Free Oedipus Download

Oedipus headlines The Roxy on March 22 for the release of their brand new album Vicious Little Smile and they want you to have a brand new track! The song “Kiss on the Fist” is the first single off the album so learn it and get ready to sing along this Thursday.

Oedipus – Kiss on the Fist by The Roxy Theatre

Also playing the show are Zero 1 featuring Hal Sparks, The Other Side Of Morning, Morning Parade, Fire Tiger, Cruz, and Dedvolt!

Tickets are available via Ticketweb.

The Roxy Rox SXSW

Holy hell, are we back to real life? After the week we had at SXSW, we’re ready to get back in the swing but not without telling you about all the amazing things we did first. Here’s our day by day breakdown of the SXSW insanity!

We decided to hit a panel at the CNN Grill called “Weapons of Mass Disruption.” We did not know it going in, but it turned out to include an interview with Sohaib Athar, better known as @ReallyVirtual, the Pakistani IT Consultant/Accidental Journalist, who unwittingly broke the news of the bin Laden raid via Twitter. We also learned some moving insights from CNN correspondent Ivan Watson about the importance of international journalism and the bravery of some citizen journalists in hostile territories.

We also made our way into the Mashable House, where we mixed it up on the dart boards and air hockey tables with old friends and new friends from the tech world, including the team from a stylish, new social shopping startup

In the evening, we arrived at Amex Sync Presenting Jay-Z at ACL Live’s Moody Theatre. Prior to the show start, @NicAdler had to find a quiet room at the theatre to call in for this interview with author Kelli Richards about The Roxy, SSMF, and social media. When the interview wrapped, Jay-Z showed why he is today’s reigning king of rap with an incredible hit-packed two-hour show. More from MTV & USA Today.

Tuesday, the whole gang came in to Austin. After a late start on the day, we needed some grub to ensure a fantastic night and what better than the most scenic place, The Iron Cactus on 6th & Trinity. The upstairs patio sits on one of the most popular corners in the city and gives you a birds eye view of the entire street. Chips & Salsa + Margaritas = perfect.

Since it was the last night of interactive, we headed down to Media Temple’s SXSWi Closing Party and caught Miike Snow and special surprise guest M. Ward at Stubbs! Spending the first night as a whole at Stubb’s has become Roxy tradition and this year was no exception to the awesome fun we always have there. Dance parties in the dirt and free beer, for the win! (Read More)

Wednesday was a day of some serious running around the festival. The day started with @NicAdler, @KyraReed, @N8theSk8, and @Gretchen‘s panel: Social Media Band Camp. The room was packed for this information filled workshop. Each panelist ran through a different focus on tools, tips, and tricks bands (and brands) can use to reach their online potential.

Read all about the panel and key points on the Adler Integrated blog!

After the panel,one of our new favorites, Alabama Shakes were playing in the convention center and we are so, so glad we caught their set. This band is the new blues/soul quartet you’ve been looking for. Singer, Brittany Howard, has a voice that could stop rush hour traffic on the 101. This band will have you moving and begging for more when they’re done. Check out the audio of their NPR showcase at Stubb’s later that night: NPR Music

Then came a quick set by Canada’s Chic Gamine, the most adorable soul-folk girl group we’ve ever seen. These girls have a wide variety of instruments and a keen sense of fashion.

We swung by the Pandora Discovery Den for an awesome group photo session. 😀

Then saw the truly fantastic, LA’s Nick Waterhouse. We had a very soul-filled SXSW and he was no exception to that. With Buddy Holly glasses and all, we were dancing the night away during his show.

Next was the most unbelievable show with Lionel Richie. Yes, Lionel Richie. It was incredible! He played all the hits, Commodores songs, and even brought out Kenny Rogers for a duet of “Lady” and we happened to get a pretty cool video of it.

We wrapped up the night with the amazing Electrostub & Dim Mak party at BandPageHQ. They had Porter Robinson, Mustard Pimp, Clockwork, and more and it was so sweaty you could feel the humidity from inside the building, 3 feet away from the door. Now, that’s a party.

The day for AUSTINROX was finally here. After so much prep work, the event we work so hard on was about to go down. It was our biggest showcase at SXSW to date and it was incredible. The line was around the block the entire night and there was even a line to move through each room when it came time for Imagine Dragons & The Black Angels. The energy in the place was perfect for the 3 room takeover at BandPage HQ. Each stage had it’s own incredible lineup that were shows on their own. Main Room: Filligar, Nico Vega, Imagine Dragons, The Black Angels, Das Racist, and Doomtree. Patio: Cherri Bomb, Benvenue, Gentlemen Hall, Metalachi, and Silent Frisco (silent Disco). Club 606: ZZ Ward, The Mowglis, The Stone Foxes, Shinobi Ninja, Prof, and The Stone Foxes. (Whew!)
A huge special thanks goes out to all of the bands, our amazing sponsors Ticketweb, Fox Head, and Chilli Beans for making the night possible, and all the folks running BandPage HQ for their kindness and help making the night go off perfectly!

