Exclusive: New Queen Caveat Video

Queen Caveat, the hard-hitting, explosive Los Angeles-based rock band led by powerfully expressive singer Lauren Little, is closing out a momentous 2012 with the release of their new song and music video, “Mr. California” and we have the exclusive!

The video was shot in our four walls and watching this band explode this year has been nothing short of an incredible pleasure. For the band, 2012 included break through network television exposure on ABC TV’s 20-20 episode, “Sunset Boulevard”, their sophomore EP release, “Slap on the Wrist,” extensive national touring and the honor to be named in Music Connection Magazines Hot 100 Unsigned Artists list for 2012.

Watch “Mr. California” below!

Download “Mr. California” on iTunes or Amazon.

Exclusive Q&A with Jimmy Gnecco

By: @brentXmendoza

One of the most powerfully emotive voices in rock, Jimmy Gnecco returns to On The Rox for an exclusive showcase Thursday, December 8.

Touring on his newly released, full band version of his solo record The Heart, Gnecco will once again bring his soaring vocals to fans lucky enough to secure a ticket for this intimate engagement.

In preparations for the big show, Gnecco phoned in to The Roxy to bring us up to speed on his deeply personal songs, talk about touring troubles with Marilyn Manson, and address those ever-present Velvet Revolver rumors.

So tell us about the new record The Heart X – Edition

Well it’s basically version of songs from The Heart, the original record, which was mostly acoustic… Some of the songs, when I was first writing them, I could really hear them with production like this, being played with a full band, and really “done up” like we normally do with Ours records; but the original intention (of The Heart) was always to keep things minimal, for it to be just my voice and my guitar, and be really raw.

So as I wrote some of the songs, I felt like some of them could really exist in another environment; but at the same time I didn’t want to change the original intention of the record. So then I just thought well, if some of them work out on the road, I’ll do “full” versions of them… I mean normally people kind of do the opposite; but it’s just the way it went this time.

Last year, we played arenas across Europe with the band a-ha, and that’s when a lot of these songs really came to life; so after the tour, we went back in the studio to sort of capture the way the original songs sounded when touring with a full band.

I was reading that the song “Bells” has a special significance for you and the band…

Yeah, the thing about “Bells” is that- from the time I can remember, four or five years old, I was having these strange nightmares… I’ve always dreamt a lot, very vividly at night, but I could never really place what they were about; it wasn’t anything specific, it was just a feeling, and I was trying to put that feeling into music my whole life basically.

It’s maybe sort of a combination of the emotions I felt from those dreams, with maybe songs from the 70’s that I heard growing up, or just something I heard in my head…

I started to write “Bells” a while ago… pieces of it were in a song off my first record called “Here Is The Light.” So I’d been working on it since 97’-98’ and I’d always find myself going back to it, trying to figure out where the chorus was…

I wanted to do this record, where we weren’t sitting on the songs too long; ‘ya know, sometimes you write a song, and if you sit on it too long before you get a chance to record it, it loses that original intent that it had when it was being written. I really wanted to do as much current material as possible.

So “Bells” is kind of that one song that captures that feeling that I’ve been trying to aspire to since I’ve been making music.

The songs you chose for this record seem to be your most vulnerable, deeply personal… and having the intimate relationship that you do with your fans… are there any particularly memorable stories that have been conveyed, that stick out in your mind, about how these songs have affected people?

This record for myself, and a lot of people really meant a lot… people who knew that my mom was sick and dying during the time that I was recording; and other people who were close to people with cancer or sickness felt a certain connection to this record.

It definitely wasn’t for everybody, meaning the first edition of The Heart that I put out. It is a really sad record, and I never had any intention of it being part of the commercial world or getting play on the radio. I wanted to make something that was really from the heart without any filters, or any influence/interference from anybody- management, record labels, even other band members; and so my intention was to put something out that was completely, and solely from my heart; and I hoped that the record would serve as a comfort to some people, even though it would bring emotions up, and stir things in people. So I feel like that happened on the first round of the release…

I also felt like there was a lot of hope, and excitement in these songs as well; and I felt if people liked the first record, maybe they’d appreciate this one too. And again, I didn’t necessarily do this for anybody else, it was just that I could hear the songs existing in both forms; and still, now listening to them, I’m not sure if I like any one version more than the other; it’s just a different kind of experience.

