Give Back At Friendsgiving

We know Thanksgiving is about a week off and that’s why this weekend, we’re throwing the first Friendsgiving at The Roxy! Best thing about Friendsgiving is that if you bring a canned good, you get $2 off any drink up to 2 per person! Read more about some of our favorites Young Beautiful In A Hurry, Father Tiger, and Never Like The Movies that are headlining the night below.

Young Beautiful In A Hurry are an LA four-piece focused on creating an organic rock/pop sound with an added ounce of glam. Their influences range from Bowie to Queen and back to Elvis.

Father Tiger is a synthpop duo that is often compared to bands like Cut Copy, M83, and Holy Ghost!, while having their own twist on it. They combine live drums with programmed beats while adding layer upon layer to create their sound. FT brings in their Motown influences with the vocals and have managed to maintain a unique upbeat catalog.

Never Like The Movies is a female fronted rock/pop/metal band out of Los Angeles. They are inspired by everyone from Adele to Lamb of God. Their debut release Through The Hourglass takes you on the band’s journey of self-discovery and shows they are on the road for the long haul.

Oceans Of Eternity by Never Like The Movies

The show is free for 21+ and $3 food & beverage coupon must be purchased at the door for those under. Don’t forget the canned goods for this one & we’ll see you on Saturday!

Win Hedwig Tickets

Win tickets to Hedwig & The Angry Inch LIVE on November 1 or 2!

We have 5 pairs of tickets to give away for each night and here’s how you can enter: Since a portion of the proceeds from all Hedwig shows will go towards the incredible Trevor Project, Instagram or Tweet your favorite photo of Hedwig (any will do!) with #Hedwig4Trevor.

If you tag @TheRoxy & @TrevorProject, you may get a better in. ;D (hint, hint)

Winners will be chosen October 29.

Hedwig & The Angry Inch starring Donovan Leitch runs November 1-7 and if you don’t want to try to win, tickets for all dates are available now via Ticketweb.

Hedwig & The Angry Inch

“Ladies & Gentlemen, whether you like it or not… HEDWIG!”

Hedwig & The Angry Inch starring Donovan Leitch is setting up shop here November 1-7! This rock & roll musical follows Hedwig, the transgender East German rock star, her band, and her “angry inch.” Donovan Leitch is no stranger to the musical and his vocals (let alone the drag) are enough to make it worthwhile. The movie of the same title was adapted from the off-Broadway musical. Check out the trailer of the 2006 run here with Donovan:

A portion of the proceeds from all shows will go to The Trevor Project, the leading national organization for crisis intervention and suicide prevention amongst LGBT youth.

Tickets for Hedwig are on sale NOW via Ticketweb.

Exclusive Interview: HoneyHoney

By: @brentXmendoza

Venice Beach duo HoneyHoney seem to be more than breaking through to the masses—as evidenced by their recent campaign—which after less than a month, has surpassed their $17,000 goal by more than $6,000.

With these funds literally going towards transportation and gas money for their current tour, fans and patrons from across the globe are in a very real sense helping to bring HoneyHoney’s Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe to The Roxy Theatre this Wednesday, and eventually a town near you.

Tell us about your recent Kickstarter campaign? What was the feedback like? What were the results?

Jaffe: Well after we slaved away for a couple weeks, honing our pitch video to the Oscar-level cinematic opus that it is, it was such a great feeling to sit back for a bit and see such a tangible show of support. There were so many people excited to help us out, which in our position isn’t just a warm fuzzy feeling, we truly need everyone pitching in to keep us going on the track that we’re on.

A quick note about the video: If you ever find yourself working with a donkey or other animal in a video production, our advice would be to find a real professional—a donkey wrangler of some sort to help you out. Animals don’t really give a shit about what you tell them to do.

Besides being the secret identity of The Dark Knight, who is Bruce Wayne? Any new adventures to share? And does Bruce find it frustrating, trying to understand his nemesis Bane’s garbled voice?

Santo: What an excellent and very pertinent question! Bruce Wayne is an unbelievably handsome black cat and is the love of my life. Bruce is pretty much the king of the castle, and sits atop his throne never paying mind to frivolous things like his nemesis Bane.

Ben, any tips for picking up girls and/or guys at a HoneyHoney show? What are the do’s and don’ts?

Jaffe: First off, don’t be in the band. You spend the whole time playing, getting ready to play, or clearing your gear off the stage. By the time the work is done the front row “honeys” are getting groped on by the staff of the Roxy, and you just want to watch episodes of Deadwood on Suzanne’s iPad. As for general tips: Guys, keep your hands clean, and ladies notice that stuff. Also ladies, stop staring at our junk, we’re up here. Know what I’m saying..?

What was the lyrical inspiration behind “Angel of Death?” And once the Angel of Death comes for you, where exactly does he take you?

Santo: To the garden of paradise and fulfilled wishes…

This always comes out sounding weird, but you know the documentary Planet Earth? There’s a portion of it that deals with this predatory spore that plants itself inside an ant’s body, and takes over its mental functioning, eventually killing it and sprouting a big beautiful flower out of the corpse. This felt like some relationships we’ve all seen, or been a part of.

Any particularly interesting or odd preshow rituals/superstitions you take part in before hitting the stage?