The incredible Erik Voake was there to capture the night! Check out some of his photos below and view them all on our Flickr page.

After some much needed rest, we caught the Heartless Bastards at the Austin Convention Center for our afternoon entertainment. Then was our real highlight of the evening – the world premiere of the Sunset Strip documentary. It debuted at the Paramount Theater to a packed house full of the rock stars in the movie, film buffs, the crew behind it, and we even spied Gerard Butler! The film was fantastic and we loved how much history it captured on our small street. Be on the lookout for it soon and, in the meantime, keep up with the movie here.

Check out @NicAdler & @MRCiscoAdler on the red carpet!

Most of the crew left this morning, but a few of us stayed to catch some shows. Highlights of this evening: Being at the controversial A$AP Rocky show at the Vice party. The mood in the room was so tense, you could cut it with a knife. Drinks were thrown, crowd was crazy, it was 3am on the last night of SXSW after all. The tension seemed to die down during the end of the set, but not before one last person the very back threw a beer and A$AP dove off the stage, ran across the huge warehouse through the crowd, and got in the infamous fight. We snagged a photo right before it all went down and the party was shut down. (Read more)

For photos of all the bands and our on the ground footage, check out our AUSTINROX Tumblr! Until next year, Thank you SXSW!

25 Essentials to Survive SXSW

Every year as March approaches, the snow begins to melt, the leaves turn to green, the swallows begin to flock to San Juan Capistrano and SXSW starts trending on the brains of bloggers, artists, bands, film buffs and geeks alike. Flights, hotels and badges are locked in. That new “Plugs not Drugs” t-shirt you bought on Etsy is packed. You’ve rsvp’d to more parties than you could go to in an entire year. And all that’s left is the registration line at the Austin Convention Center.

Here’s a list of 25 things to help you make it through the madness, known to many, as just South By. Good luck!

Listerine Pocketmist

Beer, BBQ, onion dip, and loud music doesn’t make for the best mix for conversation when you are trying to close that deal. Make it easier on both of you by giving your breath a couple pumps of refreshment with Listerine Pocketmist. Ok, time to get back to some good ol’ face-talking.


You want to remember what you did in Austin, don’t you? You might as well make them look good. Hipstamatic takes you from a dude with a camera phone to Herb Ritz in the flick of the finger. Be that rock star photographer you always wanted to be. While you’re at it, upload and share them with Instagram. Now, if you don’t remember at least your friends do.

Kormargeaux Canvas Backpack

What would SXSW be without all that “stuff”? At every stop along the way, you are sure to pick up a t-shirt here and a hat there, flashdrive over there and then of course you will need to put all the things on this list somewhere. A light weight organic cotton backpack from kormargeaux on should do the trick. Happy swag’in!

Neutrogena® Ultimate Sport™ Sunblock Spray

With an average temp of 75º and a humidity reading of 75%, two things are going to happen, you are going to sweat and get burned. So, reach into that backpack and spray away. Neutrogena Sunblock Spray last for hours and resists wear off from water, rubbing, sweat, or wiping. The days of your face being cover in a white sunblock residue are over.

AustinFoodCart App

Tech, film, music, fashion are all great reasons to come to SXSW but the main reason is to eat at all the awesome food trucks and food carts that are on almost every corner. How to decide or find your favorite cart? Pull out your nifty smart phone and hit the Austin Food Cart App. Real time, geo-based yum finder. No more walking out of Stubbs at 1am and saying, “Where is the Hot Dog King?”

#20 Cards

Most overheard question asked while cruising the halls of the Convention Center? “Can I get your a card?” With artistic confidence you reach into your pocket and pull out a Moo Mini. “Wow, that’s a cool card” your new connect says. With the option of size, rounded corners, eco-friendly paper and printing and custom art, you will be remembered. And, when you meet 200 people over the course of 5 days, you’ll need to stand out.

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

Late nights and early mornings only means one thing, Coffee, and lots of it. As the line grows at the three Starbucks in downtown Austin, you can either wait 20 minutes for that cup of joe or you can grab a packet of Starbucks VIA and add some hot water. Who kew you could have a solid, “fresh brewed” tasting cup of coffee in less than sixty seconds. Anything thing to make that morning a little easier 🙂

Superfeet insoles

“These boots were made for walking”. And, if you add these Superfeet insoles, that provide support and shock absorption, to those boots you can walk a lot further. At SXSW you will generally walk anywhere from 3-4 miles a day. Not to mention that you will be standing 80% of the time. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.


