5 Questions with Enter Shikari

By: @brentXmendoza

Closing in on ten years of politically conscious, genre defying musical anarchy, Enter Shikari is set to invade The Sunset Strip once again when they perform here on Saturday, March 23.

Since the release of last year’s critically acclaimed A Flash Flood of Colour, the band has been touring nonstop spreading their progressive global message while collectively kicking post-hardcore musical ass on stages across the world.

It’s been a little over a year since the release of A Flash Flood of Colour, an album whose lyrics seem to focus primarily on issues surrounding the current global recession. Do you think we’ve made any economic progress over the past year?

Well, how long have you got? I think the fundamental problems are the fact that our economic system is completely unsustainable and inefficient. First of all the obvious point, capitalism relies on infinite growth and we live on a finite planet. It falls at the first hurdle! There ain’t no planet B as they say!

It’s also a system that relies on cyclical consumption, a constant cycle of production and consumption. But this hasn’t taken into account the exponential advancement of technology and therefore technological unemployment. The more people that become unemployed as machines take over mind-numbing jobs, the smaller the amount of people that have purchasing power… We need a system that allows humans to reach their true creative potential and to not be stuck in a soul destroying repetitive ball-ache of a job that a simple bit of machinery could do!

The band has quite an eclectic mix of very cleverly crafted song titles. Which of your song titles are you most proud of? What’s the story behind it?

Thank you! “Fanfare for the Conscious Man” is probably a proud one for me. I used to play with my dad’s vinyl when I was a kid and “Fanfare for the Common Man” was always a favorite. I like to think I brought the grandiose nature of that old track into the fury of our song.

Other ones with a narrative or history to the actual titles themselves would be “Return To Energiser,” which is the command heard in many laser tag places when you need to reload.

Thoughts on the current dubstep trend/craze?

Indifferent I guess… There was a point where I became slightly frustrated at the way the “mainstream” had gotten hold of it, but that’s the trouble with any new hyped underground genre—as soon as labels and artists see a dollar sign on it they’ll dive in and dilute it or just plain murder it. We were lucky enough to see dubstep grow from its very roots—living here in London—and many of its classier artists still influence us to this day.

The band’s been touring pretty much constantly since January of last year. Looking forward to taking some time off? What’s next?

Yes this summer should be great fun: a bit of writing, some festivals and some time at home. The best of all worlds in comfortably sized doses! After the festival season, we’ll be gearing up to get back in the studio for whatever comes next!

Are you more “at home” on the road than when you are actually at home? What’s the one creature comfort you miss the most?

Weare comfortable with being on the road, but if you’re away for longer than a few months it really does begin to grind you down—mainly because you miss your family and friends. And I do miss my mum’s cooking [laughter]!

Bonus Question: Can we all finally come to an agreement that “color” is best spelled the American way sans “u?”

Well to be honest we’re both wrong I reckon… The logical way to spell it would surely be “culler,” but that’s our confused English language for you!

Tickets for Enter Shikari, Architects (UK), Heartist, and Crossfaith are on sale now.

Roxy Night at the Sunset Strip MKRT

In celebration of our Sunset Strip community, Social Media Week LA and LA Beer Week, The Roxy has taken over the Sunset Strip Market. We’ve handpicked a selection of craft beers, sourced our local farmers and artisans for our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and have 3 amazingly talented local bands coming to the market to party the night away among neighbors and friends.

The Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Night at Sunset Strip Market

Classic Grilled Cheese, with Appenzaller Cheese on Sourdough

Grilled Chicken, Carroway Roasted Cauliflower on Squaw Bread. Havarti Style Cheese

Braised Lamb, raclette Cheese, and Caramelized Shallots on Pistachio Raisin Bread.

Soyrizo, Jack Daiya, and Jalapenos on Sourdough bread with Market Fresh Pico de Gallo (Vegan).

Rum and Ginger Roasted Nectarines, Fromage Blanc on Brioche Bread French Toast style.

All sandwiches come with Roasted Beluga Lentil w/ Micro Greens Salad

Over 90% of ingredients in our grilled cheese are sourced from the following Sunset Strip Market farms and vendors:

Jimenez Farm – lamb, lettuce, veggies, jalapeños
Dey’s Dey’s Best Beef (and chicken )Ever – chicken
Suncoast Farm – cauliflower
Gama Farm – shallots
Tenerelli Orchards – peaches
Silver Lake Farms – microgreens

Milkman – Farmstead cheese
Brassica and Brine – Pickles
Old Village Bakery — Bread

The Roxy’s Craft Beer Pop-Up

The Roxy House Draft No. 1
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis
New Belgium Red Hoptober
Deschutes Twilight
Sam Adams Octoberfest
Crispin Cider

At The Roxy we love our beer. We are proud to serve to some of the best craft beer available, with a special focus on the local. In celebration of LA Beer Week, we hand picked these six pours to bring down to the Sunset Strip Market to pair up with our grilled cheese.

FREE ALBUM: Kill The Complex

This Friday, Kill The Complex is back at The Roxy with two fresh off the Warped Tour bands, Lostprophets & Cherri Bomb + Life Down Here!

KTC is an LA band on the rise having been scooped up by CAA, they are ready for the big leagues. Download their album Evolution so you can say you “knew them when.”

Get your tickets for the August 10 show with Lostprophets, Cherri Bomb & Life Down now!

Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012

August 16-18 is right around the corner and this year’s lineup looks fantastic!!

The 2012 honorees are THE DOORS – the honor 45 years in the making. The Doors grew up in LA on The Sunset Strip. Their roots are here, the songs are about the Strip, and the experiences they had here were shared with the world through their music. The Doors are an essential Sunset Strip band and much deserving of this honor.

This year’s headliners performing on Sunset Blvd. on August 18 are:










Tickets are on sale NOW! To view all the options including 3-day passes, VIP, and GA tickets, click here.

Exclusive Interview with James McCartney

By: @brentXmendoza

Thursday, May 31, rock n’ roll royalty returns to the fabled Sunset Strip with Beatle progeny James McCartney. Having painstakingly crafted his own critically acclaimed and unique pop sound, McCartney has for years been patiently stowing away musical gems, until he felt both the music, and a career as a solo artist, were ready to stand on their own merits.

Retrace this road to solo stardom, as the humble and heartfelt scion of Sir Paul speaks about the personal stories behind his songs, his off-duty hobbies and embracing his legendary lineage.

You didn’t release your first solo material until 2010? Why wait so long?

Well honestly, I just wanted to wait until I had the strongest possible collection of songs before introducing them to everyone. And I wanted to do this in the right way; so I waited until I felt both the music and myself were ready.

I would imagine you would be pretty stressed/apprehensive about releasing your own solo material given your lineage? Do you worry or care much about “expectations?”