If you want to put a record on by yourself, and really emotionally get deep into something, and kind of cry your eyes out, then I would maybe lean towards the first release; but if you want to listen to something loud, like in your car, or go for a run, or workout, I would probably put the second one on.

You’ve toured with a number of very diverse artists from a-ha to Marilyn Manson, and it sort of seems like it has always been a challenge pairing you with “likeminded” headliners. Have you found it difficult playing to these different audiences that maybe aren’t as receptive to your style of music?

Yeah, I mean that’s not necessarily anyone’s fault or bad reasoning… A lot of tours come up over the years, and some things make more sense than others; but I’ve always tried to not have any genre boundaries for the type of music that we make, and not necessarily categorize it. I mean, who wants to see the same band over and over?

But there is something to be said for mindset or like-mindedness… I like to be around likeminded people, but I also like to be around people who think completely different, who approach things completely different, so Manson was one of those cases.

It’s kind of interesting, when our first record Distorted Lullabies came out, there was kind of this thing going around that we were a Christian band… I guess because of some of the references and the lyrics; but ‘ya know, I was raised Catholic, and it’s certainly a part of my life; and while I don’t necessarily subscribe to any one religion, I guess there are hints of that in the music, but again, I just like the idea of throwing people for a loop.

…just as long as we’re not touring with someone who’s just completely filled with hate and malintent. Manson is a smart guy, and I don’t think he means any harm, but a lot of his fan base is just completely filled with hate, and unfortunately that didn’t work out for us. But Manson himself I have a lot of respect for, he’s an entertainer ‘ya know…

I like all kinds of music, and I always have my opinions about what would make sense as far as touring, but it often just comes down to whether I like the person in the band. Jakob Dylan came up to me and talked to me, and naturally I love Bob Dylan, and I can appreciate Jakob’s talent, but I was just struck by what a sweet guy he was, and I just thought, “yeah, let’s go play some music together.” So sometimes a tour gets picked just like that, and you hope that the music is going to translate.

You just got on stage recently in New York with The Velvet Revolver guys; do you want to address any frontman rumors?

I did… we’ve been talking back and forth about doing something for years. I’ve always been a big fan of those guys, and Guns N’ Roses. Before Weiland joined the band, we had been talking, and the timing just didn’t work out; and then after he left the band, we sort of resumed talking, and maybe again it just wasn’t the right time, or the right set of circumstances… So finally, all the talking stopped, and we got a chance to just play- which is what I wanted to happen- and so I jumped up on stage and played a few songs. I had a really good time, and felt really comfortable, and I just enjoyed it.

Again, at certain points in your life, you just get completely tired of your own point of view. I just made this deeply personal record, entirely on my own, and I think I was just starting to get this feeling that I really want the experience of a different perspective, and a different point of view, and just being around some other people. So it was really exciting for me to get up and play with them, so we did that, and I felt at home.

So we’re talking about getting together some more, and playing some more music, and writing some songs, and seeing what becomes of it, see if we can make something happen. It really comes down to- we have to make great music. So we have to get together, and see if it works…

I’m really looking forward to finally spending some time with them. I can’t say Velvet Revolver will or won’t continue as a band, I don’t think any of us know, but I’m excited to get into that process.

You’re coming back to L.A. and playing On The Rox, a room you’ve played a number of times before; do you have any special attachment to that place or something about in particular that you really love about the space?

Yeah, I love the whole feeling of The Roxy. I love a good rock club, and it’s got to be dingy enough to feel like you’re in a rock n’ roll club, but still feel like a real show, and The Roxy has always been that sort of premiere venue.

There’s no bad seat in the house, it sounds great; so when I go out there, and do these really tiny personal shows, it just feels like home to me. Whether it’s upstairs or downstairs, it’s just always felt comfortable, and I feel a connection to the place.


Jimmy Gnecco performs at On The Rox on December 8. This show is 21+ and tickets are available via Ticketweb now.


Shack Up with Western States Motel

LA’s Western States Motel have booked a residency at On the Rox every Tuesday in November!

We can’t help but connect their sound to that of a classic Paul Simon track with a modern twist that sounds like it would fit seamlessly on the soundtrack to Garden State. Too old to reference? Maybe, but it works. Anyway, this residency is a really special one and our friends at KROQ Locals Only will be presenting.