Long sun filled days and chilly nights with little hydration will leave your lips dry, cracked and beat up. Keep them happy with good old Chapstick. Fits in your pocket and is ready when you need it. Looking for a healthy alternative? Try Pangea Organics Italian Red Mandarin Lip Balm. Pucker up!


With a front row seat since the beginning of SXSW, the SXSurvival guide will help you lead the way through the best of what Austin has to offer. Think of them as the 6th Street Sherpa. Plus they used Pinterest boards to organize it all, win!

bkr Bottles

Best advice you can get, hydrate! And, why not look good doing it all while saving the earth. The bkr bottle is made of glass and protected by a nifty rubber case. All removable for easy cleaning.
While water is what you should be putting into it, you can always fill it with your beverage of choice 😉

Sharpie Mini

Easily connected to your official SXSW badge and lanyard. Next time that band is like “Anyone have a Sharpie? We’re going on in two minutes and we need to write the set list”. You can save the day and maybe get a shout out from stage. Yeah, that rocks!

Crocs Hover Lace Up

These super comfortable canvas Crocs sneakers will get you to venue to venue and panel to panel in style. Think Chucks on comfort steriods, they weigh just a few ounces and with the little “nubs” on the insole, it’s like being in a foot spa all day long.

Alka Seltzer

7:30am: Alarm goes off! As you reach for the snooze you start to recall the pulled pork, five alarm nachos, red bull, six pack of Lone Star and that pita thing you at at 3am, a certain jingle starts playing in your head “Plop plop, fiz fiz”. Thank goodness for Alka Seltzer. You know what to do with it.


Although the is wifi is a plenty in Austin, that doesn’t mean it’s good. Don’t take chances when you are trying to close that deal while showing your online slideshow or website. Bonus of having your own ATT Mifi? You can sell it off when everyone around you is struggling to get online. “Yo yo got that wifi!”

Sonic Defenders Plus Ear Plugs

“What? What you say? Can’t hear you”. That’s ok at the concert, but not a week after you get home. Protect your hearing with these top of the line, but extremely affordable Sonic Defenders Ear Plugs. They filter out harmful noises while allowing you to hear what you to.

Hang Over Morning Mend

Look who went big at SXSW last night. As you start checking your phone for pictures to help you remember, you start to recall the sake bombs and tequila shots and you realize that you owned the dance floor and stage dived during the Black Angles encore. Awesome! Awesome headache. Pop the top off the Hang Over Morning Mend and guzzle it down like it was the first shot from the night before and get ready to do it all again.

Mophie Juice Pack Boost

While you are walking 6th Street and calling the office, surfing the mobile web, tweeting, and posting to Facebook, you are killing your phone battery. Don’t panic, in your back pocket is your handy Mophie Juice Pack Boost to the rescue. Plug it in and breathe. It will fully recharge you iPhone or you can use it while you check to see if you can get rsvp’s for 6 at 6p at PF Changs. Remeber, no phone, no fun.

Green Clean Organic Cotton Wipes

SXSW is about doing what need to do to survive. Meaning, staying in a room with six other people. Not into being the the 5th in line to the shower? Whip out the Cotton Wipes and bathe away. They also work for that mid day refresher as well. Smelling good is feeling good, and feeling good will keep you on your game.


Easier to take than your Flintstones when you were a kid. Emergen-C will keep you healthy and protect you from all the germs you come in contact with. Gives you a little energy boost as well, and we all know we need as much energy as we can get.

Ray Ban’s Folding Wayfarer

Hide last night’s fun while you protect your eyes and look good doing it. Great thing about these Ray Bans is that as the day turns to night you can fold them up and put them in your pocket. That way, one, you don’t lose them and two, nobody serenades you with Corey Hart’s “I where my sunglasses at night”.


What’s trending? Where’s the party? What panel is everyone at? Is that restaurant crowded? There are many ways to find this out but none more fun and easy as Foursquare. Plus, you get the addition of being rewarded with cool badges and points to compete with your friends. Down load it on your smart phone, check-in and let the games begin!

Dr. Bronner’s Hand Sanitizer

If you’re not shaking a couple hundred hands a day, then what are you doing here? That’s why you will need lots and lots of hand sanitizer, so why not make it calming, with a little scent of lavender. Now go shake some more hands

Heavy Duty 3-Grounded Outlet Adapter

Like water in the dessert, the wall plug is the hottest commodity at SXSW. If you see a group of people standing near a random wall, you can guarantee that they’re charging a phone, iPad, tablet and/or computer. So why not help out your fellow SXSW’er and plug in this 3-grounded Outlet Adapter. That way, whatever outlet you see, no matter how many people, you always know that you can join the party +1.