I’m not really… I mostly want to enjoy letting it all happen as much as possible, and then just be who I am. I like to embrace the connections to my family and my lineage, without either running towards it, or running away from it.

Tell us about the track “I Love You Dad.” Is there a particular story behind it?

Well my dad had just written “Dance Tonight,” and he’d been playing a lot of mandolin. He gave me a mandolin for Christmas, and I loved it and started playing it a lot. I was walking around my kitchen and playing this riff––quite like he’s doing in the video for that song in fact––and I was thinking of my dad. That riff became the basis for the song. In some ways, it’s a bit like my own version of his song “Here Today” in that I was trying to say something very heartfelt to him, in the same way he does to John in his song.

When you’re not playing music, what do you like to do in your spare time? What are your non-music related hobbies?

Meditation is a big part of my life, and I often do work with the David Lynch Foundation. I also love painting, sculpture and reading. Recently I did something really fun… I did some voice-over work for a cool animated feature called The Beach Chronicles, which was an official selection at the Miami Film Festival this year. That was great!

This is your second show on The Sunset Strip. Does this area hold any significance for you personally?

Oh, just great memories mostly… hanging out with my family, Jeff Lynne (ELO), Dave Grohl. Yeah, I love L.A.

What are you most proud of in your life?

Of being a songwriter, of writing songs. I really love this new song I just wrote in fact…


Tickets for this show with The Rambles and DJ Dayle are on sale via Ticketweb.

Symphony, 7 Lions, & Ice Cream Fire Rock The Roxy!

LA buzzband Symphony plays The Roxy tonight. They formed in 2011 and their specialty is blending rock, groove, and pop while maintaining a vintage feel. Symphony combines multiple sounds to create a powerhouse of great music that has a completely different sound. Listen to on their website.

7 Lions is also playing and they’re currently being tracked on 102.7. You can expect to see a lot more from this band soon. Check out their video for “Born 2 Run” here:

Ice Cream Fire was formed in 2010 as a collaboration between Japanese born rock musician Tamon Fujimi & Philadelphia-raised Jazz/Blues singer Jackie Haydamacha. They also recruited incredibly talented musicians including; bassist Andrew Ford from Ohio by way of Florida; Israeli-born drummer, Yanni Ezer; & virtuoso guitarist Derek Doepker on Lead Guitar. Together, they have been relentlessly writing, recording, rehearsing & playing shows around Southern California. They are currently in the studio recording tracks for an upcoming EP release & debut album. Combining clever wordplay, Lady Gaga-esque pop vocals & Foo Fighters level rock riffs, ICF makes high-energy party music with broad appeal.

I Scream, You Scream (sampler). by ICE CREAM FIRE

Archie’s Ice Cream Truck will be outside of The Roxy giving free ice cream to anyone who signs up for the band’s mailing list.

Tickets are available for TONIGHT’s show via Ticketweb.

Under The Covers: Love and a .38

This Wednesday, April, 25, Love and a .38 take the Under The Covers spot as we present a night of cover songs and story telling at the Andaz West Hollywood.

Love and a .38 are Roxy family and we’re thrilled to bring them to this night that we’ve cultivated. This is the 4th run (preceded by The Bolts, Queen Caveat, and 28 North) of Under The Covers and it’s been a great success so far. Check out more on previous nights on the UTC Tumblr! underthecoversongs.tumblr.com

The songs start at 8pm and admission is free.

Thrillcall + Nico Vega

Thrillcall is launching a brand new Live Music App and they’re celebrating by throwing awesome parties all over LA including one here this Thursday with Nico Vega, Standing Shadows, Loquat, and A House For Lions!

Now, if you’re a fan of live music, and since you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are… the Thrillcall app is one you’ll want to get. It gives you all the information you need on shows happening in your area that night down to the tiny, tiny show where you and 6 of your friends are the only ones in love with the bands. Even better, there are upcoming offers on shows near you too! Free tickets, meet & greets, & getting on the list for a sold out show are just a few of the things you’ll find there. It’s free and makes the “I wonder who’s playing tonight” moment a million times easier.

Now, let’s not forget the meat & bones of this show – the incredible lineup.

Nico Vega are incredible. period. If for some reason you haven’t seen them here yet, this is a great night to do it. Dan, Aja, & Rich know how to bring it and get every single person in the room moving.

Standing Shadows are an LA based alt-indie-electro band. They have plenty of energy and a sound reminiscent of Interpol, Raidiohead, and Muse all mixed together. Listen to “Freakshow”

Loquat are a long-time San Francisco band and they are absolutely charming. Their brand of pop has roots in indie-darling pop and backed by their influences Roy Orbison, Hall & Oates, and The Replacements, to name a few. Watch their brand new video for “Time Bending” below:

LA is in love with A House For Lions. They’ve been praised in LA Times, BuzzBandsLA, Billboard, and more. Their mellow 90s rock sound is just what we’re all looking for in a band.

Tickets for this show are available via Ticketweb.

Get the Thrillcall App here!

Sunset Boulevard – The American Dream Machine

Sunset Boulevard – a curving slice of American romance running from the rough edges of East LA through the music of Hollywood, past the riches of Beverly Hills and ending at the Pacific Ocean. It is a famous stretch of 22 miles that has attracted American dreamers of all walks of life, hoping to make it big. “Sunset Boulevard,” airing as a special edition of “20/20,” reveals some of the riveting stories and pivotal moments in the make-it or break-it world of this American dream machine, including:

• the farm kid turned hot shot gossip columnist partying with the hippest stars, who reveals on camera those with whom he allegedly did drugs
• the starry eyed new band named “Queen Caveat” on the brink of success or burn out
• the young war veteran turned aspiring actor haunted by his past, determined to make this his moment
• the teenagers at Hollywood High – once a school for nurturing Hollywood talent and royalty like Judy Garland, now a last chance for some of LA’s toughest kids
• the Hollywood beauty turned runaway, dying to be loved, her body dumped off Sunset, and, in a gripping police investigation, her killer caught on tape.

Hosted by Jay Schadler, the special includes interviews with Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Mickey Rourke, Alice Cooper and Hugh Hefner, all featured in the recent documentary “Sunset Strip The Movie.” Lou Adler, owner of the famed Roxy Theatre nightclub, and his son Nic, who currently runs it, are both interviewed and allowed ABC unprecedented access on and off stage to the Sunset Strip’s most legendary and influential music venue.

“Sunset Boulevard” airs on SATURDAY, APRIL 21 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. The two-hour broadcast also features original music.

Meet the dreamers of “Sunset Boulevard”.