The Western States Motel – Country And Western Song by RS MARKETING

Each week features different local openers:

November 15: Francisco The Man
Francisco the Man – Broken Arrows by buzzbands

November 22: The World Record
The World Record “Runolf & Mary” by tadpoleaudioFTW

November 29: The Californian
Sea Of Love – EP by The Californian


This residency is free & 21+. Dates are November 8, 15, 22, 29 with doors at 8:30 each night.

Day of the Dead Strip Crawl

Save the Date: October 22, 2011. Black Star’s Day of the Dead Strip Crawl is raising spirits on The Sunset Strip and we want you to be there!

This Strip Crawl will include Day of the Dead themed shenanigans as we crawl from The World Famous Comedy Store to The Roxy Theatre & hit all of our favorite spots in between. There will be games, contests, tarot card readers, pumpkins, Day of the Dead face painting, a Mariachi band or two, and so much more. Food & drink specials go without saying on top of all the awesome swag we’ll be handing out all night.

Stops include The Viper Room, Red Rock, Isla, The Comedy Store, The Roxy & more. Black Star Beer will be on special throughout the night. Their vintage Airstream equipped with a digital photo booth will be parked along the strip, so hop in and document the evening’s festivities!

Stay tuned for more details as they come!


Black Star’s Day of the Dead Strip Crawl starts at The World Famous Comedy Store at 7:00pm on October 22. This event is free & 21+.


Gina & The Eastern Block

By: Brent X Mendoza

All month long dance rock project de jour Gina & The Eastern Block have been “bringing the party” to The Roxy’s exclusive VIP lounge On The Rox. The band, featuring producer/drummer Marc Jordan, seasoned dancer and vocalist Gina Katon, and former Glassjaw guitarist Todd Weinstock, have combined their veteran talents to form one superstar juggernaut set to take the music world by storm.

With only three performances left this month at On The Rox, get to know these music industry principals who are well on their way to becoming household names.

To start, want to give us a little 411 on your musical backgrounds?

Jordan: I’ve been working behind the board for over ten years now, and been fortunate enough to work with some really great bands like Rock Kills Kid, The Cult, Velvet Revolver, and many others.

Around 1997, I got a call from Daniel Lanois (three time Grammy Award winning producer) for a session gig with Milla Jovovich and Seal. It was those seven days with Daniel that sealed the deal for me, and made it obvious that I needed to be on the other side of the kit and be producing records.

Katon: Growing up with the “Boogieman from Hell” as my dad pretty much sealed music in my bones. With the music studio next to my room in the basement, I had many sleepless nights of blues and hard rock haunting my dreams.

Much later down the road, I joined the Darling Stilettos, a dancing rock n roll girl group formed by Matt Sorum (GnR, Velvet Revolver) and his girl Ace. We basically started on The Sunset Strip performing to die hard rocker locals and Matt Sorum fans; later finding a name for ourselves, we scored some slots opening for Camp Freddy playing shows around the U.S. After two long years of singing covers, I decided it was time to be my own artist. It was time to take off my motorcycle vest and stiletto boots, and move on to be me.

Does a working/romantic relationship lead to love “on the rox?”

Jordan: I don’t recommend producing your significant other. But in this case, Gina usually brings in well thought out ideas to the studio so it makes my job much easier. However there have been some rough moments: like the time I asked her to channel Celine Dion and she promptly told me to, “fuck off” and brought some Biggie to the song instead. But Biggie is definitely a way better vibe for her than Celine. So that ended up going well.

Katon: Not really. Music and our art is such a huge part of our lives anyway, that work is our life. Often we are on the same page and have the same goals. It’s easy, whatever happens, happens; we just go with it, and try not to over think it. It’s organic and raw; and in the rare case of any disagreements… I always win the battle of course.

Should producers produce themselves? What are the pros and cons of being your own “creative director?”

Jordan: That’s a tough one. Each situation’s different I suppose. The first song that I “produced” was a cover of “Day Tripper” by The Beatles when I was seven years old. I played the practice drum pad and my older brother played the guitar. We recorded it onto a cassette player and then I made us re-record it, and re-record it, and re-record it until we had the right take. So things haven’t really changed much since then!

But sometimes the right take is full of some imperfections. When you produce yourself, it’s hard to accept any imperfections and see them as positives. Kinda like when you see yourself in a picture and hate the way you look and make the person re-take it until you think you look like a pimp. Usually the first one was the best, and the one that you think makes you look like a pimp looks like dog shit.

Gina Gershon vs Gina Katon. Besides your name and musical backgrounds, what else might you have in common?