Doctors orders! 7-9 hours a night is optimal says the Sleep Foundation. So at least get 6-7 hours and you will be more effective, efficient and functional than most. Whether you are going for 2 days or the whole six you will need to listen to your body. Work hard, play hard and sleep hard, and you will have a successful SXSW.

Now pick up your pass and let the good times roll. We hope to see you Thursday, March 14th at our 6th annual AUSTINROX SXSW official showcase at BandPage HQ. This year we have performances by Dead Sara, Lianne La Havas, Wallpaper., Capital Cities, Dirt Nasty, Robert DeLong, G-Eazy, Battleme, The Protomen, Hunter Valentine, Terraplane Sun, and Chic Gamine!Click here for more deets.

Apps We Love: Band of the Day

Have you ever wanted to go on a really simple music discovery journey? Well, now you can.

Band of the Day is a relatively new app that encompasses everything you would want to know about a band right in the palm of your hand. In calendar format, each day a new band is presented so your collection can be full of fresh new music.

The genres span far and wide but all the essentials are there. You get an immediate feel of the band with a photo and brief description then when you click on it, you are handed the keys to the artist. With reviews, albums (and songs to stream), tweets about the band, a bio and more, you can dig right into a new band. Best part about that? If you don’t like them, there’s always another day to visit. BOTD even has their own charts to give you a real feel for bands people are listening to. Beyond that, you can login with your Facebook and see what your friends are up to in app.

Band of the Day is available on your iPhone & iPad and is free in the App Store.

Tokyo to LA: Kate Crash Glam

LA glam-rocker Kate Crash is at The Roxy this Saturday night to bring a little bit of Bowie back to The Sunset Strip.

Crash started on the streets of Tokyo with a guitar, a mic, and a boombox and quickly caught the attention of artists, TV shows, and her now producer Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). Her live show is full of performance art, dance, with sick guitars mixed with a little Iggy Pop, David Bowie & high energy.

Get a free download of her song “Ain’t Got Much” here:

Aint Got Much by Kate Crash

Tickets for the January 14 show are available at The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457. Doors at 7:15

Do Good With Honor Society

Honor Society is out on a do-good mission right now with the Rock The Red Kettle Tour 2011. With Sunderland & Aaron Camper, H.S. is on the road thanks to The Salvation Army doing the most good they possibly can. This tour couldn’t come at a better time than this holiday season and Honor Society is all about getting in the holiday spirit.

Honor Society rose to where they are while on tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2009 and have since become a household name for pop music diehards. This will be their 3rd play at The Roxy this year and we can’t get enough of these boys.

Listen to the video for their latest holiday inspired single “Spread The Love” here:

Check out a little bit of what they’ve done with The Salvation Army so far to warm your heart.

The Rock The Red Kettle Tour stops at The Roxy this Sunday, December 18 with Sunderland & Aaron Camper. Tickets are available via Ticketweb or The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

Roxy Bucks: The Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for your music loving friend?! Get them Roxy Bucks!

Roxy bucks are our very own currency (coupons) that can be used in the venue towards shows, food, & drink. That means, you can give out gift certificates that your friend can use on getting into a show, at The Roxy or at On The Rox, and they can get food & drinks inside with them, too.

Roxy Bucks come in booklets of $25 that include 5 $5 coupons and are available now. Call The Roxy’s box office for more information on purchasing. 310-278-9457

Band to Watch: Of Verona

December 1 is officially dedicated to Of Verona with a seal from KROQ Locals Only.

Since forming in 2010, of Verona has been creating some major buzz. MTV named them a Band to Know in 2011 stating: “If you like melodic rock & roll with great female vocals like Florence & the Machine, you’ll definitely dig of Verona.”

After touring constantly, Of Verona is gaining the attention of new fans, music critics, and major voices & publications. They’ve played multiple festivals across the country and even opened for Moby.

Listen to the Fall Like Roses EP:
of Verona – Fall Like Roses EP by of Verona

The band is in rotation on KROQ Locals Only and is on the up swing from here. Don’t miss them December 1 with Josh Tatum, Chop Love Carry Fire, and Attaloss.

Doors are at 7:15pm and tickets are available via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.

Exclusive Stream: Wait For Green

Wait For Green‘s second album is out next Tuesday but they’ve decided to give you Roxy readers a first listen! This self-titled record follows their 2008 EP In Motion that received critical acclaim. WFG was featured in MTVU’s Best Band on Campus and has played with the likes of 311, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Rebelution and many others.

Their CD Release show is at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach on November 23.

Listen to the album below:

Wait For Green by The Roxy Theatre

An Evening with Reggae Legends

On November 16, The Roxy will host a very special evening with reggae legends Third World. The band is more than just a band, they are an institution. After 30 years of making music, the band put out their 23rd album Patriots this year & are on a whirlwind celebrating their success.