Jaffe: Other than worshipping the un-holiest of unholy’s (Satan), and holding naked karate competitions before every show (which we don’t find to be odd at all), we start off every show with a good solid inappropriate team cheer. It’s usually something along the lines of, “1, 2, 3, glitter titties!”

Everyone has at least one story about a crazy night out on The Sunset Strip. Anything you are legally allowed to share?

Santo: I think this is the craziest story I’ve got and it’s pretty mild so bear with me… After having two margaritas with my parents at El Compadre (seriously two), I dropped them off at their hotel and was driving back west on Sunset when I was pulled over for driving with my lights off. Now let’s be honest, Sunset is lit up like a goddamn Christmas tree, and is bright as shit making this an understandable mistake! As I was nearly frozen with fear at the thought of getting a DUI (because everyone knows that two margaritas can surely fuck your sobriety test butthole), I sat in my car and waited for the officer to approach…. I was terrified!

It was a true Hollywood moment to say the least, when one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen in my life asked me for my license and registration. I mean, hot guy uniformed fantasies came flooding through the forefront of my mind like the levy breaking on a river of porn! So the Santo in me starts flirting with him; and it was on! He’s giving me the eyes, I’m giving him the eyes (Seriously though, he had me follow the pen back and forth to get a gander at my pupils, but we all know he was really just looking into my “soul!”). Then to my utter disappointment, he let me off with a warning! I was crushed… Deflated… Defeated!

When it was time to say goodbye, the thought of rear ending the car in from of me (to keep the vibe going) did occur, but I decided not to come on too strong, and headed back to lonely Venice Beach. However, whenever I’m driving down Sunset Blvd now, I make a point to drive really fast, and run red lights in the hopes of being reunited with my long lost “Officer Spank It…”


Tickets for HoneyHoney, Shana Halligan (Bitter:Sweet), and Monsters Calling Home are available here.

Just Announced: The Gaslight Anthem

New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem are here May 18 for a very special show!! The Springsteen-inspired quartet is currently working on their 4th album and major label debut, Handwritten due out in June on Mercury Records. Gaslight Anthem formed in 2006 and were instantly recognized as a force to be reckoned with. They’ve toured with Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, Foo Fighters, and so many others.

Check out the band with very special guest, Bruce Springsteen, playing the title track off their 2010 release American Slang:

This show is so special, I, Tonya (who writes most of these blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.), am incredibly excited about this show. I’ve been watching this band grow for years now and have always loved them. They are fantastic live and for them to play at The Roxy is such a treat! I’ve been listening to them non-stop this past month, and on & off for the past 6 years, and when the email came through that this show was going to happen, I flipped my lid. There are a handful of shows here that really take the cake for me and this one is definitely going to be added to that list!

Presale tickets are available now on Concertmaps and they’ll be available through us via Ticketweb on Friday at 10:30am!

Q&A with The Young Rapscallions

By: @brentXmendoza

Saturday, Jan 28 The Young Rapscallions return to their favorite spot on The Sunset Strip to unveil a bevy of their most promising new tunes at their CD release party.

With this pending second record, the band of besties are taking a more mature approach to their indie/garage rock sound, and delivering only the best of their best offerings, in a 5 song EP entitled “it is what it is.”

Don’t miss the thoughtfully crafted new numbers dished out by guitarist Nick Chamian, bassist Taylor Messersmith, frontman Jonathan Sanders, and Superbad-ass drummer Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse, as they share the stage with The Shakers, Ice Cream Fire and other fresh faced up-and-comers.

You seem to be releasing new music at a somewhat rapid pace… Why release an EP, instead of waiting to do a full length? Where does the title, “it is what it is.” come from?

We just felt the urge to do something a little different with this current release, as opposed to the previous. Our first album was a young, first attempt at releasing all our songs that we had at the time. The new EP is more of a thought out process… We spent more time working on fewer songs, and really pulled out new thoughts and ideas that were not in the songs originally. Our producer Keith Armstrong had a big role in that.

“it is what it is” didn’t really come from anywhere. I think it’s just one of those simple truths in the world. And in regard to the world of music, there really is so much out there, that every band/artist is going to bring something different to the table. It all just is what is.

What band have you been most excited to play with/open for/share the stage with, thus far? If you could tour with any band or artist in the world, who would it be?

Opening for The Expendables in Santa Cruz, was definitely the coolest band we’ve had the pleasure of opening up for. As for opening for other bands, there are so many great artists I would love to share the stage with… Judging from what I’ve been listening to lately, I would say—My Morning Jacket, The National, Fruit Bats, Pinback, and the list goes on…

Any good tour bus/van stories? Any odd superstitions or ritual, like not washing your stage clothes, etc?

Well seeing as though our longest venture on the road, as a band, has only been about two weeks, we don’t really have any crazy stories yet. The goal, is usually to just get as weird as possible. Our only ritual is to be together right before we play and just feel one another’s energy and focus together.

Why are actor turned musician bands notoriously so terrible? Do you think your drummer Chris could put Jason Schwartzman to shame in a sudden death drum off? If your frontman quit tomorrow, who would you rather replace him with: Russell Crowe, Dennis Quaid, or Bruce Willis?

I don’t really think actor/musician bands are notoriously terrible. Jason Schwartzman plays in a band called Coconut Records, which I believe he sings and plays guitar in? I dig them!

It’s just about being creative in any outlet you have; actor or not, a band is either cool, or they are not…. And definitely Bruce Willis, that dude blows a mean harmonica!