Katon: She’s one bad ass bitch. I would love to say we have that in common. We are both tough, edgy, risk takers, and maybe a little rebellious at times; powerful, confident, not afraid to be sexy or express our sexuality. I also heard she’s a dancer. So there ya go!

You both are neighborhood locals. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on The Sunset Strip?

Jordan: I saw a hipster at The Rainbow last week. I told him that Silver Lake would not approve of his behavior. And then I realized that I was talking to Todd from our band… he’s a total hipster!

Katon: One Friday night Scott Koenig (artist manager) was not at the Rainbow. That was strange..?


Gina & The Eastern Block perform at club Transmission, every Thursday this month at On The Rox. Doors open at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10.

Q&A With Kevin Martin

By: Brent X Mendoza

Saturday, May 28 San Diego based solo artist Kevin Martin will truck his talents up the coast to The Sunset Strip, for an intimate performance at On The Rox.

Already a staple of his hometown music scene, Martin has been honored six times at the San Diego Music Awards for his work co-writing and performing with close friends Get Back Loretta.

Now attempting to break out on his own as a solo act, Martin is poised to stun the world with his hooky, yet original sense of “throwback piano pop.” Before heading out to the show tomorrow, get to know this artist on the brink…

Hailing from San Diego, a city known for its consistently warm and sunny weather conditions, do you find that the comfortable climate has an influence on your writing? Is the San Diego beach/ vacation vibe more conducive to writing pop songs?

Sometimes it actually works the opposite way. The weather here is so pristine and beautiful, that I find myself enjoying the sunshine or going on my own little adventures. I write the best at night in the studio with nobody around. I find solitude works the best for me to focus and really feel free. Sometimes I get distracted when people are around. On the other hand…. if I’m at a big party and everyone wants me to play, I’m usually more than willing to jump on the piano and start making stuff up. It’s all about the energy that surrounds me. I have a lot of really supportive friends around me that help keep me motivated to write more songs.

Seems like there are a lot of well known Kevin Martins in the world (the Candlebox front man, the NBA player for the Houston Rockets); ever experience any awkward identity mistakes? Ever think about changing your name?

Yes! I always get mistaken for the black point guard on the Houston Rockets. We look so similar and our name is the same. It’s a struggle I have to deal with every day. I was thinking of changing my name to Walter Dupree. I think it has a nice ring to it.

How would you compare the L.A. music scene to the San Diego music scene? Is it easier to get noticed, build a fan base outside of Los Angles?

It is a little easier because it is such a smaller market and I’ve been playing in bands in San Diego for years, so I know all the good places to play. But on the other hand, a lot of bands get stuck in San Diego and never branch out in to L.A. or surrounding areas. Ultimately, I need to get noticed in a larger market like L.A. to really break out, so I always keep that in mind.

There is a great community of fans in San Diego; but I feel like there is a huge group of people I haven’t connected with yet in L.A. I also live an hour north of San Diego so I’m a lot closer to L.A. that most other people, giving me a great opportunity to tap both markets. It really is great to see some of my San Diego friends play The Roxy like: The Silent Comedy and Endoxi. I’ve known them a long time and they are all great guys.

You’ve written/performed as part of a traditional rock band in the past. Why go it alone as a solo artist? Do you think your “throwback pop” style is more or less conducive to finding success?

I take all the knowledge and experience I’ve learned in the past and keep rolling into the future. Everything I’m doing now is better than what I’ve done before; I’m more mature. I have surrounded myself with the right people and I’m getting a really great response from people. It was a very difficult road to get here and sometimes I think the struggle IS the blessing. So I take everything with a grain of salt and keep moving forward. Nothing is ever the end of the world. You can always make something new and fresh; which is where I’m at now. I’m finally showing people who I am.

Any good Tijuana adventure stories?

I was never the T.J. party guy. But I have traveled the world a bit, and have partied in Amsterdam, which is one of the most insane places in the world.

My band and I went to see a Sex Show in the Red Light district. Curious and unsure what to expect we just roll right in. People were just having sex on stage. We were just trippin’ out thinking to ourselves, “What the hell are we doing here?” Five minutes into the show, one of the girls on stage called up a volunteer. We all nominated my drummer Josh and he was quickly escorted to the stage. He was then blindfolded and laid on the ground. The “nice dancer lady” put a dildo in his mouth, still blind folded, and proceeded to screw the dildo. Then she un-blindfolded him, and everybody laughed. He was thoroughly traumatized, and we left shortly after. I’ll never forget that!