With shows, this year alone, at Jamaican Jazz & Blues Festival & the Love City Live Festival in St. John, the Carribbean, Africa, Europe, & Hawaii, there is no slowing down this nearly 40 year old band.

Check out Third World with Stevie Wonder at Carnegie Hall:

96 Degrees in the Shade:

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb & The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

South Africa’s Finest: Parlotones

The Parlotones are the definition of a buzz band. Everyone (probably you’re mother, too) has heard of these guys and they’re on the verge of making a real name for themselves in the states. In South Africa, they are bigger than Coldplay. The band had the best selling record there this decade & are the band everyone is dying to get their hands on. The Parlotones have a sound reminiscent of The Killers with a darker side. This is pop rock at its finest.

Listen to their song “Brighter Side of Hell” here:
Brighter Side of Hell by TheSpellboundGroup

Opening the night are Scattered Trees:

Your Very Own:
Slow Me Down by Your Very Own

The Tender Box:

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb and The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

Camp Freddy & Friends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Camp Freddy fans because December is right around the corner & that means it’s time for the Camp Freddy & Friends residency! December 2, 9, 16, & 23 are this year’s dates & we can’t wait to spend them with you, Billy Morrison (Billy Idol/The Cult), Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction/The Panic Channel), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver), Donovan Leitch (son of legendary folk singer Donovan), Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction/Alanis Morrisette), and all their famous friends.

If you’ve seen the show before you know it’s the best party of you’ll go to all year and can expect the best of the best guests at each show. Previous “Friends” include Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Steven Tyler, Moby, Chad Smith, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mark McGrath, Slash, Juliette Lewis & so many others.

Get a dose of CF here:

Camp Freddy Compilation from Dave Navarro on Vimeo.

Tickets are available via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office now!

Limited Golden tickets are available that get you access to all four shows, one soundcheck, and meet & greet with the band! For more information call The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

Shack Up with Western States Motel

LA’s Western States Motel have booked a residency at On the Rox every Tuesday in November!

We can’t help but connect their sound to that of a classic Paul Simon track with a modern twist that sounds like it would fit seamlessly on the soundtrack to Garden State. Too old to reference? Maybe, but it works. Anyway, this residency is a really special one and our friends at KROQ Locals Only will be presenting.

The Western States Motel – Country And Western Song by RS MARKETING

Each week features different local openers:

November 15: Francisco The Man
Francisco the Man – Broken Arrows by buzzbands

November 22: The World Record
The World Record “Runolf & Mary” by tadpoleaudioFTW

November 29: The Californian
Sea Of Love – EP by The Californian


This residency is free & 21+. Dates are November 8, 15, 22, 29 with doors at 8:30 each night.

Meet Lost in Kostko

The boys of Lost in Kostko are back at The Roxy November 12 with Aaron Cuadra & Savannah Phillips and they want to meet 5 of their biggest LA fans!

Lost in Kostko was formed in 2009 by Alex Gertsch & Tyler Posey. Their catchy songs pop-punk songs are enough to have you singing along by the end of the first song you hear. Lost in Kostko has been widely received amongst Tyler Posey’s fans & many many others.

Listen to “Somebody” here:
Somebody by Lost In Kostko

Here’s how you meet the band! Take a photo of your ticket to the show and tweet: “I want to meet @LostinKostko @TheRoxy on 11/12! (link to your photo) #KostkoRox”

Winners will be announced on November 10 so you have some time to win but don’t skip it!

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb and the Roxy’s box office 310-278-9457.

Day of the Dead Strip Crawl

Save the Date: October 22, 2011. Black Star’s Day of the Dead Strip Crawl is raising spirits on The Sunset Strip and we want you to be there!

This Strip Crawl will include Day of the Dead themed shenanigans as we crawl from The World Famous Comedy Store to The Roxy Theatre & hit all of our favorite spots in between. There will be games, contests, tarot card readers, pumpkins, Day of the Dead face painting, a Mariachi band or two, and so much more. Food & drink specials go without saying on top of all the awesome swag we’ll be handing out all night.

Stops include The Viper Room, Red Rock, Isla, The Comedy Store, The Roxy & more. Black Star Beer will be on special throughout the night. Their vintage Airstream equipped with a digital photo booth will be parked along the strip, so hop in and document the evening’s festivities!

Stay tuned for more details as they come!


Black Star’s Day of the Dead Strip Crawl starts at The World Famous Comedy Store at 7:00pm on October 22. This event is free & 21+.

5 Questions with Gentlemen Hall

By: @brentXmendoza

In three short years, Boston based Gentlemen Hall has become one of the most decorated and critically acclaimed indie bands to explode out of New England’s pop-rock hot bed.

Currently touring in support of their sophomore effort “When We All Disappear,” the band has taken to the road to bring their exponentially viral, synth-tastic jams to the masses.