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4/20 at The Roxy

Yup, the greener folks favorite holiday is right around the corner and we couldn’t resist throwing an awesome party. The B Foundation, Meet Me At The Pub, Bad Apples, The Fudogs, Oceanside Sound System and KROQ Locals Only will be making the evening more than memorable with us this Friday.

The B Foundation are no strangers to The Roxy’s stage and this show is guaranteed to be one for the books. These surf rockers have played with Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Fishbone, and Voodoo Glow Skulls, to name a few. KROQ is currently spinning their track “Too Damn Tough” that you can listen to below:

Too Damn Tough by The b Foundation

Meet Me At The Pub:

The Fudogs

Oceanside Sound System

Tickets for the party are available via Ticketweb. Don’t miss this, it’s gonna be a good one!

What’s Your Dream?

Sunset Boulevard, one of the most famous streets in all the world, is known as a place where dreams come true. The 22 mile stretch is home to legendary landmarks, tourist destinations, local favorites, and places where history was, and continues to be, made. If the pavement could talk, we would hear the sounds of nearly every great musician, actor, entertainer, and fan having a once in a lifetime moment.

On April 21, Sunset Blvd comes to life on your TV on a very special 2 hour episode of ABC’s 20/20. It captures the culture of the entire street from where it becomes Sunset after Cesar Chavez Ave. in Downtown and all the way to the ocean.

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To bring the story even more to life, us, ABC, and the rest of the Boulevard are asking “What’s Your Dream?” We want to know and we want everyone else to know Sunset Blvd is where dreams are made.
Tweet yours using the hashtag #SunsetBlvd to bring rock & roll fantasies to the internet.

Read more on abcnews.com!

3rd Annual LA Vegan Beer Fest

It’s back, ladies & gentlemen! May 12, 2012 marks the date Los Angeles vegans, beer lovers, and music fans all unite at The Roxy for the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest. With vegan blogger, Quarry Girl and Tony’s Darts Away, we can’t wait to bring you bands, great food, and unlimited pours of over 50 craft beers!

Check out a little bit of last year’s festival:

2nd Annual LA Vegan Beer Fest 2011 from Off Tatum Productions on Vimeo.

Keep checking back here for an updated list of bands, beers, and food.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb. RSVP here.


The Roxy Rox SXSW

Holy hell, are we back to real life? After the week we had at SXSW, we’re ready to get back in the swing but not without telling you about all the amazing things we did first. Here’s our day by day breakdown of the SXSW insanity!

We decided to hit a panel at the CNN Grill called “Weapons of Mass Disruption.” We did not know it going in, but it turned out to include an interview with Sohaib Athar, better known as @ReallyVirtual, the Pakistani IT Consultant/Accidental Journalist, who unwittingly broke the news of the bin Laden raid via Twitter. We also learned some moving insights from CNN correspondent Ivan Watson about the importance of international journalism and the bravery of some citizen journalists in hostile territories.

We also made our way into the Mashable House, where we mixed it up on the dart boards and air hockey tables with old friends and new friends from the tech world, including the team from a stylish, new social shopping startup Mulu.me.

In the evening, we arrived at Amex Sync Presenting Jay-Z at ACL Live’s Moody Theatre. Prior to the show start, @NicAdler had to find a quiet room at the theatre to call in for this interview with author Kelli Richards about The Roxy, SSMF, and social media. When the interview wrapped, Jay-Z showed why he is today’s reigning king of rap with an incredible hit-packed two-hour show. More from MTV & USA Today.

Tuesday, the whole gang came in to Austin. After a late start on the day, we needed some grub to ensure a fantastic night and what better than the most scenic place, The Iron Cactus on 6th & Trinity. The upstairs patio sits on one of the most popular corners in the city and gives you a birds eye view of the entire street. Chips & Salsa + Margaritas = perfect.

Since it was the last night of interactive, we headed down to Media Temple’s SXSWi Closing Party and caught Miike Snow and special surprise guest M. Ward at Stubbs! Spending the first night as a whole at Stubb’s has become Roxy tradition and this year was no exception to the awesome fun we always have there. Dance parties in the dirt and free beer, for the win! (Read More)

Wednesday was a day of some serious running around the festival. The day started with @NicAdler, @KyraReed, @N8theSk8, and @Gretchen‘s panel: Social Media Band Camp. The room was packed for this information filled workshop. Each panelist ran through a different focus on tools, tips, and tricks bands (and brands) can use to reach their online potential.

Read all about the panel and key points on the Adler Integrated blog!

After the panel,one of our new favorites, Alabama Shakes were playing in the convention center and we are so, so glad we caught their set. This band is the new blues/soul quartet you’ve been looking for. Singer, Brittany Howard, has a voice that could stop rush hour traffic on the 101. This band will have you moving and begging for more when they’re done. Check out the audio of their NPR showcase at Stubb’s later that night: NPR Music

Then came a quick set by Canada’s Chic Gamine, the most adorable soul-folk girl group we’ve ever seen. These girls have a wide variety of instruments and a keen sense of fashion.

We swung by the Pandora Discovery Den for an awesome group photo session. 😀

Then saw the truly fantastic, LA’s Nick Waterhouse. We had a very soul-filled SXSW and he was no exception to that. With Buddy Holly glasses and all, we were dancing the night away during his show.

Next was the most unbelievable show with Lionel Richie. Yes, Lionel Richie. It was incredible! He played all the hits, Commodores songs, and even brought out Kenny Rogers for a duet of “Lady” and we happened to get a pretty cool video of it.

We wrapped up the night with the amazing Electrostub & Dim Mak party at BandPageHQ. They had Porter Robinson, Mustard Pimp, Clockwork, and more and it was so sweaty you could feel the humidity from inside the building, 3 feet away from the door. Now, that’s a party.

The day for AUSTINROX was finally here. After so much prep work, the event we work so hard on was about to go down. It was our biggest showcase at SXSW to date and it was incredible. The line was around the block the entire night and there was even a line to move through each room when it came time for Imagine Dragons & The Black Angels. The energy in the place was perfect for the 3 room takeover at BandPage HQ. Each stage had it’s own incredible lineup that were shows on their own. Main Room: Filligar, Nico Vega, Imagine Dragons, The Black Angels, Das Racist, and Doomtree. Patio: Cherri Bomb, Benvenue, Gentlemen Hall, Metalachi, and Silent Frisco (silent Disco). Club 606: ZZ Ward, The Mowglis, The Stone Foxes, Shinobi Ninja, Prof, and The Stone Foxes. (Whew!)
A huge special thanks goes out to all of the bands, our amazing sponsors Ticketweb, Fox Head, and Chilli Beans for making the night possible, and all the folks running BandPage HQ for their kindness and help making the night go off perfectly!