Kevin Martin plays On The Rox tomorrow night (Saturday, May 28) at 8 p.m. Tickets are only $5.

5 Questions with Barb Wire Dolls

By: Brent X Mendoza

Grecian imports the Barb Wire Dolls have taken The Sunset Strip by storm, building an exponential word of mouth buzz after their stunning debut performance at The Roxy Theatre.

“Discovered” by legendary tastemaker Rodney Bingenheimer at KROQ radio, the band relocated to The States hoping to capitalize on their momentum and revamp the classic L.A. punk scene that so inspired them growing up.

So the legendary Rodney on the Roq at KROQ sort of discovered the band, helped you guys get over. Can you tell us the story?

Cindy Kona, his assistant, emailed us and let us know that we should send a CD to Rodney. This came at a point where we were fed up with the Greek rock scene because when you sing in English and play rock music, unless you are signed to a major label there, you will not get airplay on commercial radio stations. And of course, the majors that wanted to sign us wanted rights for the whole world to our music and they offered no money and they couldn’t even assure us that our CD would even be released anywhere outside of Greece. To us, this is the major reason why Greece has not produced a rock band to the masses. Even Sweden with the same amount of people has given the world so much.

And back to Rodney, one day Queen Isis called him live on his radio show and he told her that he really liked our songs “Street Generation” and “California” and that he was about to play it in a few minutes. We immediately said to ourselves, “If he actually plays us, then we are selling everything we have and moving to Los Angeles.” Moments later, he played us and we reserved tickets on-line. It wasn’t until he had played us for a few weeks straight and had invited us to play an official KROQ show with him presenting, that we finally had the money needed and the tickets were finally bought. On the first night in Los Angeles, we met up with him at Canters Deli and the rest is history.

What’s the deal with this Myspace boycott? Will we be seeing a hunger strike anytime soon?

Hah! After they switched formats, and almost everyone’s computers couldn’t handle the flash, we said “forget it” and took to Facebook accordingly. Facebook is all we need right now as long as we continue to get to the street and meet people in front of venues we are playing. Isis is great at handing out flyers on the Sunset Strip, we even have that in the song “ California ”!

As for a hunger strike, I think someone must have bought Myspace and sabotaged it. We don’t even check it anymore. No songs are up either. Only Facebook is needed today as far as a band site; we have all the songs for free download, videos, upcoming shows, etc – you name it.

What’s the music scene like in Greece? Lots of techno/house music?

There is everything and the big pop stars make millions of dollars a year. Music in all genres is available, but only the punk and rock scene with English lyrics remains totally underground. Which is also fine; this way the bands can really write and perform the music they love and not be told what to play and what not to play. It is never about the money. It is all about creative expression and freedom.

They are totally independent from the commercial side of things there but things are changing fast now. They already want us back for a tour. We’ll see how things unfold; right now we are just focusing on kicking ass at each show and finding the right company to take it to the next level.
It’s all about the music and freedom to us too even in the biggest music capital of the world. We stand strong and believe in who we are and what we play. And Los Angeles seems to be noticing and joining us in this musical revolution that has begun starting with our first show at The Roxy back in December last year.

Found any good Falafel places yet?

Right now we are not going out to restaurants unless biz people or rich friends take us out. We eat basic pasta with no cheese or PB&J almost every day. This is our dream and the luxuries of fine falafels can wait.

What were your impressions of The Sunset Strip growing up? Has it lived up to your expectations?

After watching “The Decline of Western Civilization” (both parts) and all the docu films on the L.A. sub-scene with The Germs, X, The Go-Gos, Black Flag, etc made us fantasize nonstop about The Sunset Strip. In Greece, they don’t care if you have played to thousands in the US, but when you say you played “The Sunset Strip” and “The Roxy” they go nuts!

Everyone in the music scene in Greece knows of the venues and the history of The Strip and we also feel it is the most magical energy center for music. As soon as we start cruising in our van on Sunset Boulevard and we are getting close to The Strip, we catch the vibe, the energy, and the electricity. And our music is made for this place ‘cause we are bringing back a type of music that once was here and has been forgotten for a little too long. The time is now and things are changing. The new wave of punk is here and we are rocking, rioting, and ripping it up with every show. Just come to one and you’ll get it. It’s happening right now. NOW!


Barb Wire Dolls play every Thursday in March at On The Rox. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Admission is FREE.