While en route to The Roxy, the Gentlemen Hall were kind enough to kill some of their tour bus boredom by participating in a quick round of “5 Questions.” The following are their collective responses…

Wow, so you guys have won a boat load of awards! Which one was the most meaningful for the band? Which one caught you most “off-guard?” And where do you store this treasure trove of trophies?

Awards for art have always felt sort of silly to us, because it’s all subjective… but they have led to tons of exposure, so we do appreciate all the opportunities. The Billboard Award is our fav because all of our mommies and daddies saw us on the “Billboard Music Awards” on ABC.

Tell us about the Gentlemen Hall smoothie. What flavor is it? Did you get to collectively pick the ingredients/decide on the flavor? How many have you consumed; and have you ever “spiked” it?

Ben & Jerry’s has been extremely supportive of the Boston community. We got involved with them several years ago in conjunction with a festival concert series they host called the “Fair Trade Festival.” Last year Boston was officially sanctioned a “Fair Trade City,” so we’ve seen steps towards better and fairer wages. It’s been an honor to be a part of that!

The smoothie is sort of a slurpable commemoration of that relationship… we have not put alcohol in it, as of yet, but if we did, it would have to be tequila since it’s a lemonade ice smoothie!

So the band is named after an infamous Prohibition-era speakeasy in Boston. Who in the band would have most likely taken to “rum-running” during the 1920’s dry spell?

Aside from @Cobimike, the whole band is pretty heavy on the moonshine! Who would make the best bathtub gin..? We’d have to say @Sethflute. He’s quite the craftsman.

Other than Sam Adams, what’s the best thing about Boston? Ever party with Matt and Ben? And “pahk the cah in hahvahd yahd,” funny or not?

It’s the only place we know that will thunder during a snowstorm. Gnar! The accents ain’t bad either. Nice work!

Finally, Seth what’s up with that flute?

I make you scoot, scoot, scoot when I toot, toot, toot!


This Wednesday, Oct 12 Billboard Presents Gentlemen Hall with Shinobi Ninja, Hank & Cupcakes, and DJ Tony Martinez. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Admission is FREE with RSVP.

The Roxy at CMJ

We’re packing our bags & heading to NYC next week!

October 20 at Idle Hands Bar in Manhattan with Topspin & Film Buff, we’re hosting a Digital Media Meetup & we want you to come! From 6-9pm, come hang out with digital nerds and tech pros as we geek out over the latest trends and the amazing bands playing the festival.

For all the info on the party & to see us on panels throughout next week click here.

Local on the 8s: Music Behind the Weather

By: Brent X Mendoza

For those who, unfortunately, live outside the sphere of Southern California’s consistently moderate climate conditions, apparently there is a need to know what to wear when getting dressed for one’s day? In these early pre-caffeinated hours of confusion, masses of Americans turn to The Weather Channel and “Local on the 8s” when deciding between a heavy wool sweater and a thin cotton hoodie.

Laying down the ambient downtempo music beds for the guide to your daily climatic grind is frequently the job of North Carolina based electronica mastermind, Matt “Trance” Fury, who has been quietly crafting chilled out mixes for over a decade.

Before tuning in for your next local weather update, read up on the man behind those soothing seasonal songs!

So “Trance” Fury? Seems like a pretty bold moniker for your downtempo style of music?

Actually, I took the name on almost 15 years ago when the “Trance” genre was not really defined the way it is now. I personally interpreted “Trance” as something you could zone out to.

Do you write pieces specifically tailored for The Weather Channel or do you license pre-existing tracks?

Well, yes and no… I took a long break between albums from 2000-2006. So when I finally released “7 Steps to Resolution” in 2006, my goal was to re-introduce my name back into the electronic scene; and I feel like I succeeded quite well.

So then when I released my 2009 album “Mother Earth and Father Time,” I set a goal to get one of my songs on The Weather Channel because I am such a huge fan. So that was my specific inspiration for writing the track “Carolina Shore,” and have been writing tracks used by TWC ever since.

“Local On The 8s” is specific to each cable subscriber’s area. Do they also change the musical selection based on the local weather conditions? Do they ever play “New York City Winter” for an L.A. forecast in August?

I believe that the “Local on the 8s” music is nationwide, as far as I know… I’ve never seen them change songs based on weather conditions, but they do tend to gear tracks to the seasons. That is a good thought!

So to answer your second question: They have not played “New York City Winter” in August as of yet; but you probably heard it last March!

Tell us about “The Other Sides of Trance.”

This album is a two volume remix EP of older tracks. The recording technology has changed so much since I wrote a lot of my older tracks, that I decided to re-record, remix, and re-master a handful of them with the help of guitarist Eddie Easterly and programmer Nick Kisler. It’s called “The Other Sides of Trance” because it’s all about new spins on old tracks- kind of a play on words.

