3rd Annual LA Vegan Beer Fest

It’s back, ladies & gentlemen! May 12, 2012 marks the date Los Angeles vegans, beer lovers, and music fans all unite at The Roxy for the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest. With vegan blogger, Quarry Girl and Tony’s Darts Away, we can’t wait to bring you bands, great food, and unlimited pours of over 50 craft beers!

Check out a little bit of last year’s festival:

2nd Annual LA Vegan Beer Fest 2011 from Off Tatum Productions on Vimeo.

Keep checking back here for an updated list of bands, beers, and food.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketweb. RSVP here.


LA Vegan Beer Fest

By: Brent X Mendoza

TOMORROW: Get your beer tasting on at The Roxy’s 2nd Annual Vegan Beer Festival. With over 40 craft beers, a half-dozen food trucks, and four kick ass bands, there will be enough excitement to send your vegan head spinning.

Helping us pre-game before tomorrow’s big day, we spoke with members of The Stripminers, The Silent Comedy, and The Mowgli’s, testing their knowledge of vegan beer, and testing their sampling memories. Here are the facts…

Any vegan band members? If so, how strict are you with your veganism?

Joshua Zimmerman (The Silent Comedy): My brother (Jeremiah Zimmerman) and I have been vegetarian for seventeen years, and vegan on-and-off for different sections of that time. Our parents are raw food vegans.

Matt Di Panni (The Mowgli’s): I tried going veggie once…I figured it wasn’t going to work out when I realized I wanted a cheeseburger tattooed on me.

Katie Earl (The Mowgli’s): No vegans… we probably would be, but there are no McVegan options on the McValue menu. This event is actually a great way to explore vegan options though, and it makes me realize that there are plenty of awesome alternatives.

What do you know about vegan beer? What kind of animal product would you imagine they put in beer?

Brett Anderson (The Stripminers): Hops come from bunnies, right?

Holland Greco (The Stripminers): I think most breweries put fish farts in beer. That’s an animal product, right? Thank goodness for vegan beer!

Paul Stinson (The Stripminers): I’m probably one of those people who thought that all beer was vegan before. I can’t really imagine what sort of animal might end up in beer, ick! Unless it’s deer; is there deer beer?

Joshua Zimmerman (The Silent Comedy): I know that some fish-derived products can be used in the filtration process of certain beers, but I am not exactly sure which beer companies are making vegan, or non-vegan, products. I have also heard that they add pink elephants to beer in volume, which seems to be a clear violation of veganism.

Most looking forward to sampling: Firestone Hemp Ale, Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball, Woodchuck Granny Apple Cider, or Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche (fermented with peaches)?

Holland Greco (The Stripminers): Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball, because Lagunitas made a few varieties of delicious Frank Zappa beer that I loved.

Joshua Zimmerman (The Silent Comedy): Dogfish Head always has interesting beers, so I am curious about the Festina Peche.

Mike Vincze (The Mowgli’s): I love the smell of fermented peaches in the morning!

Any good “beer goggles” stories?

Brett Anderson (The Stripminers): Doing dishes wasted is fun, but frequently they don’t look as shiny in the morning, much like people.

Paul Stinson (The Stripminers): I’ve actually had “beer contacts” specially made so I can keep them in all the time.

Joshua Zimmerman (The Silent Comedy): We have many, but probably none we should share in public.

Matt Di Panni (The Mowgli’s): I don’t go to Mexico anymore. That’s as much as I am willing to divulge.

Katie Earl (The Mowgli’s): Yeah, one time I was drunk and a bunch of boys asked me to join their band. Over a year later, here I am. Le sigh…

Most anxious to stuff your vegan face at: the Seabirds Truck (“O.C.’s Original Veggie Truck”), Fresh Fries Truck, Mandoline Grill Truck (Vietnamese cuisine), Dosa Truck (South Indian street food), Doomie’s (vegan taqueria), The Frankenstand (vegan sausage and franks), or Luscious Vegan Desserts?

Brett Anderson (The Stripminers): Doomie’s! Tacos are the best! And so many places won’t make veggie tacos, which makes no sense, so the history of exasperation, and the scarcity, increases the value even more.

Paul Stinson (The Stripminers): I think I’m gonna bring my Hairy Eyeball over to the Frankenstand and see what emerges.