For more info check out:


ROCK, RIOT, AND RIP IT UP! Barb Wire Dolls are coming to the Sunset Strip and taking up a March residency at the Roxy’s V.I.P lounge, On the Rox. Barb Wire Dolls consist of the appropriately named Queen Isis on vocals, Tas Doll on guitar, voodoo Doll on bass and Greg Doll on drums. The girl-fronted street rock band described as a “girl-fronted Green Day” rocked the strip as the first Greek rock band to play in America back in December at their sold out show at the Roxy, and have since decided to go through with a residency playing every Thursday at On The Rox this March. They’ve gotten nonstop play on the airwaves on the World Famous KROQ thanks to infamous KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, who heard of the band a few weeks prior to their U.S arrival and started spinning their demo on his show “Rodney on the Roq”. Since then, their song “California” has received wide attention and has become a hit among the airwaves, they’ve signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell (the first for any Greek artist), released an EP, and initiated their new touring van they’ve named “Varbie” to hit LA and take on the town by storm.

Influenced by The Early Punk and new wave scenes including the Sex Pistols, Ramones, Blondie, The Clash, and The Slits, the band describes their style as straight from the street, simple, balls-to-the-wall rock and roll. The band promises to deliver something fresh, new, and vital, and with the help of their growing legion of fans known as the “Street Generation” they’re ready to rock, riot, and rip up the punk rock scene one show and one town at a time, starting with the bright lights of Los Angeles. Barb Wire Dolls feel that music they’ve created is meant to stir up and inspire, and they’re ready to give their new U.S. fans all they got and take their punk rock gospel across the country proclaiming: “The revolution has begun, so what the hell are you gonna do?” You can start by checking out their 6 song EP “Punk the Fussies!” available now on iTunes! You can also download four songs for free now on Barbwiredolls.com, and also stream and download the same songs via Soundcloud.
The Barb Wire Dolls will be playing at On The Rox every Thursday in March! 9:30 pm, with a special guest performer after! $5 cover.

For more information and tour dates, go to www.barbwiredolls.com, and check out the Roxy calendar for more info at www.theroxyonsunset.com.

On the Rox Back in Action

We know you’re having a totally awesome time at The Roxy but have you noticed the fun little bar upstairs? On the Rox is now open for business on a regular basis, folks! The cool lounge upstairs is now open Thursday through Saturday 9:30 – 2:00am and sometimes on other nights when bands are playing. The night’s will have either bands or DJ’s and always a drink special.
Whether you want to check out a band or not, On the Rox is perfect for your night just hanging out on The Sunset Strip. Stop by, have a drink and chill next time you’re in the hood.


Petty Cash On The Rox

By: Brent X Mendoza

Given the fickle nature of L.A. club goers, it’s incredibly difficult for a local band to endure a residency no matter how big their fan base is. Given this fact, it’s all the more impressive that the guys in Petty Cash have been consistently pulling in huge crowds for their permanent Wednesday residency at On The Rox.

The band, a super group of sorts comprised of former members of Juliette and The Licks are all accomplished musicians with their own projects and extensive resumes. Being seasoned vets of the music scene, their comfort and chemistry on stage shines through making their live performances feel like a house party with one hundred of their closest friends. Tipping their communal bottle of Jack on stage, the band easily transitions between songs by their namesakes and even indulge in a little instrument round robin, depending on what the tune calls for. The band also draws on their network of fellow musicians and celebrity pals, and frequently treat their fans to impromptu guest appearances, which in the past have included everyone from Jeremy Piven, to members of Bad Religion, to frequent audience gasper Pink (Alecia Moore).

In the two short years that the band has been together, they have already made a name for themselves on The Strip, and even headlined the First Annual Tribute to Johnny Cash Music Festival in Ventura, CA. Being able to draw on the massive catalogs of two such legendary artists, the band plays to their crowd with can’t go wrong favorites like “Last Dance”, “Free Fallin”, “Ring of Fire”, and “Folsom Prison Blues”. With hits like these at their disposal, it’s no surprise that Petty Cash keep packin’ ‘em in each and every week at On The Rox.

For a night of good old fashioned boozing, dancing, and singing out of key, black out the Wednesdays on your calendar and check out the good time party band that is Petty Cash.