How do you define success as a musician? Who will you know when you’ve “made it?”

In my eyes, a successful musician is able to play their music for people who are willing to hear it, and truly enjoy what it is that they are bringing to the table. That might mean playing stadiums, or that might mean playing coffee houses…

The fact that we are a band of best friends who get to write and perform music together is everything really; anything else is just an added bonus!


Tickets are on sale via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457

Just Announced: The Transplants February 10


Their first live show since 2005 is officially HERE on February 10 and tickets are on sale now!

The band announced this past November that they are recording a new album due out this Spring and are officially back in action. While we still don’t have updates on the album, this show is a sure sign that the Transplants are ready to melt faces in 2012 being their first LA show in years.

With KROQ Locals Only presenting, we are proud to bring you this very special evening with the punk-rock-rap supergroup, The Transplants.

Tickets are on sale NOW via Ticketweb & The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457

Kilr Gets Crazzzy

Kilr (pronounced like Tyler with a K) is a new band out of Los Angeles. Their dance pop sound with a grungy feel has given them a loyal fan base in LA and San Diego. As they put it, their sound is a hybrid of The Offspring, Bruno Mars, and Motley Crue yet miles away from the stale rap-rock sound.

Check out their brand new video for “Crazzzy” below & see them with Unwritten Law on December 30.

Do Good With Honor Society

Honor Society is out on a do-good mission right now with the Rock The Red Kettle Tour 2011. With Sunderland & Aaron Camper, H.S. is on the road thanks to The Salvation Army doing the most good they possibly can. This tour couldn’t come at a better time than this holiday season and Honor Society is all about getting in the holiday spirit.

Honor Society rose to where they are while on tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2009 and have since become a household name for pop music diehards. This will be their 3rd play at The Roxy this year and we can’t get enough of these boys.

Listen to the video for their latest holiday inspired single “Spread The Love” here:

Check out a little bit of what they’ve done with The Salvation Army so far to warm your heart.

The Rock The Red Kettle Tour stops at The Roxy this Sunday, December 18 with Sunderland & Aaron Camper. Tickets are available via Ticketweb or The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

Roxy Bucks: The Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for your music loving friend?! Get them Roxy Bucks!

Roxy bucks are our very own currency (coupons) that can be used in the venue towards shows, food, & drink. That means, you can give out gift certificates that your friend can use on getting into a show, at The Roxy or at On The Rox, and they can get food & drinks inside with them, too.

Roxy Bucks come in booklets of $25 that include 5 $5 coupons and are available now. Call The Roxy’s box office for more information on purchasing. 310-278-9457

PBR Art Tour: West Hollywood

The folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon have put together a mobile art tour this year and it’s about to make it’s debut in West Hollywood.

Believe or not, PBR has had an art initiative for quite sometime with their campaign for “Drink & Draw.” It’s their App that allows you to draw up your next masterpiece on your iPhone or Android while enjoying a refreshing PBR. (Yum!)

Now, the Mobile Art Tour takes that to the next level. On November 30, there will be a PBR trailer in our parking lot that has all the fantastic PBR art you could dream of.

Swing by on the 30th catch Windsor Drive, Stretford End, Justin Joyce & The Bryant C Project and enjoy the sites and tastes of the Pabst Blue Ribbon mobile art tour.

Camp Freddy & Friends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Camp Freddy fans because December is right around the corner & that means it’s time for the Camp Freddy & Friends residency! December 2, 9, 16, & 23 are this year’s dates & we can’t wait to spend them with you, Billy Morrison (Billy Idol/The Cult), Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction/The Panic Channel), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver), Donovan Leitch (son of legendary folk singer Donovan), Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction/Alanis Morrisette), and all their famous friends.

If you’ve seen the show before you know it’s the best party of you’ll go to all year and can expect the best of the best guests at each show. Previous “Friends” include Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Steven Tyler, Moby, Chad Smith, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mark McGrath, Slash, Juliette Lewis & so many others.

Get a dose of CF here:

Camp Freddy Compilation from Dave Navarro on Vimeo.

Tickets are available via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office now!

Limited Golden tickets are available that get you access to all four shows, one soundcheck, and meet & greet with the band! For more information call The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.

SSMF: Roxy Picks

We hit up our music guru staff to ask them for their top picks at this weekend’s Sunset Strip Music Festival. If anyone knows, it’s these guys who see at least 4 bands come through almost every single day. Take a look below at some of the faces of the Roxy’s Top SSMF Picks!


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
3:00 Key Club: Indians
3:45 Key Club: Love and a .38
4:30 Key Club: Deluka
5:30 The Roxy: Warner Drive
6:00 West Outdoor Stage: Bush
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
8:15 West Outdoor Stage: Mötley Crüe
10:05 The Whisky: Bolt Action Thrill
10:30 Viper Room: Mickey Avalon
12:00 On The Rox: Metalachi


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
3:10 West Outdoor Stage: She Wants Revenge
3:50 The Roxy: Jordan Cook
4:40 The Roxy: Imagine Dragons
5:10 East Outdoor Stage: Matt & Kim
6:20 The Roxy: The LImousines
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
7:10 The Roxy: Sabrosa Purr
8:50 The Roxy: Chappo
10:00 SilverSpoon: The Silent Disco
10:30 The Roxy: Rye Rye
12:00AM On The Rox: Metalachi