The incredible Erik Voake was there to capture the night! Check out some of his photos below and view them all on our Flickr page.

After some much needed rest, we caught the Heartless Bastards at the Austin Convention Center for our afternoon entertainment. Then was our real highlight of the evening – the world premiere of the Sunset Strip documentary. It debuted at the Paramount Theater to a packed house full of the rock stars in the movie, film buffs, the crew behind it, and we even spied Gerard Butler! The film was fantastic and we loved how much history it captured on our small street. Be on the lookout for it soon and, in the meantime, keep up with the movie here.

Check out @NicAdler & @MRCiscoAdler on the red carpet!

Most of the crew left this morning, but a few of us stayed to catch some shows. Highlights of this evening: Being at the controversial A$AP Rocky show at the Vice party. The mood in the room was so tense, you could cut it with a knife. Drinks were thrown, crowd was crazy, it was 3am on the last night of SXSW after all. The tension seemed to die down during the end of the set, but not before one last person the very back threw a beer and A$AP dove off the stage, ran across the huge warehouse through the crowd, and got in the infamous fight. We snagged a photo right before it all went down and the party was shut down. (Read more)

For photos of all the bands and our on the ground footage, check out our AUSTINROX Tumblr! Until next year, Thank you SXSW!

Q&A with The Shakers

By: @brentXmendoza

One of the shining jewels in the tiara of L.A.’s great music scene—The Shakers will take the stage and take no prisoners, as they co-headline a bill this Saturday with Warner Drive.

For those unfamiliar with this Hollywood by way of Philly quartet, think Motown vocal sensibilities, meets high energy classic rock; a pairing that has been drawing huge crowds, and plenty of word of mouth praise on The Sunset Strip, and beyond.

Before heading to this weekend’s big “title fight,” get to know The Shakers’ swelteringly charismatic frontwoman, Jodie Schell as she discusses her affinity for Madonna, her sometimes Stepford wife alter ego, and shares a tale of tambourine trauma.

Who are your female rock n’ roll role models?

The first album my dad bought me and my three sisters was Cyndi Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual.” That probably explains a lot! Madonna and I are from the same hometown, so when I was a little awkward kid with a big split in my teeth, I truly thought we shared destinies.

If I can continue, I’d like to add to this list: Tina Turner, Carmen Miranda, and Mama Cass for sure. Can I keep going? Rosemary Clooney, Ann Wilson, Bonnie Tyler, Mary Travers, Dusty Springfield, Ann Margaret, and Suzi Quatro. I know a lot of them aren’t in the rock n roll hall of fame, but I could give a very detailed account as to why they all should be. Call me if you’re on the edge of your seat.

When was the last time you were in a fight? Who was the last guy/girl you punched/slapped/karate chopped?

The last fight I got into, I lost—my beloved white, ten inch, double row, Remo tambourine. My beast turned on me in San Diego one night. Luckily it was during the finale, because blood went everywhere!

I was too embarrassed, and worried to make the situation glorious. God it hurt so bad! I screamed my head off when they stitched my hand back together.

I really never fight though. If I get close to it, my self defense kicks in—I turn super nice like a Stepford wife, and then run into the green room to scream about it to my bandmates! But, they know exactly how to help me and when.

Do you remember the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio? Where were you? What were you doing? Make us a mental picture.

Philly’s WMMR was the first station to ever put The Shakers on the air. The project was so new, and I was still on the fence as to whether or not I could be a frontwoman. Chris Lee and I had flown out to Philly, and I was in the car with him when I heard it… leaning toward the radio display screen, as if that’s where the sound is coming from.

I can still hear Jaxon’s voice saying my name even now as I look back. So many doubts and fears vanished that day. It’s a good memory.

What other local bands should we be watching out for?

Go see Audra Mae, Red Circle Underground, Ruby Friedman Orchestra, and Dead Sara right now!!! More bands to adore, or tattoo yourself about: Warner Drive, Badwater, Irontom, Tha Boogie, Indians, oh and or course Lady Sinatra!

What can we expect from The Shakers in 2012?

Well first, you can expect a massive show on March 3rd at The Roxy. The Shakers and Warner Drive don’t intend to leave the walls, the roof, or your shorts intact!

For the spring and summer we’ll be traveling fools again—new haunts and old-haunts (Utah, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri). Also, a music video is in the works.

I know we just put out “Oh So Loud,” but we already have so many new songs! Chris, Nick, Blane, and I fully collaborated and we want to get back into the recording studio immediately!

There’s a new challenge now that The Shakers have trademarked the name and LLC’d, so we’re brainstorming new ways of approaching everything. We’ve come really far on our own, and all we have to do is stick together and keep going.


See The Shakers shake things up with Warner Drive, Diamond Lane, Emily’s Army, Laura Wilde, Vas Defrans, and The Lbian’s on March 3. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb.

Q&A with The Young Rapscallions

By: @brentXmendoza

Saturday, Jan 28 The Young Rapscallions return to their favorite spot on The Sunset Strip to unveil a bevy of their most promising new tunes at their CD release party.

With this pending second record, the band of besties are taking a more mature approach to their indie/garage rock sound, and delivering only the best of their best offerings, in a 5 song EP entitled “it is what it is.”

Don’t miss the thoughtfully crafted new numbers dished out by guitarist Nick Chamian, bassist Taylor Messersmith, frontman Jonathan Sanders, and Superbad-ass drummer Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse, as they share the stage with The Shakers, Ice Cream Fire and other fresh faced up-and-comers.

You seem to be releasing new music at a somewhat rapid pace… Why release an EP, instead of waiting to do a full length? Where does the title, “it is what it is.” come from?

We just felt the urge to do something a little different with this current release, as opposed to the previous. Our first album was a young, first attempt at releasing all our songs that we had at the time. The new EP is more of a thought out process… We spent more time working on fewer songs, and really pulled out new thoughts and ideas that were not in the songs originally. Our producer Keith Armstrong had a big role in that.

“it is what it is” didn’t really come from anywhere. I think it’s just one of those simple truths in the world. And in regard to the world of music, there really is so much out there, that every band/artist is going to bring something different to the table. It all just is what is.

What band have you been most excited to play with/open for/share the stage with, thus far? If you could tour with any band or artist in the world, who would it be?

Opening for The Expendables in Santa Cruz, was definitely the coolest band we’ve had the pleasure of opening up for. As for opening for other bands, there are so many great artists I would love to share the stage with… Judging from what I’ve been listening to lately, I would say—My Morning Jacket, The National, Fruit Bats, Pinback, and the list goes on…

Any good tour bus/van stories? Any odd superstitions or ritual, like not washing your stage clothes, etc?

