The Roxy Loves Amy Winehouse

[Originally posted March 23, 2007]

Thanks to adritheegreat for the video!

Photos by Marc Goldstein…

Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein
Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein
Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein

For more of Marc’s photos check these out.

Check out the review from the LA Weekly…

U.K. soul mama gets crowned on the Sunset Strip Monday, March 19, at the Roxy
By Ernest Hardy
Thursday, March 22, 2007

“Performing to a sold-out Roxy, Amy Winehouse gave a hilarious intro to the confessional song “You Know I’m No Good”: After she had betrayed a lover, he asked if she even loved him. “I told him, ‘I do love you,’ ” she recounted — adding with playful exasperation, “ ‘But, like, I get bored. I told you I’m no good!’ ” The crowd loved it — and sang every song by heart, all night long.

Winehouse’s top-to-bottom brilliant sophomore album, Back to Black (Republic/Universal), is bursting with great, quotable lines, many as wry as they are poignant. One of the best is tucked in the driving, Motown-based “Tears Dry on Their Own,” where she admits: “Even if I stop wanting you/and perspective pushes through/I’ll be some next man’s other woman soon…”

The word other is key here. That’s the woman who wears the scarlet letter — fallen, disgraced. Winehouse casually conveys volumes through a single word or phrasing choice throughout Black, a breakup album whose defining characteristic is working-class feminine wit. And I mean both types of wit — intelligence and humor, which Winehouse uses intuitively to express how obsession dovetails with addiction. References to booze and boozing, drugging and fucking-as-self-destruction crowd the text of this confessional album. The musical filter through which Winehouse pours it all is the girl-group sound of the early ’60s — the Shangri-Las, the Shirelles, the Ronettes and the Chiffons.

Live, Winehouse was noticeably nervous but utterly charming, singing for an audience who knew all the words to all the songs. She was in spectacular voice throughout, backed by a crack band (man, that horn section . . .) and two chicly attired male backup singers who energetically pulled off synchronized choreography. Winehouse’s own herky-jerky, off-the-beat dancing and ragged emulation of girl-group style somehow underscored an aura of sincerity (a matted beehive with an unkempt tail; an ill-fitting dress that kept sliding down her scary-thin frame; weathered leopard-print shoes rummaged from the back of some tranny’s closet). Her awkward performance of femininity befits a woman who can’t quite figure how to stop fucking up her relationships and her life.

Winehouse may be retro, but her work is, mercifully, irony-free. This is no academic study of girl-group traditions; instead, it’s a gut-level recognition of the strength and beauty of those impeccably crafted records — and the 8-by-10-ready public personas attached to them. For Back to Black, Winehouse gave her producers, Mark Ronson and, explicit instructions about the sound and vibe she wanted to accompany her self-penned lyrics. Together, they’ve captured not only the aesthetics of an era (the album is a gorgeous latticework of perfect, anachronistic detail) but also the naked romanticism, and theatrical but sincere vulnerability, of pop gone by. But Winehouse also references kindred artists outside the girl-group heyday: Esther Phillips (whose addiction-filled life and the havoc it wreaked on her career make her the most resonant influence), Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and, of course, Lauryn Hill.

At the Roxy, Winehouse sang everything from Back to Black, including “Addicted” (inexplicably left off the U.S. release, replaced with a god-awful remix of “You Know I’m No Good” featuring a rap by Ghostface Killah). Highlights of the set were “Tears Run Dry” and… it’s hard to say. The crowd’s energy was so intense, and their already-won love so exuberantly given, the night had the feel of a raucous coronation.

What was especially interesting about the performance was the way Winehouse handled her nerves — besides frequent sips taken from a cup at the edge of the stage. She stared down at the stage a lot, then looked up with a sneer or curled lip that evoked gum-popping, eyeball-rolling femmes from Ronettes to B-girls, gangsters’ molls to biker chicks. But there were also fleeting moments when she clearly checked out of her own performance: Her eyes would simply go blank, and she’d retreat behind them. Still, that voice — the sound of mysteriously missing teeth, Spanish Harlem stoops in summer and declarations of undying love — never wavered, and was never less than amazing.”

To read the rest of the review check the LA Weekly


Amy Winehouse is such a hot mess!

She is the stuff of legend, and on Monday night a who’s who of hipsters and Hollywood players were treated to a tour de force performance by the Rehab chanteuse.