1:30 The Roxy: Kill The Complex
2:10 The Roxy: Queen Caveat
3:10 West Outdoor Stage: She Wants Revenge
3:00 The Roxy: letlive
3:45 Key Club: Love & A .38
3:50 West Outdoor Stage: Dirtyheads
5:10 East Outdoor Stage: Matt & Kim
5:30 The Roxy: Warner Drive
6:00 The Whisky: All Hail The Yeti
7:00 East Outdoor Stage: Public Enemy
7:10 The Roxy: Sabrosa Purr
8:15 West Outdoor Stage: Motley Crue
8:50 The Roxy: Chappo
10:00 Key Club: Them Jeans
10:30 The Roxy: Semi Precious Weapons’ EMPIRE/Rye Rye

Plan your Sunset Strip Music Festival with this handy schedule right here!


If you follow The Roxy online, you know how much we love questions. For this round, we’re putting them in your hands! Scheduled for next week, we have an exclusive interview with the utterly cool Kreayshawn for her sold out August 27 show and we want you to submit the questions!

Tweet your questions @TheRoxy with #AskKREAY, post them on our Facebook page, or email them to

We want to know what you want to know about the hottest thing to come out of Oakland this year. Send them in & maybe she’ll be answering you!

PushMethod at The Roxy

Saturday July 30 PushMethod is in Los Angeles with 28 North!

This band just released their new album full of pop inspired hip-hop and you can hear the first single “Get Lost” here.

28 North is out of Pittsburgh, PA. These guys have a classic rock/blues sound reminiscent of The Gaslight Anthem, if they were around in the 90s. Their self titled album has reached radio stations across the entire United States and have played at CMJ & SXSW.

Pixikill, The Standard Affiliates, and Plead the Fifth round off the night. For more info on the show click here.

The Roxy Loves Amy Winehouse

[Originally posted March 23, 2007]

Thanks to adritheegreat for the video!

Photos by Marc Goldstein…

Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein
Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein
Photo Credit: Marc Goldstein

For more of Marc’s photos check these out.

Check out the review from the LA Weekly…

U.K. soul mama gets crowned on the Sunset Strip Monday, March 19, at the Roxy
By Ernest Hardy
Thursday, March 22, 2007

“Performing to a sold-out Roxy, Amy Winehouse gave a hilarious intro to the confessional song “You Know I’m No Good”: After she had betrayed a lover, he asked if she even loved him. “I told him, ‘I do love you,’ ” she recounted — adding with playful exasperation, “ ‘But, like, I get bored. I told you I’m no good!’ ” The crowd loved it — and sang every song by heart, all night long.

Winehouse’s top-to-bottom brilliant sophomore album, Back to Black (Republic/Universal), is bursting with great, quotable lines, many as wry as they are poignant. One of the best is tucked in the driving, Motown-based “Tears Dry on Their Own,” where she admits: “Even if I stop wanting you/and perspective pushes through/I’ll be some next man’s other woman soon…”

The word other is key here. That’s the woman who wears the scarlet letter — fallen, disgraced. Winehouse casually conveys volumes through a single word or phrasing choice throughout Black, a breakup album whose defining characteristic is working-class feminine wit. And I mean both types of wit — intelligence and humor, which Winehouse uses intuitively to express how obsession dovetails with addiction. References to booze and boozing, drugging and fucking-as-self-destruction crowd the text of this confessional album. The musical filter through which Winehouse pours it all is the girl-group sound of the early ’60s — the Shangri-Las, the Shirelles, the Ronettes and the Chiffons.

Live, Winehouse was noticeably nervous but utterly charming, singing for an audience who knew all the words to all the songs. She was in spectacular voice throughout, backed by a crack band (man, that horn section . . .) and two chicly attired male backup singers who energetically pulled off synchronized choreography. Winehouse’s own herky-jerky, off-the-beat dancing and ragged emulation of girl-group style somehow underscored an aura of sincerity (a matted beehive with an unkempt tail; an ill-fitting dress that kept sliding down her scary-thin frame; weathered leopard-print shoes rummaged from the back of some tranny’s closet). Her awkward performance of femininity befits a woman who can’t quite figure how to stop fucking up her relationships and her life.

Winehouse may be retro, but her work is, mercifully, irony-free. This is no academic study of girl-group traditions; instead, it’s a gut-level recognition of the strength and beauty of those impeccably crafted records — and the 8-by-10-ready public personas attached to them. For Back to Black, Winehouse gave her producers, Mark Ronson and, explicit instructions about the sound and vibe she wanted to accompany her self-penned lyrics. Together, they’ve captured not only the aesthetics of an era (the album is a gorgeous latticework of perfect, anachronistic detail) but also the naked romanticism, and theatrical but sincere vulnerability, of pop gone by. But Winehouse also references kindred artists outside the girl-group heyday: Esther Phillips (whose addiction-filled life and the havoc it wreaked on her career make her the most resonant influence), Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and, of course, Lauryn Hill.

At the Roxy, Winehouse sang everything from Back to Black, including “Addicted” (inexplicably left off the U.S. release, replaced with a god-awful remix of “You Know I’m No Good” featuring a rap by Ghostface Killah). Highlights of the set were “Tears Run Dry” and… it’s hard to say. The crowd’s energy was so intense, and their already-won love so exuberantly given, the night had the feel of a raucous coronation.