Photo Credit: Erik Voake
Petty Cash On The Rox February 24, 2010

Petty Cash On The Rox February 24, 2010

Jimmy Gnecco On The Rox

Sunday, February 7, 2010

By: Brent X Mendoza

Ours may be the greatest band that no one has heard of; one of those bands that hooks you instantly on first listen and leaves you baffled as to how you’ve never heard this before. Those that do follow the band are die hard and obsessive, not the fair-weather crowd that would let a frigid night in February keep them from a performance. Long before doors even opened, the sold out show had a line that extended two blocks. Fans were eager to get inside and get positioned in the very intimate, mostly standing room On The Rox.

After what felt like an infinite wait, Gnecco and his acoustic very humbly made their way through the crowd and on to the stage. He greeted the audience, and waited a good minute or two for the applause and commotion to die down. Fresh off recording a new record, Gnecco then laid down the ground rules for the evening, explaining that he would mostly be playing/trying out new material.

Having recently lost his mother to a bout with cancer, most of the new record was inspired by their relationship and her recent passing. One of the stand out new tracks that Gnecco performed was “Rest Your Soul”, an intensely emotive account mostly written while his mother was still sick. The song had the audience teary eyed as the pain in his voice has apparent through his soaring vocals. After the song, Gnecco thanked his fans, many of whom had sent donations and cards, for all their support over the last year.

After introducing all his new material during the first half of the show, Gnecco then plunged into fan favorites and requests. Songs such as “Miseryhead” and a new track called “The Heart” had the crowd spellbound as Gnecco lunged into his classic falsetto screams and vocal acrobatics. Even while being a bit under the weather his vocals still were second to none.

Given all the tragedy of the past year Gnecco was surprisingly upbeat and optimistic. The night went much like an episode of VH1 Storytellers as he amused the crowd with humorous anecdotes and personal insights. At a couple points during the evening Gnecco even touched on the recent death of Michael Jackson and expressed that he was deeply saddened by the pop stars passing. He explained that while, yes he was saddened by his death, he was more upset at the way Jackson was treated during his life. “I never believed the allegations”, proclaimed Gnecco, “but that’s my opinion”. He then went on to dedicate to MJ “I Heard You Singing”, a song he originally wrote as a tribute to his musical inspiration Jeff Buckley.

Magical! Photo Credit: Erik Voake

The three hour set flew by, and both Gnecco and the crowd would have stayed all night if his voice had permitted. The evening ended in an explosive crescendo as Gnecco treated the crowd to spot on covers of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Dazed and Confused” before finally blowing out the last of his voice on fan favorite, “Fallen Souls”.

Jimmy Gnecco On The Rox January 7, 2010

Jimmy Gnecco On The Rox January 7, 2010

Jimmy Gnecco On The Rox January 7, 2010

Im In LA Trick

Could not resist. This song is everywhere, and having hosted many many LMFAO shows thru the years, it’s only fitting that they celebrate their album release on our very stage on July 7. We watched them grow at On The Rox, develop at The Roxy, and even sell out House of Blues last night!
These hallways look familiar…..
LMFAO – Official Video – I’m In Miami B*tch

Gotta Love The Ting Tings

Special thanks to the Ting Tings for a special shout out at the Santogold show at The Wiltern last night. Our very own Megan J was in the house checking it out – it seems like only yesterday the TING TINGS were rockin’ ON THE ROX.

(Check out the video below at around 5:20)
Thanks to katslag for the youtube vid

Whats Mine Is Ours

The band “Ours” is certainly no stranger to the club…we’ve had them here countless times for what is an always incredible show. Recently, they sounded better than ever – and with a near sell out, it was an honor to be in the house that night! Jimmy Gnecco always steals the show, and the fact that he is ready to grace On The Rox with a little intimate solo stuff – is beyond cool. Don’t miss Jimmy on September 29, 2008! Call us for tix 310 278 9457 or check out ticketmaster!

Check him out in this Bohemian Rhapsody Cover
Youtube Credit: whatsmineisours

Come Join Us For A.i. At On the Rox

We all know that the SSMF is taking over the Strip full force this weekend! With the help of our friends at Red Bull, we are transforming ON THE ROX into a super swanky VIP lounge – but what good is that, without a great band? Enter, A.i. They’ve been one of our favorite bands for a very long time and we couldn’t be happier to have them rock n roll all night long with us. This is a guestlist event, but wanted to make sure we gave you all a chance to attend as well. So, please RSVP below! Please note that the event is 21+ only, and you must present a photo I.D at the door.
We Love this video!