You never know if Wino is gonna show up to a gig or if she’ll even make it through a show, but she more than held her own at The Roxy.

Unfortunately, fans expecting to see her at Spaceland in Silverlake tonight might be a tad disappointed. We hear she might be cancelling!

Why? Because the venue is too small and they won’t allow her 10+ person band to come with her.

Hopefully that will all get sorted out, but if it doesn’t…..well, that’s Amy Winehouse for ya!

To sing the blues you must live the blues. And she lives it.”

Check out Scott T Sterlings review…

I Was There: Amy Winehouse at The Roxy, 3/19/07

“I guess you could call it pure, dumb luck. It just so happened that I heard about the Amy Winehouse show at the Roxy a couple of hours before my man Jeff Weiss informed me that she was also scheduled to play at Spaceland. Given my druthers, I would’ve purchased a ticket to see her in the much smaller Spaceland. But in my haste to secure a chance to see this notorious UK train wreck up close and personal like, I’d already laid my good money down for the Roxy show. In hindsight, I inadvertently made the right choice, since Ms. Winehouse famously bailed on the Spaceland gig.

I got to the Roxy a good 20 minutes before she took the stage, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen such an intense scrum up in that joint. It was packed to the back with an interesting array of Los Angelenos, skewing older than I’d expected.

Worming my way towards the front of the room, I found a choice spot maybe five feet from the stage, off to the right. A very drunk girl stumbles into me, pausing to take off her high heels. Oh boy, here we go. An older couple behind me is drunkenly making out, repeatedly ramming into my back. Really? The things I do for music.

When the lights finally dim and the curtains open, a surprisingly together looking Winehouse saunters up to the microphone to the strains of the Chiffons “He’s So Fine,” looking oddly sexy (skinny legs and all) in a blue prom dress that put her cleavage up front and center and showcased her bevy of tattoos. There were no signs of track marks or “meth skin” to be seen anywhere. She didn’t even appear to be drunk. What gives?

Backed ably by retro R&B outfit the Dap-Kings, our girl sailed through most of Back to Black admirably; her husky croon sounding even stronger than it does on the record. Her voice shined on mid-tempo numbers like the reggae-tinged “Just Friends,” but really soared on the barn-burners like “You Know I’m No Good.” What’s especially impressive is the way she attacks high notes, filling them with pure emotion, the total opposite of showboats like Christina Aguilera who completely overdo it with ridiculous trills and runs that never seem to stop.

Sliding in a verse of Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” into “He Can Only Hold Her,” it was hard to miss the irony. Is Winehouse destined for a similar crash-and-burn like the one that beset Ms. Hill? Given her raw talent and limitless potential, I certainly hope not.

She’s comfortable and self-assured onstage. After announcing the evening’s last song to a boisterous chorus of “No!” she joked with the crowd:

“Well, obviously it’s not the last song. We still have to do the encores. I’m just playing the game up here, all right?”

For more of Scott’s review click here.

Review: New Andy Grammer

Named one of Billboard Magazine’s artists to watch in 2011, pop balladeer Andy Grammer releases his new debut self-titled album. Grammer is no stranger to The Roxy, Having played here this past October and taking part in this year’s past Austinrox party at SXSW 2011, where he wowed the crowd with his infectious melodies and solid rhythm performance.

Much of the album is comprised of guitar and piano based tracks accompanied by a backing band that delivers the underlying funk. The album opens with Grammer’s feel good lead single “Keep your head up”, which took the radio waves by storm and has already ushered in tons of new fans for Grammer due to the songs catchy and infectious hook.

“Fine by Me” is one of many tracks off the album that features hard driving keys and pop infused melodies, while “Miss Me” slows things down for Grammer’s ballad about love and lost. “Slow” is another heartfelt ballad that has Grammer belting his heart out over heartfelt lyrics as he’s backed by heavy percussion and the ever-present piano and strings.

“Lunatic” is another encouraging feel good track similar to the upbeat vibes found on his lead single. Positive messages and heartfelt lyrics also appear on the tracks “Pocket” and “Ladies”, both quirky tunes that have Grammer singing about his search for love and encouraging the ladies to ‘shine their light’.