What was especially interesting about the performance was the way Winehouse handled her nerves — besides frequent sips taken from a cup at the edge of the stage. She stared down at the stage a lot, then looked up with a sneer or curled lip that evoked gum-popping, eyeball-rolling femmes from Ronettes to B-girls, gangsters’ molls to biker chicks. But there were also fleeting moments when she clearly checked out of her own performance: Her eyes would simply go blank, and she’d retreat behind them. Still, that voice — the sound of mysteriously missing teeth, Spanish Harlem stoops in summer and declarations of undying love — never wavered, and was never less than amazing.”

To read the rest of the review check the LA Weekly


Amy Winehouse is such a hot mess!

She is the stuff of legend, and on Monday night a who’s who of hipsters and Hollywood players were treated to a tour de force performance by the Rehab chanteuse.

You never know if Wino is gonna show up to a gig or if she’ll even make it through a show, but she more than held her own at The Roxy.

Unfortunately, fans expecting to see her at Spaceland in Silverlake tonight might be a tad disappointed. We hear she might be cancelling!

Why? Because the venue is too small and they won’t allow her 10+ person band to come with her.

Hopefully that will all get sorted out, but if it doesn’t…..well, that’s Amy Winehouse for ya!

To sing the blues you must live the blues. And she lives it.”

Check out Scott T Sterlings review…

I Was There: Amy Winehouse at The Roxy, 3/19/07

“I guess you could call it pure, dumb luck. It just so happened that I heard about the Amy Winehouse show at the Roxy a couple of hours before my man Jeff Weiss informed me that she was also scheduled to play at Spaceland. Given my druthers, I would’ve purchased a ticket to see her in the much smaller Spaceland. But in my haste to secure a chance to see this notorious UK train wreck up close and personal like, I’d already laid my good money down for the Roxy show. In hindsight, I inadvertently made the right choice, since Ms. Winehouse famously bailed on the Spaceland gig.

I got to the Roxy a good 20 minutes before she took the stage, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen such an intense scrum up in that joint. It was packed to the back with an interesting array of Los Angelenos, skewing older than I’d expected.

Worming my way towards the front of the room, I found a choice spot maybe five feet from the stage, off to the right. A very drunk girl stumbles into me, pausing to take off her high heels. Oh boy, here we go. An older couple behind me is drunkenly making out, repeatedly ramming into my back. Really? The things I do for music.

When the lights finally dim and the curtains open, a surprisingly together looking Winehouse saunters up to the microphone to the strains of the Chiffons “He’s So Fine,” looking oddly sexy (skinny legs and all) in a blue prom dress that put her cleavage up front and center and showcased her bevy of tattoos. There were no signs of track marks or “meth skin” to be seen anywhere. She didn’t even appear to be drunk. What gives?

Backed ably by retro R&B outfit the Dap-Kings, our girl sailed through most of Back to Black admirably; her husky croon sounding even stronger than it does on the record. Her voice shined on mid-tempo numbers like the reggae-tinged “Just Friends,” but really soared on the barn-burners like “You Know I’m No Good.” What’s especially impressive is the way she attacks high notes, filling them with pure emotion, the total opposite of showboats like Christina Aguilera who completely overdo it with ridiculous trills and runs that never seem to stop.

Sliding in a verse of Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” into “He Can Only Hold Her,” it was hard to miss the irony. Is Winehouse destined for a similar crash-and-burn like the one that beset Ms. Hill? Given her raw talent and limitless potential, I certainly hope not.

She’s comfortable and self-assured onstage. After announcing the evening’s last song to a boisterous chorus of “No!” she joked with the crowd:

“Well, obviously it’s not the last song. We still have to do the encores. I’m just playing the game up here, all right?”

For more of Scott’s review click here.

Catch Up with Ky-Mani Marley

By: Brent X Mendoza

Thursday, July 21 reggae chart-topper Ky-Mani Marley will bring his world tour to our humble abode here at The Roxy Theatre. Doing his father’s legacy proud, Marley has made quite a dynamic career for himself not only as a musician, but also as an actor, and an internationally recognized humanitarian/human rights advocate.

Currently at work on a brand new double album, Marley is certainly showing no signs of slowing down as he continues to blaze trails in the music world and beyond.

You’re currently working on your fourth studio album. What can we look forward to? How would you say your music has evolved over your career?

My new album Evolution of a Revolution will be a double album, the “Revolution” side of the album will be a follow up to my last album Radio and the “Evolution” side will show how I have evolved.

It will show a somewhat softer side. It will be comprised of more universal music; music that I would like to think speaks to the heart and soul of all. I like to say it will be an album where reggae meets the rest of the world.

As a youth, you were a bit of jock, playing soccer and other sports. Have you been following the Women’s World Cup at all?

Unfortunately being on the road hasn’t allowed me the opportunity to follow Women’s World Cup.

Of all your philanthropic/humanitarian endeavors, which are you most proud of? Can you recall one singular defining moment in your life where you felt like you truly made a difference in the world?

Wow! I can’t recall one particular moment that stands out… but I do think that one thing that did impact me was summer of last year: Through my organization Love Over All Foundation (LOAF), we did some renovations to a school in my hometown of Falmouth, and the parents and most of the community came out to help. I was overwhelmed by the number of people that came out to contribute without having to be asked.

