A Quickie With Jeffree Star

By: Brent X Mendoza

This Wednesday, Nov 10 social trendsetter and glam-fab icon Jeffree Star brings “The Fresh Meat Tour” to The Roxy Theatre stage. Showcasing tracks from his debut full length, the gorgeous “Beauty Killer” is poised to raise eyebrows and raise hell. Get to know the man behind the mascara…

You came to notoriety as a sort of MySpace celebrity; how have you expanded on your internet empire? What’s the future of social networking? How do you stay relevant?

As MySpace has slowly crashed and burned since 2009, I’ve noticed that most of the “MySpace celebrities” have disappeared off the face of Earth… I don’t think I was ever in that category because I have a lot more going for me then just being an “online” presence. When MySpace was at its peak, I started playing live shows around the United States, I started my clothing line in Hot Topic stores across America and I had an EP on iTunes that made me a lot of money. Now we’re in 2010, where my Facebook page has already had half a million “Likes” and my twitter is growing just as fast. My fans haven’t gone anywhere, and I’m gaining new ones every day, so I’m blessed that I’m interesting enough and making music that people enjoy. I think being creative and being myself has always made me stay relevant.

Last year you did some dates on The Warped Tour. Were you embraced by the punk rock crowd and other bands on the tour?

In 2009 I played Warped Tour to HUGE crowds… I didn’t play this year because it was time to take a break from that world and focus on my next big move in my music career. But honestly, I think people were shocked at how well I did on that tour… what does “punk” even mean anymore? I punched guys in the face and tasered someone to the floor for throwing water at me… am I punk?? I think everyone assumes the “fag” isn’t gonna stick up for himself but when I did, the respect meter went up to a 10. Some bands will never like me because they think I’m this big pink dramatic monster and that’s fine. I’m not for everyone. It was good to be the only person that f***s guys on that tour and take a stand, show I had staying power.

Who is your dream duet partner?

I’m from Orange County, CA and the girl that put us on the map is Gwen Stefani. I’d LOVE to work with her and have her sing on one of my songs… maybe she will? I’ll get my answer soon!

Anyone in the constant spotlight gets some amount of backlash or negative attention. Any awesomely good hate mail or confrontations lately?

Usually I can name 20 fist fights and everyone I hate but I’ve been so busy working on my new album and flying everywhere for events and media stuff that I haven’t had time to catch my breath and call anyone out lately… maybe my positive energy has affected me in a good way because everything has been “looking up” since I got rid of all the sycophants in my life.

You grew up as a club kid in Hollywood. Where did you hang out when you first started going to shows? Where does the “Queen of the Club Scene” hang out now?

I hate that term “club kid” because I had nothing to do with that scene. I was just a 17 year old with a fake ID sipping on water at Spider Club while Paris Hilton danced on tables, HAHA! I always went to The Roxy, Key Club and Whisky to see shows, and I still do. Live music is my favorite thing in the world… nowadays I go to Here Lounge, The Abbey and Mr. Blacks to hang with all the freaks so I can feel right at home.

Who’s currently on your shitlist?
Anyone who doesn’t believe in me. Kill yourself.

Speaking of “Fresh Meat”, what are you listening to right now? Who do you like in the local L.A. music scene?

My fav new artist is Christian TV… everyone will know his name in 2011. On repeat right now, I have the new Taylor Swift album, William Smith, old TLC and MY own new songs.

Biggest fashion faux pas/pet peeve?

Girls and trannys with BAD makeup… I need to teach some of these L.A. bitches how to blend their eye shadow… uggh!

Flo Rida Brings The Flava…Literally

Packed show last night! Thanks to myspace and all who came out to celebrate Flo Rida’s new album! Insanity! Head over to MTV.com for some sweet shots!
Credit:MTV newsroom

Flo Rida hit the stage at the Roxy on Sunday night with the help of some special guests, including Flavor Flav, Pleasure P and 7-year-old B-Boy prodigy, Jalen.

Flo Rida teamed up with MySpace Music to bring an unforgettable free show to the legendary west coast venue, in support of his new album R.O.O.T.S. which dropped on March 31.