“Biggest Man in Los Angeles” closes out the album, and has Grammer reminiscing his days as a musician playing for the crowd at the Santa Monica Promenade, and has you reflecting with him how far he’s come, and no doubt how far he’ll continue to go.

Andy Grammer’s debut album has the smooth crooner singing witty heartfelt songs about love and life with a solid sense of rhythm, and rich set of vocals, sure to not disappoint a growing number of fans and generating a new spotlight for the pop musician.

Check out Andy Grammer’s video for his hit single “Keep Your Head Up” below, And head on over to Vevo for an awseome interactive version of the music video!

Stephanie Gomez-Roxy Contributor

We Get By With A Little Yelp From Our Friends

Who doesn’t love Yelp? It’s pretty much one of the most helpful sites ever. Whether the reviews are good or bad – you know they are always honest. We want to invite you, our loyal patrons to come visit us at yelp and let u know what you think. In our ongoing quest to make the club the best it can be – we want to hear it!! Your reward? A pair of tickets to a show of your choice (excluding sold out, private events, and benefits)! Yelp it, and hit us up and let us know you spoke your mind. You can reach us as, or DM us @theroxy on twitter.

Camp Freddy Lives On

Camp Freddy Live at The Roxy
Our little residency that could continues to get some pretty great press and is still buzzing! We miss the Camp Freddy guys and couldn’t be happier with all the love they have received – they really killed it and we can’t wait to have them back! Check out this great article from The Sunset Strip site!

One of the most bizarre and interesting moments of the evening came when the Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock was joined by Tiffany (yes, “I Think We’re Alone Now” Tiffany) for a pretty rockin’ version of the Pistols’ “Pretty Vacant.” Never thought I’d be applauding Tiffany for a gritty performance of a Sex Pistols’ tune, but there is was, on stage at the Roxy.
Also in on the fun were Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, who guested on “Good Times, Bad Times,” and Fuel’s Brett Scallions. And offering up some of the highest octane star-power of the evening was Rage Against The Machine and Los Angeles’ own Tom Morello playing guitar on “Roadhouse Blues” and “Brown Sugar,” then sitting in on drums for a rousing finale of The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”
Camp Freddy’s sold out May run may be done, but my ears are still ringing from all of that great rock and roll performed by so many of the world’s best. The show was such a success that I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some more dates in the near future. But those of us who were there to witness it in person have a little piece of rock and roll history, raw, unscripted, and loud, etched into our soul!

Tokio Hotel Live

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B52’s Rocked The Roxy

B52’s were Amazing! The Roxy was packed and never sounded better. It truly was the world’s greatest party(band).

Great pictures Trev!
B52's at The Roxy Theatre B52's at The Roxy Theatre B52's at The Roxy Theatre B52's at The Roxy Theatre

MK from was in the house. Check out what he had to say about the show.

UPDATE i had the best time ever! the band totally rocked – everyone had a blast and i did indeed get my dance on big time! plus i managed to get some decent pics and took a small bit of video which i’ll post soon – and a highlight of the evening was when i met one half of junior senior – i fill y’all in on the details shortly but right now i so need to lay it down and i’m planning on sleeping very late tomorrow! popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!

Read the full review at!!

Watch the youtube we found from the show.
Thanks to cheeop for the clip.

Nico Stai Is Kind Of Cute!

We are so excited to welcome Nico Stai to the Roxy stage for the first time! A word of mouth artist, who’s been coined as “…the new boss” by Flaunt Magazine and compared to the likes of Matt Costa with his “achingly emotional acoustic tunes. Beautiful melodies and all the sensibilities of the purest singer-songwriters” according to Cd We’re pretty happy to have him, along with Monster in the Machine, Robert Francis, and ROCKFOUR. Definitely a show to check out! Oh, and he’s kind of cute.

Rockfour, Nico Stai, Robert Francis, Monster in the Machine
KCRW Presents Rockfour, Nico Stai, Robert Francis, Monster in the Machine

Junior Senior Goes Pop!

Thursday night was a true dance party. Junior Senior had the entire Roxy on it’s feet(and on the chairs). Check out’s review from the show…
Junior Senior at The Roxy

oh my word – they fucking kicked ass live!!! i wasn’t sure what to expect but they had our main boys junior & senior plus five other band members playing all the music live (there were no turntables in sight) i totally let loose and really enjoyed myself – especially when they played their huge hit don’t stop the beat – the crowd was totally feeling them – by the end people were jumping on stage left & right – i’d guess about 50-60 people were on stage – the energy level was way insane!

