Q&A with Shuvel

By: Brent X Mendoza

TONIGHT: Accomplished prog-metal quartet Shuvel will take the stage as another Free Monday’s showcase hits The Roxy. Veterans of such festivals as Ozzfest and Methods of Mayhem, the band has had the chance to share the stage with many of metal’s contemporary mainstays.

Before heading out to headbang till it hurts, get to know “the stringed section” of Shuvel: guitarist Ryan “Jahrox” Stuber, and bassist Carlos Sandoval, who also happen to moonlight as staff here at The Roxy Theatre.

Where does the name Shuvel come from? When was the last time you actually used a “shuvel?” Digging, planting a garden?

Stuber: Because Metallica was already taken..? No, actually when we were first brainstorming band names, it was the one name we all agreed wasn’t too horrible to stick with until we found a better one! And now here we are.

As far as gardening, we do grow our own herbs and spices. Quite handy with a “shovel” actually.

The band seems to have adopted/co-opted the Cadillac emblem as their logo. Is there a story behind this, or just thought it looked cool?

Stuber: We would like to think that we are all reincarnated pimps from the 60’s and 70’s who love dem Cadillacs!

Our singer Isaac does all of our artwork for our albums and t-shirts. His art style is representative of the band’s collective vibe/vision, which we plan to take further and start incorporating into our live shows. We really feel that our music definitely ties in with his work, and eventually want to start experimenting with some live visuals, via projector or slideshow, while we are performing

The band originally hails from Wichita, Kansas. Is there a music scene there? When you weren’t playing music, what did you do for fun?

Stuber: There is definitely a scene there with a lot of great musicians. And even though we’ve been in L.A. for at least ten years, it’s still “going on” back at home.

When we weren’t playing music we did a lot of random things to make money: canned food drives, cleaned church gutters, and helped old ladies cross the street.

When a band you didn’t like asks you what you thought of their performance, do you have a “canned response?”

Stuber: I tell the band I have to jump into a meeting and I gotta go!

Seriously, I see so much music that it’s hard to keep up with the bad ones. I definitely see a lot of good bands, so that is always refreshing to know there is a future. And ya know, it’s important to stay inspired and enthusiastic about music, which is sometimes hard to do in an industry that doesn’t know where it’s headed next.

Carlos, what’s the craziest and/or strangest incident you’ve ever witnessed at The Roxy?

Sandoval: Most recently we had a drunken patron who WANTED our security to throw him out by kicking him down the stairs of On The Rox. When our staff did not honor his request, he grabbed his own shirt, and threw himself down the stairs: full front flip/tumble all the way down. He then stood up hugged our security guy and went on his way.


Shuvel plays tonight, June 20 along with Gemini Syndrome, Butcher Babies, Evolove, and Interim Divine. Doors open at 7 p.m. FREE FREE FREE

For more info click here.

Cinco de Metal

Photo courtesy of Colin Young-Wolff Photography

Get ready for Cinco de Mayo with the totally amazing Metalachi! These guys are right out of North Hollywood and do classic metal songs in true Mariachi fashion. You’ll hear “Breaking the Law”, “Crazy Train”, and be screaming along to “Run To The Hills” before you know it. Not to be forgotten are the awesomely bad Mariachi meets metal/punk gear they rock at every show.

Check out this Roxy exclusive video of Metalachi covering Led Zeppelin

The night will be brought to you by 901 Tequila, LA Weekly, and The Flying Pig Food Truck! You can even catch the band on the KTLA morning news on April 29 and on the radio with Carson Daly on AMP FM on May 5 between 7-10am.

Tickets are on sale now for on Ticketweb or on The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457!

Easter With Murderdolls

Forget the egg hunt, the ultimate horror punk band, Murderdolls, are heading to The Roxy for Easter! Since the band’s reunion & second release last year, they’ve played Ozzfest, supported Alice Cooper & Rob Zombie, and hit Australia for the first time in 8 years.

