ClubRox 2012

It’s that time of year to bring back ClubRox!

If you aren’t aware, ClubRox is a yearly membership to The Roxy that gets you in to just about any show you want for all of 2012! You get special membership perks like drink discounts, free +1’s, VIP to select shows, and more. Just this year, ClubRox-er’s got access to Nikka Costa, Friendly Fires, Foster The People, The Expendables, Young The Giant, Ximena Sarinana, Big Audio Dynamite, Dredg, She Wants Revenge, Dita Von Teese, Vegan Beer Fest, Nico Vega, Buckcherry, Kreayshawn, Mayer Hawthorne, Camp Freddy & so, so many more.

The ClubRox crew is a tight knit community that become members of The Roxy family. Here’s what some of them have to say about it:

ClubRox gave me the freedom to attend shows of artists I was unfamiliar with without worrying about wasting my money. It allowed me to seek out new artists and discover new loves like Nikka Costa, Indians and The Mowglis! The drink discounts don’t hurt either!” – Steve, member since 2009

Best money ever spent on concerts ever!!! The Roxy continually proves itself to be the concert venue in So Cal!” – Frank, member since 2009

I absolutely love ClubRox! Best deal on the Sunset Strip! I go to about 50-75 concerts a year and at least 20 of them are here at the legendary Roxy via the ClubRox card. Seen so many EPIC concerts there and looking forward to many more in the future.” – Tyson, member since 2009

Simply said… Clubrox ROCKS!! Clubrox is more than a club, we are a rock and roll family. Early entry, no waiting in long lines all day sure helps this lady out and it’s so awesome to be in the front row!! 1/2 off on drinks is a bonus even on water & soda. Everyone is the best and I just love my door boys Juan, Barry & Ricky!! They always take good care of us too!!” – Carrie, member since 2009

Get all the information on the most rockin’ membership here:

Q&A With Nikka Costa

By: Brent X Mendoza

TONIGHT: L.A.’s own funky diva Nikka Costa will take the stage for a night of sexy soulful rock n’ roll.

Promoting the release of her brand new EP PRO*WHOA!, the lifelong music industry vet has said “Go Funk Yourself” to the major labels and struck out on her own as an independent artist.

With a game changing new plan and popin’ new material, Costa is set to return to the spotlight, kicking things off with a multi-night cameo on Prince’s epic 21 Night Stand Tour, and a home show at the world famous Roxy Theatre.

We got the new record PRO*WHOA! coming out later this week. Want to tell us a little about it? Where did the title come from, etc?

Well, it’s an EP and it is the first of many that will be rolling out throughout the year. We’re releasing it on my new label called Go Funk Yourself Records, and it’s exciting cause it’s our first independent release. So it’s kind of a new frontier for me that’s both liberating and creative.

The record is called PRO*WHOA! and it’s basically after a song on the EP that’s… it’s pretty much autobiographical and it’s kind of not really meant to be taken too seriously. In a way, it’s kind of like I’m rapping, and I’m sort of “blowing myself up” as rappers do [laughter]. So I just sort of talk all about my life, and the end (of the song) is “I’m a pro. Whoa!” It’s tongue-in-cheek.

So a series of EPs?

Yeah we just decided to kind of change the normal formula and just do EPs throughout the year, instead of waiting two years and doing a full length album. That way we can keep touring… cause usually I kind of go away for a while and I make a record. So were trying to always keep something out there and current, and ya know just sort of changing the traditional model.

Having been with the majors on and off, and now being on your own… and with the current state of the industry, are you looking at this as a sort of new model for independent artists?

Well I don’t know if it’s like a way to follow… I know that a lot of people have been doing it this way now. I think it’s better in a way for the fans cause they get new stuff, and then they get you on the road cause you’re promoting your new stuff, and then it’s only a few months and the whole process sort of starts over again.

I think it just suits our ADD culture that we’ve inherited with virtual media, and for me it’s good cause I don’t have the daunting task of making an entire album and I can release things as they come to me, and in the moment that I’m feeling them, cause sometimes when you make a record, and it doesn’t come out for a year and a half and you’re sort of over it. I mean… you like it, but you’ve moved on, and you’re maybe into something else. It just sort of keeps things rolling.

Is that a little more pressure on you when you’re only releasing a few tracks at a time? Pressure in the sense that they be more singles oriented, or the real “breakout tracks.”

I actually find it to be less pressure because, I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel with each EP. For me, it’s more daunting to have ten or twelve songs that I really, really love on one album… It’s kind of like, “this is where I’m at right now, so hey here it is!” I’m always very precious about what I put out anyway, so regardless I’m definitely wanting it to be something that I’m really proud of.

Having grown up in the music business and starting your career as a child, how do you look back on that? Was it a positive experience?

