People Get Ready

Want to ring in the New Year with a little extra glamor? We wanted to let you know that we have a handful of VIP packages available for tomorrow’s epic New Years Eve event with THE WAILERS! The purchase of a VIP table includes – the table of 6 – 1 bottle of your choice – and access to the VIP area. The cost for the table is $600 and does NOT include tickets. When you call us to purchase the table, we will happily help you out with tickets as well. If your party is a little larger (6-8) we do have a few booths available for $1000 – which includes the booth – 2 bottles of your choice – and access to the VIP area. At this time we are not selling any partial tables – so gather your friends and make it a party! Any other questions, please feel free to give us a call – 310 278 9457. Get ready to pop the champagne!
Does it get better than this?

Start Em Young

Nat and Alex Wolff were probably the cutest little guys I’ve seen in a long time! They were super talented and have some amazing die-hard fans! The Roxy was the last stop on the “Fully Clothed Tour” and now they return to their hit Nickelodeon show – “Naked Brothers Band.” We can’t wait to have them here again…and with the youngest fan base, I think I’ve EVER seen walk thru our doors – we hope their first concert experience was a great one! Were you at the show? Take pictures? Send ’em to us!
I Don’t Want To Go To School – youtube credit: JBrofan

A Little Zappa Love

The first two nights of Zappa Plays Zappa have been nothing short of amazing!! The shows have been the talk of the town and we can’t wait to watch the last two shows play out. If you’re an avid LA Weekly reader like we are, check out the great article on Frank Zappa and the Zappa Plays Zappa experience.

LA WEEKLY 12.12.08 - Zappa

Eek A Mouse Live At The Roxy

We love reggae – we’ve said it time and time again. It fits so well in the room…and the crowd is always so much fun! You know we have to have the best of the best – so we happily welcome EEK A MOUSE – thanks to SHP for hooking it up!
Youtube Credit:markefc123
Rude Boy Jamaican

The Sweet Ring Of Success

The Ringer’s have always been one of our favorite bands over the years – as much for their sweet tunes, as the guys themselves. Hysterical and talented is all you could really ever ask for in a group of guys….and finally the world is taking notice!! Take a look at the new spread in the current issue of SPIN magazine! Nice job guys…we’re all rooting for you!

The Ringers in SPIN

Perhaps the talented Joe Hursley looks familiar? How funny are these milk ads??

Shootin The Breeze With Donavon Frankenreiter

Nothing quite like a mellow afternoon, maybe a little Sunset blvd cruisin, and Donavon Frankenreiter as your soundtrack. Something about his voice makes you take things in stride and reminds you not to be bothered by the little things in life. It’s that not the good life, what is?
Come see it live as we welcome Donavon to The Roxy in 2009 (February 20th). Tickets are onsale now! Give us a call here (310 278 9457) or click here.
Check out the sweet collaboration with Jack Johnson- “Heading Home”
(youtube credit: echotoeternity)


Fashion and Rock N Roll, are never to far apart. And thanks to our little intern Chloe, it was brought to our attention that uber designer Alexander McQueen, has tagged the singer of THE DUKE SPIRIT as the muse for his latest collection for Target. We obviously think it doesn’t get much cooler than The Duke Spirit – so make sure you check out the muse in action – tickets can be found here or by giving us a call at 310 278 9457.
Check out the VOGUE interview:

the duke spirit

The Duke Spirit 12/19

Reggae Rox The Roxy

It sounds like a broken (Rastah) record – I know I know. But, we can’ get enough Reggae at The Roxy. The vibe…the fans..the tunes – it’s all so amazing. True to form, The Aggrolites, Cipes and The People, and Dirty Heads really brought the house down last week. Three completely different interpretations of the classic Reggae spirit – always happy to have these bands on our stage! Thanks to the folks at MTV for rollin down and checking out the show! Check out the article here!
Youtube credit:marcmillman

Brilliant Bajofondo

Sometimes shows pass thru – that are just to cool to miss. And judging by the calls we’ve received about the show – lots of people are NOT wanting to miss out on BAJOFONDO! Sure, it’s not the usual Roxy show – but Argentina’s finest, will definitely feel at home on the stage. Broaden your musical horizons – and give us a call for tickets.
Check out out
Bajofondo – Pa’ Bailar – Train Version
Youtube credit:emercyrecords

Time To Figure Out Your Costumes

Yes, it’s already thisclose to October. Which means, we have exactly 31 days to figure out the best Halloween costume ever. Show us what you got and join us for some Halloween fun! Ingram Hill is stopping in and bringing a bit of southern charm to Hollywood – time to party! In true Roxy fashion, I’m sure we’ll conjure up a costume contest or two – so stay tuned. In the mean time, start gathering those costume ides – and give us a call for tickets 310 278 9457 or click here.
Youtube Credit- Ingramhillfan

Ingram Hill 10/31