This past July was one of the hottest on record. What does a heat wave sound like?

You’re not kidding! Was it hot in L.A. also? It’s been brutal here in North Carolina, and I haven’t had a chance to escape to the beach much. In fact, I haven’t even sat in the studio much because of the heat… but I would probably interpret a heat wave as a long drone.

Then So Cal’s moderate and consistently warm temperatures must be pretty non-inspiring?

Well I wouldn’t say that! I lived in Orlando for five years, and was constantly inspired. In fact, the track “Hurricane Florida” came out of being there; but I guess you don’t have to worry too much about that in California!

I’m sure I could find something to get inspired by out in L.A. Warm, comfortable nights are some of my favorite inspirational climates!

Thoughts on naming your next track “Roxy Summer,” or “Stars Over Sunset Strip,” or “Nic Adler’s Magic Fedora” anything along these lines? Any other title ideas?

[Laughter] Nic should have a Twitter account just for his hat! I love that thing! I guess I need to take a trip out that way soon to start getting some ideas; and maybe play The Roxy.

I haven’t been out there in 15 years, but I promise when I do, the first round of brews is on me!


You can catch Matt “Trance” Fury’s new track “February (Mid Winter Nights Mix)” running through October on The Weather Channel’s recurring regional forecast report “Local on the 8s.”

Q&A: Kreayshawn

By: Brent X Mendoza

“Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada…” The song’s been in your head for months; and now the YouTube, viral sensation that has been blowing up your computer speakers will be blowing up the PA here at The Roxy Theatre.

That’s right, this Saturday, August 27 we are all very excited to welcome, Kreayshawn and her crew, who will be giving us a little taste of the tracks she’s been painstakingly honing for her first full length release.

But before heading to the show, educate yourself on this L.A. by way of Oakland, future hip-hop mogul, as she discusses her roots, her new record, and even answers a few questions from her fans. Check it…


First off what’s the origin/s of your name? A play on “creation” perhaps?

Yes, right on the ball! I am one creative kitty.

Do you have a release date for your first full length? What can we expect?

I’m working on putting it out this fall and def before the end of the year. It’s going to be a CD touching on a mixture of subjects that I hope everyone will be excited about.

How are you finding the L.A. music scene? How does it differ from Oakland?

In Oakland everything is more connected than out here; In L.A. everything is very mainstream.

With all this controversy that has been following you… don’t you think it’s actually been beneficial, in a “any press is good press” sort of way?

Yeah, it’s always nice to have your name in the tabloids, but I would rather be reading successful stories than negative made up stories.

With the massive success of “Gucci Gucci” are you nervous about having to follow that up? Any feedback from any of the designer labels mentioned in the song?

Yeah we got hit up by Gucci, but as long as we don’t use the logo it’s all good.

I’m not nervous with the follow up because I’ve came out with songs that people like just as much!

Finally, you have some rather unique tattoos including a mixture of Disney characters, food items, and numbers on your knuckles. Care to explain the meanings behind these?

My sailor moon tattoo symbolizes my childhood, the numbers on my knuckles is a play on a telephone, and my Goofy tattoo is for my friend Goofy who died.


Kreayshawn hits The Roxy Theatre with special guests Roach Gigz, and CBG this Saturday, Aug 28. Doors open at 8 p.m.

SSMF: Roxy Picks

We hit up our music guru staff to ask them for their top picks at this weekend’s Sunset Strip Music Festival. If anyone knows, it’s these guys who see at least 4 bands come through almost every single day. Take a look below at some of the faces of the Roxy’s Top SSMF Picks!


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
3:00 Key Club: Indians
3:45 Key Club: Love and a .38
4:30 Key Club: Deluka
5:30 The Roxy: Warner Drive
6:00 West Outdoor Stage: Bush
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
8:15 West Outdoor Stage: Mötley Crüe
10:05 The Whisky: Bolt Action Thrill
10:30 Viper Room: Mickey Avalon
12:00 On The Rox: Metalachi


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
3:10 West Outdoor Stage: She Wants Revenge
3:50 The Roxy: Jordan Cook
4:40 The Roxy: Imagine Dragons
5:10 East Outdoor Stage: Matt & Kim
6:20 The Roxy: The LImousines
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
7:10 The Roxy: Sabrosa Purr
8:50 The Roxy: Chappo
10:00 SilverSpoon: The Silent Disco
10:30 The Roxy: Rye Rye
12:00AM On The Rox: Metalachi


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
2:10 The Roxy: Queen Caveat
3:10 West Outdoor Stage: She Wants Revenge
3:00 The Roxy: letlive
3:45 Key Club: Love & A .38
3:50 West Outdoor Stage: Dirtyheads
5:10 East Outdoor Stage: Matt & Kim
5:30 The Roxy: Warner Drive
6:00 The Whisky: All Hail The Yeti
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
7:10 The Roxy: Sabrosa Purr
8:15 West Outdoor Stage: Motley Crue
8:50 The Roxy: Chappo
10:00 Key Club: Them Jeans
10:30 The Roxy: Semi Precious Weapons’ EMPIRE/Rye Rye

Plan your Sunset Strip Music Festival with this handy schedule right here!