Besides annoying interview questions, what are the drawbacks of being the progeny of reggae royalty?

[Laughter] At times because of my last name people have preconceived notions of who I am or who I should be. I can only be me.

Your film résumé seems to be coming along nicely. Any new projects in the works? Has leaning the craft of acting had any influence at all on your music?

I don’t think acting has influenced my music, but I do have a few scripts that I am reviewing now.


Ky-Mani Marley takes the stage Thursday, July 21 along with Gramps Morgan, Arise Roots, Bodhi Rock, and DJ I & I Sound. Doors open at 8 p.m.

5 Questions with Trapt

By: Brent X Mendoza

Saturday, July 16 catch platinum selling powerhouse Trapt as they headline The Roxy Theatre.

Touring with their latest record No Apologies, the band is showing their dedication and appreciation to their fans: allowing them to vote and pick their favorite song for release as a single, as well as collaging photos of their “biggest fans” for the cover art.

Before their big show this weekend, frontman Chris Taylor Brown took some time out from playing with fireworks to speak with The Roxy about why they’re doing it all for the fans. Here’s what he had to say…

Want to tell us a little about the cover art for your latest record No Apologies? Where did the idea come from? How did that all came about?

We have always wanted our fans to be a part of everything we do. We were thinking of album covers, and thought it would be a great idea to have our fans send in pictures and have the cover made up of pics of all our biggest fans. We wanted it to be a memento that they could always have reminding them that they are the reason that we exist.

In the song “Sound Off” who/what exactly are you sounding off about?

2009 was a hard year for everyone, and I thought that some of the things our government was doing to help the situation was only hurting. It seemed that people didn’t want to talk about it or even think about what was going on. Later that year, when I was writing the music for “Sound Off,” I thought about those people who would rather not participate in the direction our country was going, and the hook just came out. I know people get angry about certain things, but to open up and say something about it to the world is a different story.

Who would you rather be “trapped” in an elevator with: Chris Tucker (actor/comedian), Taylor Hicks (American Idol), or the other Chris Brown (R&B singer)?

Oh Chris Brown of course! Hahaha…

Your anthem “Headstrong” has been used for TV shows, videogames, and all kinds of sporting events? What’s the strangest or most amusing place you’ve heard your music pop up?

Well the strangest story had to be the one about a couple soldiers kicking a door down, busting into an Iraqi house and hearing “Headstrong” blazing in the background on a satellite TV. I obviously was not there, but heard the story from a few fans. It’s crazy how music transcends boundary lines and cultures like that.

How did the band celebrate this past July 4th?

With a lot of drinking and fireworkin’!!!


Trapt takes the stage this Saturday, July 16 along with Abused Romance, Boy Hits Car, and Otherwise. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Get a free download from Trapt here.

Bringin’ Back Dirt Nasty

It’s that time again for Dirt Nasty to invade The Roxy! This time he’s bringing Andre Legacy, Beardo, and Soulja Boy’s latest artist Riff Raff on July 9.

These guys are 100% guaranteed to bring a party with their hilarious lyrics and ridiculous stage antics. Check out the very special Toddlers & Tiaras promo video Dirt put together all himself.

Andre Legacy


The show is all ages & tickets are available via Ticketweb or at The Roxy box office (310-278-9457).

Q&A with Shuvel

By: Brent X Mendoza

TONIGHT: Accomplished prog-metal quartet Shuvel will take the stage as another Free Monday’s showcase hits The Roxy. Veterans of such festivals as Ozzfest and Methods of Mayhem, the band has had the chance to share the stage with many of metal’s contemporary mainstays.

Before heading out to headbang till it hurts, get to know “the stringed section” of Shuvel: guitarist Ryan “Jahrox” Stuber, and bassist Carlos Sandoval, who also happen to moonlight as staff here at The Roxy Theatre.

Where does the name Shuvel come from? When was the last time you actually used a “shuvel?” Digging, planting a garden?

Stuber: Because Metallica was already taken..? No, actually when we were first brainstorming band names, it was the one name we all agreed wasn’t too horrible to stick with until we found a better one! And now here we are.

As far as gardening, we do grow our own herbs and spices. Quite handy with a “shovel” actually.

The band seems to have adopted/co-opted the Cadillac emblem as their logo. Is there a story behind this, or just thought it looked cool?

Stuber: We would like to think that we are all reincarnated pimps from the 60’s and 70’s who love dem Cadillacs!

Our singer Isaac does all of our artwork for our albums and t-shirts. His art style is representative of the band’s collective vibe/vision, which we plan to take further and start incorporating into our live shows. We really feel that our music definitely ties in with his work, and eventually want to start experimenting with some live visuals, via projector or slideshow, while we are performing

The band originally hails from Wichita, Kansas. Is there a music scene there? When you weren’t playing music, what did you do for fun?

Stuber: There is definitely a scene there with a lot of great musicians. And even though we’ve been in L.A. for at least ten years, it’s still “going on” back at home.

When we weren’t playing music we did a lot of random things to make money: canned food drives, cleaned church gutters, and helped old ladies cross the street.

When a band you didn’t like asks you what you thought of their performance, do you have a “canned response?”

Stuber: I tell the band I have to jump into a meeting and I gotta go!

