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Please help nominate The Roxy Theatre in “Mashable’s 3rd Annual Open WebAwards.” Support us as we continue to expand our brand and hope to become “Best Brand Use on Twitter.” You can nominate us once a day, so please feel free to nominate away! We appreciate the continued support on our quest to continue to grow in the world of social networking. And if you’re not already, don’t forget to join us @theroxy on twitter!

Tweetstakes Return

Welcome back, the triumphant return of our beloved Summer Tweetstakes giveaways! It has been a blast watching our twitter community grow and grow – and what better incentive to join the masses then with free tickets! Starting at NOON today (June 29, 2009) and continuing on every Monday in July, we are giving away a pair of tickets to every new follower or @theroxy tweet. DM us with any questions!

**Excludes shows not yet onsale, sold out, private events, private shows, & benefits.

Join Us and Go Social

GOSOCIAL! We couldn’t be a bigger supporter of all things social networking. We’ve seen first hand how a little online presence can really help turn things around and get you to where you want to be. We’ve spent the past year really trying (often times by trial and error) to find our place in the virtual land – and with so many options, from twitter to facebook it takes a lot to figure out a plan that really works for you. GOSOCIAL! Music is the only Social Media marketing course in L.A. that caters specifically to bands, musicians, and entertainment industry professionals. Whether you need a little direction, looking to revamp whatcha already have going, or are totally inexperienced – we welcome you!! Come sit in on what will be an AMAZING workshop! Ticket options include coming for a day or check out the package deals. Click here for tickets! When it comes time to really hone in on your craft -rest assured that social media guru Kyra Reed will have you up and running! True story.

GoSocial! Music

Twit Twit Twit

We’re big fans of this whole social networking phenomena….it’s really great for us to be able to check in with the music lovers of the world and fans of the venue (and other venues) and help us tap into what people really dig. Please join us (and follow us) on our newest obsesseion – TWITTER. We get to update you instantly on cool things like, who’s soundchecking what – what special surprises are instore – and who needed to put down the patron (5 minutes ago).