Comedy Strikes Again

Doing live music night after night is a blast….don’t get us wrong – but I’de be lying if I said that live comedy here isn’t a totally amazing change of pace. Having hilarious Russell Brand here all last summer was such a treat- and we’ve never laughed harder. Not to put any pressure on newbie Bo Burnham, but he has big comedy shoes to fill. With everyone from Pee Wee Herman to Robin Williams (and Russell of course!) taking the stage before him…can he bring it?? He’s a youtube phenomenon and his comedy central special is prettttyyyy hilarious. Musical comedy? I’m intrigued. Click here for tickets!
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Brand Gets Booed

But only because he asked us to. It was another sold out show for our favorite Brit..and was it funny!! After the stand up routine, we were all happy to play heckling fans as Russell returned as lovable lothario Aldous Snow as he filmed a few snippets for the upcoming movie “Get Him To The Greek.” Such a fun night – not a dry eye in the house, as tears of laughter took over the room. As always, such a pleasure to work with Team Russell – hopefully we see you all again soon! Also, don’t miss Russell TONIGHT on Jay Leno! Many thanks to some of Russell’s die-hards for taking such great pictures during the show! Check out TINKERBELLA’S photos for some great ones of Russell as Aldous Snow. Stay tuned as we post some of our own later!
Russell Gets Booed

Russell Rox

Russell Brand 8/31
Since he last left us – Russell Brand has clearly been on the up-and-up. Most notably, he’s the host of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards! He’s one talented guy, and before he clearly takes over the entire world -he’s coming to make us laugh one more time. Couldn’t be happier to announce that Russell will be coming back AUGUST 31, 2008 – tickets go onsale TODAY (FRIDAY AUGUST 22, 2008) at 5:00pm! Click here for the ticketing link!
Check out his funny VMA spots!
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Speaking Of The VMAs

Roxy played host on Wednesday to the “Road to The VMA’s” where 3 bands vied for a coveted pre-party slot at the festivities! All star judges The Game, Kat Von D, and Alkaline Trio joined in on the fun and told it how it was! Thanks to U-N-I, Hazelden, and The Ruse for rocking out! Check out the awesome pics courtesy of our good man, Erik Voake.

The Road To The VMA's 7/23

The Road To The VMA's 7/23

The Road To The VMA's 7/23

The Road To The VMA's 7/23

MTV Is About To Be Branded

Russell Brand Live at The Roxy
Team Roxy was so excited to find out that our very own Russell Brand was named as host of MTV Video Music Awards 2008! He’s obviously one of the biggest rising stars and funniest guys around – and we’re excited for him to be slowly but surely conquering the states. His residency here was some hilarious stuff, and we can’t wait to see him on the oh-so-famous VMA’s (with some of our other favs, the Jo Bro’s)! We showed Russell nothing but love, and we are so excited that the Roxy shows are tagged as the ones that caught the attention of the MTV Powers. Congrats Russell! Here are few articles announcing his new gig!
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Russell Backstage at The Roxy- Vid Credit: Buzzworthy @

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