Seriously, I see so much music that it’s hard to keep up with the bad ones. I definitely see a lot of good bands, so that is always refreshing to know there is a future. And ya know, it’s important to stay inspired and enthusiastic about music, which is sometimes hard to do in an industry that doesn’t know where it’s headed next.

Carlos, what’s the craziest and/or strangest incident you’ve ever witnessed at The Roxy?

Sandoval: Most recently we had a drunken patron who WANTED our security to throw him out by kicking him down the stairs of On The Rox. When our staff did not honor his request, he grabbed his own shirt, and threw himself down the stairs: full front flip/tumble all the way down. He then stood up hugged our security guy and went on his way.


Shuvel plays tonight, June 20 along with Gemini Syndrome, Butcher Babies, Evolove, and Interim Divine. Doors open at 7 p.m. FREE FREE FREE

For more info click here.

New Zealand Reggae

Hailing all the way from across the seas, New Zealand band of brothers Kora take over The Roxy June 16th with special guests Seedless, Through the Roots and Haleamano. This family affair five piece band formed in 2003 and features the 4 Kora brothers; Laughton Kora on vocals, guitar, harmonica & keys; Francis Kora on bass, samples & vocals; Stuart Kora on guitar, keys & vocals; Brad Kora on drums and vocals & Dan McGruer on keys & bass. Together the guys create a dynamic wall of rich vocal harmonies carried by a strong powerhouse rhythm section with every track they create. A forefront of the wave of experimental rock/funk and reggae, Kora has always made sure to deliver a dynamic live performance that no doubt blows their audience out of the water.

Their self titled debut album KORA dropped back in 2007 and shot straight to the top of the official NZ charts, debuting right on top at #1, and has since reached double platinum sales. A remix of 7 tracks off the Kora album was remixed in a collaboration with Cabaret Voltaire and released as a remix album, KORA! KORA! KORA!

If you don’t know who Kora is, don’t waste another minute. It’s about time you check out what this band is all about. Check out their video for Story ain’t Over to see the guys in action, and head over to their website for more Kora!

Orange County natives Seedless formed in 2006 and seamlessly fuse together reggae, dub and rock, pushing the limits of reggae music.This band has already played with respectable musicians including The Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, The Wailers and many more. With the ability to move flawlessly between roots reggae and progressive rock, Seedless keeps the fun coming for every show. Check out the band’s Facebook page for more info!

San Diego reggae band Through the Roots has already shared the stage with high profile musicians including Talib Kweli, Tribal Seeds and Natural Vibrations among others. Hitting the road hard in 2011, the group’s vibe consist of smooth catchy tunes and engaging style. Through the Roots is no stranger to The Roxy Theatre, as the group has played at the venue before along with other venues such as the Key Club, the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, and a growing number of other popular music venues. Check out the band’s Facebook!

The City of Las Vegas brings you reggae group Haleamano. Spreading their islands vibes around the Vegas scene and now bringing their sound to the famous sunset strip, Haleamano fuses reggae, blues, rock and soul together to create a dynamic new sound. The band has recently enjoyed success on their first tour of Hawaii and have shared the stage with acts including Tribal Seeds, Ekolu, Seedless and many more. Check out the band’s Facebook for more info!

Tickets for the June 16th show with Seedless, Through the Roots and Haleamano are available on Ticketweb or The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457
Get More info on the show’s event page


Xyzyx Release Party

Xyzyx (pronounced ‘ziz-ix’), returns to The Roxy Theatre again for their upcoming show, Wednesday, April 13. If you’ve seen them live before you know that this Power Pop Rock 5-piece band has some infectious tunes on their roster with some killer 4-part harmonies reminiscent of the 70’s to boast. For those of you that have yet to discover Xyzyx, you can expect to hear a cross between Weezer and the Foo Fighters with the stage presence of Spinal Tap. The band has been performing on the live circuit since March 2009, having recently opened for Missing Persons and Steel Panther, and are excited to be back at The Roxy for their EP release party.

<a href="

You can check out the band’s Facebook page and Myspace pages for more info and old school tracks!

Come head down to The Roxy Wednesday, April 13 and celebrate the night away with Xyzyx with the crazy talented “The Outdoors”, Dom Liberati, and Exit 3 opening for the band.

“The Outdoors” is a five-piece rock band originally from Echo Park, CA. Their musical flow has been compared to Band of Horses, The Rosebuds, and even Radiohead and Coldplay. If you want to take the plunge into what this talented band has to offer, you can check out their self titled EP on their bandcamp page, and keep up with them on their official Twitter page.

Don Liberati blends musical styles reminiscent of The Police with Jimmy Eat World and Kings of Leon thrown in the mix. Check out his official website for more info, keep up with his twitter, and find him on Facebook and Myspace for some of his tunes.

Exit 3 is South Jersey’s Most Unique Cover Band, bringing you modern takes of some of your Favorite B-Side, Modern Rock, Classic Rock and Alternative tunes. Check out the band’s Facebook and Myspace for tracks and more info.

Doors open at 7:15

Tickets: $10
Tickets will be available at the box office by calling 310-278-9457 or at the door.


By: Brent X Mendoza

Tonight Nor Cal hard rock giants Benvenue join L.A.’s own Warner Drive for a night of rock out with your junk out, fist pumping, booze guzzling good times. Before your evening of self-induced, head banging whiplash, get to know the Berkeley based quartet as guitarist Sid Slater plays a little round of “5 Questions.”