The first single off of his sophomore album, “Right Round,” has broken all previous digital download records, having locked in the #1 spot for 12 weeks, until last week when it was pushed to #2 by Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face.” Now Flo Rida is bringing that same success it to the stage, with an upcoming show in London on April 13, and more Stateside dates scheduled for later this year …

My favorite part? America’s Best Dance Crew (Quest Crew) opening up!
Also, check out the TMZ interview!
Youtube Credit: k9ripper85
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Flo Ridin’ The Strip

Myspace is at it again! The Myspace Secret show’s never cease to amaze…and FLO RIDA is no exception. Sunday is the new Friday – so make sure you come check out the artist that has one of the TOP 10 albums in the country. Hot hot hot. All the crucial info can be found on the image below, if you have any questions feel free to hit up @theroxy on twitter! **this show is all ages**

Flo Rida April 5,2009

More Nico Please

Nico Vega 3/14
From the record release…to SXSW…and everything in between – it’s been a fun ride watching the Nico Vega train gain speed. We know it’s easy to be a skeptic – since this town can be sensory overload x100. But, Nico Vega is the real deal…and it’s rad to watch heads turn and ears perk up. Check out what the kids of Antiquiet have to say – and a sweet interview with the band!
**photo credit for top photo, Erik Voake**

Nico Vega is your newest favorite band. I know, I know… I hate hype too. When I first caught the buzz around LA about this up-and-coming local act signed to MySpace records, I blew it off. It’s hard to take things seriously in this town; every week there’s a new flavor you just have to try.

Lets Rock and Make Up

We were pretty bummed when Nico Vega got canceled too…which is why we are extra excited that the show was rescheduled quickly and we are ready to party tonight! Their are still some tickets available so ch ch ch check it out! Great article by Kevin at buzzbands.la!

Volkman has put behind her the debilitating cough/cold that sidelined her early this month, and the L.A. trio is revving up for its makeup date Tuesday. From a tour stop in Cleveland, the frontwoman says that finally having the album out is exhilarating. “I feel like we worked for the last four years to make something great, and now here it is: This is the record,” she says. “The next time it won’t take so long because we learned so much from the process. We were patient with it, and it paid off — I think we got it right.”

Join Us and Go Social

GOSOCIAL! We couldn’t be a bigger supporter of all things social networking. We’ve seen first hand how a little online presence can really help turn things around and get you to where you want to be. We’ve spent the past year really trying (often times by trial and error) to find our place in the virtual land – and with so many options, from twitter to facebook it takes a lot to figure out a plan that really works for you. GOSOCIAL! Music is the only Social Media marketing course in L.A. that caters specifically to bands, musicians, and entertainment industry professionals. Whether you need a little direction, looking to revamp whatcha already have going, or are totally inexperienced – we welcome you!! Come sit in on what will be an AMAZING workshop! Ticket options include coming for a day or check out the package deals. Click here for tickets! When it comes time to really hone in on your craft -rest assured that social media guru Kyra Reed will have you up and running! True story.

GoSocial! Music

Happy Birthday Facebook

Come join us on FACEBOOK! Chat with us, let us know your favorite show…when we’ll see you next…and what you love (or maybe what you not-so-love)! Become a fan of the club and join our group!


Nice To Be Nico

We’ve been waiting a while to be able to celebrate Nico Vega’s album release and we couldn’t be happier to host it (along with KROQ Locals Only and Myspace) on our stage! Nico Vega has been a force to be reckoned with for quite sometime, and anytime we are able to catch her, we are even more amazed! Along with The Yelling and The Union Line – not to be missed! Oh, did I mention the tickets are $7?? Click here or call us at 310 278 9457.

Nico Vega 2/5

Viva Clamato

Always a pleasure working with myspace, we’re excited to have RKM Y KEN-Y live at The Roxy for a Myspace Latino Secret show. Per the usual, make sure you bring a printout of Myspace Secret shows in your top friends (or save a tree and just show us the image on your iphone/blackberry/etc) and make sure everyone in your party is present to pick up a wristband. Doors are at 7:30pm!

Myspace Latino Secret Shows

Cheech and Chongin It

Special thanks to Lina Lecaro of the LA Weekly for recapping the fabulous night with Cheech and Chong. Always happy to have her in the house!


