If you follow The Roxy online, you know how much we love questions. For this round, we’re putting them in your hands! Scheduled for next week, we have an exclusive interview with the utterly cool Kreayshawn for her sold out August 27 show and we want you to submit the questions!

Tweet your questions @TheRoxy with #AskKREAY, post them on our Facebook page, or email them to

We want to know what you want to know about the hottest thing to come out of Oakland this year. Send them in & maybe she’ll be answering you!

Get Interactive at Honor Society

Honor Society fans, have we got treats for you!

First of all, how excited are you for the 6/12 show!? We know, you’re probably screaming your head off already but try to contain to take in the info we’re about to give you!

We’re going to let you be the DJ & we’re giving you the chance to win a signed tee at the show!

You can be the DJ by using PlayMySong on your iPhone. Download the app and sign in through with Facebook. When you get here, you can select “The Roxy” from locations, browse our playlist, and play the songs you want to hear between bands! You can post the song you’re playing to your Facebook/Twitter and tell all your friends. Come prepared, we want to hear what you got!

To win the signed shirt, all you have to do is share your show photos with us through LiveShare by Cooliris! Download the App “LiveShare” on your iPhone, Android, or Windows 7 phone. Find the “Honor Society Fan Photos” stream & add your photos to it! The photo with the most likes at the end of the night will win an Honor Society shirt singed by the band! Get all the info on our Facebook page

Get your phones ready to get involved at this 3rd stop of Honor Society‘s Wherever You Are Tour 2011!

Celebrating Twenty Thousand Twitter Followers

We would be lying if we said that Twitter hasnt changed our business (and the Sunset Strip) just a tad. We like seeing what you are most excited about, what your favorite track was last night, and what shows you are into! Over the past year we’ve given away tons of tickets, and now in anticipation of hitting 20, 000 followers – we’re going to be giving away a pair of tickets to every person who tweets about an upcoming Roxy show until we hit that magic number! So simple! When you tweet us, we’ll hit you back with how to redeem the tix. One pair per person – ready go!
**Tix can be used on any on-sale, public, ticketed show – rentals/private event/sold out shows excluded**

Tweetstakes Return

Welcome back, the triumphant return of our beloved Summer Tweetstakes giveaways! It has been a blast watching our twitter community grow and grow – and what better incentive to join the masses then with free tickets! Starting at NOON today (June 29, 2009) and continuing on every Monday in July, we are giving away a pair of tickets to every new follower or @theroxy tweet. DM us with any questions!

**Excludes shows not yet onsale, sold out, private events, private shows, & benefits.

Twitter Fabulous

@TheRoxy loves Twitter. We admit it. Twitter is one of our most favorite social networking obsessions. So join us today, as we’re giving away two pairs of tickets from noon til 6:00pm via our twitter page to anyone who tweets @theroxy (tweet us up to 2x for two pairs of tickets)! Aren’t following us yet? Follow us and receive a pair of tickets! How fun is that?
**each pair of tickets must be used for a different show



Nightclub and Bar Cover Boy

Our very own Nic graces the cover of this months “Nightclub and Bar” magazine – with a great article and interview on the role social networking plays in our everyday club life, what we’re doing to change perceptions, and keeping our eyes out for the next big thing. Click the clip below for the full article!

Bar and Nightclub Magazine

From Zero To VH1 In Twelve Months

Special shout out to for their great write up on all things Roxy blog. As always, we’re flattered by the attention – and are really happy to be recognized as a forward moving club and social networking team. It’s because we’ve received the amount of feedback we have via the blog (both positive and negative) that we are able to really address the wants and needs of the club goers, fans, patrons, and the rest! We look forward to all good things in the future. Thanks again- please check out the full article here.

For the vast majority of people, “social media” means joining Facebook or LinkedIn and wondering why they joined. I asked Nic what he thought was the secret to his success. He said, “I got on board with this plan. Annie and I are each online 3-4 hours a day talking to customers and the community. This isn’t something we paid money for and farmed out.” He added, “We were really stuck in a rut for so long. Reaching out to our customers like this makes us more honest about who we are, where we stand, and what we need to do to change.”

A year ago, the Roxy had an increasingly bad reputation online and a website with a three year old calendar. On July 17th, VH1 fans will give them the vote for having the best rock venue website. By taking the time to learn and embrace the tools of social media and Web 2.0, Nic and his club went from zero to VH1 in 12 months flat.

Wont You Be Our Neighbor

Come join us on TWITTER and let us know about your daily shenanigans and we’ll tell you ours! It’s quite a fun (and powerful) social networking tool, and we’ve been having so much fun with it! We like to keep you updated on the inner workings of the Roxy world – and we love reading about the hot new blogs, who saw what last night, and what YOUR daily life is like. Come join and make sure you follow us. We’ve been in the giving mood lately, and give away tickets to shows veryyyyy veryyyy often. What’s not to love about that?

The Little Blog That Could

This blog has turned into this little crazy phenomenon and we’re so flattered by the feedback we have received. Social networking is such a trial an error game, and we hope that we’ve found something unique in how we’ve built this site. As always, LAIST continues to be one of our favorite sites for really telling it how it is in so many facets of LA Living. We appreciate them as much for their support as for their constructive criticism! Check out what they have to say about the blog!

The Roxy website ditched their old-school site and moved to a blog format. Furthermore, Adler took the spirit of community and transparency a step further by including listings for other businesses and venues on the Strip. This radical departure from the competitive nature of the industry has made an impact, although few — if any — venues have followed suit with their internet presence. Adler is admittedly hooked on social media now and it’s apparent — The Roxy, which only years ago went after camera-wielding patrons, now has a massive presence on the web and even hosts user-generated photos and videos on the site. The Roxy is also one of four nominees for Best Rock Site for this month’s VH1 Rock Honors.

Please vote for us!

Best Rock Venue Site

Twit Twit Twit

We’re big fans of this whole social networking phenomena….it’s really great for us to be able to check in with the music lovers of the world and fans of the venue (and other venues) and help us tap into what people really dig. Please join us (and follow us) on our newest obsesseion – TWITTER. We get to update you instantly on cool things like, who’s soundchecking what – what special surprises are instore – and who needed to put down the patron (5 minutes ago).