So you guys are from the Berkeley , San Fran area. How would you compare the So Cal music scene to the Nor Cal music scene? Do you feel your hard rock style is more conducive to certain geographic regions?

Both scenes are extremely vibrant; you can find great live music any night of the week both in the Bay Area and LA. This is great as a fan, cause there’s no shortage of new talent to be found. It’s great as a band too, it just means there’s a lot more competition for people’s attention.

For what we do, our style/genre/whatever you want to call it, we seem to be getting a better response in So Cal. It does just seem to be better suited for hard rock. Not sure why exactly, but we just roll with it. Don’t count Nor Cal out, though. We played at The Rockit Room in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and got some of the best fan feedback yet.

Any interesting and/or strange superstitious rituals when touring or playing shows?

I wouldn’t say anything superstitious, but we like to get a jam in the day of a show. We’ll find a rehearsal studio wherever we’re at and get the blood flowing a little bit. And of course when we’re in LA, Moon loves his Texas Teas, so we have to make a stop at The Saddle Ranch.

Benvenue, as in Ben Venue, the mountain in Scotland ? Please explain.

No, just Benvenue. It’s actually the name of a street in Berkeley . We liked it and it just kinda stuck. We booked our first show before we had a name for ourselves, and the promoter needed a name like now. Benvenue was what Fran and I used to call ourselves when we first started messing around writing songs together, so that’s what we gave him. We never thought about changing it after that.

Kenny G or John Tesh, who would you rather tour with, and why?

Oh man, gotta say John Tesh. I don’t think we’d ever run out of stuff to talk about with that guy. He could give us advice on health and relationships. It would be like our own personal Dr. Phil on the road.

What’s the first course of action the second the curtain closes afteryour big performance at The Roxy Theatre?

We’re going to Disneyland ! . . . and then the Saddle Ranch . . . Texas Teas.


Benvenue join Warner Drive, Bolt Action Thrill, and a stable of other hard rockers tonight at The Roxy Theatre. Doors open at 7:15 p.m. Tickets are $15.

For more info on Benvenue check them out at

Q&A with Hunter Valentine

By: Brent X Mendoza

Saturday, February 19 raucous femme fatales Hunter Valentine share top billing with L.A.’s own 100 Monkeys on a night chock-full of rock n’ roll’s hottest talent. Before their big show, the Canadian trio, front woman Kiyomi M, bassist/keyboardist Adrienne Lloyd, and drummer Laura Petracca, spoke with The Roxy from their squeaky clean touring van about love on the road, Toronto tourist attractions, and strip club detours. Here’s what the lovely ladies had to say…

Sooo… every band’s favorite question; Hunter Valentine, what does it mean? What’s the origin?

Kiyomi: Hunter Valentine is actually a complex mathematical equation, and if you can solve the equation you’ll figure out the way into each of our hearts.

Laura: Here’s a hint, enter into your calculator: 58008

Any big plans for Valentine’s Day?

Kiyomi: Get drunk with my band mates and listen to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on repeat while crying about love.

Laura: After the 23rd rotation of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, I plan on grabbing Kiyomi and Adrienne and convincing them to come to a strip club with me.

Adrienne: I’ve spent the last six consecutive Valentine’s Days playing shows with Kiyomi and Laura. It seems like they have their own plans for how we’re spending the day this year, but I thought we were driving from Oklahoma City to El Paso for the tour we’re on. I guess we’re looking for a Texas strip club that plays Bonnie Tyler on repeat.

Is it hard to date, maintain a relationship when you’re a touring band?

Kiyomi: At first I didn’t think it was hard, but with any amount of distance and time between two people, you’re going to need a lot of trust. And it’s hard to find somebody who is capable of that trust.

Adrienne: I think that’s pretty hard in general, so I guess I’d say yes. But for me, being on tour is the easy part; being home at this point makes me feel restless more than being on tour.

Laura: Yes, that’s why I’m single and have decided to have a girlfriend in every city instead.

Does Toronto have a thriving music scene? What other Toronto based bands should we be looking out for? Ever visit the CN Tower?

Kiyomi: Toronto has a very thriving and active music scene. We have bands like Dance Yourself to Death, Clothes Make the Man, and People You Know, all bands that we love playing with and that you should definitely look out for.

Adrienne: Toronto is where each of us grew up, and also where I consider we grew up as a band. Just around the time when I started playing in HV, was when Toronto indie labels like Arts and Crafts and Six Shooter Records started doing amazing things with Toronto’s music community.

Laura: I’ve been to the CN Tower many times… I feel a little intimidated by its size; it makes me question my manhood.

Do chicks keep a cleaner tour bus than dudes?

Kiyomi: Well…if by bus you mean van, then yes. We run a tight ship, but when your van is your house for three months, it can get messy.

Laura: I have OCD, and I’m from an Italian family; you better believe the van is clean.

Adrienne: Our van definitely develops interesting smells throughout a long tour, but Laura runs a tight ship and has car washes across America on speed dial on her phone.

Hunter Valentine plays The Roxy Theatre along with 100 Monkeys, Vanity Theft, The Ferocious Few, Blacktop Saints, Polaris at Noon, and The Harm this Saturday, February 19. Tickets are $10 adv/$12 dos. Doors open at 7:30 p.m