They rocked our stage for Halloween and, what can we say, we like having them around to make the holidays super metal.

Tickets are on sale now for this Sunday, April 24 via Ticketweb or The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

Hard Rock Locals

This Friday Love and a .38, Run Devil Run, Ankla, Awaken the Empire, James Knndy, and Zoe Ann and the Motive take the Roxy stage for what is guaranteed to be a party night. These bands work together both on and off shows and will make this a night to catch great music.

Check out this awesome video put together by Run Devil Run and Love and a .38:

Sunset Strip Music Festival Gets Ready To Rock

As everyone heads out of town for Lollapalooza, the anticipation builds for our very own Sunset Strip Music Festival that is rapidly approaching! For the first time EVER, the Strip will be closed from San Vincente to Doheny to give music fans, LA natives, and out of towners – an experience to remember. The lineup has been created to please all musical palates – from KORN to PEPPER, THE DONNAS to CHRIS CORNELL. Best part – tickets for the festival are $39.50. Click the image below to purchase tickets and be part of an epic weekend of tunes.

Sunset Strip Music Festival September 10-12, 2009

Back In Action

We hope you had as much fun as we did at SNOT’s return to the Roxy last week. Moshing, stage diving, metal…all the things we KNOW Snot is good for. With plenty of die hard fans in the crowd…and a handful hoping to be won over by the new addition, Tommy Vext – it was great to see the crowd come alive. Check out Paul Gargano’s review of the show!

That combustible combination is what made The Roxy the perfect venue to celebrate the band’s new lineup. There was an element of danger in the air. Not a fear-breeding danger, but the danger that results when you combine a molotov cocktail of ingredients with giddy anticipation of the results. The hour-long set featured about half of the band’s 1998 album Get Some, as well as new tracks “CouldaShouldaWoulda” and set-closer “The Band Played On,” two heavy-metal heart attacks that plaster the band’s syncopated rhythms and abrasive melodies with melodic thrusters set to stun.

Happy Rock N Roll Friday

Some of our most favorite Roxy moments have been created by the band “Clutch”…and while, this time around it’s not exactly Clutch per se…we fully support any side projects that might arise from their genius brains. With that being said, join us for THE BAKERTON GROUP and celebrate that you survived another work week. Hooray!
youtube credit:


The Band Plays On

In what can only be explained as a strange coincidence, on what would be Lynn Straits 40th birthday – today SNOT returns with their first new track in 10 years aptly titled, “THE BAND PLAYS ON.” Armed with new singer Tommy Vext and the rest of the original members, the band is confident that SNOT will once again be a force to be reckoned with! Head over to the new official site for a free download of the new single, and let us know what you think. Check them out in their big return at the Key Club on OCTOBER 10,2008- click here for tickets!

Snot Flyer

Farewell To Freddy

The month of Camp Freddy Mayhem has become this Rock N Roll machine that has been the talk of the town! It’s taken over like no one could have ever imagined. It started off great as we were so excited to be able to hold one of our Roxy contests to find the lucky openers – which allowed local bands to actually warm up the stage for Freddy. What a great opportunity. And now, we’ve had FIVE sold out shows – countless special guests – and killer set lists. Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve seen Tommy Lee, Terry Nunn, Chester of Linkin Park, Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Chino of the Deftones, Jerry Cantrell, Lemmy Kilmister, B-Real and Sen Dog, Tiffany, Metal Skool, Cory from Slipknot/Stone Sour, Tom Morrello as well as our house favorite Mark McGrath – to name a few! On top of the Sex Pistols Paul Cook, Glen Matlock and Steve Jones and GnR legends Duff and Slash! Insanity. We hate to rub it in, because the Freddy Finale tonight is of course sold out – but for the lucky, this show will take the cake! Every Thursday the chaos starts early – so make sure you stay tuned as Nic and I twitter the day away. We’ll keep you updated as always, on all the nitty gritty secrets. Thanks to all the guests and the guys – as well as the fans who have made the Roxy their nightlife staple for the month. We hope to see you all soon.