Joshua Zimmerman (Silent Comedy): It’s got to be Frankenstand! There is nothing better than an awesome vegan sausage after some beers! Brings back good memories of the street-dogs in Seattle and Austin.

Katie Earl (The Mowgli’s): I’m all about the deserts so I’m stoked to try Luscious, but the Frankenstand looked and smelled awesome and so did Mandoline, so I might have to try it all!

Favorite L.A. vegan restaurant?

Brett Anderson (The Stripminers): Cafe Gratitude is an oasis, and Cru smells like heaven’s kitchen. Oh, and Sage is a future favorite.

Joshua Zimmerman (Silent Comedy): I’m a big fan of Native Foods. For a chain-restaurant, they make some really tasty dishes that feel like a lot of care is put into them.

Katie Earl (The Mowgli’s): Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park, CA. Amazing lasagna, even if you aren’t vegan, and great vegan milkshakes!

Who will be the first member of the band to go nuts with samples?

Holland Greco (The Stripminers): Paul Stinson because he’s so enthused about Vegan Beer!

Paul Stinson (The Stripminers): Not possible, we’re professionals

Joshua Zimmerman (Silent Comedy): Our alcohol tolerance is so high, I don’t think any of us will. But we will definitely have a designated driver taking us away from the show!

Mike Vincze (The Mowgli’s): Me or Katie? I am allergic to most alcohol, two drinks and I’m red as a tomato and twice as drunk as your uncle on New Years.


The 2nd Annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest will take place at The Roxy Theatre. Tickets will be available at the door and the event is 21+.
For more information & a full list of breweries click here.

LA Vegan Beer Fest

Special guest blog by Vegan food blogger and co-presenter of the Los Angeles Vegan Beer Festival: Quarry Girl

Heads up, everybody! This Saturday from 1pm – 5pm, Tony’s Darts away and Quarrygirl.com are co-hosting the first ever Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest at The Roxy. It’s going to be an excitement-packed day filled with live music, vegan food, and of course unlimited beer.

As far as music is concerned, there will be a bit of something for everyone on The Roxy stage. We’ve got country soul with The Paul Chesne Band, folk rock psyche with OWLACID, experimental crunk with Holland Greco Trio, poppy ska with Ease up, and acoustic rock with The Makepeace Brothers.

Outdoors, The Roxy grounds will be converted into a giant beer garden serving over 50 beers from more than 20 craft breweries. There is seriously going to be more beer than you can possibly drink from folks like Stone Brewing Company, Eagle Rock Brewery, Ballast Point, Bootleggers Brewery and Lagunitas…just to name a few. Ticket price includes UNLIMITED BEER, so be ready to sample it all. Since so many beers use animal parts in the filtration process, this will be a great chance for vegans to cut loose and drink whatever they want without worrying.
Lastly, it wouldn’t be a proper vegan event without a wide range of delicious food to choose from. Legendary Los Angeles vegetarian restaurant Doomie’s Home Cookin’, which shut down back in 2009, will make a return serving their inventive cuisine at The Roxy. The Frankenstand, LA’s only plant-based food, cart will also be on hand with gourmet sausages. On top of that, 4 popular food trucks will be in The Roxy’s parking lot serving entirely vegan menus. There will be so much good stuff to choose from—beer battered avocado tacos from Seabirds Truck, lemongrass tofu banh mi sandwiches from Mandoline Grill, French fries with various toppings from Fresh Fries, and spicy falafel sandwiches from Yalla Truck. Please arrive hungry!

Advance tickets are $35 for general admission, and include entertainment and unlimited pours of beer. VIP tickets can be purchased for $45, and include early admittance at noon and access to the VIP area. Tickets are available now through the Roxy box office and ticketmaster, but I highly suggest you get buy them from The Roxy to avoid additional fees! They can be purchased over the phone by calling 310-278-9457, or in person at the box office between 10am and 6pm, and 8pm and 12am. Tickets will be available at the door on a first come, first serve basis for $45.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to Animal Rescue Media Education, a local organization that seeks to eliminate the suffering of animals through rescuing homeless animals and educating the public of the vast extent of animal cruelty in our society.

For more information on the event, please visit: http://www.losangelesvegan.com

For tickets call The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457 or purchase online through Ticketmaster.