Well seeing as though our longest venture on the road, as a band, has only been about two weeks, we don’t really have any crazy stories yet. The goal, is usually to just get as weird as possible. Our only ritual is to be together right before we play and just feel one another’s energy and focus together.

Why are actor turned musician bands notoriously so terrible? Do you think your drummer Chris could put Jason Schwartzman to shame in a sudden death drum off? If your frontman quit tomorrow, who would you rather replace him with: Russell Crowe, Dennis Quaid, or Bruce Willis?

I don’t really think actor/musician bands are notoriously terrible. Jason Schwartzman plays in a band called Coconut Records, which I believe he sings and plays guitar in? I dig them!

It’s just about being creative in any outlet you have; actor or not, a band is either cool, or they are not…. And definitely Bruce Willis, that dude blows a mean harmonica!

How do you define success as a musician? Who will you know when you’ve “made it?”

In my eyes, a successful musician is able to play their music for people who are willing to hear it, and truly enjoy what it is that they are bringing to the table. That might mean playing stadiums, or that might mean playing coffee houses…

The fact that we are a band of best friends who get to write and perform music together is everything really; anything else is just an added bonus!


Tickets are on sale via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457

Q&A with Julien-K’s Ryan Shuck

By: @brentXmendoza

Saturday, Jan 21 future rock outfit Julien-K return to The Roxy Theatre to preview material from their forthcoming sophomore effort “We’re Here With You.”

While the band looks ahead to their upcoming European tour, an online feud rages here at home—a he said, he said, war of web words, over a possible reunion with original musical incarnation Orgy.

Before their highly anticipated Roxy CD release party, JK frontman Ryan Shuck brings us the latest blow by cyber blow action he calls, “a real life rock and roll feud on display for the public.”

What can we expect from the new album? Also, are you nervous about the infamous “sophomore slump?”

I am fucking pumped regarding the “sophomore slump!” We created one of our best works to date, and other bands will be trying to copy what we did on this record for a long time. This record is really good!

We brought guitars back in a really relevant and important way. Most people wouldn’t even know how to replicate what we did with the guitars on this record. My vocals are amazing, and the programming is really, really cool!

It’s not the run of the mill garbage that you hear so often; this new work that we created will make you have to justify to yourself why you ever lowered your standards, and let other bands into your life. This record has attitude, and it’s honest and authentic. It will take a few listens to understand what we are doing. I would recommend watching our new video on YouTube “Breakfast In Berlin.” You will get it then.

You’ve both been in the biz for a number of years, and experienced the record industry at its height, and now in its sort of post collapse phase… Personally would you say it’s harder or easier now, having to be more self reliant, as opposed to being part of a big machine? What’s the best advice you have for artists trying to actually make a living as musicians?

It’s never “easier.” Orgy and Dead By Sunrise benefited from the major label marketing machine, and that is a beautiful thing when it works. The fucked thing is, it seldom does…

Majors do not “get it” anymore, nor do they give a fuck. They just don’t. They fucked up “major” when they went after Napster. They have no fucking idea what they are doing now. They lost control of their monopoly of the distribution channel. They are now the most boring companies on the planet.

Starting a band and doing what we’re doing, on our own, is not easy! It’s very difficult, and honestly very expensive. We front all the money, and then run it like any small business (I own three successful restaurants, and Julien-K is not much different). It’s hard! Don’t let anyone tell you different. The truth is: no one gives a fuck about you, none of these companies, none! So you know what? We don’t give a fuck either! We have the fire, not them—fuck them!

This job is never easy.

So what’s the latest with this Orgy feud? Is this all just a massive PR stunt? What would it take to get all the players in the same room for a discussion?

Well… I do think that I should be hired on as Orgy’s new PR person, as I have gotten the band more attention in the last few months than “the band” has managed to create on its own over the last eight years.

That being said, no, it isn’t a PR stunt, it’s a real life rock and roll feud on display for the public. It’s kind of fucking awesome! And I’m glad to see that KROQ picked up on it, and many web outlets jumped into the fray. Good stuff!

It all originated when Jay (Gordan) proclaimed that he was going to, “do the Orgy thing again,” and that the band (I’m paraphrasing) was “too busy” to participate, so he was going to go out with a new band. Well, that simply was not true. We have tried to get back together with Jay for years, but to no avail. Every time we tried, Jay would deflect the advance and not really give us an answer. So we just kept working on other projects, until we hoped Jay would want to play with us again.

Needless to say, when Jay made that announcement, my inbox on Facebook was filled with messages from hundreds of fans that were pissed that Amir and I, “didn’t want to do Orgy.” So I had no choice, but to correct this false information so that: (A) our fans wouldn’t be wrongfully pissed off at me, and (B) so our fans would not be defrauded into buying tickets for an Orgy show assuming it was actually the original band.

When Jay responded with more subtly incorrect information, of course I had to hit back, and there you have it! A righteous real life band feud! It’s gotten really great now—I see posters for the new Orgy tour, and it’s a picture of the entire old band! So obviously that’s not ok.

It’s like, I can’t fucking leave it alone! They keep doing silly shit that I have to deal with. Jay should have simply said, “Hey fans, I want to play as Orgy, but with a new band. I hope you guys are cool with it. I don’t want to play with the original band.” And I would have had nothing to say about it, and of course… they would need to shoot new pictures, and advertise themselves as who they are, and provide those pictures to the promoters that are booking the shows, so fans aren’t mislead into thinking it’s the original band. I think that’s the cool and honest thing to do.

What would it take to get the guys in a room together..?

Actually, we may meet with Jay next Friday, regarding Paige (bassist Paige Hamilton) and Bobby (drummer Bobby Hewitt)…

I think Bobby is done. I think Paige still has the fire, but he and Jay are not on the greatest terms… which I think is fucking gay, because they have been friends for like 25 years; totally lame! I actually love all the guys. I’m just not a pussy, I’m going to speak up when false information is spread regarding a band that I helped create, and that I still love deeply.

Two of the new tracks, “Breakfast In Berlin” and “Palm Springs Reset” sound like they both have interesting stories behind them. Care to share?

Yes, I would love to share (surprise)! BIB was the very first song I wrote “on the spot,” in sort of one vocal take. Amir forced me to just go for it, and what came out was a story about our traveling life, and what we love about touring. It was very pure, it was honest, and it told the story in a really cool way. Amir’s guitars inspired the story and the song. We collaborated with our good friend Sharooz (DJ/producer) on this track. He laid down an amazing beat and bass line, and we went off with that.