To read the entire review and get the latest in pop knowledge check out our friends over at

Roxy Love for Courtney Love

Always a Roxy favorite, Courtney Love graced the Roxy stage last night for a special Myspace performance.

Our good friend Perez Hilton had this to say:

Much improved!

Courtney Love performed at the Roxy on Sunset and thankfully avoided wearing anything like THIS.

From what we hear, the show was pretty epic.


And Popbytes, our new friend and a great blog, had an amazing time and had this to say:

my headache has subsided and now as promised i’ve got a bit more info (along w/ some pics & a small bit of video) on courtney love’s ‘secret’ show (sponsored by myspace) at the roxy last night! (a totally kick ass small venue – and where i first saw amy winehouse in person) i arrived around 10:30pm – lots of people outside mixed in with general sunset blvd craziness – luckily i bypassed the lines and went straight inside (through the side door) to claim my spot! of course the main floor was totally packed but thankfully i was able to wedge myself front & center with only a few people in front of me! i quickly sucked down my drink which did give me a slight buzz right before ms. love took the stage around 11pm – the curtains lifted and there my rock goddess was – with a lit cigarette already hanging from her pouty lips. i had an excellent time and for courtney love being 43 – bitch has still got it – i sometimes can’t put my finger on why i love her so much (along with why i have a tattoo in her honor) but let me just tell you – she fucking rocks and i will love her until the end – she just does it for me – skinny or plump!

<p align="center"courtneypopbytes

Check out Popbytes for the full review, and enjoy the clips below.

The Watkins Family

The Watkins Family

The Watkins Family is a Southern/Acoustic Gospel group from Eastanollee, Georgia, a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The group is made up of a tightly knitted family: Don, the father of the family, plays guitar, and Judy, the mother, plays bass. The oldest of Don and Judy’s children, Todd, plays dobro, bass, and guitar, while Shanon plays the bass and fiddle, and Lorie plays the banjo, mandolin, guitar, and dojo. Each member shares the instrumental and vocal load, which accounts for a tight harmony that is found in a family and versatility in their ability to play a wide variety of instruments. The Watkins Family started singing as a family in 1982, and throughout the years they have extensively toured the United States and Canada. They have enjoyed warm responses during their travels by Americans and Canadians alike. In 1988, they had the honor of playing in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill in the Capitol Complex. They have also received nominations as the best Contemporary and Traditional Bluegrass Gospel group by the SPBGMA and were also nominated as best Bluegrass Act at the Coca-Cola Music Awards. The Watkins Family’s last project, “Winter To Spring,” received great reviews in both gospel and bluegrass music, and their last single from the project, “Power of the Holy Ghost,” spent several months in the top 5 of the “Power Source” magazine’s bluegrass chart. The Watkins Family has just put the finishing touches on their latest recording project, titled “Darkness Wept,” that will be released in June of 2006. This project combined the talents of the Watkins Family along with vocal producer Karen Peck Gooch, music producer Mark Fain, and Grammy Award winning engineer Bil Vorndick. Their first single from the project, “He’s Still God”, came from the pen of Dee Gaskin and Jerry Salley. “Love Stood Alone”, their latest single has been released to southern gospel radio stations and can be found on the November Airplay Radio Promotions compilation c.d. Their love for Jesus Christ and music is displayed by the enthusiasm they show in each song that is sung and each word that is said. The future looks bright and busy for this family who sings Gospel music not only because they enjoy it but because they believe it.

THE ROXY show dates:
JUNE 8th 2007

Jah Rox-afari

My long time friend and soon to be reggae legend(imo) Elan is playing The Roxy this Sunday, May 27th. Although he is still young, he brings years of experience rocking stages across the world singing the reggae music. He will not disappoint you, I promise. After spending years fronting the pioneers of reggae, The Wailers, he has embarked on his own journey. With help from greats such as Sly and Robbie, Fatis and Cutty Ranks among others, Elan is on his way to making his own history. Don’t miss this legend in the making.

Joseph Arthur, Stars of Track and Field, two nights at The Roxy? YES!!

