauma.

Who are your female rock n’ roll role models?

The first album my dad bought me and my three sisters was Cyndi Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual.” That probably explains a lot! Madonna and I are from the same hometown, so when I was a little awkward kid with a big split in my teeth, I truly thought we shared destinies.

If I can continue, I’d like to add to this list: Tina Turner, Carmen Miranda, and Mama Cass for sure. Can I keep going? Rosemary Clooney, Ann Wilson, Bonnie Tyler, Mary Travers, Dusty Springfield, Ann Margaret, and Suzi Quatro. I know a lot of them aren’t in the rock n roll hall of fame, but I could give a very detailed account as to why they all should be. Call me if you’re on the edge of your seat.

When was the last time you were in a fight? Who was the last guy/girl you punched/slapped/karate chopped?

The last fight I got into, I lost—my beloved white, ten inch, double row, Remo tambourine. My beast turned on me in San Diego one night. Luckily it was during the finale, because blood went everywhere!

I was too embarrassed, and worried to make the situation glorious. God it hurt so bad! I screamed my head off when they stitched my hand back together.

I really never fight though. If I get close to it, my self defense kicks in—I turn super nice like a Stepford wife, and then run into the green room to scream about it to my bandmates! But, they know exactly how to help me and when.

Do you remember the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio? Where were you? What were you doing? Make us a mental picture.

Philly’s WMMR was the first station to ever put The Shakers on the air. The project was so new, and I was still on the fence as to whether or not I could be a frontwoman. Chris Lee and I had flown out to Philly, and I was in the car with him when I heard it… leaning toward the radio display screen, as if that’s where the sound is coming from.

I can still hear Jaxon’s voice saying my name even now as I look back. So many doubts and fears vanished that day. It’s a good memory.

What other local bands should we be watching out for?

Go see Audra Mae, Red Circle Underground, Ruby Friedman Orchestra, and Dead Sara right now!!! More bands to adore, or tattoo yourself about: Warner Drive, Badwater, Irontom, Tha Boogie, Indians, oh and or course Lady Sinatra!

What can we expect from The Shakers in 2012?

Well first, you can expect a massive show on March 3rd at The Roxy. The Shakers and Warner Drive don’t intend to leave the walls, the roof, or your shorts intact!

For the spring and summer we’ll be traveling fools again—new haunts and old-haunts (Utah, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri). Also, a music video is in the works.

I know we just put out “Oh So Loud,” but we already have so many new songs! Chris, Nick, Blane, and I fully collaborated and we want to get back into the recording studio immediately!

There’s a new challenge now that The Shakers have trademarked the name and LLC’d, so we’re brainstorming new ways of approaching everything. We’ve come really far on our own, and all we have to do is stick together and keep going.


See The Shakers shake things up with Warner Drive, Diamond Lane, Emily’s Army, Laura Wilde, Vas Defrans, and The Lbian’s on March 3. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb.

Open for The Dear & Departed!

So you’re in a band and you think “Man! I want to play the Roxy!” Well, this is your chance to win!

The Dear and Departed features well-known LA tattoo artist, Dan Smith aka Dan Under, and you’ve probably seen him on episodes of LA Ink. Smith grew up listening to bands like The Jam, New Order, Duran Duran, and more that shaped his love for punk and new wave. The Dear & Departed also includes Scott Sprigg, Darren Parkinson, Jimmy Walsh & Neeraj Kane. The band has put out three albums, Something Quite Peculiar, Chapters, and their latest, Every Waking Moment takes the band’s sound to a new level. The album, out on Equal Vision Records was produced by New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert and the band has performed worldwide with Alkaline Trio, Avenged Sevenfold, AFI, and more.

Here’s how you can enter to open for this awesome band! First of all, check your calendar, are you free March 15? Good.

You have two options to submit your band:
1. Tweet: We want to rock @TheRoxy’s stage with @DearandDeparted on 3/15! (Link to your music) #DearDepartedRox

2. Facebook Post:
On The Roxy’s Facebook Page: We want to play with The Dear and Departed on March 15! (Link to your music)
On The Dear & Departed’s Facebook Page: We want to play with you at The Roxy on March 15! (Link to your music)

The band with the most retweets on their Tweet or Likes on their post will win! The Dear & Departed will pick the winning band at 12pm on March 8, so post away, tell your friends, and good luck!