Justin Nozuka Live At The Roxy

One of the freshest talents on the scene for sure…and we couldn’t be happier to let you all know that JUSTIN NOZUKA will be hitting our stage in the fall. The show is going to be amazing…come check it out! We know it seems a little far away, but planning ahead is fun. As always, call us for tickets 310 278 9457 or check out ticketmaster.
Video Credit: Justin’s Myspace

The Roxy Wins Best Rock Venue Site By VH1.COM

How exciting! The fans have spoken, and we are so ecstatic to have won the VH1 Rock Honors Best Rock Venue Site. We can’t express enough how thrilled we were to even be nominated (i always thought people lied when they said that…turns out its true!), but winning is even more exciting! Thanks again to everyone who voted!

VH1 Best Rock Venue Site


Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and that it was filled with some crazy rock n’ roll! It was a big weekend for music in town as VH1 Rock Honors is in full effect. If you weren’t checking out “The Who,” I’m sure you were here at The Roxy checking out the sold out Filter show! These pictures are some of the BEST we’ve seen – props to Voake for the amazing pictures!

Filter 7/12

Filter 7/12

Filter 7/12

Filter 7/12

From Zero To VH1 In Twelve Months

Special shout out to fastcompany.com for their great write up on all things Roxy blog. As always, we’re flattered by the attention – and are really happy to be recognized as a forward moving club and social networking team. It’s because we’ve received the amount of feedback we have via the blog (both positive and negative) that we are able to really address the wants and needs of the club goers, fans, patrons, and the rest! We look forward to all good things in the future. Thanks again- please check out the full article here.

For the vast majority of people, “social media” means joining Facebook or LinkedIn and wondering why they joined. I asked Nic what he thought was the secret to his success. He said, “I got on board with this plan. Annie and I are each online 3-4 hours a day talking to customers and the community. This isn’t something we paid money for and farmed out.” He added, “We were really stuck in a rut for so long. Reaching out to our customers like this makes us more honest about who we are, where we stand, and what we need to do to change.”

A year ago, the Roxy had an increasingly bad reputation online and a website with a three year old calendar. On July 17th, VH1 fans will give them the vote for having the best rock venue website. By taking the time to learn and embrace the tools of social media and Web 2.0, Nic and his club went from zero to VH1 in 12 months flat.