I wrote PSR in the most pure way: I was sitting by the pool at the Viceroy in Palm Springs, with a beautiful girl (my girlfriend), and as she smiled in the sun (she has an amazing smile). I was blessed by God with the most amazing song idea…

I quickly excused myself from the pool area, ran around the corner, and sang the entire song into my iPhone. I came back after the idea was recorded (30 seconds max) and said, “Thank you! You inspired an amazing song, and many people will thank you for it.”
People will love it because we all know that feeling of love and forgiveness; innocence when you know neither of you are pure… but you are there together in that moment in time, and that is all that matters—that is beautiful.

What’s your craziest/wildest/strangest/most f*cked up story from a night out on The Sunset Strip?

Let’s just say that I am reasonably sure that the “girl” I ended up with at the end of said “f*cked up” night was not really a girl… blame Amir!


Julien-K takes the stage on January 21 for the “We’re Here With You” Record Release show with Battle Tapes & I Will Never Be The Same. Each advance ticket purchase comes with a copy of the new album!

For tickets & information on the show click here.


Exclusive Q&A with Scott Russo of Unwritten Law

By: @brentXmendoza

Emerging from a flourishing early 90’s San Diego music scene with contemporaries like blink-182, Buck-O-Nine, and Rocket from the Crypt- Unwritten Law have stood the test of time with a career that now spans 20 years plus.

Friday, Dec 30 the band returns to their home away from home on The Sunset Strip with a new lineup and a treasure trove of hits from a career that continues to thrive.

So the band recently went through some lineup changes…

Well I mean the band kind of broke up about six years ago. We got an offer from one of our homies Kevin Zinger who owns Suburban Noize, and that’s when we decided to make another record. It took a long time; it took like 16 months, but out of that came Swan.

We did one tour, and the boys just seemed like they were pretty tired; and two of the guys in the band have young kids, and we’d been together for 21 years, and after that last tour, they just didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. There was no money being made…

It was just kind of a wrap… They were kind of done. Which is to be expected. That’s a long time to be playing music, and touring, and kids, and bills, and all that kind of stuff. But for me, this is my life; that’s all I do; I like to be creative and make music. So it’s more or less what I’m prepared for, but it wasn’t so much for the other boys. They opted to leave. So we picked up two new members; and we went out and did The Warped Tour this past summer, and another West Coast jaunt.

How did you go about finding new band mates? Were they already friends, people you knew?

Yeah, well one of the guys, the guitarist we got, Kevin (Besignano) was from Bullets and Octane. He had played with me in my solo project, Scott Russo and Big Big Bang, which is not rock n’ roll at all, it’s more like Portishead meets Lily Allen; but he’s been my friend for a long time; he is a guitar genius, and he was a guitar tech on the tour that Steve (Morris) was leaving on.

But before even Steve left the band, I remember thinking, “he’s not going to make The Warped Tour…” You know, the other guys were complaining about doing twelve hour days in the sun, and the whole thing…

So I told Kevin, “Steve’s not going to make The Warped Tour, do you know the set?” And he was like “Yea man, well I know half the set now…” I mean, he literally is a genius…

And that night, sure enough, Steve up and quit. And I was like, “I fucking told you man!” Anyways, that’s how I found Kevin, kind of a premeditative thing… and then through him we found our bassist Derik (Envy), another super talented guy, a blessing on the band for sure!

So playing music for twenty plus years, and going through various lineup changes… and even your own changes in life, how would you say your music has evolved?

I mean, I write the majority of the music, so it’s like the music really kind of changes with how I change in my musical taste. I mean, I’m a fan of all music to be honest, and there really isn’t anything I don’t like; and it just kind of depends on what I’m listening to, what I’m really into at the time.

I mean for this record in particular, I was listening to, just crazy shit- like a lot of Mickey Avalon, a lot of Patsy Cline and weird shit…it’s not weird shit, but just stuff that has nothing to do with the record that I wrote. I mean I was even listening to like Lady Gaga, ‘ya know just like weird shit man!

But I think that with me in particular, and how I write music, and what I want to put out, it’s all kind of choreographed or tailored to the project that I’m working on; like I know with Unwritten Law, you have to have the shorter guitar riffs and/or the acoustic style or whatever… You can’t really stray too far from that formula because, you know, we started as a punk band, that’s now a rock band, and it kind of has to stay inside a certain box. So when I’m writing songs, I always have to be inside that box- but lyrically I can take it to a different level that’s for me personally.

I’m just kind of sick of people pushing issues… everything just feels so stale and so serious right now, and I just don’t think that that’s the music for me. So I wanted to at least lyrically make a record that was fun and that was… I mean for me at least, I’m into falling in love, and I’m into partying, and so that’s what I think a lot of people can relate to because it’s very much a part of everyone’s life, where as a lot of rock out right now is very serious, and for me it’s kind of stale.

So all I want to do is make a fucking fun Friday night record, something that has some fangs, that really fucking… sticks in the jugulars of people out there that I feel are like me. I want to make something that people want to put into their record player without twisting their brain up too much… that was kind of the focal point of the lyrics for Swan in particular. But as far as the musical catalogue goes, you know, again it just goes with whatever it is I’m listening to at the time.

You mentioned falling in love… any new relationships that are inspiring the writing you’re doing write now?

Umm, well since I’ve finished the Unwritten Law record, I’m currently producing this band called Super Groupie, which are these three kids that are eighteen years old, and it’s kind of along the lines of Shwayze meets MGMT; and they’re really inspiring to me, ‘cause they’re kind of like writing lyrically the same kind of shit I’m in to, but musically they are all devastating!

One of them sings and raps, and one of them is a singer… one of them has this sort of trashy voice like Violent Femmes kind of style, and one of them has a Mike Posner type of voice… it’s kind of all over the place, but it’s really fucking cool, and that’s really what I’m focusing on right now; that and my daughter, who is also starting to sing now, and she has a really original voice, and she really writes some pretty fucking gnarly lyrics. So it’s pretty impressive and those are two things I’m really trying to focus on outside of Unwritten Law at the moment. And then when I finally get these two projects rolling, then I’m going to go back to my solo project and release my first record.

How old is your daughter?

Cailin (Russo), she’s seventeen.

And a budding musician as well?

Yeah, well actually she’s a model, and she just walks around the house and sings all the time… but she has an incredibly original voice! Like most girls, you know, kind of sound the same, sound all nasally… Where she has sort of this throw away, Amy Winehouse kind of voice; it’s like raspy and kind of like she doesn’t give a fuck, which I like, which I think is really cool!

And so she came to me and said she wanted to sing… So I produced three tracks for her, and I gave her the music and said come back when you finish these three tracks. And a couple of weeks later she came back with it… and her lyrical style and her vocal rhythm were just incredible. So I’m just really, really excited to see what happens!

As far as the Super Groupie kids go- they’re all pretty fucking dope, and so these two projects I really feel like, they can really do some damage.