We waited 25 years, what’s another hour? The not-so-secret Cheech and Chong reunion show at The Roxy last Thursday night was set to start at 8 p.m. sharp — but of course nothing is ever sharp in stoner time, and thanks to the crazy-long line outside, it was more like 9 when the guys finally sparked up the preview performance of their new “Light Up America” tour. Open to anyone who brought a print-out showing C&C in their top-friends list on MySpace (it was sponsored by the networking site), this show also had historic subtext, venue wise. Not only is the Roxy stage an old haunt, its owner Lou Adler discovered the duo and produced many of their films. Like many 30-somethings, we first heard the early work of the weed-loving funny men when we were kiddies, though it was forbidden by the folks. We discovered them as we got older though, and huffing ’n’ puffing with the classics — Up In Smoke, Nice Dreams — became a ritual. Judging from the enthusiastic youths in the crowd Thursday, this obviously continues to be a rite of passage. The crowd of people who filed in toting their DVDs and LPs were also about 80 percent Latino (Nightranger’s part of this percentile) and the barrio faves that blasted as we entered (War, Santana, Ritchie Valens, oldies) solidified the cultural significance of the pair’s success. Though Tommy’s not Mexican, Cheech and Chong have always been a source of Chicano pride (some sober types might say detrimentally so). The duo’s vaudeville skit-style presentation definitely had its share of Mexi references, including renditions of rib-tickling ditties “Mexican-Americans (Beaners)” and “Born in East L.A.”

After a bubbly opening monologue from Tommy’s wife Shelby Chong — who described what it was like when the cops stormed her home and busted her spouse for selling bongs (“They never found the weed in the freezer!” Hah!) — the duo came onstage to hollering, screams and even front-row fans doing the wave. They opened up with the classic car scene from Smoke and proceeded to cavort through bits like “Let’s Make a Dope Deal” and “The Big Sniff,” which saw the 62-year-old Marin and 70-year-old Chong play doggies, walking on all fours, smelling each other’s butts and, yes, humping. The pair’s chemistry remains potent, as does the musical prowess of each. Both comics offered melodious instrumental moments to the hedonistic high jinks, and though smokin’ and sexin’ were the main themes, there was some political commentary too. No shocker: The guys are pro-Obama, anti-McCain/Bush, and their experiences over the years seem to have made ’em anything but apathetic stoners. Still, sucking the hell out of another stereotype continues to be the crux of their comedy. When explaining why they broke up in the first place, Chong told the crowd (of Cheech), “We got rich — and you can’t make a rich Mexican do anything.” Cheech and Chong (who, by the way, recently outed Arnold Schwarzenegger as a former pothead … he in turn admitted to TMZ he did inhale!) will be back in L.A. for two shows at the Gibson Amphitheater on December 6. Wonder if the Governator will check out his old buds?

Get Ready To Get Your Cheech And Chong On

Today’s the day! We will be allowing people to line up starting at 12 NOON today – so please bring yourself, and a printout of Cheech and Chong in your top friends. Doors will open at 7:00pm and all members of your party must be present in line (i.e. no save-sies)! It’s going to be a night for the books…see you in a few hours!

Cheech and Chong 9/17

Catching Up With Kate

Multi talented Kate Voegele is one hard working gal – as she stars on one of the best guilty pleasures (One Tree Hill) AND is on a full headlining tour happening as we speak. Excited to have her pop in and show the Roxy some love – and taking some really, really great musicians out with her. Its a full lineup with JOSH HOGE starting it off, MATT WHITE to follow, and KATE closing it out. Click here for our ticketmaster page or just give us a call at 310 278 9457!
Set Times:
Josh Hoge – 8:15
Matt White – 9:00
Kate Voegele – 10:15

Kate-Voegele 9/10



Oh My Nas

The Roxy witnessed a classic, an epic, a legendary show…call it what you want, but in our minds it was one of the best hip hop performances ever. Big, big ups to Myspace for giving us such a treat. And Mulatto, you guys can hold it down, we want you back soon. We have lots of shots from this show, so watch over the next couple of days for more. In the mean time check out the first of the bunch from our pro EV.

Nas Live at The Roxy

Nas Live at The Roxy

Nas Live at The Roxy

We Are Trained Professionals

Just wanted to put those little hearts and heads at ease – we DO indeed have two (REALLY GREAT AMAZING) shows next Friday July 18th. This isn’t a mistake or a typo. It’s an eclectic mix, and that’s why the Roxy rox. We can transform from Pop to Hip Hop seamlessly. So, to reiterate – Doors for Radio Disney Presents: DEMI LOVATO are at 7:00pm. Doors for Myspace Music Presents: NAS are at 10:30pm.

The Myspace Effect

We always welcome MYSPACE to the Roxy with open arms. With their help we’ve done everything from Courtney Love to Wyclef – and we’re happy to have NAS here next Friday July 18th! With a new album on its way, we know its going to be a hot show. We’ll be issuing wristbands the day of, so please bring a print out of NAS in your top Myspace friends. We’ll let in as many people as we can, so make sure you get here early to guarantee admission. Doors will open at 10:30pm!
Myspace Music Presents: NAS 7/18