Fun with Freddy

The Metal Skool(Steel Panther) guys made a welcomed return to The Roxy to do a cameo with Camp Freddy. It rocked.

Metal Skool and Mark McGrath Backsatge at Camp Freddy

Morello also had a blast as we did witnessing his greatness.
Tom Morello Backsatge at Camp Freddy

Me, Mark and Chino enjoying good times in The Roxy Kitchen.
Mark McGrath Chino Moreno Nic Adler Backstage at The Roxy

Thanks to J and Erik for the behind the scene shots and celticladyfair for the hot vid!!

Nothing Says Sunday Like Some Heavy Metal

Madball is ready to rock the Sunset Strip – and we’re ready too! Some think Sunday is a day to rest…but we think partying on a Sunday is a way to jump start the week…So come join us – with the heaviest, New York style metal, in town! Tickets can be purchased here and tonight at the door.

Madball - 3/2

From Down Under To Airbourne

The Australian boys of Airbourne are ready to take over the Sunset Strip! With their brand of heavy rock – mixed with hot bands Endeverafter, StoneRider, and local Roxy favs The Binges – this will definitely be a night of great tunes. Tickets are available thru the Roxy box office as well as by clicking here. See you there!

Airbourne - 2/26


Soaring Into ’08 with Eagles of Death Metal

We are still recovering from Monday night…which just proves EODM really brought the party. Drinks were flowing… new friends were made…and the room was PACKED! We couldnt have hoped for a better
way to usher in ’08 and we hope you all had a great and safe new years! Cheers to all the Roxy shows that made your own Top 10 list of ’07 (sex pistols? b52’s? the jonas brothers?) and a big salute to the great year – and great shows- to come! Special thanks to our friends Hello Stranger and The Ringers for starting the night off right…good job guys!
Check out the vid below to re-live the balloon filled countdown!

The Roxy Rings in 2008 With The Eagles of Death Metal

When Mickey Avalon rang in the New Year of ’07 – we knew it would set the scene for one of the best years in Roxy history. And we were right! 2007 was a crazy year for us – we had some of the most legendary acts hit our stage – and some of the hippest up and comers. So now, we want to celebrate the end of an amazing year – and usher in 2008 in TRUE Roxy Fashion. With the hottest rock show – and biggest party of course! We cannot be more excited to host the ultimate in New Year’s Eve festivities! THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL are definitely the band to take us out in rock n roll fashion!
<p align="center" Eagles Of Death Metal - 12/31
Their’s never been a better time to party it up like Little Radio rockstars at The Roxy Theatre than with the Eagles Of Death Metal featuring Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes, Joshua “Babyduck” Homme, Darlin’ Dave Catching and Brian “Big Hands” O’Connor. This evening will be hosted by our friends at Little Radio, who really know how to throw one HUGE New Years party!

Puddle of Mudd on Sunset Blvd

Puddle of Mudd plays the Roxy on December 6th, 2007. Get your tickets before they sell out!


Solarcade – December 6, 2007

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New Year’s Eve at The Roxy will be…..


Check out last New Year’s Eve.

Mickey Avalon – Sweet Surprise – Dec 31 2006 at The Roxy
Dirt Nasty – Murda Murda – Dec 31 2006 at The Roxy
Andre Legacy – Mondrian Live – Dec 31 2006 at The Roxy
Beardo – Losers Live – Dec 31 2006 at The Roxy

Rock’N’Roll High School

Come check out the students of the Paul Green School of Rock Music Hollywood performing hits by The Beatles on October 13th, and a variety of classic metal acts on October 20th.

Paul Green School of Rock Music Presents A Tribute To The Beatles

Paul Green School of Rock Music Presents The Classic Metal Show

Tickets for A Tribute to The Beatles on October 13th and The Classic Metal Show on October 20th are still available – get yours now!