The Roxy Takes on NYC

We are so excited and honored to be included in this years Gravity Summit in the Big Apple this weekend! The Gravity Summit compiles the best of the best in Social Media and Marketing peeps- in a great mix of small businesses, executives, advertisers, and the industry’s biggest power players. If you are in the area, or attending the conference – please make sure you pop in on the case study featuring Nic Adler (@nicadler) as he discusses the role Social Networking has played in rebuilding the Sunset Strip, the impact of Twitter in our daily business, and much more!

Big thanks to Virgin America for getting us there!
“Virgin America is dedicated to making flying good again. Grab a seat and fly with WiFi, movies, live TV, food on demand and more. All for a radically low fare. This is how to Fly.”

Twitter Fabulous

@TheRoxy loves Twitter. We admit it. Twitter is one of our most favorite social networking obsessions. So join us today, as we’re giving away two pairs of tickets from noon til 6:00pm via our twitter page to anyone who tweets @theroxy (tweet us up to 2x for two pairs of tickets)! Aren’t following us yet? Follow us and receive a pair of tickets! How fun is that?
**each pair of tickets must be used for a different show



Nightclub and Bar Cover Boy

Our very own Nic graces the cover of this months “Nightclub and Bar” magazine – with a great article and interview on the role social networking plays in our everyday club life, what we’re doing to change perceptions, and keeping our eyes out for the next big thing. Click the clip below for the full article!

Bar and Nightclub Magazine

Wont You Be Our Neighbor

Come join us on TWITTER and let us know about your daily shenanigans and we’ll tell you ours! It’s quite a fun (and powerful) social networking tool, and we’ve been having so much fun with it! We like to keep you updated on the inner workings of the Roxy world – and we love reading about the hot new blogs, who saw what last night, and what YOUR daily life is like. Come join and make sure you follow us. We’ve been in the giving mood lately, and give away tickets to shows veryyyyy veryyyy often. What’s not to love about that?

Twittering the Day Away

Sometimes I forget that we don’t work in the most conventional office. If you’ve ever been in our little space, you know that it’s choas, disfunction and love that makes this place rock. And while we try to give you as much insight as we can via this blog, we just became a part of Twitter ( a really rad up to the minute social site) which allows us to really keep you updated on fun stuff – like who sounds great during soundcheck, what’s going on at On The Rox, and what Nic thinks about the Laker’s score instantly. So check us out…follow us…and we’ll update you on the happs.