I just think pop music in particular, sooner or later is going to have a bit of an edge to it, and I think it’s going to come from Southern California. I think these two groups are going to be in the forefront of that when it does happen. Pop music with a little bit of fangs just enough to fuck people up, you know, so it should be pretty cool!

It seems when you play The Sunset Strip, that you always seem to gravitate towards The Roxy. Is there anything particular about the room/venue that keeps you coming back?

Yeah, ‘ya know I’m homies with Cisco and Nic (Adler); and Cisco is one of my really good friends, who actually helped me with some of the lyrics on Swan…

So it just feels good there. I can go into the office and ask for extra guests [laughter]. I just feel like the place is home ‘cause the Adler family has been so good to me for at least 10 years. I actually feel guilty when I play other venues in L.A. [laughter]…

What can Scott Russo fans/Unwritten Law fans expect in 2012?

Unwritten Law is going to record a studio acoustic record. We did release one acoustic record, but it was live, for an MTV show… So I want to do one in the studio where we can have overdubs and harmonies and everything proper. So we will be releasing that sometime next year… other than that we’ll be working Swan all through next year, and hopefully I’ll be putting out my solo record towards the end of next year as well.

Unwritten Law plays The Roxy on December 30 with KiLR, Death By Stereo & Matt Toka. Tickets are available via Ticketweb & The Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457. All advance ticket purchasers will be granted access to a 30 minute intimate acoustic set and will also receive a copy of “Live and Lawless! Even more – just for purchasing a ticket, you’ll get an Unwritten Law track instantly!


ClubRox 2012

It’s that time of year to bring back ClubRox!

If you aren’t aware, ClubRox is a yearly membership to The Roxy that gets you in to just about any show you want for all of 2012! You get special membership perks like drink discounts, free +1’s, VIP to select shows, and more. Just this year, ClubRox-er’s got access to Nikka Costa, Friendly Fires, Foster The People, The Expendables, Young The Giant, Ximena Sarinana, Big Audio Dynamite, Dredg, She Wants Revenge, Dita Von Teese, Vegan Beer Fest, Nico Vega, Buckcherry, Kreayshawn, Mayer Hawthorne, Camp Freddy & so, so many more.

The ClubRox crew is a tight knit community that become members of The Roxy family. Here’s what some of them have to say about it:

ClubRox gave me the freedom to attend shows of artists I was unfamiliar with without worrying about wasting my money. It allowed me to seek out new artists and discover new loves like Nikka Costa, Indians and The Mowglis! The drink discounts don’t hurt either!” – Steve, member since 2009

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I absolutely love ClubRox! Best deal on the Sunset Strip! I go to about 50-75 concerts a year and at least 20 of them are here at the legendary Roxy via the ClubRox card. Seen so many EPIC concerts there and looking forward to many more in the future.” – Tyson, member since 2009

Simply said… Clubrox ROCKS!! Clubrox is more than a club, we are a rock and roll family. Early entry, no waiting in long lines all day sure helps this lady out and it’s so awesome to be in the front row!! 1/2 off on drinks is a bonus even on water & soda. Everyone is the best and I just love my door boys Juan, Barry & Ricky!! They always take good care of us too!!” – Carrie, member since 2009

Get all the information on the most rockin’ membership here: http://roxy.la/clubrox12

Tales of The Sunset Strip

Help us as we build an archive of The Sunset Strip.

Recently, we teamed up with StubStory.com to gather your Sunset Strip stories of concerts to match the ticket stubs you’ve saved over the years. We loved hearing from all of you & now we are so happy to bring you sunsetstrip.stubstory.com!

All of your stories are archived there and there’s room for so many more. Check them out by clicking on the photo below & submit yours if you have one!

Day of the Dead Strip Crawl

Save the Date: October 22, 2011. Black Star’s Day of the Dead Strip Crawl is raising spirits on The Sunset Strip and we want you to be there!

This Strip Crawl will include Day of the Dead themed shenanigans as we crawl from The World Famous Comedy Store to The Roxy Theatre & hit all of our favorite spots in between. There will be games, contests, tarot card readers, pumpkins, Day of the Dead face painting, a Mariachi band or two, and so much more. Food & drink specials go without saying on top of all the awesome swag we’ll be handing out all night.

Stops include The Viper Room, Red Rock, Isla, The Comedy Store, The Roxy & more. Black Star Beer will be on special throughout the night. Their vintage Airstream equipped with a digital photo booth will be parked along the strip, so hop in and document the evening’s festivities!

Stay tuned for more details as they come!


Black Star’s Day of the Dead Strip Crawl starts at The World Famous Comedy Store at 7:00pm on October 22. This event is free & 21+.


SSMF Profiles: Buckcherry

By: Brent X Mendoza

Before heading back out on the road to headline the Rock Allegiance Tour along with Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, and POD, Buckcherry will be making a stop at home and visiting our very own Roxy Theatre to pay their respects to The Sunset Strip as one of the featured bands at this year’s music festival.

Phoning us from the road before a benefit show in New York City, front man Josh Todd brought us up-to-date with the band’s latest whereabouts and shared with us his recollections of coming up as a young band on The Sunset Strip, his first show at The Roxy, and his number one sex tip for Buckcherry fans.


So this upcoming show at The Roxy, what can we expect? Debuting any new material?

No, I mean debuting new material with the internet now is not really a good idea [laughter]… We’re not even really at that stage right now where we have new material worked out that’s presentable to the public; we’re still in the embryonic phase of the songwriting process; and we have five records, so we have a lot of songs that we already can’t make it all the way through.

But we have a nice set worked out; we’ve been on the road for over a year, and I think things are going to go off at The Roxy.

Growing up in So Cal, how does it feel to be part of such a historic event like The Sunset Music Festival? What does it mean to you?

It’s cool ya know… I mean it’s our heritage; that’s where we came up on The Sunset Strip.

When I graduated high school, all the first club shows I ever saw were up there; and that’s when The Strip was still at the tail end of the whole hair band thing; so it was just insane up there, and unless you were there to witness it… it was quite a scene!

I was glad to be a part of it for a little while and to actually come up out of it and still be doing what we do is awesome. So we’re excited! We haven’t had a show in Hollywood in a long time, so it’s going to be good.

Do you remember your first show at The Roxy?

I do! I remember I was in a band called Slamhound, and I don’t know if it was the first time, but we played a sold out show up there opening up for Pretty Boy Floyd and that was really nuts!

I think around that time, or shortly after that… we’d only been a band, or only playing out for like 6 months, and we got on the cover of Rock City News; and we just thought that we had arrived at that point!

It’s funny ya know, looking back at how green we were, and naïve… but we were on a mission ya know? We were hungry; we were animals, and we just wanted to crush that place.