Joseph Arthur Stars of Track and Field The Roxy Theatre Presents Joseph Arthur and The Lonely Astronauts with Stars of Track and Field at The Roxy. This Tuesday May 8th and Wednesday May 9th. Tickets on sale now thru The Roxy box office 10:30a-5:30p M-F or thru Ticketmaster any time.

the first time I saw Joseph Arthur I levitated. Was about 1/2 an inch off the ground for about an hour. Dark Corner. Jack n Coke. Was flying solo as there was not room for even one more at Largo that night… An artist not to be missed and a show I’ll never forget. No need to say, it’s an honor to have Joseph Arthur for a 2 night run at The Roxy.

from Megan’s Not To Be Missed List

Billboard Magazine says, “a mature effort that shines with nakedness and clarity”

Entertainment Weekly says, “With images of needles, blood, and pills, Daydream’s song cycle moves through each breakup station of the cross with shimmering guitars and Arthur’s ecstatically woozy falsetto, finally emerging with a sweet, if hard-won hope. A -”

Vanity Fair says, “Joseph Arthur’s Nuclear Daydream is a glorious work of art from this exceptional, romantic singer-songwriter.”

Seattle Times says, “The New York artist is a spiritual descendant of Bob Dylan and John Lennon.”

CMJ says, “…his most beautiful.”

Paste Magazine says, “… endlessly ponderable and disturbingly beautiful.”

Reviews of Joseph Arthur’s Latest work Nuclear Daydream from Joseph
Continue reading

Rooney invites friends to end residency

Rooney at the roxy!
Phantom Planet, Howie Day, The Feeling, Graham Colton and Bleu are all coming down to Andy’s and Frankie’s to say goodbye to Rooney. Thanks Rooney for a great run!!! Come back soon.
check out review from the Daily Trojan

Homegrown band makes return engagement

West L.A. band Rooney has lived the past month at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, where each of its Andy Dick-emceed all-night affairs feature different opening acts. The band’s monthlong gig celebrates the completion of their second album, Calling The World, which will be released sometime in July.

to see the rest of the article check the Daily Trojan.

nic’s pix – April @ the roxy

whitestarr, hello stranger, ringside, poets and pornstars, sean lennon and man man

gotta see….

every monday in april 8:00P
Andy & Frankie’s Social Club Presents ROONEY
Hosted by Andy Dick plus special guest bands opening each show.

“So simple and direct that you can’t help but mouth the words.” – Jon Pruett – on Rooney

the first night of the residency has an amazing line up to start mondays off right….
Big City Rock, Golden State, and Scanners.
check our calendar for upcoming support.

Apr 5 2007 8:00P
ROCKINSIDER.COM Presents MAN MAN with SIMON DAWES and The Ventriloquists

the roxy is very excitied to not only have one of my new fav’s Man Man, live and direct from philly, but we are also super stoaked to have LA’s premier music blog Rockinsider on board as a presenter. yea jax, welcome to the roxy!

Apr 7 2007 8:00P
RINGSIDE and Whitestarr with The Grand Marquee
3 for 3 on this show. you can’t go wrong with this one.

“Beatles, Dylan, Stones, Burritos, Cat Simon, Garfunkel, Stooges, Clash, T-Rex, Depeche, U2, you get the idea” Scott Thomas – about Ringside

“The Grand Marquee is on a mission to change the status quo of artistic expression” 944 Magazine – on The Grand Marquee

“When people tell me we’re like the Stones or Steve Miller it makes my day” Cisco Adler – about Whitestarr

Apr 24 2007 8:00P
SEAN LENNON with Women and Children and Kamila Thompson

“Lennon’s songs, with their rocked-up theater and easy cerebral nature, make complex emotions sing.” Rolling Stone – about Sean Lennon

April 6 2007 8:00P
VERUCA SALT Featuring Special Guests Charlotte Martin, Poets and Pornstars, Hello Stranger and Fawn Hawk

“Veruca Salt is awesome.” – on Veruca Salt

“…the opera world’s loss is pop music’s gain.” People – about Charlotte Martin

“a chest pounding melange of electric gloss.” LA Times – on Poets and Pornstars

“…songs are funny, romantic, catchy, often quite beautiful, and there’s not a dud among them.” Dusted – on Hello Stranger

“I’ve got wild knees for you” says Fawn Hawk

there are a lot more great shows this april at the roxy and on the rox but i had to narrow it down to these. please let me know if i missed any and add in your favorites too.

– na