SSMF: Lineups and Röller Cöasters

Get ready to plan your SSMF! Here are your set times for The Roxy stage on August 20!

RYE RYE 10:30

Here are your main stages:

BUSH 6:00

MATT & KIM 5:10

As if this amazing lineup weren’t enough -MOTLEY F-IN CRUE IS BRINGING TOMMY LEE’S ROLLER COASTER!
The “360” roller coaster is a full loop that will be on stage while Tommy Lee is rocking out to everyone’s favorite Mötley Crüe songs.


For the full lineup including all the venues, special events this week, and tickets visit

VIP, Baby!

Here’s your chance for to get real VIP at The Roxy during the Sunset Strip Music Festival!

The Roxy VIP Booth Package includes:

A both reserved for you and your party from 1pm-10pm.
Up to 10 VIP wristbands
6 GA tickets to the festival
3 Bottles of Alcohol of your choice!
Access to the SSMF Virgin America Lounge at On The Rox

Here’s the best part – you can leave, enjoy the festival, come back and we’ll have your table & bottles ready for you the moment you return!

For pricing and to make reservations email

Sunset Strip Locals

This year during SSMF Week, The Roxy is bring the best of the best local bands to our stage! On August 16-17, 2011 you can see the bands who have rocked us all year long and deserve the limelight of the festival.

To get you excited we put together an exclusive compilation of songs that you can listen to right here!

SSMF Locals Mix by theroxytheatre

For more information on all the bands and sets click below.

Amy LaVere: Stranger Me

Hell hath no fury like a songstress scorned. Memphis-bred singer-songwriter and bassist Amy LaVere releases her third album Stranger Me, and delivers a backdrop of lost love and finding one’s way through the rubble.

Amy kicks open the album with “Damn Love song” and lets in a wall of distorted sound, rolling rough drums and a sharp attitude-driven guitar that ushers in Amy’ rough and unique vocals. “Here’s your damn love song/ and don’t it say it all?” Yup. It pretty much does. The instrumentation on this track has “badass” written all over it.

Flirty, witty and upbeat, “You can’t keep me” is another track that displays Amy’s attitude not only through lyrics, but through wailing trumpets, that back the songstress with a fury. On the track “Red Banks”, the guitars are as gritty and bluesy as ever and Amy is as tongue-in-cheek as can be as she plays a deep and haunting bass line. Honestly, who can sing about disposing a body in the river and get away with it ? Leave it to Amy to answer that question.

Elements of raw jazz on “A great divide” are manifested through bluesy guitar and a sassy saxophone solo by Memphis’ Jim Spake. Amy goes through a 3 part story of heartache with gently placed vocals and serene instrumentation on the next three tracks. “Often Happens” takes things down a notch to produce smooth harmonies and simplistic country-driven guitars and drums, and the mood stays steady with sharp staccato strings on the next track “Lucky Boy”. Amy’s vocals stay easy while the backing instruments go on a whimsical ride of their own. “Tricky Heart” rounds out the serene trilogy with the steady heartbeat of drums

The title track “Stranger Me” keeps all instruments busy with scales twists and ends with Amy performing haunting vocal rounds with herself. “Candle Mambo” is another stand out work with its high wailing guitars, and shakes things up a bit with its pace.

“Cry my eyes out” features a playful and youthful xylophone, but is almost overshadowed by the haunting distortion of guitars rolling in the background. The track never picks up pace, and the haunting distortion never fades away. It’s a looming sentiment that doesn’t even seem to shake Amy as she continues to deliver smooth vocals. “Come On” closes out the album with a slow tribute to Amy’s natural country side element, complete with country ridden guitar and old-time accordion.

What’s so unique and impressive about Stranger Me is not only how feisty and meaningful Amy’s lyrics on love and loss are, but also how each backing instrument has the full ability to stand on their own if Amy wished to do so. However, by melting in together the busy sounds with her quick-tempered lyrics, Amy’s molded a crafty and eccentric album laced with layers of gritty and soulful guitars, echoing drums, and haunting melodies. Amy LaVere has everything come together to form an enriching tapestry.

Check out the Track “Lucky Boy” and her live performance of “Red Banks” below!

Lucky Boy by amylavere

Stephanie Gomez-Roxy Contributor