A couple bands you’ve worked with before Mötley Crüe and Escape The Fate are also going to be a part of the festival. Any plans to jump on stage and jam at all?

I dunno… They’re playing the following day that we are, and we have a lot of stuff going on; a lot of press going on, and we’ve been touring… so ya know, my time at home is really precious and I’m going to be with my family as much as I can when I’m not on stage or doing press.

So I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it out, but I love both those guys and we had a fun time writing songs; and I think we’re going to hopefully hook up in the future and write some more.

Maybe the next Buckcherry record?

Maybe the next Escape The Fate record [laughter]

You were speaking before about the hair metal scene back in the day; how do you think the scene in Hollywood, on The Sunset Strip has changed since your younger days? Do you relate to what’s currently going on? What new local bands are you into?

I mean it’s a different place now… it’s just not a controlled market like it used to be, so there aren’t these big movements of music because you can just log on and basically access any genre, any kind of music you want. So it’s much different then when I was coming up.

I do like a lot of new bands… One band I’m really into right now is Rival Sons. I think they’re really great and I’ve been listening to them a lot.

So how are you guys utilizing the internet and the changing marketplace?

Well we’ve just really been trying to get more intimate with our fans through Twitter, and Facebook, and all that kind of stuff… and incorporate everybody into what we are doing; which is kind of the way we rolled out our record “15.”

Ya know, Myspace was really big at that time, and the fans kind of dictated the pace of that record, and what songs were going to popular. And I think that’s what’s cool about the internet; it’s not as expensive to market a record, which is good, but you’re also not selling any records… So it kind of balances itself out.

Finally, your bass player Jimmy was one of the contributors to this book: Sex Tips from Rock Stars. Do you have any tips for any Buckcherry fans that maybe find their way backstage?

I only have one tip – always wear a bag! That’s it. That’s my tip!


Buckcherry plays this Thursday, Aug 19 along with Taddy Porter and Dead Sara. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are SOLD OUT.


SSMF Profiles: Holland Greco

By: Brent X Mendoza

Photo: Dalen Muster

Pop bliss princess and ukulele enthusiast Holland Greco has voiced songs for numerous hit TV shows and films including original arrangements for “The Looney Tunes Show” and “Scooby Doo.”

When she’s not penning tracks for song placement, she can be found performing with any number of musical projects, the newest of which, The Stripminers, a collaboration with Brett Anderson of The Donnas.

Catch Ms. Greco in her solo incarnation next Friday, August 19 as she performs under the stars on The Sunset Strip as part of the festivities for SSMF week.


First off, Holland Greco… great name! Family name, stage name, is there a story behind it?

Thank you! It’s my middle name and last name.

What other Sunset Strip Music Festival bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing?

Well, I really like The Veronicas. Those girls can sing, write, and play some seriously great pop songs. I also like Melissa Villasenor. I’m an America’s Got Talent watcher and she was good on that. Of course I’m looking forward to Mötley Crüe, the SSMF atmosphere, festival food, and hanging out at The Roxy!

Why the ukulele as your primary stage instrument of choice? How long have you been playing the uke? Who taught you?

The uke happened by accident. The truth is that in 2006 I was asked to play it in another band. One of the band leaders drew pictures of the two chords I was supposed to play. I learned those, and that was the beginning. After that, I taught myself to play by using chord charts.

I also play some keys, guitar, and other random bits.

Noticed your musical contributions to “Looney Tunes” and “Scooby Doo,” that must have been a bit surreal? Any other classic/icon cartoons you would love to write music for? Also, working with children’s entertainment, were you subject to a morality clause in your contract?

I really love working in animation and children’s entertainment!

I would love to voice a cartoon character or sing more for cartoons/kids shows. Any of ‘em!

The Looney Tunes Show hired me as a vocalist. I didn’t write “Yellow Bird,” but I’m thrilled to have been the voice on that. “Merrie Melodies” are classic! I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve done recently. (Listen here.)

Same with “Getaway Yeah” for Scooby Doo. That was a vocal job only, and it happened a few years ago. (More than 85 thousand views!)

I was not subject to a morality clause. Lol. Morality is so subjective… I wonder what something like that would say? If someone asked me to sign a morality clause, I imagine it would have to be a huge job for me to be ok with it, just because freedom and privacy is so valuable; but I could handle it!

You have several musicals listed on your résumé (Lovelace: A Rock Opera and Ed Wood Monsters of Hollywood: Vampira), who would you say you relate to more Linda Lovelace or Vampira?

Haha….. Vampira definitely! I like her exaggerated monster-movie-loving character. She was ahead of her time, very glam, and The Misfits wrote a song about her, which my trio covers!!!

Tell us about “Tunnel Vision?” Care to explain the origins of the title? Also what other TV/flim/soundtrack/acting projects do you currently have in works?

Tunnel Vision is my first solo record, and is available at all the digital outlets. There are some really cool recordings on there. I encourage everyone to check it out, listen to it, and buy it too!

It’s funny that you would ask about the title. I am blessed to have some great mentors in my life, and Gail Zappa is one of them. She has a gift for words and titles. She suggested that I start a blog called “Holland’s Tunnel Vision,” which I thought was a great title. In addition to that, the lyrics on “Tunnel Vision” are very much about desire so strong that you can’t see anything else. Just convincing, striving, obsessing… going after what you want… it also took that kind of force to write and record the album. So all those things worked together to make “Tunnel Vision” the perfect description of the work.

New and upcoming..? I have a stash of demo recordings that are getting sorted through and shined up. We’re putting them in categories because I record soul-style songs, dance songs, folk songs, and novelty stuff. In a couple of years from now, I’ll probably have a number of other five song albums out in totally different styles. Variety pleases me!

Speaking of variety, I play a number of instruments in The Stripminers. They are a new and very special band that you will be hearing more about.


Holland Greco will be performing as part of SSMF week along with The Roxy’s own Megan Jacobs, The Mowglis, Of Verona, and Goodnight Noises this Friday, August 19 at the Jack Daniels Experience Outdoor Acoustic Stage. Performances kick off at 6 p.m. 21+ only. 8950 Sunset Strip.

SSMF: Lineups and Röller Cöasters

Get ready to plan your SSMF! Here are your set times for The Roxy stage on August 20!

RYE RYE 10:30

Here are your main stages:

BUSH 6:00

MATT & KIM 5:10

As if this amazing lineup weren’t enough -MOTLEY F-IN CRUE IS BRINGING TOMMY LEE’S ROLLER COASTER!
The “360” roller coaster is a full loop that will be on stage while Tommy Lee is rocking out to everyone’s favorite Mötley Crüe songs.


For the full lineup including all the venues, special events this week, and tickets visit SSMF.com.