Megan J Speaks Her Mind

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on the inside of these booking walls? Our very own Megan Jacobs recently spoke out with Nightclub and Bar magazine about what it’s like being a magical piece of the puzzle, her relationship balance with artist and agents – and what makes this system tick. Well done Meg! On top of being buyer extraordinaire, she is also a super talented musician – come join us when we toast to her at Hotel Cafe next week!
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Credit: Jenny Adams

Megan Jacobs has worked as the talent buyer at The Roxy in Los Angeles — a live music icon since the early 1970s — for three years; previously she represented bands and DJs. She knows how to work the right deals for the club, but also recognizes that it’s a two-way street.
“My loyalty lies with the Roxy,” she explains. “When you are a talent buyer, industry standard is you talk to the agents. I speak with them, and we negotiate. It is 50/50, with me trying to get bands, and bands trying to get in here. The agents know which artists will sell out, and I go after bands that are hot. I need to keep the interest of the club at hand, but I want a good deal for the club while also cutting one for the singer.”

Megan J Hotel Cafe 5/16

Nightclub and Bar Cover Boy

Our very own Nic graces the cover of this months “Nightclub and Bar” magazine – with a great article and interview on the role social networking plays in our everyday club life, what we’re doing to change perceptions, and keeping our eyes out for the next big thing. Click the clip below for the full article!

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