Yeah, it was… it’s a lot of work and I was lucky enough to sort of be able to handle it and ya know not end up being on heroin as a teenager. But I think a lot of child stars just can’t deal.

But I also got out of it though too; and I stopped singing when I was eleven or twelve and I wanted to take a break; and I didn’t do it for like five years, and kind of had a normal childhood. I just sort of got lucky the way things turned out.

I think it’s very hard to be in the adult world in that way, being looked at, and criticized. Cause you don’t even know who you are as a person, let alone as an artist.

I heard you got up with Prince recently at the L.A. Forum?

Yes! I got up a couple times with him and we opened for him one night. It was great! He’s been a good friend and mentor throughout the years, and it’s always so crazy and fun to get up with him. Opening was awesome, the crowd was totally with us, and it just felt rad to be up there doing your thing in front of 17,000 people. And then you get to sit and watch a whole Prince show!

What songs did you perform with him?

I got up and did “Whole Lotta Love” and “Love Bazaar,” it was amazing!

And you guys have had a relationship for a long time?

Yeah probably since 2001 or 2. I don’t see him all the time, but I’ve opened for him before, and recorded with him before, written with him and stuff… Late night conversations about business. And yeah he’s been very awesome with me imparting advice and knowledge, and stuff about how to sort of keep things moving in this crazy business.

Finally, you grew up with Roxy owner and operator Nic Adler. Any good stories we can embarrass him with?

[Laughter] I did, I did! Every time I think of Nicholai and Cisco… they used to both be really blonde, both of them, and they used to just run naked around Malibu. That’s all I remember is those two running around naked on the beach.

That was our summer. I used to stay at a friend’s who lived down the beach and I was there all summer, and we’d just meet like half way, or meet at their house; and yeah, I just remember these little tow-heads, little naked boys running around.


NIKKA COSTA performs tonight, June 23 along with L.A. based rock-pop band Capra, the soul inspired Allen Stone. Doors open at 8:00 p.m.
For more info click here

Gettin’ Funky with Nikka

Nikka Costa is back at The Roxy June 23 and she is ready to make you shake your groove thang!

Her latest album Pro-Whoa! just came out June 21 so she’ll be breaking out all the hits and brand spankin’ new songs at this show. This highly anticipated new EP features the traditional Nikka funk we all know and love but adds a new pop sound that will have you singing “Nylons in a rip” for days.

Pro Whoa! can be streamed on Nikka’s Facebook page here

Come prepared, if you’ve seen her here before, you know things get sweaty and that’s how we like it!

Opening for Nikka is rock-pop LA band Capra and the soul inspired Allen Stone.

From now until the show, buy 5 or more tickets from The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457 and get a limited edition Nikka poster FREE!

For more information on the show click here.

Camp Freddy Returns

Friday, December 3, 2010
By: Brent X Mendoza

“It’s so much f*cking fun to play here at The Roxy!”, exclaimed lead vocalist Donovan Leitch Jr. as he hit the stage for opening night of Camp Freddy’s yearly residency. The all-star super cover group whose other core members consist of Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, RHCP), Matt Sorum (GNR, Velvet Revolver), Billy Morrison (The Cult), and Chris Chaney, exploded right out of the gate with a nonstop barrage of anthemic covers that whipped the sold out house into a frenzy.

Mixing their set with the greatest hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, the rock n’ roll vets performed many of the songs even better than the original players, i.e., open a show with “We Will Rock You” and you better have the chops to back it up. CF set the bar high and delivered a 90 minute set worthy of an arena performance.

Known for their on stage celebrity pop-ins and surprise special guests, the show had no shortage of star power. With legends like Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Angelo Moore (Fishbone) and his saxophone, Nikka Costa, Richard Patrick (Filter), and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) accompanying the band, few in the “at capacity” crowd even left the room for a bathroom break, for fear of who/what they might miss.

The bad boys of rock burned through their set sounding more polished than ever, masterfully executing spot on renditions of mega hits like “Suffragette City”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Rebel Yell”, and “Man In The Box”, all while making it look easy. The epic evening wrapped with a one-two punch when Sully Erna (Godsmack) took the mic on “Enter Sandman” and “Another Brick In The Wall”, before finally closing the night out with an “all musicians on deck” jam out of Iggy Pop’s “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”

Video from Social Sound System


The Good news and the bad news: Unfortunately the Friday, Dec 10 and Friday, Dec 17 shows are already SOLD OUT. Fortunately, there are STILL TICKETS AVAILABLE for the NEW YEAR’S EVE performance. Where else can you watch the legends of rock as you ring in the New Year for only $50 (GA ticket)? Considering the other WAY overpriced options in Hollywood, it’s the best bang for your economically strapped buck. For further details and special VIP options and ticket packages check out